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  2. cmonid

    Spider V Remote no internet access detected

    Here is the description of the problem sent to support Line 6 __________________________________________________________________ Hi, Thank you for your reply I replied point by point to your mail (in red below) The Spider Remote Connection Troubleshooting on Windows 7 and 8.1 is not solved Thank you for your help Best regards, Le lun. 19 août 2019 à 11:04, Customer Service <support@line6.com> a écrit : I am connected to the internet directly via router I installed Spider V Remote on Windows 7 with a wired connection, on Windows 8.1 with a WiFi connection and on Mac OSX with a WiFi connection Spider Remote does not detect internet connection on Wondows 7 and Windows 8.1, and works normally on Mac OSX Windows 7 - Spider Remote does not work Windows 8.1 WiFi - Spider Remote does not work Mac OSX - Spider Remote works
  3. got it, thank you! it's indeed so easy :)
  4. oakn

    Odd ground noise?

    That shouldn't be an issue if it is ruined off, right? I have one in the adjescent room but it had been turned off during the testing. I also don't have any dimmers so that's not a problem. Yes I disconnected everything else, just headphones and the guitar lead/guitar connected (when trying with headphones).
  5. Peter

    Odd ground noise?

    "fluorescent lamp or halogen lamp with transformer nearby" That's possible, but not very likely, because the issue came when the Helix was introduced in his rig. It's best to try it somewhere else (family/friends place), to see if the problem is still there. ... I read, same problems with headphones. Did you unplug all your other stuff(amp,...), when you tried it?
  6. cmonid

    Spider V Remote no internet access detected

    I do not think it's a server problem. This is a software problem that does not detect my network configuration on windows 7 and windows 8.1 Spider V Remote works correctly on Mac OS X, Windows 10 and iPad (iOS) I opened a trouble ticket with the support Line 6, but their answer is that the problem comes from my computer and not the software because I am the only one to have reported this malfunction
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  8. Desire

    Powercab plus remote/HX stomp

    thank you so much kilrahi.
  9. pvaught

    Helix Bug Reports

    This happened to my helix floor as well. Global settings would not change modes. Had to factory reset, downgrade to the old firmware, factory reset (again), upgrade to 2.81 and so far so good. I am hoping this cured it or Line 6 has a fix coming very soon. I need this to work!
  10. I'd just add that if there's any reason to be listening to the DAW output (synths, drum programs, clips), you'll have the Mix control on the iD4 turned more towards the middle than full left, so be sure that the MONITOR button on the DAW Helix track is OFF, else you'll get an echo effect due to the slight latency from the DAW vs the direct monitoring from the Stomp.
  11. PerS

    Odd ground noise?

    Is there any lamp with fluorescent lamp or halogen lamp with transformer nearby. Sounds like interference via radiation. Is the earth also bad in the house ... Happened to me. //Per
  12. flop54

    Variax knob midi control

    ok I understand thank you!
  13. IMO.... Don't worry about recording direct with the Helix.... the benefit would not be worth the trouble. The steps below will still sound great, and give you everything you need! Stomp 1/4" mono output to the line input on the back of the ID4. If you "need" stereo.... connect the two Stomp outputs to the line input and DI input on the ID4. Adjust the "mic gain" and "DI gain" to balance the two sides. For direct monitoring, adjust the "input / daw" control accordingly. Set the DAW's audio device to the ID4. You will have two outputs and two inputs. Why do I say recording direct won't be worth the trouble? In step 2 above, you are hearing your Helix through the ID4 with zero latency. You are recording exactly WHAT YOU ARE HEARING? If you don't like the tone... change it so you do!
  14. There are always limitations based on what the user is using.... and there are always creative solutions based on what the user is using. I don't disagree with your creativity... or "duncann's" creativity.... I do that too.... But keeping this thread relevant to the OP.... Op has a Helix Stomp Op has an Audient id4 Op wants his DAW to INPUT from the Stomp Op wants his DAW to OUTPUT to the Audient id4. What is the solution that works for the OP... not for each of us :) I'm not listing "my solution" because that is irrelevant to the op unless he buys the gear I have.
  15. Here is a post I made in another thread... relevant here as well so I will just cut and paste. --------------------------------------------------------- Go to JAVA.COM and download/install the latest stable version of 32 bit JAVA When downloading Workbench from the L6 site, the older Workbench will not show as an option when you choose "Windows 10" as the OS, you need to set the OS Version to Windows 7/8. No worries, the version of workbench this search will display is the one you need for Windows 10. Install it! (Remember, you DO NOT WANT WORKBENCH HD! When installing Workbench.... uncheck the box what would install JAVA (you already have it step 1).
  16. fremen

    Delaune vs Fremen vs MBritt patches - a review

    Hey, I'm finding this thread only now. Yes, you can get those presets without the big pack, just PM me ! And thanks for the review ! Btw the starter pack is mostly based on my very first presets for the Helix, I learned/evolved a lot since, you may want to check my 2.30/2.50 pack, for instance ;)
  17. Crunch71

    HX Stomp Midi CC Auto Engage Wah?!

