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  2. Lachdanan0121

    Guess it's long overdue to say: Thank you!

    Yes this update is pretty big imo. I haven't even tried the new models yet. But the fact there are now shelving, and tilt, EQs that really helps fill some gaps in regards to tone shaping. The new functions really have me excited. The UI improvements with the joystick, and rolling across the chain & the pac-man expansion. The QWERTY stuff is what has me smiling, and nerding out. It helps in the studio for us recording guys a lot. One thing I was thinking of last night that had me smiling was: I can free up the tablet I use for remote DAW transport controlling (from the mic stand)now can be strictly for lyrics, since I can control Transport parameters from my floor controller. Now when I actually do get to trying the new models, I don't doubt that it will be an even better update for me! One of the next guitars I go to ReAmp I have been setting aside for use of new models, seems like the Rev is going to be for that one. Hopefully I will get finished with laying out this sax on a separate song, then I can dig into ReAmping that guitar. I have had my Helix setup for about 3 years. Rack+floor control+exp pedal, and Helix Native. With every update I get more happy about the platform, and reassured it is the platform for me. The first time that really happened was when they released Helix Native, and it was compatible (and sounded the same) as/with the hardware. That right there showed the trajectory of my wants/needs was more parallel to Line 6's trajectory than any of the other modelling/profiling options. As of today it seems that sentiment has only grown. So... Thank you Line 6!
  3. codamedia

    Too much time to think.... 2.8 (hardware) vs 1.8 (native)

    Not sure that it's truly worth a submission but I guess it can't hurt :) Done! https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Please-Unify-the-Revision-Numbers/960096-23508
  4. If you have the receipts, you'll be fine getting this covered under warranty. It doesn't matter if you registered the unit when you bought it. You'll have to register it to get it replaced/repaired, though.
  5. DunedinDragon

    Live vs Recorded Tone

    I think it might help you to understand how things are captured in a professional studio recording session or on a professional stage in pretty much every concert you've ever been to. In all cases you are NEVER hearing the amp. You are hearing an amp that's been captured, most typically, through a combination and mix of microphones. The reason for this is because an amp will sound different depending on where the listener is standing relative to the speaker cabinet. Therefore, to get the most representative sound from an amp in the studio or on a professional stage performance, different types of mics and placements of mics are used to get the best representation. The fact is, you can accomplish the very same thing using only the Helix and nothing else, and that's how most of us capture our recordings, and our live performances. The patches I use to capture my recordings are the exact same patches I use in live performance. The only difference is when recording I capture the output through the USB port on the Helix and on stage I capture the on stage sound from the 1/4" output into my Yamaha DXR12 stage monitor, and send the XLR output to the mixing board for the audience. I'm not trying to compare that sound to the sound of an amp, because that sound of the amp will vary depending on where I stand relative to the speaker. I will have the same sound no matter where I stand on stage and no matter where an audience member is seated. The "big" secret is knowing how to create a signal chain that's representative of the sound I want. That's not just the amp. That's the amp, the cabinet (or cabinets) I want to use, and the mix of microphones and how they are placed on the cabinets. That means understanding the differences in the cabinets, the differences in how different mics capture different sounds and what blends together the best, and how to place those mics to capture higher frequencies or lower frequencies. As complicated as that all sounds, it turns out to be relatively simple and is demonstrated quite well in Jason Sadites YouTube videos on creating great Helix tone. Instead of beating your head against the wall, you might be better off to simply watch some of his videos on the subject and try what he's demonstrating. If you want to just plug into an amp and play, that's simple and that's fine. But one way or another if you want the realistic sound of your amp on a recording or for your live audience you're still going to have to go through the same process of positioning and mixing physical mics....or just do it all through the Helix.
  6. cruisinon2

