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  2. Thanks for the reply bluebirdrad. I am thinking of using the HX stomp connected to my HD500X. That way I keep the Variax functionality of the HD500X which I need, also get to keep the expression pedal, plus have a mic input, and have more foot switch options plus have access to the all the HX level amps, cabs and effects. Just wondered if anyone else has tried this and if so was it easy to set up, were the end results worth the effort, and are there any gotchas to be aware of? Thanks in advance for replies.
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  4. Hi, I have set the Wah-pedal in my patches to be turned off when the pedal stays on position lower than 5% for more than 500ms. But my pedal does not reach that position. Every time i lift it up totally it has positions between 6 and 12%. Reaches 0 only when I keep my foot on it pressing it down with lot of pressure. When I then release my foot, it goes again to at least 6%. The pedal itself is stiff, not loose Is there no way to calibrate the pedal? or what could be the issue? Thanks for your effort answering me
  5. I’m sorry,,, all I need to know is for a long period of time,,, with the battery removed from the guitar,,, will the setting I made thru workbench still remain in the guitar? Thank you!
  6. Before I get flamed, yes, I have read, viewed, and digested all that has been written about this, but it all reads like flight instructions for the Enterprise.. All I want to do is change Snapshots via automation in Logic without the need for external gear, which the new instructions Seem to suggest I need.. What I am hoping is that someone can tell me if what I want to do is possible without extra gear and if so: How do I get Logic and Native talking within midi or otherwise and How do I put it all together? Again, all I want to do is be walked through how to automate snapshot changes in Helix Native via Logic X. thank you in advance.. Hollie
  7. You are my hero. Thank you.
  8. I ordered a new cable 110 ohm the tubes are the original ones i dont think they ever have been changed i bought the DT 25 head second hand 3 months ago.
  9. And i guess this ones works aswell as you wrote Sovtek is preferable in this thread. https://www.thomann.de/se/sovtek_roehre_el84_paar.htm
  10. So just a quick update. I have managed to fix the screen by reflashing, but unfortunately lost all my presets. I can connect again back with thee software.
  11. I apologize if there is a better place for this (mods delete or move if necessary)...but with my new pedalboard inbound, I no longer need my Helix Backpack. Its still in great condition....I'd be willing to part with it for a fair deal. If interested, PM me...we can work out details. I dont sell/trade/buy a lot of stuff so I dont have a ton of references...but its a legit offer. I'm in WI if that matters.
  12. I went from HD500 to HX Stomp. I haven't used the HD500 for a long time because I'm now using an amp. I got the HX Stomp for my pedalboard in front of the amp and to have the option of direct amp modeling when I needed it without having to change pedalboards. I don't think the difference will blow your socks off but I have not tried the new amp modeling. I am 100% happy with the HX Stomp. The effects are great and the routing possibilities are fantastic as someone else said. It fits right on my pedalboard. It is somewhat limited compared to the full Helix so be sure that's not what you are looking for. The HX Stomp, as advertised, is downsized. But if the configuration suits your needs you will not be disappointed. But I would say if you are happy with the HD500x and are just looking for a cheaper way to upgrade Helix then you may be frustrated with the limitations of the Stomp.
  13. Hello there! I was doing my tones with the Line 6 EDIT and usually I pres "SYNC" button and never got a problem before. Last time I did it, I received the following message: "Your PodxT Live has stopped responding. Please try resetting the power and click 'Refresh' in the tone locker" However the problems are now two. 1. I cannot connect to my Line 6 EDIT 2. My Pod XT screen seems to be broken. It looks very pale and I can't see nothing on the little screen, since that happened. Do someone know, if this is fixable and how can I do it? Thank you in advance!
  14. Resurrecting since no one responded. Should I go pre-amp out or use a load box and if so, what load box for 120W tube amp?
  15. i had this problem everytime i used the tone search, before i gave up on the amplifi in general. it was always something to do with the software or server not recognizing me. sometimes i had to erase cache, restart, and log in, several times before it would work. good luck
  16. Olá, amigos! I´m looking for the primarely sound of Big Muff inside a patch. That´s why I pointed some as 271."Lazy", 285."Smoke Water", etc. For example: 51."Hands Down" is too crunchy! 265."Godzilla" is himself in black&white. I know that you can change some parameters in the patches, but I used not to change them. I do prefer to call them in the factory mode. See? I am still with the good ol´ Spider Jam of my heart! Working all nites bringing joy to the people of town. When the pub have P.A. I carry my JM4-Looper, my lovely "pedaleira"!.. Afterall, many thanks for your attention. Happy Days! Carlos Mendes-Bluesman 61899291_111699483412662_4041942539628962817_n (1).mp4
  17. Does anyone else think this is the best overdrive ever? Makes me want to go find a real one. How are you using yours?
  18. Hello All. I would like to ask for advise on the impedance, input and output setting of both my helix's. Please note there are 2 overdrives in front. My signal path: **Guitar > Mosky Loop Box (Blues Breaker Clone > Walrus Mayflower) > HX Effects In (+Tone Sovereign) > HX Effects Send 2 > HX Stomp In (+Amp 1 and Amp 2) > HX Stomp Send > HX Effects Return (+ Delays and Reverbs) > HX Effects Out 1 & 2 > HX Stomp Return L & R (+ Reverb) > HX Stomp out L & R to FOH. **HX Effects Send 1 goes to the input of the Axe Fx Ultra which is setup with the same amp as the Stomp > FOH (Left only). I'm trying to achieve wet/dry/wet setup. :) Advises on how to hook it up are welcome as well. Thanks in advance.
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  20. What version of Pod HD500x Edit are you trying to install? As what I see for OS 10.6.8 you should be using version 2.26 from what I read on Line 6 download page. Also what type of Mac are you trying to install this on? Jd
  21. When I create a multi-purpose foot switch the switch will glow green (for delay) or red (for amp) (or white?) But can I choose which color will glow on the switch in my live situation? I've tried re-ordering the switches but I can't get it to stay (Red) the color i want.
  22. kblackley ...... thanks very much for checking. The "loaner V60" I have here doesn't buzz either ...... BUT, the store I left it with (Line 6 dealer) called me and said "we don't hear any buzz" ..... lol ... so I have to go back and check it again but at least I will have both V60's to compare (which I did when I took my amp in and showed the sales person on the floor at the time). Mine is "noticeably buzzing" triggered by the Ab. I didn't take the back off to investigate as it is still under warranty and I don't want to let them weasel out on me with the old "you opened it you voided the warranty" dodge.
  23. Gave it a go on my 60 - no buzz here.
  24. Note that there's a template for both 4CM and 7CM in the TEMPLATES setlist. That should get you started using the cabling method that I provided above.
  25. Thanks for the advice..I can't wait to try. Thank you
  26. Ah! Thank you very much, this solved my problem. How do you know such things? I never saw it mentioned in the Helix or Variax manual. But maybe I didn't read carefully enough.
  27. Thank you. I havnt had a chance to try it out yet but appreciate your help.
  28. Thanks rd2rk. I'll give this a try tonight.
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