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  2. DunedinDragon

    going back to old firmware

    You go through the same process. Download the install program for HXEdit and run the install. This installs the appropriate drivers and version of the Line 6 Updater. Make sure you're not running HX Edit and run the Line 6 Updater and chose the 2.71 firmware.
  3. " Figured it out in Reaper for the snapshot change. It's not perfect, but it'll do. Also figured out other automations as well. " For those of us who haven't figured out how to automate snapshot changes in Reaper, it would be greatly appreciated if you listed it here.
  4. GaryWalker1974

    going back to old firmware

    Hi All, qhen going back to previous firm ware ie from 2.80 back to 2,71 do you have to download and go back with everything ? #updater #helix edit or could the updater remain at the latest version and just redo firmware back to 2.71? many thanks for the help Gaz
  5. Verne-Bunsen

    Bug with Joystick After 2.80 Update

    It would be great if it was just a setting issue, I’d forgotten that the joystick behaviour was tinkered with in the update.
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  7. HonestOpinion

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    Added general request for polyphonic processing to Ideascale. Would love to see this come to an upcoming firmware upgrade. Vote 'er up: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Polyphonic-Everything/960087-23508
  8. HonestOpinion

    Tuner always on in TAP scribble strip function

    Interesting idea, you should put it in IdeaScale where it will be seen by Line6. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/community/login
  9. I tried it out a few days ago, either – the PC+ did accept most of the IRs that I use with my Helix, but there comes no sound out of the Powercab. The feature of imported IRs is really useless.
  10. NickM62

    Bug with Joystick After 2.80 Update

    This happened on my LT too after installing 2.80. I don't think there is anything wrong with the joystick as you can turn it and press it to select the setlist you want after pressing the left hand encoder. It doesn't work when trying to select the model, although you can turn it and it will scroll through ALL the models. I went back to 2.71 and the joystick behaves as expected (as expected).
  11. HonestOpinion

    Helix Bug Reports

    A couple of more things occurred to me to try if you have not already. Creat a new directory on the F: drive and make sure you give permissions to "Everyone" to try to eliminate permissions problems. Also if you haven't already, try saving a preset other than the one named "TEMPLATE". You just want to make that your preset does not have a name that could have even a remote chance of being reserved.
  12. HonestOpinion

    Helix Bug Reports

    Has not been my experience. Mine has always saved to other drives in previous versions and still does in 2.8.
  13. markdaniels76

    Too much time to think.... 2.8 (hardware) vs 1.8 (native)

    Yep. I'm having the same issue in my head too... I rolled back anyway.. 2.8 doesn't work with my helix very well...
  14. adinelb

    Firmware 2.8 and DT Amps

    Not at all. Have you updated your Helix to 2.8?
  15. mstoffel

    That Revv Model Tho!

    Hi, I like the Rev model, but when I take the same Guitar with the od808 in front of the amp model and my favourite IR. After tweaking to my liking most high gain models pretty much sound very close with a slight difference on the very edge of the spectrum (Marshall -5150). But that the same in the real word. What do you think? regards Marco
  16. Looks like it was A Windows 7 issue. I hooked it up to a laptop with Windows 10 and the update continued. Rebuilding presets now. It still won't detect it on Windows 7 after reinstalling again.
  17. In the hope that I could bypass this software bug by purchasing something like the Voodoo Labs MIDI amp switcher and using MIDI from the Helix, I tested this by assigning a MIDI CC toggle to a footswitch. Nope. It's even worse: MIDI CC toggle is only sent by manually pressing the footswitch. Even though the state of the assigned footswitch changes per snapshot, the MIDI CC is not sent. Line 6. Please fix your software bug and make Ext Amp switching work properly.
  18. ezut

    Helix/DT amp integration on the way!

    Mine is like that, but not M Audio. Wouldn't it work?
  19. kraftybob

    Live vs Recorded Tone

    Messing around some more tonight and setup a preset using amps instead of the preamps (I was going direct into the effects loop of my amp) and added a speaker cab. The recordings are getting better but I'm still finding I lose tone with the Cab blocks. I tried several different ones and while some are brighter than others, they still seem very muted compared to what my actual amp sounds like. I loaned out my SM57 to a friend and won't get it back until next week, but if I don't figure it out by then I do a recording to capture the difference.
  20. Guitarmaniac64

    Helix Bug Reports

    Nothing new it didnt work to save on other drives on previous firmware either in fact dont think it never worked to save on a different hd than the system drive. But i welcome if they make it possible
  21. roscoe5

    Stereo rig options for Helix

    Yeah you can do that with two PC112s. Bit more wiring and another trip for load in. Larger footprint, unless you stack them. I'm not super serious about getting a PC212, but had it been out when I picked up the PC112's, I probably would have gone dor the PC212,
  22. j_hotch

    Guess it's long overdue to say: Thank you!

    The Helix cured my G.A.S for effects and amps and has only gotten better! Kudos Line 6!
  23. pilottes

    Path 2B disapears !!!

    After finaly succeeding to upgrade to 2.8 (I'll recap that ordeal in a later thread) I am now facing a very annoying bug. I usually spread my blocks on all 4 paths. 2 amps in parrallel on first DSP and then serial to feed path 2A with EQs and IR where at the end I have Y A/B 100%B to feed Delays, Reverb and volume pedal. Guess what? More often the none the 2B path disapear. No joke. I've reset the Globals, I wiped out everything and buit a fresh preset from nothing and after 1 hour I started to loose path 2B. What should I do next. I really feel like a beta tester now. I can upgrade a third time. I'm quite good now. I know how to downgrade as well. I got all the glitch and I could'nt believe it. Even the USB saga. Always work from USB at the back for 3.5 years. After half the upgrade it lost connectivity with the HELIX. Had to go finish it off on a Win 7 PC. After all kind of set back I changed USB port and voila! Long story short I now will revert to 2.71 if I can't solve this problem. Here is the preset, make a few copy in a bank you should see what happens. PS: Just realised I used an IR so just replace it with your favorite IR or cab! Thanks. FRESH 2.8.hlx
  24. Kilrahi

    Spider V MkII Update- new software for Spider V

    Some of this was written as if the smaller 20 watt versions would be able to update too, but it looks like in actuality it's just their larger brothers. Do you guys think eventually they'll roll out this update to the smaller Spiders?
  25. dbudday

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    I was wondering if they might add a 'notes' section to each patch - something that would open in HX edit. Maybe add a 2nd line or sub line under the title? I like to build setlist for different songs and modify other patches - it would be nice to be able to track which original patch I used/modified when I rename it for particular songs...
  26. mkopec

    Helix Native authorization program

    How do you remove the existing license?
  27. bsd512

    Firmware 2.8 and USB Audio Driver - Mac

    My issue is solved. Totally my fault. I'd been using that beta driver since 2016 with no issues. And I missed that a new one was release along with the 2.8 firmware. In my defense, the 2.8 release notes are 423 pages long and the audio driver is down below it, so ... I missed it. Installing the new driver (1.0.7) fixed everything for me.
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