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  2. frankencat

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    How about the ability to save blocks? I have gotten quite used to this with the Kemper and it would be nice to have this ability to save blocks to a file to be recalled later. One could put together a personal library of settings etc. Here's another one, how about the ability to "lock" the cabinet settings in place so you can keep the same mic settings etc, as you audition different cabinets? I find myself having to change all of the settings when switching cabs so that I can compare apples to apples. Thanks! Frank Silano
  3. frankencat

    HX Stomp - Output to PA & FRFR

    I get that but how do you assign one path to get controlled bye the volume and other one not?
  4. frankencat

    Naming Stomp Snapshots

    That's just it, there is no way to rename the Snapshots on the fly on the HX Stomp.
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  6. rd2rk

    update 2.81 tap tempo don't light any more

    But seriously, I know you think the settings are correct, but humor me. This is what's necessary to have a properly functioning Tap Tempo LED: In Globals - Footswitches - FS3 Function set to TAP/TUNER Displays - Tap LED set to ON You must be in either STOMP MODE or PRESET SCROLL MODE to see the Tap Tempo LED on FS3. Now that you've verified all that, still no Tap Tempo? You have a choice - Twitter or Tech Support? Who ya gonna call? DO NOT CALL GHOSTBUSTERS!
  7. rd2rk

    update 2.81 tap tempo don't light any more

    There are some people whose stars are not aligned correctly to use the Stomp, or any Helix for that matter. You must be one of those people. You'd like to believe that there's a bug in the product., and that the Illuminati who run L6 are hiding the truth from the unwashed masses. The problem with that theory is that there are many more people out here having no such problems with their (our) Stomps. Our presets don't disappear, the volume doesn't disappear, and our Tap Tempo (and all other) lights blink happily and appropriately day after day. If, in fact, all these things were big hairy bugs, EVERYBODY would be having the problem! Now, I'm not saying it's all in your mind - I'm a big believer in astrological determinism. I don't, however, believe in the Illuminati. Having been here for a while, I've seen so many wacky posts that I've wondered if there even ARE forum moderators! You are, of course, free to indulge yourself on Twitter. Many of the most intelligent people in Washington and Hollywood do so regularly. Some even take them seriously. However, if you actually want to solve the problem, calling L6 support is a MUCH better idea.
  8. stratman601a

    update 2.81 tap tempo don't light any more

    I also had the same problem. I own two full Helix stomp floor models. First update with firmware, no problem, updated the 2nd one and same issue - tap tempo does not illuminate although the settings are correct. There is a bug in the firmware. I posted last week and the moderator did not allow the post. If I am not allowed this time I will go to twitter and we will get the word out folks - uhhmmmmm!!!!!!!! moderator. I own many Line six products for decades starting with the old style Vetta II head and many other products and therefore I am a loyal customer since the mid 1990's so I'm no disgruntled Line 6 hater.
  9. Skipsnips1

    Helix floor into Logic Pro monitoring

    I’m a video editor/late-night guitar player who uses an AJA I/O to monitor video & sound. I just assumed that I could take the USB out of the Helix, go into my iMac, set Logic’s input to Helix, and set it’s output to the same AJA. Nope - it’s obviously more than a latency issue; there’s a couple second delay, digital noise, etc. So far, the only thing Line 6 has told me is to set the output of my computer to the Helix and do my monitoring from there. Aside from the fact that I got rid of my analog patch bay, I’d like to be able to pick up my guitar while I’m waiting for something to render, and I don’t want to be manually switching plugs every time I do. And I’d even be willing to get the native version of Helix, but I’m using the built in expression pedal, plus two more, and I don’t see how (or if) Native will allow for that. Any work-arounds?
  10. phil_m

    Update 2.81 and presets

    Holding down footswitches 9 & 10 while powering up isn’t a restore - it’s a factory reset. To get the presets, global settings and IRs back you have to use the “Restore from Backup” function in HX Edit (go to File>Restore From Backup).
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  12. Jhg06

    Update 2.81 and presets

    Hi, I updated my son's new helix lt today. I went from the factory 2.30 to 2.60 to 2.80 to 2.81 and I did a backup every time. My son says that he used to have over 100 preset but now there is only 32. Did I do something wrong or did the update change where he finds them? I did the 9 and 10 button restore as well.
  13. tecboy696

    Rockman / Rockmount through POD HD Pro X

    Its more detailed than expected, but I think I got it.
  14. codamedia

    Easy Notch filter and Phase invert for HX stomp?

    Sorry for the confusion... I was just suggesting that you create a single path that actually uses both paths... You don't put anything on a footswitch... you just adjust the "phase invert" on the MERGE block when needed. Try my instructions again, without trying to invoke any switching. other than what you might have as effects normally.
  15. rd2rk

    USB audio leaks to amp out.