    Best Power Amp for Helix

    To a degree, yes. Heinz sold novelty green ketchup a while back, but that didn't make it taste like pickles. Similarly, you can't stop a Marshall cabinet (or Boogie, or whatever else you pick) from sounding like what it is, no matter what amp model you pump through it. That may or may not be a bad thing.... and that's entirely up to you, and your own personal preferences/needs, etc. But if for example, the goal is to accurately emulate the sparkly cleans of a Strat into a Fender Twin, a 4x12 Recto cabinet won't help get you there. Now that doesn't necessarily mean that you won't like what you hear, but by not using the clean slate that an FRFR output provides, you are somewhat limiting what Helix (or any other modeler for that matter) can do.
  7. drb1982

    Best Power Amp for Helix

    One other thing I am worried about using this method is the possibility that all my patches will sound basically the same. I really like the tone I get from using the Helix with an actual power amp and speaker, but I do wonder if some time down the road this might happen. Do you find using this set up leads to a homogenized tone?
  8. rucmas

    Guess it's long overdue to say: Thank you!

    I agree. For me this update felt like a new amp day or new pedal day, the exact same feeling as holding something in my hand, but for free. What a freeling.!!! what drove me to get a helix was the functionality already present in the unit. What will keep me here is the updates. and constant improvments. This update had a lot under the hood and if what i'm putting together is the updates will be better and the L6 team can really get down to bisiness with the platform now.
  9. guillefran_

    Live sound problem

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I have an HD500X which gives me a lot of headaches due to the wide variety of parameters it has. It is a constant struggle. My problem is that I use it to play live and sometimes it doesn't answer me. I spend hours configuring the sounds in a 15 watt amplifier, where incidentally, I have no problem. At the moment of using it live with my band, I do not use an amplifier, but it is connected directly to a console (or mixer they also call it) and there begins the ordeal. First of all the sound is not the same as in the amplifier clearly, and sometimes the pedal stops sounding when I have it in bank 1 (footswicht A). Then I start touching cable by cable to move everything, I check knobs. volume, nothing happens. Then I switch to Bank 2 (Footswicht B) and return the sound to normal. It's as if it stopped working until I change banks. Will the problem be the console to which it is connected? Or will it be my pedal problem? Should I flash to it? If it happens to someone else, I will appreciate your response! pd: excuse my lousy English, I'm from Argentina.
  10. joel_brown

    POD HD 500X keeps crashing.

    Intel motherboards are very picky about having the right version firmware installed.
  11. Today
  12. silverhead

    Strange Synth Sound – HX Stomp

    Just a guess - but do the snapshots have a different time variable for the delay FX? If so what you're hearing is entirely normal - exactly what would happen with an analog delay pedal if you adjust the time knob while playing.
  13. guitarbloke1980

    Strange Synth Sound – HX Stomp

    I’m using 4 blocks – noise gate, compressor, reverb and delay. I’m running the Stomp into the FX loop of my amp, and have a drive pedal directly into the front of the amp. When I change between snap shots there is a strange sound – like a synth - but only for about half a second or so. It’s fine when practicing at home, but at gig volume, it’s very noticeable. Any idea what could be causing it?
  14. rucmas

    Grammatico Brt

    I like this amp alot. Not sure i'd use it alot live yet, but at home. I break the dials on the amp and have a lot of fun with the crazy tone that comes out of it. if this was one of the amps to " bridge the gap". ( i can;t see this as being one that got a tone of popular votes) I completely trust L6 when releasing new models in the future that they will be great.
  15. simmerswitch_

    Switching 4 channels with 1/4" TRS cable

    I just updated to 2.80 and have been searching the forums for a new answer to this amp channel problem (ENGL E650, can't access my clean channel hey how ya doin). I've got practice tomorrow night so I'm going to try out this Instant > Amp > "None" setting and see how it goes. So far I've been keeping Footswitch 1 to "Amp 1 > Ring" on every single one of my patches. That's just let me use the (Crunch) Lo-Gain and Hi-Gain channels and no access to the 2 Clean channels. I've been using guitar volume to get a passable clean sound (luckily I don't need a real Clean tone much recently). Instant is a Present function though, so if I set a preset Instant to "None", can I even change amp channels on that preset anymore? I'll report back in 2 days (let's see if he does) NB: And why is the "None" option in INSTANT??? Why couldn't it be in the fkn Footswitch controls?? (man I'm so over this!)
  16. cruisinon2

