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  2. Vic20-Ian

    Helix and the DT amps

    Thanks for the replies. I appreciate the difficulties explained. Frustration was borne out of having the messaging saying that DT25 support was now working then spending time to figure out why nothing was changing when I switched patches. Adding some appropriate settings for some factory patches would show the DT25 changing rather than static. Coming from other devices e.g. PodHD500 and not getting the same capability seemed like a downgrade but I understand the 4 amp challenge etc. I got it working by creating my own patch with Vox and Class A, Topology III and then figured out all the others were just set to a global default. It would be great to have the basic one amp patches at least set to an appropriate Class and Topology to get the best out of Helix and DT25 out of the box.
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  4. Vic20-Ian

    Helix and DT25 missing settings

    DT25 support is in 2.81 but none of the amplifier models or factory patches set the correct base topology, class or Pentode/Triode. The modelling is missing these elements crippling the Helix in my view. Please vote for DT25 missing patch information to be added
  5. Hi, just got my second amp and i'm trying to connect them to my hx-effects unit, amp 1 (fender baseman) in front of the amp amp 2 (boogie fillmore 50) in 4 cable method (effects loop) how can i achieve that ? * i was able to have them both, when i connected it in front of both of them but not with one in the effects loop... 10X
  6. Peter

    Restore a single preset?

    You can not restore a single preset from a complete backup. You can only export(backup) and import a single preset.
  7. DrBob777

    New Helix LT just got it August '19. It has Version 3.0

    Thanks. Upgraded to 2.8.1 brings back memories of old Line 6 XT live. Manuals still hard to read. Ugh
  8. shanecgriffo

    Helix hardware reliability

    i hate to be the party pooper rain on the parade sort of guy but sadly ‘reliable and trouble free’ has not been my experience. Starting with a non functioning soft touch button, a dead mic input and now a dead jog wheel i’m trying to put aside money for shipping and repairs.. it is pretty un-usable at the moment except for plug and playing my existing presets unless i cart my laptop around.. it hasn’t had a hard gigging life and i still love it, it just doesn’t love me
  9. My Line 6 Pod HD500X is not showing up in the POD HD500X Edit program on my MacBook Pro. I've tried both USB cables in both USB ports and still nothing. I just don't know what to do anymore. When I go to Line 6 Monkey, it shows that I need to update the driver so I do but nothing happens. The computer resets after the driver downloads and then it goes back to not connecting. But Line 6 Monkey recognizes the device.
  10. rd2rk

    Native Preset Selection by MIDI

    Works the same in Cakewalk (Sonar), which, like logic, requires that a VST2 be configured as a Softsynth in order for it to respond to MIDI commands. As I said, Bypass works, and the little MIDI indicator lights when Native receives a CC, but it does NOT light when sent a PC.
  11. rd2rk

    Native Preset Selection by MIDI

    As stated, MIDI Bypass works, so signal is getting to Native, both from my Helix Floor and From the FCB1010. I can see the PC# getting there, along with the Setlist (Bank) commands. Same deal in Ableton LIVE10. I haven't tried Sonar yet, I'll try that now. Maybe someone should try this with something other than Logic? FWIW - If there's an amp sim plugin that responds to MIDI, I own it, and I've made them all work in all 3 of my DAWs with both Helix and FCB1010, as well as a multitude of Rotary/Slider controllers. No MIDI noobs here!
  12. Digital_Igloo

    Native Preset Selection by MIDI

    Dunno. Works here with Logic, but I have to instantiate it as a MIDI-controlled plugin on a virtual instrument track. Helix Native 1.80 has a MIDI monitor indicator along the bottom. Does that flash? If not, Reaper's not routing MIDI to Native.
  13. rd2rk

    Native Preset Selection by MIDI

    In a response on Ideascale, DI stated that Native 1.80 allowed preset recall by MIDI. NOT! I'm using a MIDI Monitor on the Native track (Reaper), so I know that the messages are getting there. MIDI Bypass works. I thought it might be because Helix sends Bank Info with the PC#, but switching to my FCB1010 I got the same results. DI?
  14. OldCrappy

    Helix pre-purchase question

    Thank you for the replies.
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  16. Digital_Igloo

    Helix and the DT amps

    There's nothing to fix, as Helix <—> DT integration works exactly the way in which it was intended. First of all, unlike HD500X, Helix supports up to four simultaneous Amp blocks. Which one's virtual topology is the connected DT supposed to pay attention to? What happens when you have two DTs connected? Which channel on which DT responds to which Amp block? Now what happens when you delete that block? What happens if you copy and paste an Amp block? What happens when you delete all Amp blocks? What happens when you have two Amp blocks and swap their order or L-R configuration? It's a veritable rat's next of "what ifs." There are likely solutions to all the above questions (albeit inelegant ones), and sure, we could've spent months figuring out every possible iteration and added yet another half dozen parameters to the Output block, but in the end, we have to pick our battles. The number of DT users who A) also own Helix, B) connect the two via L6 LINK, C) used to use DT with POD HD500X and are accustomed to how that worked, and D) insist on not learning new paradigms... is a tiny TINY fraction compared to the number of users who've requested features slated for 2.90 and beyond. It sucks, but it's the same reason Disney/Marvel would rather focus on The Avengers than Howard the Duck 2, despite how passionate and vocal some Howard the Duck fans are.
  17. marcusdg

    Restore a single preset?

