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  3. Hello at this moment in Italy on.line and phisical shop haven't new Pod Go . Anyone has notice about its availability in Italy? In rest of the world someone has just see and try it in a shop?
  4. If that was that case then Mercurial would have the same problem and it doesn’t. I’m using the hx stomp as an audio interface with the plugin. this is really weird, some owners like me experience harsh or muddy issues with the hardware. All we hear is add an eq or learn to tweak. But come on, a good tone can come out of just the amp and cab like shown in the video. There could be a possible that something is wrong with my stomps input, but in the other hand the input impedance works so I’m still concern.
  5. My mistake writing the previous post in a hurry. Option 1 with Helix does not work for me. Option 2 with the dongle works. Guess I will have to live with that. It’s not too bad as I won’t make model changes often. I was really just curious of what I missed to make it work with Helix. Now it looks like something is broke.
  6. Then what's the problem you're trying to solve? 1. Variax <= (VDI) => Helix <= (USB) => PC/MAC VDI provides power to Variax, no guitar cable plug and volume dial up needed because Variax is always on
  7. Well, if you think it sounds great in that video but yours doesn't, that leaves either your guitar, cable, or what you're listening through as the problem.
  8. I’m trying to get a good rock tone with the jcm800 and it sounds muddy. Only works fine with an overdrive. I don’t have any problem with mercurial spark. I also tried the input impedance and all amps sound the same. It sounds great in this video
  9. Anyone can tell whether the polarity switch of the pedal should be on 1 or 2 when connecting it to the HX Stomp? Is there any potential damage in connecting the pedal to the HX on the wrong polarity? Thanks.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Ok, in this case if you used a Variax connected to the VDI while the issue happened, what I said previously doesn't apply. Although it might be still comforting to find that the POD at least works well using its analog inputs. Hope so. Check it. A problem occurred while using the VDI could mean that the problem comes from the POD, but also from the Variax. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  12. The POD SCREAMER is the model of the Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808. Line6 added post EQ controls as a bonus to all the POD distortion models, so you can save a slot in the chain for a FX other than a EQ, several guitarists like to add an EQ just after the distortion stomp box to sculpt the resulting tone, so there you have it built in ready to be used if you want. If you leave the EQ bonus controls at noon (50%) they do nothing and you get the original unadorned tone of the distortion FX modeled. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  13. Edit software is in the Downloads page for Spider Valve MkII, and is Catalina compatible. Monkey is not used for edit applications. It downloads to your computer, then interfaces via MIDI.
  14. I FOUND A SOLUTION! At least it worked for me. i found this video and the guy showed how to update Hx family products. Its simple and it works. I was having problems with my new Pod Go, searched everywhere until i found the video. He uses HX Edit but it should work similarly on Pod go edit. Hope it helps. I know how stressful this can be. Also i was trying to update using the line 6 updater but the black screen showed
  15. Hi all, Im really struggling here. I've read so many different threads I dont know where I am. I use an Helix LT plugged into my AC15. The AC15 has a normal channel and a top boost channel. These are separate inputs so id like to use helix as an ABY (unfortunately I cant change these with an external footswitch). Id like to keep all my effects the same but be able to run them either through the normal or top boost channels. Im unsure of the routing and wiring needed. Ive tried splitting the paths to two outputs but i cant switch these in an out (e.g when normal is on top boost isnt and visa versa). Ive got my guitar signal split to panned left and top boost panned right but i don't want/need them both on at the same time as i want to use the top boost as an extra gain stage to my clean tone. Please help its driving me mad!! (I hope Im not missing something simple here) TIA J
  16. Personally, I would run the AMP out to the FX return if I was going to use the amp modeling in the GO. If I wanted to leverage both the amp models in the GO and have the option to use the preamps in DSL, I would 4CM. GTR-> GO input GO FX Send-> DSL input DSL FX Send-> GO FX Return GO AMP OUT -> DSL FX return This can work really well and gives you all the options of your amp and GO ... You just have to tweak what you like ... The bonus is that you can use the MAIN outs of the GO to run direct since you can keep the cab modeling bypassed for the amp out and have a cab model for the Marshall Preamp .... just think of the Marshall preamp as an amp model ... when you dial that up the FX Loop is enabled and the GO AMP would have no model and just pick a cab. one of the reasons I would start with AMP OUT to FX return only would be to dial up GO amp amp models and get them sounding right in the DSL amp and cab ... the next step in tweaking would be to turn off the DSL and connect the main outs to FRFR system like good studio monitors ... Can use good cans too to check and get the cab model dialed for the direct ... after I had some of those patches going, I would move to FRFR which then is basically the same process, just those patches would have the GO AMP bypassed and the FX Loop ON but dial up the DSL first then get the cab model dialed up for the direct ... It takes while to get 4CM going completely but it can be worth it if you really like the preamp in the amp you are using ... best of luck!
