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  2. zolko60

    Helix Owner's Manual erratum - Let's help Line6!

    When I download IRs back from Helix they are 32 bit and truncated to 2048 samples. This is why I assume they are stored and used as 32 bit. I do not propose to change anything about 128 limit unless some future firmware update will change it. Please consider the manual is outdated. It needs some lifting.
  3. phil_m

    Helix Owner's Manual erratum - Let's help Line6!

    What makes you think the IRs are being converted to 32 bit files? The 128 limit was just (somewhat) arbitrary. The Helix can actually store many more.
  4. themetallikid

    low cut settings..

    Yeah I always struggled with flubby bass on some amps until I gave this a try. I read someone on a post explain: To tame flubby bass - Pre EQ To tame ice pick highs- Post EQ I typically will overcut the lows a touch....pre EQ, and then raise the bass parameter to where it gets out of control again, and then back it down to just below freaking out level.....then in my post EQ I use a Parametric EQ and will dial in the specific frequency/Q that I want for the low end. I myself love a very sharp spike at 125hz, however the Helix does 120 or 130, so I add the 120hz in between 0.5 - 2.0db with a really high Q of above 7.0. Adjust it to the amp I'm using and how much chunk I want.
  5. zolko60

    Helix Owner's Manual erratum - Let's help Line6!

    Page 29 "Helix can load and store up to 128 IRs at a time. 48kHz, 16-bit, mono, .WAV type IRs of up to 2,048 samples are natively supported. But the Helix app allows you to import IR .WAV files of different sample rate, bit depth, length and stereo format, and the app will convert these attributes automatically before sending to the Helix hardware." Correction: "Helix can load and store up to 128 IRs at a time. 48kHz, 32-bit, mono, .WAV type IRs of up to 2,048 samples are natively supported. But the Helix app allows you to import IR .WAV files of different sample rate, bit depth, length and stereo format, and the app will convert these attributes automatically before sending to the Helix hardware." And yes: Customer Service confirmed The Volume Knob is digital attenuator before the chosen DA converter.
  6. Bboy19

    Let's put the real name to the presets

    Hi, attached is a file of the Factory presets from version 2.710. It is in an .xls format. If anyone can update the list, let me know I can update it as need. I use it to keep track of presets I like or want to mod at the beginning. I added a Notes column. Some people on another topic were asking for this. I will try to keep it updated for the software update. Bboy19 Helix 2.70 Factory Presets 1.xls Helix 2.70 Factory Presets 2.xls
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  8. ClausHIllerup

    low cut settings..

    So far I have only done this Post - But I will try to set up a block Pre to hear the effect. I use the Divided By 13 amp a lot, and the bass is very floppy without a distortion pedal. Thanks for the tip...
  9. Hmmmm.....I would think Stomp presets would be compatible as they are a subset of the blocks used by each device. Did you check the manual(s) regarding compatibility? For example, page 12 of the Native manual The Stomp manual may have a similar section on preset compatibility.
  10. dddpavel

    Delaune vs Fremen vs MBritt patches - a review

    More from FREMEN presets , FENDER deluxe Enjoy SecondVision.mp3
  11. zolko60

    Links for free Impulse Responses (IR) here

    I had no luck to buy that free pack from their store (no link sent) but maybe it will work for somebody. https://amtelectronics.com/new/product/amt-truecab-ir-ma-1960a/
  12. gunpointmetal

    low cut settings..

    TL;DR - there are no hard/fast rules for this stuff when it comes to live. Volume, proximity , speaker system all play a role. Your best bet is going to be to dial everything in at as close to live volume as possible with the band. The louder you're running the guitar, the safer it is to have a low-cut that high. I usually err on the side of leaving a little extra I can cut at the board if need be. If you're doing your own sound I highly recommend at least one member of the band be wireless so they can walk out in front of the system while you're line checking an a few times throughout the night to check and see if anything needs to be adjusted.
  13. Chenzo4u

    Helix LT Preset Knob

    Ever get your problem fixed? I just got the helix and I’m having the same problem.
  14. themetallikid

    low cut settings..

    Depending on the amp, it can vary. Also are you Pre-EQing or is this a post EQ. in relation to the Amp Block? I typically will 'low cut' before the amp and my post EQ will be more for high cut. I have low cuts as low as 100hz, but some get close to 200hz. Just depends on the flubbyness of the bass in the amp for me. usually I settle around 150hz and that is now my starting point. if I can't get enough of the right bass reaction in the amp block I'll knock it down or raise it up and then compensate with the Amp block or Post EQ blocks to get me there. Where you are doing the cuts can make a difference.
  15. phil_m

    Updater Blank Screen - Helix

    Make sure you don’t have HX Edit open. If you’re you don’t, you can try forcing the Helix into update mode by holding down footswitches FS6 and FS12 while powering up. Other than that, try using a different USB cable and/or USB port.
  16. silverhead

