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  2. Something that currently is not available to purchase and will cost at least $350 more than Stomp...
  3. Are you sure about that ? Like, none of my flangers are working. And the box says that there is 64 stompboxes. I just counted them: 64 in my podfarm. So technically they should be authorized. Anyway, thank you for your help
  4. I'm curious what you feel these are? Not arguing... actually curious : ) I know you have mentioned things like global blocks which... after a little thinking... actually has me excited about that type of feature. But I don't see that in this unit? Touchscreen? As we have discussed, not enough for me, but I understand if others want it. One thing I did like in one of the demo's I saw was a "search" feature. But - since I only roll my own presets, I would never use that :) Small footprint, not so important to me (just IMO).... but the capturing does interest me. ONLY if it is on part with Kemper! Otherwise if I had the extra cash I would just buy a Kemper Stage to go with my Helix... a combo some of my colleagues have. well... I don't own a Firehawk but I do own a Helix. There is nothing in that video that sets the Cortex apart "yet"..... just sayin'....
  5. Are they effects that you don't have in your current version of PF? OF that comes with the UX1 typically does not have all the models authorized. Likely they are from the FX Junkie Model Pack add on.
  6. Sounds awesome. I just got my first pedal yesterday. HX Stomp. Any suggestions on how to get great clean tones would be appreciated. If there are any particular videos or websites please let me know. Regards, Rich
  7. Are you saying I have to save the new snapshot before I assign it to a controller? I would think if I change the patch it would affect the original or am I wrong?
  8. Today
  9. Hello, I have a Roland JC-120 and a JC-40. ¿How can I use the CLEAN pre amp of this amps on a clean setting, BUT the HX Stomp DIRTY Preamps on the JCs when I need some dirt? Also, Is there a 5 cable method? My idea is to have a Stereo setup with only ONE of the amps. Best regards and thank you all.
  10. maybe you should just stop making music until someone makes exactly the product you have determined is the best one possible...
  11. Ok, brilliant, thanks. I'd own a Helix if budget allowed. Might either need to get used to the Stomp or look at an LT if I want the flexibility of the HX with the preamp options.
  12. There’s a few things that come to mind immediately. The FX loop on the POD Go can’t be split up into two mono loop like the loops on the HXE can. There’s also no relay switching on the POD Go. Beyond that, the signal chain is more limited. On the HXE, the 9 block can be whatever you want. On the Go, only 4 of them can be used as whatever you want. The rest are semi-fixed. And I guess finally, the Go has no MIDI jacks and, therefore, no Command Center. The HXE has pretty extensive capabilities as a MIDI controller.
  13. Finally, my pioneering scientific work is recognized.
  14. Hello, I'm struggling to find detailed specs on the Pod GO but it looks perfect for me so far. I own the Hx Effects and love the layout, options etc. I run electric and acoustic through it. I'd sell it for the Pod GO as it appears the Pod GO has the tube preamp model that would really help the acoustic. Does anyone know what the Pod Go gives up to the HX Effects? Less patches or only one signal path instead of two? When playing acoustic, I run the guitar signal on one chain and an IR of my acoustic on another, so two paths is key for me. thanks for any help you can give.
  15. Thanks for your reply mate, I appreciate it, but I have learnt a few things in my quest to achieve what I was looking for..... It's certainly true, you cannot swap an amp for an amp, but you can have two amps in the same patch, and toggle between them using bypass assigns (as long as you don't run out of DSP!), so that's sorted. Yes, it's also true that EXPs cannot be reassigned within a patch by swapping a snapshot, so it will control the parameter it is set for for all snapshots within, but the secret I found was that all I had to do was adjust the mix setting on the snapshots I didn't want the block controlled by the EXP to zero, it did the trick!!!
  16. Hey gang, First and foremost, I am not a Line 6 hater. Everything I own is Line 6 save my bass. The Line 6 Relay G90 is by far, the worst wireless unit I have ever used. I have owned this unit and two transmitters for well over a year and there hasn't been one show or concert where I didn't have drop out issues. I have actually had to switch to a chord in the middle of a very expensive 4K video shoot. I have my receiver in line of sight waist high. I have the front antenna on and have even purchased the optional powered paddle antenna that are on a mount on a stand about waist high. No matter the venue or concert hall, I can't have a performance without an issue and that's using a total of four antenna. Yes the batteries are fresh. Yes, I am within line of sight. I just cant win with this unit. I tried it on RF1 and RF2 and no difference. I do have the 14 channels available but there may have been a firmware update. Does anyone know what version we're on? Also, using another wireless receiver to provide a firmware update to the G90 receiver is the worst part of this whole thing. I think it's time to switch manufacturers on my wireless unit after all this money I have already spent. What a shame.
  17. cruisinon2