  17. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused. I understand that there are at least 2 options to edit Variax models with Workbench HD: Variax <= (VDI) => Helix <= (USB) => PC/MAC VDI provides power to Variax, no guitar cable plug and volume dial up needed because Variax is always on Variax <= (VDI) => Variax VDItoUSB dongle => (USB) => PC/MAC VDI does not provide power to Variax, insert guitar cable plug and up volume dial to keep Variax powered by batteries For me option 1 works, but for option 2 Workbench HD does not connect to the Variax. Maybe my JTV VDI Interface is partially broken (Helix still sees my guitar signals when I play), or Helix LT does not support option 2, or maybe there is some wrinkle in my Helix LT config that’s in the way. The latter seems unlikely now that some knowledgeable forum readers chimed in. I checked all versions to be latest and used different USB and VDI and even a CAT5 Ethernet cable - all with same results. Not sure yet how to check with another JTV. Let me know if anyone has some additional ideas on what to try besides having my stuff checked out by a Line 6 service shop.
  18. Just for kicks, I tried this. I put a Red Squeeze (with Sensitivity MIN/MAX set to 7.5/2.5) after a 2204 and sent it a momentary toggling CC from my FCB like a kick. Sounds like it's doing what OP asked, and the lag is not (to my ears) detectable. I also tried it with the FCB's Exp Pedal, same settings, and that seemed to work too. Maybe I don't really understand side-chaining a compressor?
  19. Ahh thanks for the clarification. Yea 3db is not "twice as loud" or "twice as soft", its twice as much power if its + 3db, and half as much if its down or -3db from what it was. Whatever LOL! But 3 db is noticeable.
  20. Has anyone tried that? The article on Strymon says this only works for passive pedals (and the Lehle is an active pedal). https://www.strymon.net/strymon-tech-corner-3-volume-pedal-as-an-expression-pedal/ Anyone tried the Lehle Stereo pedal as an expression pedal? Cheers James
  21. So, the answer to the OP's question (which I took a wild swing at) is NO. Yes?
  22. mattenno

    Best Headphones?

    I am thinking about getting these now that I have my Pod Go. https://www.amazon.com/beyerdynamic-Over-Ear-Headphones-professional-smartphones/dp/B008POFOHM I have the focusrite scarlett 2i2 as my interface. It only has a 1/4 inch headphone jack input. How do I plug these in? How do I make sure I don't lose sound quality?
  23. In my past I managed to achieve a really nice distorted tone with the POD Screamer. Recently I tried to recreate that tone with real pedals and noticed that it sounded nothing like that which shouldn't be a suprise because the Pod-Screamer has Bass and Treble controls which the real Tube Screamer doesn't have. So what exactly is the real model of the POD-Screamer? The only thing I found with Bass and Treble controls is the ''Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive'', ''Ibanez TSB9'' and a Behringer-Copy of the Boss. I wouldn't mind buying one of these pedals but I don't really know if they do the same as the POD-Screamer since they're all bass pedals. Any experiences or suggestions (except buying and trying :D) ?
  24. Still bricked. Argh. Line6 support says I should coordinate an exchange with Sweetwater. I'm waiting for Sweetwater Support to get in touch with me. Thanks for your advice/assistance. I'll report back if the new unit works out.
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