    Updater Blank Screen - Helix

    Does HX Edit recognize the device?
  17. fflbrgst

    Best Stage Stand for Spider V120

    I use the On Stage tilt-back one as well. They are strong enough for a 2x12 amp, but not height adjustable - rather than height, I've found its better to be able to angle the amp so that the sound is aimed at where my ears are, and it also gets the sound 'up', so that it is not blasting straight out at the audience.
  18. fflbrgst

    Spider iv 75

    Unfortunately, if you hooked them up in parallel (i.e. both + hooked up to same amp lead, both - hooked up to same amp lead), the impedance = R1xR2/(R1 + R2), so assuming two 8 ohm speakers 8x8/(8+8) = 4 ohms. When you hook a solid state amp up like this, it ends up overpowering the output circuit (voltage, I assume), eventually frying a component. If you are lucky, you may have just blown a fuse. Back in the days of valve (tube) amps, we used to blow fuses all the time because of this, it was no big deal, we'd just pop another one in (they were easy access on the back panel of the amp, same fuses you see in cars. When you are looking at the amp chassis to find anything 'blown', be careful of any power capacitors - these can hold a high voltage long after the amp has been unplugged.
  19. @codamedia Thank you very much. :-)
  20. zolko60

    [Solved] What is wrong with Hx DSP Values?

    I got interested because of IR lenght discussion. I have always thought it is DSP power limitation. That chart shows it is not the case.
  21. Understood... there is no room for a dedicated EP style pre-amp. The transistor delay, or the legacy Tube Delay or Tape Delay should work for you. You can use a snapshot or a controller to control the amount of delay and/or boost without disengaging the effect... that should keep the tone in place even when you don't use delay.
  22. LiveLines

    Updater Blank Screen - Helix

    Hello I'm sure this one has been covered but I have searched through and cannot find anything about it so thought I'd ask. Trying to update but the updater isn't showing the device. I have installed the driver and the computer is showing that the helix is connected. Help! Need to update and it's becoming quite frustrating. Starting to regret getting it. Thanks
  23. codamedia

    [Solved] What is wrong with Hx DSP Values?

    That is an interesting list. I'm surprised at little DSP the compressors take (other than the Dyna <insert puzzled emoticon here>) and how much some of the amps require. Of course I expect the amps to do most of the heavy lifting, but some consume more than half the power of a single DSP. That's not a complaint... just an observation :)
  24. tptptp

    Using Helix with Logic X

    Been struggling with a similar issue for a couple of days. Turns out the issue was the Helix global settings -> USB in 1/2 destination. Had it set to XLR, but nothing connected to the XLR outputs. Changed it to multi and I started hearing output in my headphones.
  25. DunedinDragon

    low cut settings..

    The question for larger live performance is really more about how does it come through on the PA, since the larger the audience the more likely that will be their only reference rather than your stage sound. As rvroberts points out you can really only guage the mix once you get it to performance volumes and stand in front of the PA. I've played in the same band for around 9 years with myself on lead and another guitar player on rhythm. In my experience it's far less about EQ differences than it is differences in what and how each guitarist is playing. It only really becomes an issue when both guitars are playing the same chords in the same way. That's when things begin to sound like mush, and then different EQ's don't really help. Typically in our group the other guitar player tends to play standard bar chord rhythms while I'll offset that with maybe open cords or different variations higher or lower on the neck, simplified accent rhythms, or different chord inversions or palm muting or hybrid picking and so forth.
  26. MyWalterEgo

    Looper playback volume too low?

    Update of last post: Taldavid, you probably don't have to reset your Helix LT. As Christoph from line 6 told me, that he tried the looper with the preset Essex 15 I also did so and there the looper just played fine and I thought YES, the reset did it but than I recreated my backup with my presets and there we go again: Looper only half as loud... But the good news is, I've found the problem! As soon as you put a looper on one of your two signal chains, you have to make sure that the input of the other route (in my case it is the lower line in the display where I see all my effects in a row) has to have a "X" in the input. My preset before was on both routes on "Multi" and therefore the signal was kind of split => only half volume of the looper as a result... Hope that helps and all the best, Walter
  27. rvroberts

    low cut settings..

    Regarding playing live - are you going to play about the same volume you rehearse? If so, you will have nothing to worry about. If you will be turning up, then you might need to increase your low (and maybe high) rolloff. Google Fletcher Munson curve. Basically it says as you get louder the bottoms and tops become more audible compared to you mids - so it you already have a dark tone, it's likely to be mud at a high volume. I think rehearsing at the volume you play is the best solution - but that assumes you don't want to blast your audience and you don't try to deafen yourself at rehearsal! A sensible approach is to play at a good mix level with your drummer's acoustic sound.
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