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  2. hurghanico

    HD500 to PA, HD500 to amp help plz - settings check

    Obviously you'll need 2 different sets of already made patches for each scenario: direct and 4CM. - To connect the HD500 directly to the FOH choose the LINE output setting if your connection with the FOH is through jack cable (instead of XLR), and Direct/Studio output mode, set Guitar In to "normal", in your patches set input2 (you can find it into the system settings) to Variax or Aux (ie a dummy input source) and then in your patches re-adjust the gain related settings to get the the amount of distortion you need, this last input2 setting is to get better and more defined tones from your device. - Regarding the 4CM follow the guidelines given by Tyler guy in this article (copied and pasted here for you convenience): Blackstar Venue in 4CM with new POD HDs OK fellas - I've figured it out...It's way later than a month after the last post. (sorry about that) Here's the Skinny, I've done tests now with signal generators to get consistent levels, and been very scientific about all this. There are two main reasons for tone suck using the 4CM and an HD500 - and one of the reasons is a legitimate bug in the product - one is actually intentional. First step in config - Input assignments = Input 1-Guitar, Input 2-Variax. This lowers the noise-floor of the pedal. First - there is a 2.8dB difference between the Input Jack and the FX Send Jack (this is the bug). This has a huge impact on the tone. When you're using the HD500 as a pedal board before the Blackstar Preamp - the FX send switch needs to be set to "Stomp" - If it's set to "Line", you're unnaturally clipping the preamp in an unpleasant way because it's sending a signal that's 10dB LOUDER than the input signal...We all knew that. The solution is to place the FX loop AFTER the mixer in your FX chain - so It goes: [Effects blocks]=>[Amp Model (Bypassed)]=>[Mixer]=>[FX LOOP]=>[Remaining Effects Blocks] Make Sense? Then - you turn up BOTH A and B channels of the Mixer to "+3.0dB" and pan them both to "Center". Now if you were to test the signal like I did, you would notice NEGLIGIBLE differences in the tone. The Gut Shimmer is back, right? But wait - if your using a patch that has a fuzz face in it, or an analogue chorus (or a number of other FX)- and it's the first thing in the signal chain your thinking - "Why the hell is my tone still wrong - it sounds like someone turned the tone knob on my guitar down!!" Well, this is the intentional part of the HD modelling...It's called Input Z. Line 6 is modelling the individual and authentic impedances of the pedals and Amps being modeled. Hence an analogue chorus with a 22K pot being first thing in the chain will KILL your tone. The fix is simple - either move the effect, or set the Input Z globally to 3.5M, or 1M - there's almost no difference between the two as far as the end result is concerned. When you use these simple tweaks to setup 4CM you'll be VERY happy with the results. PM me if you have any other questions. Cheers, -Tyler That's all! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X
  3. pb-272

    Helix floor model and F/W 2.71

    Sorry, just saw this, been offline for a while. I upgraded 2 helix floor units and one rack (all purchased in Australia around the same time) and had been upgrading each time there was a new version with the usual frustrations but no major problems until 2.71. All three units froze during the last step which was a patch rebuild. I had to turn the unit off and reboot - no sound. I simply repeated the upgrade, experienced the same exact pattern, then had sound. It's a weird one, makes no sense, however the units have been fine ever since.
  4. yrebrac

    Volume drop connecting Helix to PC Plus via L6 Link

    I agree it's roughly 10dB difference between the models and the Flat modes, but it will depend on the amp as well. I have to adjust slightly for different helix presets
  5. Hi, Jon, Firstly, I have to say that your attitude comes across as rather odd, judging from the comment that you make. - “could trawl through the posts” etc. Well, it was you who came here seeking assistance and yet it seems that any possible solutions are being, not only overlooked, but ignored because you feel it’s all TLDR. I guess that you didn’t bother to read the last post I had made prior to yours. In that post I stated that many people have issues with updating the firmware and this thread contains lots of step by step instructions on how to approach fixing the problem. Sadly, it seems you cannot be bothered to research any further. I can appreciate the fact that you are unhappy that your unit no longer functions as it should, but very rarely will it be FUBAR - more likely screwed up by user error. For anyone to be able to assist you with this it would be good if you took the time to help us, help you! We know you have a non functioning Helix, although you fail to say which particular model. Then it is really useful to know a few more things such as what version of the firmware you are moving from and up to, along with what computer and operating system you are using to do the update. O.K. You have asked for any tips. As it is a bank holiday, I would suggest that you take the time to “trawl through the posts” and see what you come up with. Oh, yeah, because it’s bank holiday Monday - I don’t intend to type out a step by step guide once more. Seek and ye shall find. Hope this helps/makes sense. Good luck doing the gig with your Boss!
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  7. pb-272

    First Helix! But...

    I use high gain patches and amps and can it can get pretty loud with distortion pedals/OD up front. I use the noise gate at the input block, and then often use another in the chain. It's definitely manageable, we play loud and aggressive live and I don't any issues with uncontrollable feedback etc. Also use low and hi cuts.
  8. GingerLefty

    Helix Command Center. Did you know it can do this?

    I hadn’t realised that about the Stomp. Yep midi implementation would be a must.
  9. pb-272

    Mesa Boogie Mark V and Helix

    Mark V had been on my mind for years - I've restored two 1986 Mk 2 amps that the Australian band, the radiators, toured with, and have a dual rec as well, but this thing just blows me away. Now that I can combine it with the Helix I'm in heaven, although I've had to invest in a decent set of ear plugs!
  10. zolko60

    Helix Stomp too much treble.....

