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  2. In my opinion it is more likely that some frets on the neck of the guitar are no longer perfectly aligned with the others, or the strings are too close to the fretboard, or the truss rod need to be adjusted a little, or the strings are too old. Moreover, some types of amps and settings tend to sonically emphasize the small imperfections of the connected instrument. Problems in bending in the area around the 12th key onwards are often indicative of the need to make a new setup to the instrument (if the strings are still new). I happened to have the same problem, and with new strings and/or new setup I solved everything. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  3. usta28

    POD Go FAQ

    that would be a great feature! I guess they can perhaps implement it with a software update if it doesn't do it already.
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  5. Thank you for your replies. Actually the problem comes from the Helix. I have a Harley Benton FXL8 Pro that change the channel of my Mesa perfectly fine by triggering a signal in a standard jack. What is weird is that changing the channel works fine with the HX effects when the input jack is not plugged. As soon as I plug the input, two channels are up together, and the amp buzz. Adding a Voodoo Lab to switch channel in midi is not a good solution for me. I chose HX effects to have a small and efficient solution and because it had an external switch.
  6. Thanks - our thought there was that if we needed more inputs we could run a small mixing desk into one of those inputs - we'd probably only need to do that if we wanted to mic up the drums. Just a small 4 channel mixer would then cover the drums. It was the sheer convenience of these things that impressed us - plus the fact that I could use one them at home to run my helix through when dialling in patches - they're actually quite compact.
  7. Each Evox 8 stack rates at 128 db SPL which should be more than enough with two stacks if I'm reading their specs correctly. The concern would be with the mixer which only really has 4 standard inputs and two stereo lines. Channels 5/6 could be used for one 1/4" mono input, but channels 7/8 is a low level (-10db) stereo line using RCA unbalanced inputs which I think you'd find to be problematic for instrument or vocal inputs. That only gives you 5 inputs and one is a limited input for 1/4" only. You might want to look into that.
  8. SaschaFranck

    Helix 2.9

    Yeah, that'd be very useful, too. Along with an option for the entire preset to either be just a reference/alias or a "hard copy".
  9. Thanks for your responses. The reason we were looking at the RCF evox 8 (with the Jmix console/MIXER) is just how convenient they are to store and put up. We did a gig this weekend with an old PA system and it took ages to put up and it didn't sound great. The JMIX has, effectively, 6 inputs which would cover 2 vocals, 2 guitars, 1 bass and a kick drum - at the moment that's all we'd need and it has the benefit of all the digital/virtual desk controls. Was thinking of getting one of therm and then an additional evox 8 without the mix console to give us a pair. They sounded great in the shop - do you not think they'd be loud enough? a pair of those plus a couple of floor monitors was the plan.
  10. If you don't want to spend the money on an FBV3, the Express should give you a volume pedal, plus the ability to change presets with the footswitches which would make it easier for you to switch between electric and acoustic instruments easily.
  11. Your suggestions have helped me with getting the Park brighter. Thank You. However when I used the 2204 and I play some notes on say the 12th fret B string or 15th fret B string and bend those notes up I still hear those strange whirring noises in the background, and I have shut the Hum value all the way off. Perhaps this is a bug in this amp model. Kind of a shame as the amp sounds better than the JCM-800.
  12. Can the stereo return be used as inputs and mixed together for a mono out... like Helix does?
  13. That's because you have to manually assign stomps to each of the switches whenever you create your own patch. While in stomp mode, touch (don't press) the footswitch for a short period. This will bring up a dialog box to where you can assign a block to that specific footswitch. Also, grab a copy of the updated manual. There is a ton of helpful information inside regarding basic and advanced operations.
  14. I have the control with Helix rack. When I use a factory preset I can turn FX on and off. When i use my custom presets and switch to stombox mode i can't access the fx to toggle them, the windows are blank. When I switch to edit mode they are there blinking and I can edit them, they don't show up in stomp box mode.
  15. Peter thanks, this is what I tried. I have two mono FX sends on my mixing board. I want to return those with different FX to the stereo return on my board. What this shows is two mono returns from the board, and one stereo send to the return on the board. Is theoritically right?
  16. HonestOpinion