    Okay thanks. It would be nice if the option existed to narrow your choice to pick a specific preset from a previous backup. There may be a reason from a programmer’s perspective as to why there isn’t. Thanks.
  18. HonestOpinion

    Helix Bug Reports

    This may have something to do with the issue that for example Helix Rack users have been reporting regarding the so called "HX Stomp Drivers" driver that makes up one of the check boxes being displayed when HX Edit is installed. The "HX Stomp Drivers" driver actually, according to some folks who have examined it in depth, assuming they are correct, is a driver for other HX devices not listed in its description such as the Helix. The other possibility is you did not check the Helix driver when you did your HX Edit 2.81 install. My suspicion is that you have the correct ASIO driver; it is just displaying the wrong name. This may have something to do with the move to the CORE codebase and the addition and/or requiring driver operation for the new keyboard functionality added in the 2.8* release. Just speculating based on other posts regarding this subject. You shouldn't need to downgrade as long as everything is working. Hopefully Line6 will get the naming convention and description of the driver sorted out for the next upgrade. Btw, this is why if you have installed or are intending to install HX Edit 2.81 you should just check all the boxes. Ignore the driver names/descriptions and install 'em anyway.
  19. rd2rk

    helix STOMP Patches converter

    As long as you have the latest firmware and HX Edit, it's all cross platform compatible. Keeping in mind the hardware restrictions of the Stomp, if you make a six block 3 snapshot preset on a Floor or Rack it should work fine on a Stomp.
  20. If you wire it as it is in my pictures above, and set the Global Settings as I laid out above, then it will work perfectly with a stereo (TRS) cable. The switch in your current Crybaby will NOT likely be a "momentary" switch, so you will have to replace it with something like this: https://www.taydaelectronics.com/1pdt-stomp-foot-pedal-switch-solder-lugs-2.html The Stomp needs to have a Momentary switch. And just leave out the Red push-button switch that I wired to the side of the wah altogether. I like it, but most people probably won't.
  21. mhardy58

    2.8 Lost Preset Fire Woman

    A factory preset called 'Fire Woman' was lost when upgrading to v2.8 and I am hoping someone might have an archive of the original. The 'Fire Woman' preset had a Weeper wah, Bucket Brigade delay, Script Mod Phase modulation and Plate verb.
  22. rd2rk

    Restore a single preset?

    No. You could back up a setlist, restore the setlist with the desired preset to there, then copy the preset you want to the proper setlist and restore the other setlist.
  23. seek18

    helix STOMP Patches converter

    Hello everybody. I would like to know if the patches of helix.LT.Rack.Floor... processors are valid for the HX STOMP ? any converter? Thanks
  24. marcusdg

    Restore a single preset?

    Can I restore a single preset from a previous backup? I only see the option for a complete User bank which would wipe out changes made to other presets that I want to keep.
  25. rd2rk

    You have to try this

    Neither I nor the other rabbit hole poster said anything about not liking it. Too often forum participants tend not to read what is ACTUALLY written. THAT is what lead to the false premise in the first place! We merely stated our lack of interest and reason. Since we both have experience with the IR rabbit hole, our positions are well informed and therefore entirely valid. FWIW - the false premise was not only false and "a bit pessimistic", it was insulting, as the phrase "the pot calling the kettle black" implies hypocrisy. I own a car. I don't want an airplane, as I don't have a need and don't want to learn to fly. Does that make me a hypocrite?
  26. mattko16

    Hx stomp with EHX expression pedal

    So I tried a trs cable and it worked at first. The Ehx expression pedal paired with the stomp when assigning. However as I played with it it was not working properly with polarity. Shutting off when dropping the pedal to the heel (I did not originally reverse polarity). How can an expression pedal work one second then not properly the next? Guess I gotta wait for that long awaited L6 update for expression pedal compatibility.
  27. Great post from amsdenj. I have Helix floor but I still use an old POD HD for holidays*, plugged in to a Roland Cube Lite sprouting Beyerdynamics. Edit is via a Dell notebook. A bit Heath Robinson, but it has served me well for a number of years :-) But it's long in the tooth and I'm going to get a Stomp. I know I'll be fine with Stomp because I'm a follower of the 'fewer blocks, better tone' school :-) I also understand the DSP limitations from the perspective of a Floor user and to me, at least, they don't present a problem. So Floor it will be, and bye bye to that fiddly knob interface for HD Edit... I know that it is possible to get excellent tones from Helix Floor using only path A and a handful of blocks and simple linear routing. So I know Stomp will do the trick for me. Of course YMMV but I hope this is useful. * We drive a few hours to a rental cottage on the Cornish coast. Stuff we take gets packed into the back of the car. No airports are involved.
  28. Jab, I think you are attempting something that the powercab plus isn't designed to handle because it doesn't emulate a power amp. I don't have a powercab though I do have a dt25. The line6 link in the hd500(x) was designed to work using either with the preamp model going to a DT25/50 amp to get the poweramp/cab models associated with the DT25/50 or using the "full" model (pre/poweramp/cab) going to one the "Stage Source" amps. The HD500(x) when connected to the powercab will probably need to just use in like a "stagesource" amp so you use the full amp model not the pre. 1. I don't think the setup:output model effects the l6link. 2. Try using the full Brit J-800, and specify the cabinet and mic you want to emulate. 3. Set the Powercab to be Flat mode and not use a cabinet emulation or IR I would think it would sound good. Bob
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