    Volume Knob

    Well when it happens with the volume knob on a guitar it's because the hot and ground wires on the pot are backwards... I'm gonna assume it's a similar problem.
  18. I recently bought a pod UX1 to record so guitar and bass track. It turns out everything works fine BUT the modulations and delays (not all of them). Indeed, some of them work perfectly fine. But other won't affect the sound at all, it's like the pedal wasn't there. Tweeking the knobs doesn't change anything, nor switching on/off the pedal. Also, each time I plug one of those defective effects, all my rig stop to work too. The drive knob on my distortion, the master on the amp... I have to restart pod farm if I want to be able to change my tone again (let alone, hear it). Unplugging the effects and amp to plug them back doesn't change anything. Anybody having a similar problem ?
  19. usta28

    POD Go FAQ

    yea, the LT misses some connections, knobs and led name strips, but the software it runs on is EXACTLY the same as the regular Helix. Even the HX stomp runs on exactly the same software, if you don't count the 6 block limit. This one just runs the same amp and effect models. But I don't want to get off topic too much, I'm sure I'll probably buy this one.. The size is just perfect. But I have to try it in a store first, so I can be sure I won't need more than what it can do. (I'm pretty sure at this point that it can do all I need). I also hope that buyers of this can get the discount on helix native.. Or at least another VST that has these helix amps and effects.
  20. Nope. You can make cool tones with the stock cabs as well, just have to eq them to your liking. My concept was to separate the low end and to control it separately, give it a different character, make it less mushy. By the time my tone structure have changed a bit, i swapped the Ampeg block with a compressor and an eq block, everything is running through a Zilla Fatboy 2x12 and it sounds like this: https://youtu.be/BIUoLHpa23M
  21. pianoguyy

    POD Go FAQ

    No kidding, it is missing a lot of features. For that matter, so is the Helix LT. If you want all of the features, you have to buy the big one. Perhaps you are confusing the word Pod with HD.
  22. Avoid as hell amp models for the voice, unless you are doing an horror movie sound track.. First thing, set the right amount of mic pre-amping to get a good signal level but avoiding unwanted distortion by setting accordingly the mic level control small knob located in the rear panel.. In the dedicated-to-the-voice-parallel-path or in the dedicated-only-to-the-voice-patch/preset put a LA studio compressor, then a Vintage pre-amp, then a Studio EQ, and finally some Reverb.. Tweak the blocks parameters as needed for your particular voice/mic.. You should be ready to go quite easily. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  23. usta28

    POD Go FAQ

    "The original POD set the standard for ease-of-use in digital guitar and bass products. We wanted POD Go to be ridiculously easy-to-use, which meant purposefully omitting some power user features one would expect to find in HX or Helix-branded products" I hope this clears up this ISN'T a helix because it misses alot of features that would make it an Helix (why would they otherwise call it a POD right?) .. Yes, it DOES use the helix amps and effects, but that DOESN'T make it a Helix. BUT, this WOULD be a great product for anyone that uses an Helix (as a backup) in case the helix would fart out live on stage (which I highly doubt!) anyway have a good day :p .
  24. ultimately, it is trial and error twist the knobs until it sounds good
  25. My personal take would be that I'm more or less perfectly happy with the Helix regarding sounds. Sure, I wouldn't mind a thing here and there, but in case the Helix was all I had until the rest of my life (given it doesn't fall apart), I would get along just fine. As said, soundwise that is. However, I also think that the Helix is missing quite some things regarding organisational/utilitarian issues - things which are actually kinda keeping me away from using it to its full potential. Hence, if any other company comes along adressing these things, I'd be all interested. But quite obviously, the sonic aspects must be covered as well as with the Helix. I am now pretty much sure that with the QC, this will be the case. So I'll now be having a look whether they're getting the mentioned organisational things right as well. In that case I'd be all in. And quite obviously, I'd happily take amp capturing and the small footprint as a welcomed addition.
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