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  2. Kilrahi

    Helix Rack Mini aka HX Studio

    There are tons of iterations of the Helix line that would be very valuable to some people, myself included. For example, if I could have grabbed a Stomp that was only slightly larger, but had a Variax input, for $750 I would have been all over that beastie. My personal opinion, though, is that with the Helix, LT, Rack, Effects, and now the Stomp, that they'd be crazy to iterate too much more on that product line, other than perhaps refresh the hardware itself. Who knows though. I don't work there.
  3. karlkaminski

    HX STOMP knobs

    this will be hard to come by OEM. try Support, but I doubt they'll be able to help (unless youre still under warranty?) This shouldn't happen and a replacement might be an easy 'get'. try to contact one of the Stomp development/online guys to take mercy on you in sourcing a part/pointing you in the right direction. if not under warrnty or you just want a different knob to dress your HXS: measure exact knob dimensions google (image search) aluminum knobs to locate possible sources also search sites like; digikey, mouser, markertek, DIY pedal/stomp box sites, finally; ebay, amazon good luck
  4. castlevania

    FS HD Fully Loaded Bundle Model Packs

    I've sold my Pod HD500x and now have no POD HD devices, and would like to sell my HD Fully Loaded Bundle, $79.00 take it.
  5. Hi. The update was done AFTER the unit spazzed out. It was an effort to fix the issue. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  6. Kilrahi

    Hx Stomp Preset Switching: Delay

    I certainly agree it could be MORE powerful - and cost more too. That wouldn't even necessarily be a bad thing. I might even buy it. I just have a hard time interpreting it as extremely limiting compared to what it's designed to compete up against (traditional pedals). It's great you'd rather use other fuzz pedals and I do that sometimes too (as well as sometimes other compressors, reverbs, etc.), but the Stomp is far more versatile than any fuzz pedal I know of . . . I'd call a pedal like that extremely limiting before I throw that label at the Stomp. I can't think of another pedal options expansive as the Stomp. Just because I can think of more it could do doesn't make it an extremely limited pedal.
  7. frac82

    112 mk2 stereo output power

    which are the incorrect outs?!?
  8. codamedia

    Easy Notch filter and Phase invert for HX stomp?

    A notch filter is just a parametric with a tight Q.... the Stomp has the perfect tool for you... a parametric EQ. The parametric EQ has 3 bands (essentially 3 notch filters) plus a high and low roll off. Each band has a specific range of frequencies... but you should be able to find 2 that overlap enough to cover your needs. The Q control is critical... you will want to keep this "tight". The higher the value, the tighter the Q. By default the EQ will load with a fairly wide Q for tone shaping, but for a notch filter I would start around the half way point... then adjust as needed, probably increasing the value even more. I find with Banjo (I dabble with 5 string) I also like to utilize the low cut... and raise that to about 400hz. This stops my banjo from shaking violently as the tech turns up the volume :) YMMV depending on the tone you are after. I don't need rich low end, you might! As for the phase invert.... there isn't a direct switch for it, but when using a parallel path the merge block allows you to flip the "b" polarity.I don't know how the LR Baggs implements it... but if it's just a phase reversal on the output (common) you could try this... In your chain, drop one effect to the B path In the split block, change it from a Y to a Split A/B and route ONLY to the B side In the merge block Set your A level to it's lowest setting possible. this is just a precaution to make sure no signal is bypassing the B path Now you can invert your entire signal by changing the "B Polarity" as required.
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  10. moehuh

    Hx Stomp Preset Switching: Delay

    I mainly use the Stomp as a dual amp setup with 2 amp models and separate IRs. That's 4 out of 6 blocks always on (or turned off when using real amps). The 2 remaining blocks would actually be sufficient if I could swap presets during a song. Another interesting usage would be two or three different amp models for your clean, rhythm and lead sound (think of Eric Johnson). Currently you cannot use that potential (unless you have multiple units). It's less about what the Stomp / Helix cannot do, it's more about sounds and pedals I love and I'm not interested in replacing (e.g. the POG has really good tracking with chords, fuzz pedals are always a bit different and if you like one just keep it, a real photocell vibe is hard to copy, Chase Bliss builds crazy analog stuff, Strymon has exceptional delay and reverb units, etc.). I think there are many guitarists out there, who feel the same way and are not willing to "give up" their favorite pedals for a big floor unit. The Stomp offers a great entry point into the digital simulation world. I grew tired of carrying around heavy amps and the Stomp offers a great solution for that, but it could do so much more. I wouldn't mind spending more $ on a double DSP unit with perfect spill-over!
  11. codamedia

    Hx Stomp Preset Switching: Delay

    Going all the way back to the BOSS ME-5 and ME-10 and another dozen or so different multi effects over the years.... I have always encountered a lag when changing presets and it has never been an issue for me. I've seen people suggest a BOSS is instant... since when? A colleague of mine has a GT 100, it's not instant! I've seen people say Zooms are instant... really? I own a G3 (and have owned a G5), it is NOT instant, and some changes are slower than others. How long is the lag in the HX Series? 200ms, 300ms? Planning your snapshots vs presets should not be that difficult to work around this. Need instant change.... work it into a snap. Have a half second or more to make the change.... you can do that with a preset. Disclaimer.... I use an LT & I have not walked a mile with the Stomp to witness it's limitations first hand :) I did own an HX Effects for a while and had no problems working around any lag with that.
  12. oakn

    Odd ground noise?

