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  2. I guess that by going into the "hardware & software" settings of your Line6 account (accessible from Line6 home page, not from the forum pages) you should deauthorize the model packs in your POD, and once you find the definitive buyer transfer the model pack licenses to his account using the GIFT option. Also, you should deregister your POD serial so that the new owner can register it in his account. Doing so when the new owner will receive the POD he will be able to register it and also activate the model packs from his account. Everything described above could also be avoided, but the risk for the new owner would be to instantly lose the model packs if by chance he runs the license manager with the POD connected to the computer. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X
  3. datacommando

    Trying to find video on Helix Native Patch creation

    Well, that was an easy one! If only they were all that simple to solve.
  4. Morning fflbrgst. Thank, it is patches n not sub-banks, lol. Ive noticed this can happen when im on two different gain or distortion FX's, weird. Bruce
  5. Today
  6. Hi folks, I am selling my PODHD500X. It has HD metal pack and bass pack installed. What do I have to do with these in order to sell the POD to someone?
  7. datacommando

    patches line6 Helix classic and HX Stomp Model

    Hi, Line 6 are in the process of updating the firmware to deal with this issue in version 2.80 ‘The Missed Connections Update”. Here’s a quote from the pre-release notes post on this forum: New Features (HX Edit 2.80) HX Unity—Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT, Helix Native, HX Effects, and HX Stomp all now live within the same ecosystem. Using multiple windows within HX Edit and/or multiple instances within the Helix Native plug-in, both blocks and entire presets can be freely dragged and dropped or copied and pasted between units. Aside from a few obvious caveats (like six blocks in HX Stomp or effects only in HX Effects), all Helix and HX products can now share the same content. Hang on in there - it’s forecast for release late Spring 2019 (ie. before the end of June)
  8. HonestOpinion

    IR length discussion

    Very much agree that these small changes accumulate and can sometimes become substantial. I like to see the big changes keep coming as well. My interests definitely align with IR creators, as well as musicians who have produced a recording, in that I want to see their creative output as well as my own rendered and delivered with the maximum quality possible as it was intended. All of that has to happen unfortunately within the reality of cost constraints which is why I am always happy to see storage and processing cost go down while their capabilities increase.
  9. themetallikid

    MixIR is really awesome....

    thanks, I'll give it a shot
  10. Wow, thanks bro! I'll try it tomorrow, GOT is on, LOL!!
  11. From the 5150III manual: To set up and use MIDI for channel selection: 1. Press both channel SELECT buttons {E and I} simultaneously to enter MIDI "Learning Mode." The current amp channel LED will start to blink. 2. Send any desired Program Change message on any desired channel from your MIDI controller to the amp. The amp channel 1 LED will start to blink unless you have previously assigned that Program Change message to a different amp channel, in which case the previously assigned channel LED will start to blink. 3. Select the target amp channel (1, 2 or 3) using the channel SELECT buttons {E or I}. All three amp channel LEDs will briefly illuminate to indicate if the amp channel assignment has been changed for the Program Change message sent (if the amp channel assignment has not changed, which would be the case when assigning amp channel 1 to a Program Change message for the very first time, the three amp channel LEDs will not all illuminate briefly because the amp channel assignment has not changed from the default amp channel 1 assignment). If the Program Change message is currently assigned to amp channel 1 (default), you will have to press channel SELECT {E} twice to select amp channel 2. If the Program Change message is currently assigned to amp channel 2, you will have to press channel SELECT {E} twice to select amp channel 1. 4. Repeat steps 2–3 for each channel on the amp, if desired. You can also assign multiple Program Change messages to the same amp channel for more flexibility. You can use the Footswitch to temporarily change channels at any time during MIDI set up and it will have no effect on saving the amp channel assignments. All channel assignment changes must be made using the front panel channel SELECT buttons {E and I}. 5. Once you are done setting up MIDI Program Changes, press both channel SELECT buttons {E and I} simultaneously to exit "Learning Mode." The amp is now set up to switch to the target channels whenever the selected Program Change messages are sent on the selected MIDI channel. The default MIDI channel for the amp is channel 1. You can change the MIDI channel for the amp by sending a Program Change message from any other desired MIDI channel during Learning Mode. The amp will then only respond to Program Change messages and Control Change messages on that new MIDI channel. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There ya go. Go into Command Center, set the switches to the MIDI commands that you want to use, then follow the directions above. Of course, you'll have to set the switches in Command Center on EVERY preset in which you require this functionality. That's why a third box is a better idea, UNLESS the idea is to match a specific effects configuration for each channel, which just requires setting one Instant Command vs three stomps. Still have to do it for each preset, but easier and doesn't waste the stomp buttons.
  12. It's a 50W EVH 5150 III head and it does have a MIDI jack. Just got the HX Effects yesterday and was just wondering if anyone else has done anything similar with a 3 channel amp
  13. withnogenes

    Line 6 Updater/HX Edit doesn't See Helix.

