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  2. phantomofalfred

    My FX100 will not respond.

    I had upgraded it when i purchased it . It was a guitar center floor model. 2.0 it seemed to work fine. now i cannot get my android to link with it at all. also, when i try to use line6 updater to update it, it is blank. It says choose device to update. but its a black screen with nothing to choose. no menu visible. this is getting really frustrating.
  3. steelstringer

    frfr speakers

    Depends on the situation, but both hopefully. In a live situation, it’s great to have two in front of you (definitely in front of any mics) pointing towards the crowd. Then, have 2 frfr pointing at you, most likely wedges on the floor.
  4. surfsup1955

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix looper bug!!!

    Yea no issue here either, in fact I usually set my loops playback and overdubs minus a half to a full db.. even then at times the playback is too loud for a lead part.
  5. Today
  6. mapletop

    frfr speakers

    was wondering which way you turn your frfr speakers behind you pointing out ,or back at you like a monitor?
  7. surfsup1955

    Helix overheat - is it unreliable now?

    Hmmm, not that I’d keep one running in the sun for long, but regardless, a cheap PC fan might be a nice and easy mod for these units? I’d definitely ask L6 support - but it’s probably fine after shutdown and reboot.
  8. surfsup1955

    my Helix - my pedal board

    Something I haven’t really spent much time doing - I did today. Starting with my morning coffee and ending up with my afternoon beers, I played the Helix through my lone surviving tube amp (having sold everything else this year). Guitar > Helix > Amp, and 2 nice cables. Man what fun! I don’t think I was ever concerned or aware if the Helix (as a unit) is true bypass - but it sure seems to be - or very darn close. So now I have some nice new “pedal board patches” for my old school buddies that still want an amp in the room. No big thing, it just started out with me plugging my Tele straight into my old MusicMan and it evolved from there.
  9. rd2rk

    Helix and other equipment

    Comparing the Soundcraft and Zoom mixers: The Soundcraft is a more professional grade LIVE MIXER - better preamps, sliders/rotaries and effects, and the "Grouping" capability is handy for controlling overall levels of sub-mixes, such as when you're mixing a fully mic'd drum kit, a horn section, or multiple backup singers. But you're not doing that, and it's NOT a RECORDER. The Zoom is a RECORDER, and more convenient/portable than a computer for live recording*. It might not have as good pre-amps, sliders/rotaries or effects, but they're certainly good enough for your needs. The additional feature of being able to setup 5 custom monitor/headphone mixes is WAY more important in your scenario than the sub-mix capability. I understand your financial reasons for discounting the importance of a decent monitoring solution, but looking forward, the Zoom's features will serve you better than the Soundcraft. If everybody brings their own headphones, you don't NEED the expensive Yamaha (or whatever) monitors, you can start with just the mixer/recorder and get those later. Baby steps, YMMV, etc. * My setup, to accomplish pretty much the same thing as the Zoom, requires a computer, a midi controller for tactile control of DAW track functions, and the 18i20 for mixing, and I still only get the same 5 custom monitor mixes. And that requires a mouse to configure. I'm SERIOUSLY considering taking my 18i20 down to GC and seeing what they'll give me in trade for that Zoom!
  10. kmerrell8998

    HX Stomp 2.70 Download Issue

    Hi all …. I'm a brand newbie here. I received my HX Stomp today, and it has firmware 2.65.0 - so the first thing I wanted to do was to try to update it. I am running Windows 10 on everything I have. I have followed the instructions in the Stomp Instruction manual (and according to the video here). In no case can I get the Line 6 Updater to see the usb Stomp device. I notice in the instruction book that it says that I need to load the latest version of Updater (which of course I have), but it also says to "install the HX Stomp USB Driver for Windows". OK …. I plead ignorant …. where do I get the HX Stomp USB Driver for Windows? As of now I have tried 2 different computers and several USB ports on each machine with no luck. Any ideas?
  11. bogieman

    Cloud error

    I figured it out. Just reloaded the Firehawk Remote app and the errors went away.
  12. rd2rk

    Helix or Powercab as my soundcard?

    I'm confused - Using one ASIO Driver at a time is a Windows thing, not DAW specific, unless I'm missing something? How do you use more that one ASIO Driver at a time in Reaper?
  13. rd2rk

    Helix and other equipment

    I try to differentiate by saying "soundcard" when referring to the Windows Sound Panel setting (which gets streaming audio sources to your mix), and ASIO Driver when I mean the soundcard that your DAW uses, but it can be confusing. In solution 1 you're using the 2i2 for both streaming (Windows Sound Panel) and DAW (Sonar ASIO Driver). In Solution 2 you've physically removed the 2i2 from the setup, and you're using the Helix for both.
  14. Dwf2008

    Helix and other equipment

    The ASIO driver was/is installed. Perhaps I misunderstood. When you said set it as the soundcard, did you mean just within cakewalk? Because that’s how I had it originally.
  15. rd2rk

    HX stomp USB noise

    Make sure both devices and the computer are connected through an EMI filtered power strip, to the same house circuit. One that doesn't share with appliances, fluorescent or rheostat controlled lights. If that doesn't do it, try different USB cables. According to Frank Richotte (L6 boss, over on TGP) the Helix is very sensitive to USB cable quality.
  16. hi used this mixer for the 2nd time at gig.ive watched the videos on youtube.at the begining we had the mains.during the night the mains werent working.we had to turn the monitors around to the crowd to have sound going out.im sure its something i must have done turned the mains off some how.anybody have any ideas?
  17. MaestroTr

    POD HD 500X blue screen of death issue!

