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  3. Thanks Phil.I feel like the answer to my next question will be the same... What about using 2 powercabs? The idea is to use one optimised for mag pickups (using the PC with IRs thereby taking the DSP load off the Helix) and the other PC optimised for the Variax acoustic models. I supposed I could route a 1/4" output to the PC dedicated to the acoustic models since it would stay in FRFR mode. Anyway, is such a thing possible via the L6 Link if I stick with using Powercabs?
  4. Yeah, just copied a blank preset and pasted it over the ones I wanted to remove. After that I just dragged them back down out of the way. Works just fine like that. Still learning the interface. New to this modeling stuff.
  5. I used 2 blocks cause it was easier for me to dial in the sound of each of them. In time I may condense it down to a single dual cab and compare, but for now I'm content. THanks for the comment. I'll see tomorrow at practice how it actually sounds at volume. I made it with my headphones which are a touch on the bass/thicker sounding side, but I know when I create stuff to not overdo the top end or its harsh at volume.
  6. Fwiw: I think you'd gain a lot in case you don't try to literally copy whatever sounds. Once you forget about that you will find yourself presented with something almost invaluable: Freedom of choice. In all my "career" (whatever that might be...), I have never even once tried to copy anything 1:1, at least not soundwise. Enabled me to get along just fine with a plethora of equipment that simply couldn't do the copycat job. And as said, it allowed me to chose whatever I felt like. But then, each to their own.
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  8. Re: post above from dawiodjoopkk12. soundog - the key question is who is this guy? There is something weird about the post from the guy above. If you check the profile there are some odd things where in a post, his is a direct copy of the a post above his in a prior post - almost a direct copy. Plus, some of the posts have strange links in the bottom of the posts. It’s like a bot is posting this stuff because none of it makes any sense. Comments that seem totally random are being made in response to stuff that is unrelated. Weird scenes in the gold mine.
  9. There’s a marketplace area on the kvraudio forums, but you’ll need to wait a fortnight and make a handful of posts before you can sell anything in it. I’m still in that waiting period.
  10. I disagree with the other poster. Get some staff paper and use your phone to record. Once you feel like you’ve written something that you think you’d like to let other people hear, then start thinking about what the other commenter mentioned.
  11. Not without knowing what you like. As I asked earlier, who are your favorite players and what do they use for cabinets/Speakers? Figure that out, then look at ML Labs, Ownhammer, 3Sigma, Celestion, etc... etc... to see if they have that very combination in there offerings!
  12. For those of you who are still having problems... (Skip to the bottom paragraph if you like) I'm a beginner and I'm interested in Line6 products. I don't currently own any but I have started the Helix Native trial on 1.92 (mistaken download even though 1.93 was available). It worked fine. I upgraded to 1.93 and it would crash in Reaper with an "executed illegal instruction" error. I googled it and ended up in this thread. I also installed PodGo Edit a couple of weeks ago and it would crash immediately before showing the interface leaving an application error in the windows event log. I just wanted to see the interface but had no idea the PodGo had to be connected to see that. I have a ThinkPad with a Samsung EVO SSD (boot and OS drive), a 16 GB M.2 (formatted and used as backup, not bootable) and a Samsung 256 GB MicroSD. After reading this thread I took a look at my drive order and the SSD is 0, the M.2 is 1 and the MicroSD is 2 so not the same problem described in this thread. I decided to eject the MicroSD and try Helix Native again. It worked. This got me thinking that maybe PodGo Edit suffered from the same problem. I ran it and it worked as well. (That's when I found out that it just shows a device not connected screen.) I believe Line6 uses the serial number of your boot drive as the encryption key (this is common) but the software seems to choke on drives that don't have a serial number like a removable MicroSD (They do have one but Windows won't show it to you). You can tell by entering "wmic diskdrive get serialnumber" at a command prompt. You will see all of your drive serial numbers listed below the header "SerialNumber". In my case I have a blank line as the first entry because the MicroSD doesn't have a serial number. When I eject it, I don't have a blank line and see only the serial numbers from the other two drives. It seems like it's probably a NULL pointer crash. The other odd thing is that it may only fail for people that have that drive first in their wmic list even though it's not disk 0. You can probably plug the MicroSD back in after the software is running and authenticated.
  13. Well, I wouldn't happen to know in which scenarios it happens the way you're describing things, but in, say, a DAW (which isn't the worst comparison IMO), as Schmalle already mentioned, it's not even remotely as you say. In case the CPU isn't able to process things in time, you will not experience higher latencies but audio dropouts and the likes - which, at least sometimes, do indeed sound a tad similar to clipping (well, we could possibly agree to call it a "heavily degraded sound experience" or such).
  14. As a matter a fact I did, but they (Microsoft) did remind us a whole year prior to Win 10 that most of the feats won't continue to work on win 7. Let's put it this way, I'm just looking for a typical ''flash player'' upgrade kind a thing, just to roll with the time. Again I don't think that's too much to ask.
  15. It should work on up to 5 active machines and 11 total registered life time. Hopefully it works out for you
  16. I could never get it to authorize a machine in the first place. I had only one other test machine that I authorized it on and my main computer still doesn't work unfortunately.
  17. apparently you haven't tried using Windows Media Player on Windows 7 for automated file tagging. That is simply the way technology works.
  18. Yes, will work. Only downside is the tap button is not blinking and the bypass state is not visible.
  19. The product isn't broken. The product isn't defective. Some of the device-compatibility is showing it's age (which has always been my fear/complaint, since my previous rig lasted over 2 decades). Plus, a lot of the problem people are having are not a fault of L6. But are the fault of the 3rd (and 4th) party.
  20. Hey everyone! I want to get an external dual switch for my HX stomp. my goal is to use the stomps existing switches to control snapshots, and the extra 2 buttons for a tap and a bypass switch (delay on/off). could this work? thx
  21. I got this problem sometimes on mY variax Standard What I did is put the part of the rj45 cable on the guitar deeper inside and hold it full inside and rescan Workbench Sometimes the little cap of the guitar put a little bit the cable out it seem stupid , but that's happend sometimes
  22. I actually liked the amp settings for modern fat crunch sound. So: well done and thanks for sharing! Since I own a Hx Stomp your preset was way to big to import it. So I looked at it's amp and drive settings and recreated a patch that hopefully sounds close. The cab is a dual cab mix (Blackback/409 + XXL V30/30Dyn). If don't mind give it a try, compare and leave some comments. One For The Poor.hlx
  23. Hi John, my thought is: what changed? If this config used to work, and now it doesn't -- did you recently update macOS? Did you recently update Helix and/or HXEdit? Are Helix and HXEdit on matching versions? Do you have any other new devices plugged in via USB that weren't there before? Your test cases above pretty well prove it's not Helix's standalone audio processing causing the problem, and test case 5 sounds like it's not the Behringer interface (or if it is, it's a problem that only happens when both the Helix and your interface are plugged in via USB). I'm not a Mac user, so I can't help with specifics, but I would be inclined to check your audio configuration in macOS. When you have both your interface AND Helix plugged in via USB, they both should show up as audio interfaces to your OS. My suspicion is that something related to that is causing the problem -- maybe they are somehow conflicting and fighting each other.
  24. I'm working on it. By the way, can anyone recommend some external impulse response plugin packages?
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