    Helix 2.9

    Exactly the same approach I would like to see with setlists. Pointers to presets rather than the actual presets themselves. That way the same preset can be used in multiple setlists without having to copy it to multiple locations. If a block in the preset has the option of being designated as "global" as SaschaFranck and others have been advocating then a change to that block can be propagated out to that preset in any setlist that points to it.
  17. I've tried to use the free Cubase Elements software that came with my Spider V, but it is way too complicated for me. What easy to use multitrack recording software should I try instead? I really liked GarageBand on my wife's 20 year old Apple Imac, but I don't know where she buried the old computer, and I do not know if there is a Spider V sound driver for the old IMAC G5. (kind doubt it) I'd like to be able to overdub no more than 10 tracks with mic, Spider V, and midi as the only inputs. Effects are not needed. I'm using a Windows 10 laptop, and I'm pretty sure many of the Cubase problems I've experienced are really Windows 10 problems, but simple software would be better. Thanks.
  18. I have a Line 6 Spider V 120W amp in a contest. It's been pretty fun, and useful for the small- to medium-sized venues I play in. Managing the amp @ gigs I've been running the Spider Remote software on my laptop (sits on a media tray). I also keep my playlist and difficult to remember lyrics on the laptop. I always gig with at least 2 guitars, an Gretsch thinline in standard & drop tunings plus another - a parlor with a soundhole humbucker - dedicated to open tunings. Often I bring along an ac-el 5-string banjo as well. A G10T makes switching between instruments so easy! My challenge is that the parlor and the banjo (and a bunch of other wired-for-sound acoustic instruments I own & gig with) either don't have volume controls or have really inaccessible volume controls. So I'm messing mid-gig with the volume controls on the front panel of the Spider 5, or making changes via EQ in the Spider Remote software... Not good. Therefore, I'm thinking I need a Volume Pedal. Looking at different sites, manuals, etc it looks like the Line 6 FBV3 Foot Controller gives me a volume pedal but....also adds a lot of other features I may not need. And my amp manual also mentions using the FBV Express MKII or the FBV Shortboard MkII. Questions: Does the FBV3 controller simplify my live sound life? Or complicate it? Also how difficult is it to integrate all the carefully created & tweaked profiles (presets) I've already got set up in Spider Remote, including the effects set up within each preset that get toggled on/off per song? Do the Express or Shortboard make any sense? Or, maybe Line 6 or another manufacturer offers a straight-up volume pedal ? And I just can't find it. Also would whatever volume pedal act independent of the amp volume controls? If I run an XLR Direct Out to my sound system, the amp's Master Vol is auto-killed, for a good reason. But I would want a volume pedal to still function. If that makes sense. So any constructiive insights, experiences, ideas are appreciated.
  19. Thanks for that - good work. Only had one listen through, but picked up flavours of other things. I will have another run through and be a little more attentive. Oh, yeah - did I detect a little bit of Harry Nilsson “Me and my Arrow” in there?
  20. TLF2007