    I solved this problem , I have Amplifi fx100 , when i connect my line6 to pc i took System_exception_error , i solved this close GHUB program from logitech , someone said solve same problem close Nvidia Experience program close and install driver.
  18. DunedinDragon

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    As a quick follow-up on this effort I wanted to mention something that I've seen much more consistently ever since I increased the Helix volume level. I previously mentioned there appeared to be more dynamics in play within the converted patches and now that I've done a few more it's very clear that's the case. Because I measure the signal levels coming out of the 1/4" output as well as through the XLR outputs it's very clear to me that the range of touch dynamics is MUCH more prominent than what I originally thought. It's most evident with cleaner patches, and particularly prominent when finger picking on my hollow body gretsch. But it's also quite a bit more prominent even on heavier rock style patches with a pick on a Les Paul, both in terms of how the pick is used, but also where on the strings the picking is done (toward the neck or toward the bridge). I'm not sure I can explain it but the measurements I've taken are very much different between my old patches at the lower Helix volume and the newer patches at the higher volume, as well as subjectively to my ears. I can only guess that it may have to do with the way the amp circuit is modeled to respond at higher channel volumes versus lower channel volumes, but who knows? It could also have to do with the bit depth as has been postulated by some. The amps I've seen this on are the Placater, the Fender Deluxe, the Marshall JTM-45, and the Vox AC-30. For myself this is a big benefit as I do a lot with dynamics in my playing, but YMMV....
  19. phil_m

    HX stomp USB noise

    It’s just a ground loop. It’s quite common when you multiple ground paths running between two pieces of equipment.
  20. litesnsirens

    Ear Pain after switching to Digital

    I agree with some of the other posts here. You shouldn’t need to buy anything else or change your set up at all just do a little more tweaking. I can get the helix to sound great at gig level and home level but those aren’t necessarily the same thing. I’ll vote for turning it down to a reasonable volume and then tweaking... I don’t know how much you mess with the hi cut and low cut on the cabs but I find that extremely useful as well if you’re using the stock cabs try adjusting the mic distance. These are simulations of mic’d cabs and even if you had the mic 12” (vs 1 - 3”) from the cone or edge no one actually listens to their amp with their ear that close to the speaker, it’s a totally different sound.. It’s too bad they didn’t have a mic setting of 6 to 8 feet (adjustable) to simulate where a guitar player is actually standing when listening to their amp. I think that blended with a close mic’d cab might help get that amp in the room sound through FRFR. I have a power cab but I really just use it between gigs when I don’t want to bother setting up my PA speakers in my house. I use the PA speakers for tweaking tones, the power cab is just for quick easy home practice. I like it, but honestly you should be able to do just as well with the L3Ms.
  21. litesnsirens

    Most versatile amp, and most versatile cab for cover band?

    Placater clean and dirty. It’s great that there are so many choices and I do use other amp models for different things but I think if these were the only two amp models in the helix, I would have no trouble doing patches for all the tunes I play in both bands. They are so versatile and sound so good. And If I didn’t have any IRs i would use the greenback 25.
  22. silverhead

    How do I move footswitches in "Edit" software--e.g. FS1 to FS3

    What Line 6 device and what Edit program are you using?
  23. kur7

    HX stomp USB noise

    Hello, I just bought my first Line 6 product: the HX stomp. I am having an issue and I'd like to know if I am doing something wrong or if it's a defect of my unit so I could eventually return it. I connected the HX stomp through my Apogee Duet input in order to record to my DAW (and also to play through my speakers using the amp simulations and the IR's I bought). As soon as I connect the USB of my HX stomp to my Mac (because I want to edit presets with HX editor) I get an annoying ground noise. If I unplug the power cable of my Mac the noise it's reduced a bit but not entirely which makes it impossible to record high quality sounds. This only happens as soon as I connect the USB (included in the HX stomp) to my Mac. On the other hand, If I select on my DAW the HX stomp as input (other than the apogee duet) the noise is gone. I would like to use the Apogee Duet sound quality for recording, rather than the HX stomp internal audio card. The only solution seems to disconnect the USB cable to get rid of the gnd noise. Anyone is experiencing the same problem? Thanks a lot for your help! Simone
  24. HI, Can anyone help me to do this --to move the footswitches in "Edit" software-so, that means I keep all the pedals, but assign different foot swtiches to different pedals. Is there an easy way in the "Edit" software. THanks for your help!
  25. tinhead

    Comparing PowerCab+ to my Atomic CLR cab

    How do you find the Powercab when it’s tilted back Verne? I find it really harsh with little or no base if it’s not sat flat on the floor.
  26. danbottomburp

    Correct settings for using PowerCab

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, appreciate that, Dan
  27. knoxdaz10

    Helix or Powercab as my soundcard?

    you basically never need to look at Ableton, and never need to touch the mouse. it can be in the background while u have youtube up or something, and it still works with Push 2
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