    Just tried this, got no leakage at all, either way (USB 1/2 to XLR or 1/4"). Maybe there's some cross channel leakage in the mixer?
  16. Good news and bad news.GN: The parametric did the trick for static feedback cancellation, just as we surmised. (at least at rehearsal last night going through the mains w/ no floor monitor) Bad News, triggering the split with a footstomp eludes me. so... I must be doing the split wrong, or don't understand how splits are supposed to work. I set up my para, cab, and light reverb effect on a path a to start. got it all set up the way I wanted it to sound. then I duplicated the blocks on path B. (because I want the same sound, only inverted when I trigger the B path) and assigned the split to fs1. I didn't hear any difference (nor would I expect to) when triggering the fs1, so I said 'duh' and went to the variables for the cab and amped it way up and messed it all up, on path A, so I could hear a difference. To my surprise it just stayed on B path no matter what I did. So then I went to a built in preset that had a path A and B and sacrificed fs1 for that preset to the split, set the split to B100, and the merge to have 0%A path and tried again. Again stuck on just the B path. So I'm not understanding how splits work? Tonight will be the first live show with the stomp instead of my old parametric DI, fingers crossed I don't have to worry about monitor-based feedback tonight. I'll just have to stay away from lead vocal's floor monitor... I think the rest of us are using IEMs tonight anyway.
  17. spaceatl

    POD HD 500 WINDOWS 10 Driver Problem

    Only thing I can think of would be to insure that you have the bios updated and chipset drivers updated...One thing you could look for in the bios is setting for USB...In some BIOS it is possible to change the version of the USB on the bios...if you have more than one root controller, there could be 2 settings. My old Sony is like that as it was a first generation USB3...so I only have one USB3 port...and my HD will crash after about an hour on that port...rock solid on the USB2 port...also Windows 10 64....Although I have had that exact issue since it had Windows 8...long time...However, I do not have connectivity issues...Only that USB3 port with HD will cause BSOD in about an hour.
  18. I'm using the Line 6 UX2 and AT2020 to record mic audio on my PC. I also play games on a ps4, and I'd like to be able to use the mic output from my AT2020 in my ps4 as well. I found this post which talks about this: Where the person has: 1x 6.3mm Mono Cable 3m, 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch 3.5mm Audio Splitter Cable 1x KingTop 3.5mm Combo Audio Adapter Cable for PS4 They have it setup like: 1/4 to 1/8 splitter cable into the analog out, then connected into the ps4 adaptor which then goes into the ps4 controller. I copied this exact setup but my ps4 does not recognise the connection. Under input device it just says "none". I'll link the exact cables I bought if that helps: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0177MQB3S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B079CFMD5J/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I've looked around everywhere and I can't seem to find anything that helps me out in this situation. Is there maybe a setting in PodFarm that I need to enable or change? I'm pretty new to all of this stuff so sorry if the answer is really simple. Thanks for any help!
  19. Peter

    Helix Rack and 2.8.0 rebuilds patches every boot

    ...if it does not help maybe you can find a solution here
  20. Peter

    Helix Rack and 2.8.0 rebuilds patches every boot

  21. telengard

    Helix Rack and 2.8.0 rebuilds patches every boot

    What are the reset switches on the rack version of the Helix? I don't have any numbered switches like the floor version.
  22. telengard

    Helix Rack and 2.8.0 rebuilds patches every boot

    Thanks Peter, I will try that tonight.
  23. phil_m

    Helix 2.81 Reverb Mix Level

    What firmware version did you update from? There was an earlier firmware that re-scaled the mix levels for the five HX reverbs... I believe that happened with 2.60. So if you were at a firmware version earlier than that, yeah, you'll have to adjust the mix levels. This was one of the very rare cases when an update changed the sound of an existing preset.
  24. Peter

    Helix Rack and 2.8.0 rebuilds patches every boot

    It should only do this once (if you do not edit your patches again). I would do a reset(9+10) and load the backup. Then wait and let the Helix completely rebuild your patches. Hope it works the next time without rebuilding.
  25. fenderbenderlax

    Volume loss with Wah engaged

    Thanks a lot for the detailed reply...my bad but I'm using snapshots and not presets...my main snapshot is my rhythm tone and the lead tone just turns on the wah and delay.... The wah is my first pedal coming in and the delay is towards the end just before the reverb...I'm not using the delay in parallel...I did try out a couple of different wahs and somehow the volume just drowns in the mix...one solution I came up with was boosting about 7db in the output block...then it does stand out a bit...I have not tried the different pedal positions and how it sounds...will do that next...
  26. matt_mcdermott

    Helix 2.81 Reverb Mix Level

    Has anyone noticed or had problems with the reverb wet/dry mix sounding wetter? After updating I had to bring the mix on all my reverbs down 10-15%. Trying to figure out if I'm going crazy.
  27. Mystery solved - I was using the Preamp version of this model. Since presence comes in on the power amp side it is only there in the AMP model, not the PREAMP model. Thanks for your help!
  28. psarkissian

    Swap bridge pickup w/ SD Hot Rails

    And stick to the recommended DC/bulk resistance spec range of 6k to 8k Ohms.
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