    Helix 2.9

    Seeing a lot of cool immediately usable workflow uses with this update. I'm most excited about the Harmonic Antagonizer model. WOW. I also preordered the POD Go for the more-than-often warm up and cover gig stuff including ease of fit in a carryon. Be interesting to see if the product updates coincide. But I'm not bitching.
  21. Hi again, Gerry, Well, lots of stuff here (and could do with lots more info), so let’s start on the drag and drop thing. Always going for the simple answer, if you can’t do 4 presets at a time, then just do one at a time. Easy! As for importing in the same order, then I would suggest that you need to import the presets in “setlists”. When you have what you require in your HX Stomp, then HX Edit will be able to export that information as ”setlists”. Edit: This is from Page 12 of the Helix Native Pilot’s Guide - Preset Compatibly with Helix Devices NOTE: Presets and setlists exported from Line 6 HX type (HX Stomp or HX Effects) devices are not compatible with the Helix Native plug-in or Helix devices. Likewise, presets and setlists exported from Helix Native or Helix devices are not able to be imported into HX type devices. However, it is possible to Copy and Paste or drag and drop individual blocks, along with their current settings, between HX Edit with an HX device and Helix Native. See the following “Block Copy and Paste” section Remember your HX Edit is simply a software librarian app that can remotely change things on the hardware unit. It does not make any sound. HX Stomp has the software “brain” and hardware to make the sounds. On the other hand, Native is the software “brain” of a real Helix that uses your computer hardware to make the sound. The fact is - the sound from your Stomp and the sound from Native are identical. Everything else in you signal chain is a variable. You have your guitar into the Stomp (with a preset you like) into a 1/2 mixer channel(s) and out to -> what? Your playback from ProTools goes out to a stereo channel of the desk then out to -> what? While setting up you are using your AKG 701 headphones? Not advisable, “cans” are great for late night listening, but not great for fine tuning and levelling your signal. You really expect to be able to balance your sound like this? If you disconnect the ProTools feed and patch your acoustic guitar output from your HX Stomp to that stereo out - does that now sound just the same as the other channel(sj? If you record your DI signal (dry acoustic) into ProTools and then don’t load Native, but simply play that DI audio back through the patch on HX Stomp, does that sound the same or different? We really need to narrow down the variables to figure this out. Suggest that you have a look at Page 9 of the Stomp Owner’s Manual which show an example of HX Stomp in the Studio Setup. That gets your audio in and out of your DAW and plays back via HX Stomp - same sound.
  22. Yesterday
  23. OMG !!! Now I see I needed to save it to the library first. Oh my God. what a long frustrating Day LOL. Guess I missed that in the manual
  24. In the chain of the POD GO you have always: Noise Gate, Preset EQ, Wah, Volume Pedal, FX Loop.. then you can add up to 4 effects, and only 1 amp model. I guess you can move some of the blocks around in the chain, but not 100% freely as you can do with the big brothers or even with the old POD HD500/X. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  25. If you can swing it I'd really suggest getting a digital mixing board. You could save some money by getting an analog mixer, but there's so much more functionality built into the new digital boards for doing things like capturing a multitrack recording of your performances, parametric EQ for each channel, and often automatic feedback filtering and so forth that it bears looking at. The number of Aux outputs you need for monitors really depends on how many different monitor mixes you need. If you're still using on stage gear for the instruments, you might not need much more than a single monitor mix for voices only. In any case what you DON'T want is a mixer with an amplifier in it with passive speakers. They're cheap, both money-wise and performance-wise. In short...they're just junk. As far as the columnar arrays, I had a Bose system for a while when i was doing a single. They sound great but they may be too limited in the number of individual inputs you might need. It would probably work better with an electronic drum kit than an acoustic kit. A common decent small gig system might consist of a good quality mixer (analog or digital) with a sub, two front powered speakers and two or possibly 3 stage monitors (if your drummer needs one). The number of monitors has no bearing on the number of Aux outputs you need as they can daisy chain off of one Aux output. Fronts speakers should probably be 12" speakers and you could probably get by just fine with some of the middle of the pack speakers like the EV ZLX-12P or Yamaha DBR-12, or QSC CP 12. Not the top of the line, but more than powerful and decent enough to give you good, clear performances at a good price. The reason you need a sub is to isolate the super low frequencies from interfering with the vocals and guitars as the sub will take the main board signal and apply a high pass filter to isolate frequencies below 125 Hz to the sub and send frequencies above that to the mains. Also, they just add some beef and bulk to your sound. As far as monitors, that's a judgement call depending on how much you want to rely on them. I've seen bands save some money by going to 10's or 8's and be happy with them. But we have LOTS of singers in our band with lots of harmonies as well as a harmonica and sometimes a separate acoustic guitar, so we use 12's as monitors to better keep up and compete with the other instruments on stage. If you tend to have a pretty loud stage sound, it's probably worth it to not try and save money on your stage monitors. I realize that may seem like a lot of equipment and cost, but ultimately your band will be judged by the audience based on how good your PA is, so its pretty much worth it.
  26. If anyone has Pro Tools and is working with the native plug in HX native. I'm constantly redoing my steps. No matter what I do I tweak the same parameters, delete the same blocks, change my delays change my reverbs I save it in the in Pro Tools the plug in settings then then after it saved and I see it in the folder and I double click on the name again all the presets come back what is going on!!!??? There is something really wacky with the save functions in this HX native and I can't figure it out and I'm tired of going back to the manual. In HX Native when you right click on the preset you are tweaking. you only have these options, copy, paste, rename, import, export, how do I JUST SAVE WHAT I DID or what I am going to do??? Where is the simple save function?????? When I save my settings as a plugin setting the old version just reaapears, when I double click every time, I rename it, and export it ...it comes back When I save file to disk my settings are not being saved, when I reimported all my old settings come back. Obviously this is because I can't find a save function that works anywhere.!!! how do I just simply save what I'm doing so I don't have to keep doing it for the next 3 hours. I don't know what the heck is going on I'm sick of this
  27. It won't let me just drag from one program into the next I wanna try to do it 4 presets at a time they don't go to the same numbers
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