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  2. Kilrahi

    First Helix! But...

    It's always hard to know exactly what type of noise you're hearing. Did you try the noise gate? Is it THAT type of noise, or is it something else?
  3. cgtrox

    Smart Harmony

    That would be awesome! I bought it thinking it had it in there already, but no. Instead, they put a bunch of worthless synth things in there, oh well
  4. craiganderton

    Tip: Make a Mute Button for Multiple Paths

    Glad it worked for you! More tips to come.
  5. craiganderton

    Tip: Make a Mute Button for Multiple Paths

    You'd be surprised at what I DON'T know!! All I know about "json" is it looks like a typo for someone who was trying to spell "Jason." :)
  6. Today
  7. Just save a patch with no amp and all of the effects off.
  8. gordiegords

    Best way to connect to computer/daw

    yeah thats what i thought i would end up doing, thanks a lot for your help.
  9. silverhead

    Best way to connect to computer/daw

    I would use either the XLR or 1/4" output from your Helix LT to the apogee (they both sum to mono when only the L/MONO output is used). Connect headphones to the apogee if you want to monitor the vocal as well as the guitar.
  10. gordiegords

    Best way to connect to computer/daw

    Ha no worries, so what can i do now? phones out from helix to input in on my interface?
  11. silverhead

    Best way to connect to computer/daw

    You're right - see my edited post above. Sorry. ..... you're right - you can't use two interfaces simultaneously. .........
  12. gordiegords

    Best way to connect to computer/daw

    i didnt think the LT had a mic input?
  13. silverhead

    Best way to connect to computer/daw

    No - you only use the Helix as your interface. Both the guitar and mic are connected to your Helix inputs. You play/record guitar and vocals simultaneously using only Helix .... oops .... I was thinkg Helix Floor. Sorry. The LT model does not have a mic input. My apologies for the confusion. .... and you're right -
  14. gordiegords

    Best way to connect to computer/daw

    thanks, yes i understand that but i didnt know i could use two interfaces at the one time, the helix for the guitar, and the apogee for the vocals. is that what you are saying? thanks again.
  15. silverhead

    Best way to connect to computer/daw

    You don't need your Apogee if you use the Helix as your audio interface. You just need to configure your DAW to use Helix as well - but this is often automatic after you connect Helix via usb to your computer. Once connected your Helix is your computer soundcard (so connect your headphones to Helix) and, optionally, its audio interface as well.
  16. MusicLaw

    Yamaha SPX90 Symphonic preset

    I do believe I may have one or two SPX90 units in storage. If anyone is interested in them feel free to let me know.
  17. gordiegords

    Best way to connect to computer/daw

    thankyou for that reply, i feel quite new to this and a bit confused, is that how i would use the helix to record in logic? and would the connection be to the input on my apogee interface from the headphone out on the helix, i'm a bit of a noob here i know. thanks again
  18. silverhead

    Best way to connect to computer/daw

    You can set up a dual path preset in Helix LT that will allow you to play/record from both the guitar and mic inputs simultaneously. The 8-channel ASIO interface to DAW will allow you to record up to 5 different tracks simultaneously: Dry Guitar, Wet guitar, Dry mic, Wet mic, and a stereo mix of both wet tracks.
  19. gordiegords

    Best way to connect to computer/daw

    Hey everyone, just got the Helix Lt and looking forward to getting to know it, when i play in the house i use headphones, i used logic pro and guiytar rig plug in also with a mic, how would i go about this with the helix? i have a two channel interface so perhaps use a cable from the headphone out and into my two channel interface? i know the helix can also be used as an interface but i need to use a mic so would like to use my two channel apogee. Thanks for any help
  20. So just got the helix and did the firmware update and now its bricked as its not getting past the start up menu and all the letters are symbols. So Im assuming I could trawl through the 101k posts to try and spot a solution or I could hopefully find someone reading this with the possible solution...ive done all the hard resets with the pedal combinations and nothings changed, So any tips would be great as its a bank holiday so swapping it is not an option and id planned to programme it up for a gig in 2 weeks time, sadly if I don't get it done for this gig ill probably just end up binning it as the "buzz" of the new kit will wear off and ill go back to the trusty - albeit old - Boss.... Thanks in advance, Jon
  21. m4a1owner

    Line 6 Helix Crashing Windows 10

    Just incase anyone is trawling through this thread for advice like I have been, can confirm that anyone using an Asus board and having blue screen issues should remove the RAM Cache software if it's installed, issue has been plaguing me for months, uninstalled and boom problems gone, thanks to everyone that posted helpful advice :)
  22. marcopadilla

    Hearing two tunings

    It won't necessarily disable the magnetics , you can blend the two sounds using the software. I would check that first.
  23. Warlock254

    Relay g10 no sound

    I am using a Relay G10. The transmitter will charge at the base and everything seems fine. I pull it from the base and plug into guitar. Green solid light on the transmitter and the base is white/ light blue. No sounds comes out and about 15 seconds later the base turns red. Not sure what's up but I rely on these things and need it fixed. Thanks!
  24. Any reason why i can't log in into Line 6 Monkey? It says it doesn't recognize my password and it sends me to the website which I'm already logged into. It can't do any updates now.
  25. zolko60

    Hosa CDL-313 S/PDIF-AES Interface

    Yes I understand what you mean. You have spend 200$ for DSP converter and this is probably the best solution. I have been connecting AES sources to SPDIF receivers using simple adapters for 20 years. For up to 3m cable runs I don't care about cable impedance or matching transformers. SPDIF to AES/EBU should be even simplier, but if you can afford the best, safe, stable solution I am happy with you.
  26. datacommando

    Helix No-Boot w/ ":-28" Problem

    See comments below. Hi, As I understand it, the feedback from people who raised a support ticket regarding this issue, is - you should restart your Helix LT while holding down footswitches 6 & 12. This puts the unit into “Safe Boot” or “Update” mode and from there you should be able to re-install the latest firmware. The thing is, I get the distinct impression that most of the people on here are asking for a fix out of pure desperation after having tried all the usual reset routines. Let us hope that anyone suffering this fault contacts Line 6 customer support and make them aware that this is an ongoing issue.
  27. cruisinon2

    upgrade advice needed!

    There's nothing wrong with the 500X... it's still my backup in case the Helix craps out, but the POD is a rapidly aging platform that hasn't had an update in years. I won't go so far as to call it obsolete, but it's getting close. Helix is a far more versatile unit.... save a few shekels and get Helix. If you're gonna upgrade...upgrade.
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