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  2. I would love to see vintage Eddie and a snapshot with Eruption And how about a Def Leppard Pyromania tone with snapshots of all those incredible tones found on that album thanks!
  3. There is another thread where there is a Safety Warning for the G10 Family of products: Important safety warning about G10 System batteries
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  5. I have been struggling to downlaod POD HD500X Edit. The download speeds barely reached 1kb ps. Any alternative sites where I can download? Line 6 servers are TERRIBLE!
  6. just got this "line 6 community update" email. thought i had unsubscribed, but apparently i haven't. anyhoo i am also one of the unfortunate souls that invested way too much money (and time) into the abandoned Amplifi fiasco. I purchased with the intention of using it to learn more about the nuances of pedal effects, and also hopefully home recording, practice, etc. Huge disappointment there, and i will never again purchase anything Line-6 related. Yamaha failed to pick up the dropped ball after acquiring Line-6 and has also dropped on my list as well. be that as it may, I have moved on to build my own home recording studio and just use the Amplifi in my simple stereo practice rig. it's really pretty useless for anything else as i couldn't even get it to function reliably as a bluetooth speaker. I am interested in learning about the product you mentioned made by "the new kid on the block" and would appreciate it if you could email me the details lefty.wolf@gmail.com thanks in advance
  7. Not sure if it works on legacy effects, but you can reset an LFO by sending a value with CC64, or engage/release the tap tempo button once.
  8. The POD Master Volume physical knob control affects all the POD outputs except the FX LOOP SEND and the digital signal going through the USB and S/PIDF. I guess that by connecting digitally the POD to an AI with S/PDIF (possibly small and standalone, basically working just as a D/A converter) and connecting the AI analog outputs to the FOH could be a way to have the POD master volume affecting only the level of your directly connected monitors. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  9. Hi, As HX Native is exactly the same as the “brain” in rest of the models in the Helix range then it will be common to all. Can’t think of an obvious solution if the sweep starts from a random point in the cycle - guess you’re stuck with that. Sorry.
  10. Well, that’s all good then. Lucky you didn’t have to move to Uraguay!
  11. Hi! Is it possible to use the expression pedal and the switch independently from functional point of view? I would like to use an external switch to change the pedal views and the expression pedal to change certain parameters. (Based on the manual it is not a described use case.) Expression pedals like mooer expline are coming with TSR connectors. Will it work also if I am plugging in a mono jack in TS combination and the footswitch is connected to the ring of a Y cable? This concept looks fine for me but unfortunately the uploader cannot be contacted to share the circuit scheme.
  12. I use my mic LIVE on acoustic gigs with the Helix and switch effects on and off for microphone in the WT singer/songwriter preset. I also use my electric guitar and when I do usually there's too many effects on the preset to fit a mic in. How or what can I use/purchase to be able to keep mic on in mixer at the same time so I can switch between the Helix being the source of mic and effects and the mixer being the main source. There must be some box that can switch the source of the mic between the Helix and/or the Mixer without having to unplug the mic and replug it in or having to 2 separate microphones. To make it clear, I need my mic to be available when I switch to my electric presets as well as my presets that have mic included. Would an xlr splitter be sufficient or is there a better switch box/alternative I can use so I can keep both mixer channels open for both different settings so I can instantly switch from Helix (going to mixer channel 1 for example ) to other mixer channel 2?
  13. Hi, could you please tell me if the HX Effects Pedal/Ext Amp outputs can control the Suhr FX Link feature on the Eclipse pedal (with an adapter cable of course)? The FX link is a latching system. The switch to TRS connections are described in the attached drawing. Thanks a lot Eclipse_TRS_Jack.pdf
  14. Nice 1 thanks. i’m gonna buy a used copy anyway on eBay but thanks for sharing and offering a copy of the mp3z cheers Rowbi
  15. I am dealing with the exact same issue not beeing able to execute spider remote as described above please provide me with some support as this really getting frustrating. many thans in advane for your feedback
  16. Well, I found the answer. In Logic Pro, go to Preferences - General - Notifications You can modify your “Triggered Button” here. That should do it or... Click “Reset All Warnings”. After your reset is done, shut down everything and go through your normal start up sequence. When the Dialogs come up for your Audio Interface and HX Stomp be sure to check the “Don’t ask me again” box after denying the Stomp. Note: this solution is only for people that don’t want to use the Stomp as their audio interface.
  17. I just purchased this one from Amazon. I haven't used it that much but so far so good. Engenius Eub9801 Dual Band 5Ghz 2.4Ghz Wireless Usb Wi-Fi Adapter Dongle 300Mbps Black
  18. Attach a copy of the preset that you're using. I don't have Cubase, but many commands such as Spacebar for start/stop are standard. If you can also describe what each command does in Cubase I can probably configure Reaper to work like Cubase if it doesn't already. I'll test it to see if I can duplicate the problem. As I'm sure you know, "random" is the hardest to troubleshoot.
  19. I should probably clarify. It’s not an either / or scenario. I have some studio monitors already that are my main playback device for the Helix. I’m curious about using the Powercab instead of the monitors to give me the “traditional cab” option as well as the mic’d cab option from the Helix. I wouldn’t ever be using the Powercab for traditional studio monitors usage (eg playback of recordings or mixing etc).
  20. Hey guys, real quick question? I’m wondering if there is a possibility, that on the pod HD 500 X, can I assign the master volume to control the volume on the quarter inch outs only? I run the XLR‘s directly to the front of house mixer, and I run The 1/4 monitor outs to 2 Headrush 108 wedges for my monitors live. I want to be able to use the master volume to work as my personal volume knob and not affect the front of house mix at all. Is this possible?
  21. Hi all, I've been having issues forever trying to control Cubase via Helix through USB midi while still being able to receive PC/CC information for automatic preset/snapshot recall. I had given up and switched to the new hotkeys feature which seemed to work fine at first but now I'm having an issue again: on random occasion, starting playback in Cubase by pressing the footswitch assign to spacebar will induce a change in this footswitch's hotkey assignment and bring it back to "none" which then prevents me from stopping the playback. When I scroll to my previous/next preset and come back to my main one, everything is as should be and it might work fine for a couple songs, but then, it will happen again, from a different preset, or the same one, it is very intermittent. Has anyone experienced this instability? If so, have you come up with a solution around it? I really would like to get rid of my second midi foot controller and use Helix instead but so far, neither MIDI nor hotkeys have proven reliable enough for live use. a bummer.. Thanks for your help.
  22. Total Guitar - issue 56 - May 1999 02-AudioTrack 02.mp3 03-AudioTrack 03.mp3 I have the full magazine above in pdf format plus all its audio tracks as mp3, if you need them let me know. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  23. Yes _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  24. Hello.when I connect my pod hd500x via usb to pc(using it as a sound card, output sound goes to Phones output), I can hear only mono in left channel. My headphones are stereo, adater and cable too, no settings can change this behaviour. What can I do to make phones output stereo? I hear both channels in left ear, in other words this is not true mono, but stereo in one ear Thanks
  25. Just turned the amp back on and now the volume pedal is controlling the chorus level. How did this happen and how do I change it back to a volume pedal?
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