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  2. Hey everyone, having a rough time getting my Stomp to just send a dry signal to Logic Pro. I've set my track in Logic to Input 5, which works when I record (it records a dry signal and then I'm able to manipulate it with plugins, I use Mercuriall Reaxis). However, I can't seem to just get a raw dry signal to Logic and hear it through Reaxis like I can with a Scarlett 2i4. I'd like to be able to do this for flexibility, I don't always want to use HX modelling and I don't want more than one audio interface on my desk when it may be unnecessary. Has anyone accomplished this that can help me out?
  3. Hi, I'm also trying to accomplish this with no luck. In Logic Pro, I set it to Input 5, and on the patch on my Stomp I turned the output block's level to -120. I do not get any sound whatsoever now, any thoughts? I'd really like to just put my Scarlett 2i4 away for good.
  4. HEYO! You ok?  Hadn't seen you on in awhile.  Couldn't figure out how to DM someone.

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  6. Oshara

    When to model?

    Thanks, makes sense. I'm a home player that only plays from helix to headphones, or into the PC. So since I do use the headphones, sounds like I want IRs / Cabs in every block. As I get more experienced I guess I can bypass the IR/Cab when I'm using the PC if I'd prefer a model or something specific I set up in the PC. Appreciate the insight!
  7. Use a Send block after all the blocks that you want to route to your amp (Send jack). Everything else after the Send block goes then to FOH only (Output jack). The B path mixer must be placed before the Send block.
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  9. Hi Jau, If you have your guitar connected to the HXFX and your OrangeTH30 exactly as shown on the cheatsheet, then it should work properly. From what you describe I would suggest that you try an eliminate every link in the chain that might create this problem. This means that you need to check every cable one by one (simple if you have a cable tester). Start by going straight from the guitar to the amp, with each cable, while using the amps latching foot switch to flip from clean to dirty channel. If everything is working O.K., patch in the HXFX as shown in the diagram. If the problem recurs, try plugging the HX FX directly into the front of the amp using a preset with something like a simple mono delay block to see if that gives a clean signal through the TH30. Process of elimination - you need to figure out if it is a problem with the amp FX Loop or the HXFX unit. I imagine that you have a computer for editing and maybe a DAW. If you do have a computer then you can check that the HX is working as it should. If you find there is a fault with the HXFX box you can have it exchanged under warranty. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  10. I have AKG K271MkII, also 55 Ω, and I use them as studio headphones all the time. This kind of AKG headphones are supposed to sound mostly linear which is a Good Thing™. Mine sound great with the Stomp. No idea how much different the AKG 240 are though. Even though for practicing I actually prefer my old DJ headphones Sony MDR-V500 (40 Ω, apparently) which have slightly more bass and mid punch, and are a bit louder – just as one would expect from DJ headphones. :) What you can do, for example, is first adjust your presets to your liking using regular speakers, then plug in the headphones and use the Global EQ to reshape that sound for your headphones. Then, whenever you're playing with regular speakers/amp, simply bypass the Global EQ again.
  11. And thank you for reporting your success -- hope it helps someone else who runs into this problem!
  12. Others have already reported this issue in the forum as well. Happened once with my device that I bought 2 weeks ago, within the first few days. Reboot did help. Since then I've been using it daily for many hours, including a live performance as a bassist last Saturday, 35°C in the shade. No problem. (Unlike our guitarist's tube amp that has blown up during our first song, and he had to play the rest on an acoustic guitar. Actually I thought about giving him my HX Stomp as a replacement, but the whole time schedule on that event was too tight to reprogram, reconnect and re-sound-check it for a guitar…)
  13. For My Situation I'd go HX Stomp and put a couple Drive pedals and a comp on a NANO max pedal board, when the 3.0 update comes out you can have an entire rig in the stomp, if you use mono effects that is, and lower dsp effects.
  14. Thanks a lot cristt!
  15. Helix has a lot of midi capabilities but I'm not sure it is a full midi implementation. In particular I'm not sure it handles and passes thru the note on/off events that are critical for your purposes. I know the POD X3 had that deficiency and don't know if it's been added to Helix. Can anyone else confirm or correct?
  16. Pick-up swap,... it's what Workbench HD is for.
  17. Wise words, @cruiseon2. I was reading up on swapping pickups in my Standard, but your post was the tipping point for me. Gonna Let it Be.
  18. Have you figured out this issue yet? I just purchased helix native and I am very disappointed for I am having the same exact issue and can't find anywhere online on how to fix the extremely muddy tone.
  19. Thank you Riley for the solution, my Amplifit is now working perfectly.
  20. hey all. i want to record our drummer's Roland TD12 into the midi in of Helix then into my DAW (Studio One 4.5 Pro), but can't seem to get any midi into the DAW. it all works fine with my Presonus iTwo interface, but cannot get anything through the Helix. Any clues please? Tony (UK)
  21. https://www.shure.com/en-US/products/microphones/sm58 It's just an absolute standard everyone should have. A used one would be in your range. A new one is absolutely worth it.
  22. Not sure I agree - that would cost development cycles and open up support needs/requests. and no one really uses chromebooks or linux for audio or production work. it's not a good use of Line6's resources to open up for those platforms. I'd rather they worked on making the product better for the 99.9% of users on PC & Mac.
  23. Belew01

    When to model?

    There are really no rules of when to use any of them. It's just whatever sounds best to you and what works best for your situation. For instance, I got tired of fishing for IR's that I liked, so I tried the PC speaker sims. They are all I use now. If you use the speaker sims, you can mic your PC for live use, or run direct from the PC. However, if you just want to use your PC as a monitor only, and run direct from Helix to FOH, then you would want to us IR's or Helix cabs. IR's and Helix cabs are basically the same thing, it just that the Helix cab models allow for more tweaking (mic type, distance, room reflection, etc.). Each IR you use (3rd party) has all these values fixed.
  24. The issue is sorted. Thanks for replying and apologies for not getting back to you sooner.
  25. Well that seems to have done the trick. Thanks Honest Opinion and DunedinDragon.
  26. Thanks Gentlemen. I'll look into these 2 suggestions. Edit: Upon further inspection it seems I have HX Edit version 2.90. I'll attempt to update this and see what happens.
  27. My understanding is that what is in the the 5.7 kernel is basically a hack to get the Helix to work as a class compliant device. If Line 6 would fix the Helix, instead of pretending it's fully class compliant, it would work everywhere.
  28. Cool, thanks everyone. I'm waiting to grab a Helix Floor or LT unit myself, and then I'll buy the Native to go along. Definitely enjoyed what I've been able to demo with the trial version.
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