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  2. codamedia

    acoustic guitar amplifier with Helix

    IMO... many acoustic amps have pre-built "scoops" and "notches" in the EQ that I would avoid. I would lean toward a budget FRFR before going that route.... unless it's an incredible bargain so you can recoup your money if you don't like it.
  3. ezut

    Digital distortion

    Thanks I didn't know that.
  4. Try this: Reboot your Helix while holding down footswitches 10 & 11 which should rebuild your presets and update them to the latest firmware spec. Note: if this doesn’t fix it, then you need to supply more info. We need to know important stuff like: what hardware, what computer, what OS , what firmware, etc. It’s a big help. Hope this helps/makes sense
  5. SaschaFranck

    Helix Bug Reports

    See, I'm not exactly new to all this (in fact, I'm with modeling and other digital things for around 3 decades by now), so I am pretty aware about how things can fail. And I always have a backup solution with me anyway (in this case an Amplifirebox and a Zoom G3, quite a nice backup rig, fwiw). But regarding “never update to a new software/operating system/firmware before a gig” - well, there must be a first gig for the Helix (unless I would never use it on any gigs...). And I didn't exactly update it, just used it. Whatever, it seems to me that I may have to strip this very patch down a little. At least in path 1, I can only add a gain block, anything else is greyed out already. And it's close to that in path 2 as well.
  6. Has anybody tried doing this within the Helix itself... not just through HX Edit? Close HX Edit Open the patch in the Helix. Save it to a new setlist/location. . If it works on the Helix (consistently) then the problem will be narrowed down to HX Edit error, or a USB communication error. It becomes a limit to be aware of until it is resolved... but not a roadblock that keeps you from working.
  7. codamedia

    IR clarification

    That's why it is usually best to know the rules before breaking the rules. This falls under the "know the rules before you break them" category. An IR can capture EQ but it cannot capture gain. You wouldn't be able to get the sound of a high gain amp, distortion and all - but I suppose an IR could capture the set tone of a clean amp. I'm not sure there would be much advantage... as you would then need to add an EQ to operate as the tone stack.
  8. datacommando

    Helix Bug Reports

    Good to know that you have found a work around for this situation and I hope you make safety copy on your computer using HX Edit. Another piece of advice that is always appearing on these forums is “never update to a new software/operating system/firmware before a gig”. If you are taking your Helix out into the big wide world of live performance, then you need to be working with a tried and tested rig. Furthermore, it is advisable to have some sort of “fail safe” backup, like another Helix, or amp, cab and pedals. Remember, if it can go wrong - it will. Good luck.
  9. SaschaFranck

    Helix Bug Reports

    Guilty as charged (and fwiw, I'm absolutely a*** about anything related to computer backups) - but seriously, when you work on the unit itself, there's no way to really back up things. And you usually don't copy a patch before you add some stuff to it. That's just not the way you work on hardware units. In case I want to add a block, say, during soundcheck, I just want to do that. And I haven't even once in my life owned a piece of digital music equipment that didn't allow for this. Fwiw, could pretty much be that the patch corruption was caused HX Edit. I have now been able to reload the patch (straight after a reboot, directly on the Helix), copied it to another setlist, then started HX Edit and overwrote the potentially offending patches with an empty one. Apparently I can now load the copied patch in HX Edit fine. Fingers crossed and all that...
  10. USERLINE62K19


    Hi, Can anyone suggest me which combination of output option should i select while performing live onstage ? Thanks .
  11. datacommando

    Helix Bug Reports

    Another good rule in computing is: “always work on a copy” - you did make a backup, didn’t you?
  12. SaschaFranck

    Helix Bug Reports

    That would be now. At least when using the patch in question. I've spent quite some work on this very patch. At least I'd like to know what went wrong - but so far it seems I can't even access the patch in any way anymore.
  13. SaschaFranck

    Helix Bug Reports

    Fwiw, managed to reload the patch straight on the Helix, resaved it, worked as well. Fired HX Edit back up, worked. Selected the patch - poof! And now I can't select it on the Helix anymore, either. Has been the patch I created for the first serious gig with the Helix tomorrow. Take a guess about how comfortable I feel right now...
  14. datacommando

    Helix Bug Reports

    True, I also have lots of multi FX and digital outboard, but some computers/systems crash more or less often than others and who knows why? It’s the nature of the technology, I would guess. You have posted that your Helix suffered a random “Freeze” event. That’s not such a big issue and a restart should fix that. The time to worry is if your unit starts to freeze on a regular basis. If that happens it should be reported as a serious bug. You don’t want to have that happen during a gig. If it happens while editing then I would regard that as acceptable because you’re inside the units brain poking around with the zeros and ones. As for what causes a “badly formatted preset”, your guess is as good as mine. There could be millions of reasons why. In the early days of computing there was an acronym “GIGO”.
  15. Today
  16. SaschaFranck