    Hi! Turn HX Edit off. If it's on, the updater won't find your helix.
  14. If the amp has a midi input then probably. If it does not have a midi input then no. What is the amp?
  15. Yesterday
  16. Is it doable without using ANOTHER external box?
  17. Hello, There were a few youtube videos regarding creating helix patches that were really well done by a guy... Looks like he was using camtasia to screencast his Native interface. I seem to remember that they were about 40 minutes long and his trick was to add a slight amount of tremolo in his signal chain. However, I can't find his videos anymore. I think he was a Mexican guy? Does anyone know what I'm talking about. He did some really good stuff with impulse responses. Any help locating his videos would be appreciated.
  18. InvincibleNote

    Line 6 Updater/HX Edit doesn't See Helix.

    Hi I need help. I've uninstalled and reinstalled all helix drivers/apps without my helix connected. tried 3 USB Ports. My PC windows 10 recognizes the device under device manager (audio, video and game controllers. there is an exclamation point next to line 6 Helix icon. I have a Dell XPC 8920 Intel R Core TM i7-7700K CPU 4.20GHz 4.20GHz. Thanks for your support
  19. Just ran into this problem myself. It happens (so far) only when I have Stomp connected to HX Edit on my MacBook. Occasionally when I go to select a new preset in HX Edit - suddenly no sound will output. Although the Stomp appears to be working as normal - I can change menus, settings, etc. Just no sound. Only thing that “fixes” it is to turn the Stomp off and then back on. I’ve submitted a ticket with Line 6.
  20. Hey! I am helping a friend set his stomp up and he wants an external tap tempo switch. I was able to reassign button 3 and then use at TRS cable to set up the external switch but the tempo isn't responding. If I press hold, it goes to the tuner. otherwise, it goes from 0 to 8000ms if I press or let go. I have 3 switches I am trying, just in case: an MXR tap, a strymon mini and a boss Boss FS-5U (momentary) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  21. toad_toad_toad

    Anybody have a Helix Native license for sale?

    Sorry for late response, but I messaged you!
  22. I just found this thread, and I wonder too if someone has gotten it to work on a surface book.
  23. MLSoundLab

    IR length discussion

    The educational side is exactly what this is about and it's a great time to be a guitar geek when reaching "professionals" is relatively easy. There's one thing I think we need to discuss that I'm a little bit afraid of talking about but here goes: much of the IR length being good/bad has to do with the quality of the IR itself. Bare with me - I'm not hear to bash other IR producers but rather talk about the tests that I've made and the findings. A full length IR f.ex. 500ms in this example contains raw data of a mic up in a room. Now let's say that the room is in many ways no ideal for miking cabs and there are many reflections and almost like a really loud reverb in it... this would happen if you shoot IR's in a small room with no treatment. This kind of an IR will most likely sound better when you're only hearing that 20-40ms instead of the full 500ms. This does support what Pete said that it's better to control the tail of the IR with a reverb. However the situation with IR's that f.ex. I make is that my room is built to be the perfect size for a cabinet and treatment has been added where needed but not so much that the "air can't move naturally". So I pay a lot of attention to make that tail very nice. Remember that the highest quality reverb plugins are IR based reverbs like Waves IR-1. This is what we're essentially talking about here - you're cutting away that super realistic room sound and replacing it with a reverb effect that will not be the same quality. Yes we're talking about a very small thing here. Still I believe that the only way to get to the next level of modeling is to do multiple small enhancements everywhere you can and in the end the enhancement will be much bigger.
  24. My last idea would be to install in compatibility mode with Windows 7. So unless any more experienced members can chime in, it might have to be a support ticket with line6 directly. From what i see, for whatever reason, some just can't get it working on Windows 10. I personally just keep my machine Windows 7, the drivers are pretty stable.
  25. Thanks @Gaz_Ham, I have of course tried that in different ways. I have verified that the issue is hardware related as it works on another (older) laptop I have that runs Windows 10. So, the question now becomes, how can I enable the UX1 to use on a Surface book?
  26. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp flaw, no sound sometimes

    I've had the same thing happen twice in 6 months.
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