    Got it. Thanks again Phil! Although, now I am thinking about using my spare Dunlop Crybaby to save using up a block. At least I have the option now. You have been a great help!
  18. Thought I could program a sound to independent switches on the foot controller but haven't had any luck. Im old school and not real savy on programming electronics.
  19. phil_m

    HX Stomp Midi CC Auto Engage Wah?!

    Push the pedal to the toe down position and turning off the wah block. Navigate over the wah block by turning the top knob, and then press down the knob. That will toggle its bypass state to on. Now move the pedal back to the heel down and the block should turn off. Then re-save your preset.
  20. Crunch71

    HX Stomp Midi CC Auto Engage Wah?!

    Phil_m, Thanks a lot man for taking the time to help me, and knowing your mongoses from mooses! Yes, I have the Moongose. I got it to work as you suggested, by assigning EXP 1 of the Mongoose to CC 1 to mimic EXP 1 of the Stomp. Even though the pedal position works correctly, now when I set the percentage of travel to 5% before auto engaging, I get the reverse of the expected result. Wah is on at 0 - 5% and off 6 - 95%? Any ideas please? Thanks again!
  21. Yes im having issues programming presets to switches. No one seems too know how.,I have all updates
  22. kramberger

    Using Line6 FBV Control program with FBV3

    Hi, I just purchased one of these *^*&^%$%* fbv3 foot controller and im using the spider V 240hc. I cant seem to get it to do what I want and haven't yet found anyone to help me. Im 61 and old school and all I want to do is program certain sounds to one of the ABCD buttons. Can you help me at all. You can call or text me at 812-568-5892 anytime
  23. rd2rk

    HX Stomp Midi CC Auto Engage Wah?!

    Been wondering how to do that! Thanks!
  24. There's so many ways to do this. In my "Studio" (the living room) I use the 18i20 as ASIO Sound card (incidentally, better latency than the Helix). I run the SPDIF from Helix Floor to the 18i20 for a digital connection to the DAW. I also use a G10 with the 1/4" out to the Helix Guitar IN, and the XLR out to a channel on the 18i20. This has the advantage that if I WANT to use a VST with a minimal preset (say, Helix ODs to S-Gear) and/or record a clean track for re-amping with Native or another VST, I can, with no cable swapping ever. Meanwhile, I've got the Floor running 4cm to my tube amp with a separate XLR with Cab going to an FRFR112. BIG, FULL sound at 60-80db. The other inputs on the 18i20 get used for eDrums, Analog Synth and Vocals. The many outs on the 18i20 allow for 5 independent monitor mixes (in addition to my Studio Monitors), so I can rehearse a whole band (sans vocalist) nearly silently in my apartment! For audible playback I can route bass to the FRFR112, synths and eDRums to the Studio Monitors, and Guitar (via SPDIF OUT on the 18i20 to the Helix SPDIF In) back to the tube amp. If I want to. It's kind of overkill for playback. The laptop sound card provides streaming ability for YT, Spotify, etc.. I run the laptop sound card out to the 18i20, and that allows me to record my playing over the many backing tracks that are on the laptop. NOTE: this creates a noisy USB ground loop that I remedy with a Hum Destroyer between the laptop Out and the 18i20. I use my Stomp in my "office" (the dining room). The Stomp is the ASIO sound card. The office laptop sound card comes out to the Stomp's FX loop return with Return Type set to Aux In. With the Output block set to -120db (OFF), I record Guitar (L Input) on USB 5 or Bass (R Input) on 6, and record separate Streaming on USB 7+8 from the laptop. So, really, there aren't a whole lot of "limitations" between the two devices, just different ways of configuring and using them.
  25. phil_m

    HX Stomp Midi CC Auto Engage Wah?!

    You can already do that. You can assign whatever CC you want as a bypass controller. It's on page 48 of the manual: You can actually have a CC assigned as a bypass controller along with one of the on-board options. The one thing with that, though, is a value of 0 will be off and 127 will be on. So that won't really work with a MIDI expression pedal like you're talking about. What you can do is use the CC associated with EXP1 or EXP2 (CC#1 and CC#2, respectively) and have your expression pedal mimic one of those. So when you do that, the auto-engage feature will work just like it would if you have the expression pedal directly plugged into the Stomp. So just change the CC assignment on the MIDI Mongoose (I'm assuming this is what you actually have, not the MIDI Moose, as the MIDI Moose doesn't have an expression input) to CC#1, and that will let you control EXP1.
  26. dsousa

    Amplifi into a 2nd amp

    Has anyone tried running their amplifi into a second amp? Wondering if it's possible to set the amp and cab settings to empty, connect the headphone out into the 2nd amp head, either direct or into the FX return. Seems like it might be fun to play around with, but I'm not sure if it's recommended from a power/electronics perspective.
  27. tonee132

    podhd500x hook up

    right 1.6,5,4
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