    Live vs Recorded Tone

    I think you might still be a little confused about monitoring options. If you're running into the FX loop of an amp, you don't want to be using cab sims at all... it's redundant. Doubly redundant if you're then trying to record by actually mic-ing the amp itself. Feeding cab/mic sims into a real guitar cabinet or combo will produce nothing but mud.... if you then add an actual mic on top of it all to record, the end result will be even worse. Cab/mic emulation is for use with FRFR outputs: 1) straight to a PA, or one or more individual PA-type monitors, or 2) straight into a DAW monitored with either a pair of studio monitors or flat response headphones, etc etc.... but not into speaker(s) with a comparatively narrow frequency response, already voiced specifically for guitar, like those found in combos or guitar cabs. It'll just sound like you threw a mattress over your amp... and you can't EQ it away.
  17. Lachdanan0121

    My Helix is quieter after the 2.80 update

    Interesting. I don't have this issue at all. Though to be fair, I always send my studio monitors a Mic level signal through my XLR outputs on Helix. I kinda have to. My monitors are freaking loud. Event BAS 20/20s turned down almost all the way, I can only get my vol knob on Helix to Noon. Going past noon, and it starts to get too loud to mix for any length of time. At line level I can barely get it past 10, or 11'o clock.
  18. phil_m

    Helix Bug Reports

    As I understand, there’s a bug that’s affecting this in the Preset Mode views that show snapshot, but it should still work in actual Snapshot Mode. Line 6 is aware of it and is planning to fix it in 2.80.1.
  19. heinlein3

    micro usb on G10 relay

    I am a gigging musician and the G10 remote system is an answer to a maidens prayer - however, the point of failure is the power cord for the base unit which is a really nasty little micro usb plug which is so loose that it becomes a lottery as to whether the unit is going to work or not - surely there should be a much more robust plug than this - anyone out there with similar views? Come on Line 6 - you are better than this!!
  20. simmerswitch_

    Snapshot "Latch" Mode not working as intended?

    I was really hoping 2.80 would solve this issues. Unfortunately Snapshot Latch still acts like Moment?!! :(
  21. silverhead

    going back to old firmware

    I'm not sure whether you can use the v2.80 Updater to roll back to v2.71 - probably not. But after rolling back the firmware you'll want HX Edit v2.71 anyway (HX Edit v2.80 is certainly not compatible with the v2.71 firmware) so why not download it first and use the 2.71-compatible versions of the driver and Updater? That way you'll avoid any potential incompatibility. Also, unless you made backups of your v2.71 presets you cannot roll back; presets that were rebuilt for v2.80 (which happens after the 2.80 firmware installation) are no longer compatible with v2.71 firmware.
  22. No. They are not compatible.
  23. zolko60

    Too much time to think.... 2.8 (hardware) vs 1.8 (native)

    If you think this is worth to submit to ideascale I will upvote it.
  24. Can i use Line 6 FBV Shortboard MkII Foot Controller and Helix and how do i connect them. Thanks
  25. I have my G10 in your service for 3 years then you tell me you can't fix it, it was only the battery that stops charge it last only 30min How can you keep it so long time without telling me you can‘t fix it, I needed to ask you to send it back and I open and use another battery just a bit bigger and it works perfect but I can‘t find the battery anywhere How can you tell me you can‘t repair it when it is only the battery that is finished. You tell me I must buy a new.lol What service is that?
  26. PierM

    Helix Bug Reports

    Joystick Encoder seems having some random hang when in "model" modality. Sometimes doesn't respond to push, sometimes doesn't respond to model change, sometimes both. Isn't hardware related. More info here; https://line6.com/support/topic/48671-bug-with-joystick-after-280-update/
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