    Okey, so it's "normal" but my unit clearly have a much higher noise volume since I can get it with an empty preset (but with the volume up quite high). Time to contact the seller/store, what a bummer - I had hoped to be making presets for recording the upcoming days, instead I might have to send it across Europe.
  13. Hope Line 6 have been able to assist you! Your message is a bit unclear -- did this failure occur after you updated to 2.60.0, or did you do the update in an attempt to correct the problem?
  14. Peter

    Odd ground noise?

    Only when I use my stratocaster(single coil pickups) and a high gain amp model, then touching the switches (especially the "mode" switch) adds some extra noise. But not, if the volume is at zero or when I have an empty preset.
  15. cruisinon2

    How about an AmpFarm Pedal?

    IdeaScale is the place to put requests like this... it'll languish in here largely unnoticed, forever. Don't hold your breath though....Amp Farm is old news.
  16. codamedia

    Helix Rack Mini aka HX Studio

    IMO... the HX Stomp is already a perfect candidate for residence in an open top rack drawer. I can't imagine it would need more than a 2u drawer... and there would be room for other items in their as well.
  17. Kilrahi

    Hx Stomp Preset Switching: Delay

    Extremely limiting compared to what? You revealed you use a regular pedalboard, what do your other pedals do that it can't?
  18. codamedia

    Helix Effects Corrupted Preset?

    The Helix has the ability to rebuild a preset if it's an older version.... therefore it is partially doing this already. I can't imagine that a "verify presets" sequence would be too hard to create. I can understand if there is no way to correct a bad preset... but it should be able to identify one without locking up. Another consideration.... The big helix units have a start up sequence that allows you to clear the existing preset... (6. Helix can now restore by clearing only the current preset instead of wiping out all presets. While holding footswitches 11 + 12) When a preset becomes corrupt and won't allow you to start the unit applying that sequence will clear the bad preset and put you back on track - minus that preset. Even if that were added to the Stomp and Effects it would save the user from complete restores and troubleshooting. The bad preset is just removed!
  19. moehuh

    Hx Stomp Preset Switching: Delay

    I think the number of blocks and snapshots work well for the bigger units. Couple of friends have the floor and I use Native for recording. The Stomp has a unique role, because the bigger units are not really feasible for a normal sized pedalboard. There is simply no way I could upgrade as there is no room for a bigger unit on my board and I'm not interested in replacing my pedalboard completely. Plus I don't need more sounds simultaneously, I just need to be able to make use of the preset functionality. The Stomp could become a no-brainer-pedal for most bigger pedalboards and really threaten all the H9 and Strymon pedals. It just lacks some "pedalboard friendliness" compared to them (e.g. power connector)
  20. Hi all, Sorry - I meant to respond to this thread last week and never found time. Lowering magnetic pickups didn't have any effect, so I don't this is a matter of pickup magnets interacting with strings. The problem persists: a distracting little "thwipp" sound from time to time. Either static discharge or the sound of the right hand brushing across the strings, excessively amplified per a "stuck" ADSR coefficient. I guess "it is what it is". Best workaround is to avoid these models in live performance, and expect to need to composite multiple takes when recording. It's unfortunate.
  21. oakn

    Odd ground noise?

    Yea, I guess that's what needs to be done. Out of curiosity: If you have a empty preset, bring up the volume, touch the guitar lead with your hand so you get that normal hum and touch the switches on the Helix; do you get any kind of noise?
  22. Peter

    Odd ground noise?

    If the volume is at zero, no noise should occur (...my Helix does not do that). I think you have to call the support :(
  23. I replaced my pickguard some time ago... if memory serves it's not a "swimming pool" cavity underneath, but I'm not certain. But armed with 2 minutes and a screwdriver, taking a peak underneath is easy enough. Even if it one giant hole though, you won't find a HSH replacement pickguard from L6... I've seen one or two companies online that will cut a custom one for you if you provide a template. Easiest option is probably to mod the existing one to accommodate a humbucker, if you decide to go that route.
  24. I want to keep the humbucker, but change the neck to a bucker and single coil to a hum cancelling type. First, id like to know what the resistance is on the alnico 5 humbucker in order to match the others Also, wondering if the pickup cavity is "swimming pool" or if each pickup is routed individually. This way , for the neck pickup, i can know whether or not to get a single coil sized humbucker or regular one and get a new pickguard
  25. oakn

    Odd ground noise?

    Just tried it at a friends place and it's the same thing there with his guitars and cables. So it's not the guitars and not the wiring in the apartment, which sadly leaves the Helix as the culprit. It's not really that annoying, but there's one occasion where this would be devastating - during live performances. As stated in the original post, the static noise comes if I touch the guitar strings and/or hardware if the volume or tone is at zero. And not being able to turn my volume knob to zero on silent parts is a big no-no.
  26. Magarant

    Update firmware on FBV 3?

    Hello, I just got a FBV3 foot Controller and I am totally new to it. Can anyone confirm if Line6 has release update for the Sysex function in FBV3 ? I am planning to use it to control Axe FM3 in the future. Or would appreciate if there is any way around that I don't know of. Sorry if I sound total dumb but it's a new territory for me
  27. Peter

    Hx Stomp Preset Switching: Delay

    No it's not possible I think. When you switch the preset, the Helix needs a little moment to clear the memory and load the new effect blocks. This cannot be fixed by an update. ...if you need more blocks and snapshots, you have to buy the floor/rack/LT ;)
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