    In amps models an impedance curve is simulated which induces a huge treble boost. If you go to a tube power amp that boost double. 1. Maybe try preamps instead. The impedance curve is not present in preamps models. (Good sound for you, worse for the audience) 2. Use 4cm method and mic your real cab. 3. Reverse the impedance curve using some eq. 4. Steal your amp output back to Hx using transformer isolator before the speaker. 5. Get rid of your amp and get some wedge or/and IEM instead. Or just use any combination of above keeping in mind the Stomp is limited to 6 blocks and maybe producing similar sound for yourself and for the audience is not possible with the real amp/cab.
  11. zolko60

    Smooth high-cut sweep - possible?

    1. Yes, correct, 2. No practical workaround.
  12. reggiedadog

    Helix Backup if I sell my Amps?

    I see this has been asked before but not for a while so I wondered about updates So Im a fairly new Helix and Powercab user, love the sounds and flexibility I am getting at home, rehearsals and gigs. So much so that Im considering selling my amps (DRRI, Blues Jr and AER compact). However I'm THAT guy in my band who brings 2/3 spare mics, stands, leads, guitars, you name it, Ive always taken the blues jr to gigs just in case the DRRI ever crapped out (it never did) Now the Helix is by all accounts reliable, but it is at heart a computer, a computer that you put on the floor in an atmosphere with 150 drunk people dancing.... So if something bad should ever happen mid gig what do you guys take as backups? This is my first modelling setup so I dont have much experience- Ive been looking at the HX stomp and firehawk, but I also see that used HD500x are very cheap on ebay... Thanks in advance
  13. mstoffel

    Helix Stomp too much treble.....

    Hi players, just tried my Helix Stop with my Marshall JVM 410 JS. I plugged in straight to my return to just use the power amp. I used a preset that I run usually direct to my studio monitors and switched of the IR I don't use excessive high or low cuts on the IR and the EQ of the Line 6 2204 Model was also normal (Bass 3,5 Mid 7, Treb 6,5 Presence 5,3 ). What I found going straight into the power amp was such a harshness that I had to turn down Treble and Presence to zero. BTW I use a Bogner 2x12 that sounds perfect with my Marshall everything at noon. I have the input impedance on the helix on auto and tried with line and inst level on the output with same results. If the sound difference is that huge how can I run a preset direct FOH and use my Amp on stage.... Any ideas? Regards, Marco
  14. Verne-Bunsen

    Helix to recreate unique pedals.

    Gotcha, understood. I just watched the video in forum window and so didn't see the content in in the description. It’s way cool regardless!
  15. LastRide

    G10S signal issues

    I have the same issue with a recently purchased 10s. Quick cut outs every so often. I don't gig, only using it at home. My router is about 25 feet away. I do need to run 2.4GHz for one of my items that doesn't have 5 GHz. I also have a G10 that I purchased recently as well with no problems, and a G50 without problems. I think there is an issue with the G10s models that needs to be addressed with a firmware update. I run it on auto. Maybe I should try selecting a channel.
  16. craiganderton

    First Helix! But...

    Roll off as many highs as you can going into the amp. The distortion will restore a lot of the highs, but it will be harder to set up a feedback path. Also rolling off highs after the amp can help. Many models have resonances that peak considerably higher than the rest of the audio, and these can promote feedback. A parametric notch can sometimes solve this. Good luck! Just remember that high gain is HIGH GAIN. There are limits as to how much you avoid feedback with that much gain.
  17. I put 2 songs in my music website: "A Mystery to Me" is the song on top (no amp modeling on the intro acoustic guitar), and "Catch You Somehow" is the next song down. One song uses Roland COSM amp modeling for guitar, and the other song uses PodXT amp modeling. Can you tell which is which? Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved. Here is my link: https://www.soundclick.com/bands3/default.cfm?bandID=224436
  18. I put 2 songs in my music website: "A Mystery to Me" is the song on top (no amp modeling on the intro acoustic guitar), and "Catch You Somehow" is the next song down. One song uses Roland COSM amp modeling for guitar, and the other song uses PodXT amp modeling. Can you tell which is which? Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved. Here is my link: https://www.soundclick.com/bands3/default.cfm?bandID=224436
  19. OK, here are the answers: "Really True Too" uses Roland COSM amp models, and "That Great Day" uses PodXT amp models.
  20. aaron__aardvark

    Test your ears! PodXT or Roland COSM? New April 27th!

    OK, here are the answers: "Really True Too" uses Roland COSM amp models, and "That Great Day" uses PodXT amp models.
  21. rpossum

    Mesa Boogie Mark V and Helix

    Thanks for this! I run my Helix through a Mark III that I LOVE, but I've been drooling over the Mark V for a while now and do hope to go that way someday soon. I run 4 cable and have been using the EBTech Hum Eliminator for a while. Great stuff
  22. mminino

    Problems with installing POD hd 500x on mac os Mojave

    Genius!!! its working!!! THANKS!!!!
  23. Yesterday
  24. Kilrahi

    First Helix! But...

    It's always hard to know exactly what type of noise you're hearing. Did you try the noise gate? Is it THAT type of noise, or is it something else?
  25. cgtrox

    Smart Harmony

    That would be awesome! I bought it thinking it had it in there already, but no. Instead, they put a bunch of worthless synth things in there, oh well
  26. craiganderton

    Tip: Make a Mute Button for Multiple Paths

    Glad it worked for you! More tips to come.
  27. craiganderton

    Tip: Make a Mute Button for Multiple Paths

    You'd be surprised at what I DON'T know!! All I know about "json" is it looks like a typo for someone who was trying to spell "Jason." :)
  28. Just save a patch with no amp and all of the effects off.
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