    Helix Bug Reports

    I know it is a computer. But none of the MFX units I owned (or still own) ever did that. And they're computers every bit as much. And what is causing a "badly formatted preset"? I'd really prefer avoiding to create any of these...
  17. datacommando

    Helix Bug Reports

    Well, if your Helix freezes, simply restart - that would be normal for anything digital, because sometimes they just get stuck. The “Failed to load preset” message could be due to a badly formatted preset or a simple glitch. Helix is a computer.
  18. SaschaFranck

    Helix Bug Reports

    Oh, ok, thanks! Doesn't make much sense to me to artificially limit a digital delay because of the analog role model, though.
  19. datacommando

    Helix Bug Reports

    Hi Sascha, Have a look at this thread from way back and see if you are experiencing the same “problem”. It maybe just the limitation set by the model. https://line6.com/support/topic/31876-250-elephant-man-delay-time-issue/ Hope this helps/makes sense.
  20. SaschaFranck

    Helix Bug Reports

    Got this a few minutes ago. HX Edit frozen in, Helix frozen in. Had to restart both.
  21. BBD_123

    Digital distortion

    Best to use the amp block Channel Volume. The Master Vol controls the amp's power stage and for amps that don't have a master volume IRL it should always be set to 10 and left alone, or you mess up the tone. The Channel Volume sets the output level for the block as a whole without affecting the modeled power stage at all.
  22. bassbene

    Steve Harris Bass Tone

    When it comes to Steve Harris sounds, you have to check first: - P Bass (no way around it) - Flatwound Strings - Dig in like hell (or attack the strings more "vertical" so that they snap against the frets, the famous typewriter style) That's what 90% of his sound is about. On the helix side I would start off with a clean amp, like the GK Cougar, the Aguilar or perhaps the WhoWhat100. Since you are obviously not Steve Harris, it might be a good idea to also add a fair amount of compression, since you might not be able to control the hard picking as good as he can. This might even out the most nasty spikes that can occur when digging in hard. Customtone has several patches for a Harris sound, but none of them is compatible with the Effects or Stomp :/
  23. PhilDuggan

    Best single all-purpose amp model?

    Would have to be the Placater Dirty! Good drive sounds, the voicing switches help reshape your tone to how you want it e.g Fat and C45. Cleans up well when backing off your volume knobor using a volume pedal. Just stick a drive in front (I am using the heir apparent) and some reverb in the back(this varies but it is currently searchlights) and maybe a simple delay for some added fun and you have a pretty good platform to go towards different genres and not just Rock and Metal as it would be intended!
  24. Now I have the opportunity to buy a Laney 80W acoustic guitar amplifier for a good price on the Helix LT. Has anyone used one like this? Will it be good together or forget?
  25. kraftybob

    LT Sounds Muffled When Recording

    Got my Helix LT a few months ago and when I first tried recording I had issues with live sound vs recorded. But that was my not understanding the differences between amp speakers and FRFR. I'm good with this now. However, I'm still having an issue with my tone in that it sounds muffled when I record. I started with a new preset and followed a guy on YouTube, step by step, in a very simple 2204 patch and his sounded clear and crisp and mine sounds muffled. When I play it through my amp it sounds great. There's definitely something going on with either the way I have this setup or with the Helix itself. Here's my signal chain for the 2204 preset: PRS Custom 22 10' Cable into Helix USB from Helix to Mac Preset is only the stock Brit 2204 amp + cab model Running Garage Band (I tested Audacity too and had the same muffled result) Helix Settings Input Pad: Off Outputs are set to Instrument Send/Returns set to Instrument Input Block: Multi Output Block: Multi Tomorrow I'm going to try recording to my laptop but I need to set it up first. I'm stumped because I see all these guys on YouTube making these awesome sounding presets and mine sounds like I have a blanket covering my speakers. I've had this long enough and heard enough other Helix's that I know this is not normal. Here's a brief recording and the preset... Brit 2204.mp3 2204 Test.hlx Thoughts?
  26. Hey boonsnic85 - I read one of your threads that everything sounds muffled with your Helix.  I have the LT and am having the same problem.  I'm new to recording (not guitar) and figured it was something I was doing.  Then tonight I did what you did, watched a YouTube video and followed along step by step and there's sounds so much more open and crisp compared to mine.


    I'm running USB from my Helix to my Mac and using GarageBand to record.  I tried Audacity too and am getting the same results.  You mentioned that you thought you had a bad unit and were going to exchange it.  Did you end up doing that and did that solve your problem?  Thanks!

  27. bobwysol, if your still looking, I have a mint condition Line 6 L2t that I would sell. I am a play at home musician and don't need the power of the L2t. If you are interested, my email is: victorloher@gmail.com
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