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  2. Do you only have the distortion when using headphones? How does it sound coming out of your amp?
  3. If I wind up giving this a go, I'd be happy to share. Thanks again.
  4. What version of Windows are you using? You may need to download the correct driver for that version.
  5. Perform a factory reset. Make sure you backup your settings before doing so.
  6. No prob. If you do end up trying this, maybe report back here to let others know how well it worked. I think the biggest unknown will be what that line output from your amp really sounds/feels like, when running it through an IR. Also, as a final check you should confirm the amp's effects loop is instrument-level. They usually are, but if it's higher, then my suggested routing into the guitar input might not work so well.
  7. sweet. I think that will work then....My other guitar player said I could have it....I was like, your not 'giving' it to me......which now seems to make my decision easier, lol.
  8. Yeah, but as I said, I don't want to use a whole block for boosting. I just want to use it to increase the level of the output block. Could I change the color of the output block?
  9. The door on those transmitters is pretty rugged compared to most... especially compared to the G30 transmitters. FWIW... I used rechargeable AA batteries and after my 3 x 50 minute sets the transmitter still indicated I had over 4 hours of life left. My point is... if you had to go the elastic route (I'd use a strong elastic rather than tape), it would just be a "start of night" thing, not something to worry about mid show. If my door ever dies, I'd have no worries about using an elastic.
  10. Yes, that is how it works. The signal routing on these units is very flexible. What I suggested leaves you with the standard L/R stereo output free to run to FOH, as well as the stereo headphone jack to use. You can get the audio straight into your DAW via the USB connection (and still get hardware monitoring from the Stomp with super low latency if you plug into either of those two outputs I just mentioned).
  11. Start by having the set-up checked, preferably by a Line 6 authorized service center who knows the product and set-up specs.
  12. Back of the head-stock. When you go into the registration window and click on the product, the prefix will appear and you simply type in the rest of the number from what is on the head-stock.
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  14. Are you using Line 6 Link, 110-Ohm cable or regular 50-Ohm mic cable? Impedance matters with this. It requires XLR type, 110-Ohm AES/EBU cable.
  15. Ok, the G50 was one that I had been eyeing up, as my other guitar player upgraded to the 90 I believe and he still has his 50 I could get from him if I wanted. His battery compartment door is the only issue really. but that seems to be the biggest issue with those....and to replace just the wireless transmitter, id be better off buying a new one with warranty. But I may just see what he wants to dump it for then and go that route. if I need to tape it shut or something, wouldn't be the first time in my life.
  16. These amps power tubes be matched sets, and require biasing. Best to have a Line 6 authorized tech do it so that it's spot on.
  17. capdoogie

    POD Go FAQ

    Why no XLR out? If this is supposed to be the grab and go to your gig unit I hope you dont forget your 1/4 to xlr adapter cable to go to house PA. C’mon Line 6 other companies have xlr out, on way smaller units.
  18. Thanks. I still need another output from the HX Stomp IR to either FOH or DAW. Wonder if the standard output jack on the HX would work since the FX send was being used for the return to the amp?
  19. psarkissian


    Those two links would be fine.
  20. Many wireless units with TRS jacks will cause problems, but not all. It is a confusing gray area, thankfully most company's do list limitations like this. FWIW... I need to change my answer from earlier. I had bought the BOSS WL-60 but while under the return period the store I bought it from had a used Line 6 G50 with 1 year warranty for $125 (CAD). That was a deal I couldn't turn up so I returned the boss. They are comparable units for features and durability, no real change there. Range is suppose to be greater on the G50 (200' vs 65') but this was strictly a cost thing for me (I'm cheap - LOL) I did a gig with the G50 over the weekend and it worked great.
  21. There are approximately 11,483 threads bemoaning the fact that volume leveling from patch to patch has to be done. There's nothing you can do except to adjust everything by ear. Some amp models are inherently louder than others, regardless of the where the channel volume parameter is set... it's just the way it is. Significant EQ differences can make one patch seem louder than another as well, even if their outputs levels are identical. If the channel volume doesn't give you what you need for a particular patch, the output block will.
  22. hi guys, i have a problem, pod farm does not start :/ after a few seconds it closes and disappears from the task manager as you can see the line 6 monkey recognizes the ux2 device and it is all green I have already tried reinstalling the drivers and deactivating and reactivating the license any suggestions?
  23. Hi everyone! Finally got an Lt this week and to say I'm overwhelmed is an understatement! Its the first effects board I've owned since the Boss Me30 about 18 years ago! I have Mesa Boogie Lonestart so have it connencted using the 4 cable method so I can use preamps from Helix and my amp. Theres so many volumes to sort out, have the master volume dial on the helix, the ouput of loop level on front of amp and send level on back of amp. Any recommendations for best setup for the amp? Consensus seems to be 12/2 o clock for dial on helix. Finding the difference in all the default amp volumes mad aswell, is there a best way to have them on some sort of level pegging? Please respond to me in as dumb language as possible and thanks so much for the help! Have attached photos of me amp also.
  24. Well, the color of the block in the little signal flow on the top part of the screen does change in Play View. It's small enough, though, that it's probably not all that helpful.
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