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  2. SaschaFranck

    acoustic guitar amplifier with Helix

    IMO that amp would only make sense in case you'd actually use it as a standalone acoustic guitar amp here and there as well. Otherwise, I'm with the others in this thread, go for whatever more or less decent FRFR monitor.
  3. SaschaFranck

    Native Demo constantly freezing Logic Pro.

    Ok, that's at least good to know. Line6 is really not doing themselves much of a favour. I mean, for non-HX-hardware users not getting any discount, this is among the more expensive lines of guitar amp sims and a demo should rather run flawlessly. And unlike myself, I bet most folks running into the spinning beachball or hourglass won't give it much further tries. I really love fully functional demos, but I'd rather take something save-disabled or whatever than something freezing my projects. Apart from that, I only knew about a possible solution because I've already heard about the "requires to be online" restriction of the demo before. Many people may not realize that and they may as well not even try to get as far as to cut their internet connection temporarily to "fix" HX Native. "Normal" users will just be like "Oh, the thing is constantly freezing my sequencer, byebye Line 6, Positive Grid (or whomever) here I come". Which is a shame, as the thing is really great (not sure I'd pay 400 bucks, though, most people will only need around 5-10 amp models and you can get those for a lot cheaper). But with the demo acting up like this, I could even imagine some hardware users won't purchase it.
  4. Kassia

    Error initializing code 8201

    While, if you want to recover data, you can just download data recovery tool, I think the Bitwar Data Recovery software is a good choice, or you can try initialinzing it again, the issue maybe you do not initialize it properly.
  5. Hi everybody, a little late, but I want to give you a feedback about your suggestions. I replaced the tubes and now everything works fine. Thank you very much for your help!
  6. Today
  7. Chr1sROSE

    Guys who have gone from all tube amp to all digital. Opinions?

    Just a friendly advice - 5150 in the Helix is nothing like a real 5153, except for obnoxious amount of gain available. Line6 Badonk is your best friend in that regard. I had the same setup as you, and went full Helix. Actually, now, after a couple of weeks of learning, adjusting, and getting used to Helix's workflow, I wouldn't go back. Oh, and a Headrush 112 or a PowerCab will move some air. Definitly. Just don't use a real cab, as you lose the ability to use IRs correctly. Just my 2 cents.
  8. kraftybob

    Guys who have gone from all tube amp to all digital. Opinions?

    Whether you're using your amp, or amp models, you do have to set levels across your patches. And it's best to do it at gig volume if at all possible. Once the levels are set I then use the main volume control as my master volume. You may have to tweak a little here and there depending on the room your in. I thought this would be a pain, but it wasn't a big deal and it's not any different than if you brought multiple amps to a gig - you'd have to level them as well. Speaking from experience, start with the clean amps first, then level the OD. Seems obvious but for some unknown, idiotic reason I started with the dirty amps, then soon realized some of the clean amps couldn't get loud enough to match. Just like the real world - shocker :) Finally, don't get hung up on all the science around which way to best level your volumes across patches. I used a sound meter on my phone (NIOSH SLM - it's good and it's free) just to get in the ballpark. But I did the real leveling just listening with my ears. Others swear by sound meters only, others ears only, etc. There are a ton of threads on this forum but frankly you could easily go down a rabbit hole with this topic.
  9. ajm583

    Future devices

    Hello, I've been out of the loop with the forums the past few months. Any word on a 5.8ghz relay coming out or helix with built in wireless? Thanks!
  10. rd2rk

    How to use Ext2 pedal to switch amp channels? - HX Effects

    The only way I've seen 3/4 channel amps switch properly from Helix is using MIDI. Direct if the amp is configured for it, or using something like the VooDoo Labs Control Switcher, which converts MIDI from Helix to TS channel switching for up to 4 channels, or 3 channels and a boost, or some other fourth function.
  11. There used to be a template in the last bank to do this. I don't know if it still exists.
  12. For starters, that rig is NEVER going to sound like an amp. At best, it will sound like a mic'd up amp. That's what Helix does. With 15" speakers, it may never sound good at all. And the few reviews I found on those speakers mentioned fragile tweeters. It's possible they're blown, so you might start by checking those with CD music. If all is well, from the helix end: First, go into Global Settings and check the Output levels of the outputs you're using for the RC505. Is it a device that you would normally plug a guitar or Guitar type FX pedal directly into? Set the 1/4" outs to INST level. If they were at LINE Level, that may have been the problem. Set the BIG KNOB (Volume) to control whatever outputs you're NOT using, OR keep the BIG KNOB dimed. That's UNITY GAIN. What goes in is what comes out. What pickups are you using? In Globals, set the Input Pad OFF for single coil strat/tele; ON for Heavy Metal High Output Bone Crushers. Other Humbuckers and P-90s try it both ways. Did that fix it? Bypass the RC505. Load an empty preset. Hit a big loud chord. See how loud it is? That's your baseline. Use the monitor volume levels to get a tolerable room level. Load one of your regular presets. Is it a lot louder? Starting with everything OFF, add the amp/speaker back in. Level the sound to baseline with the Amp Channel Volume. Add an effect, level with the effect Level. Repeat one effect at a time. When you've got everything leveled (GAIN STAGED), try the RC505. If it's still clipping, maybe the RC505 is defective, because the level you're putting into it is about the same as if you're plugged in directly. If it sounds good, you can now build or level your presets, remembering to LISTEN to the level whenever you add an effect. If the effect raises the output level significantly, use the effects' level setting to get it back to baseline. Once you've gotten rid of the clipping in the RC505, you can increase your presets' levels, if necessary, until you get clipping again. I put the emphasis on LISTEN because there's no level indicators on the Helix. Your ears might not be perfect, but they'll get you in the ballpark. Hope something here helps.
  13. pianoguyy

    POD HD and my amp...

    jam tracks, like what is built in to some amps - ok (they're built in, of course they are safe) but streaming random songs from spotify through a guitar amp - bad mojo guitar amps are designed for guitar - the frequency range and there are even some debates as to if multiple tones at the same time will damage a cone - like having drums beating while the guitar is playing while the voice is singing for something like that you would want something designed for the full range
  14. Chuckusa

    POD HD and my amp...

    When you say backing track playback, do you mean listening to the jam track and playing along with it using the amp to hear the sound? I just thought thats what the amp was suppose to be used for, it having a usb output and all.... Im still new to recording and to be honest, I am not very good at it.. :( My ultimate goal out of all of this is to play a sound coming out of my computer like a backing track, then play along to it with a tube amp and record the sound... and have it sound good.... I don't want to have to save the track I play then paste it into the backing track.... thats a hassle to me and I would rather just record my noodles and experiment with different sounds and have fun.... and catch a glimpse of what I sound like sometimes by recording it to see how bad I sound lol...
  15. Chuckusa

    Ac adapter question for a POD X3

    Hi I was wondering if you guys could tell me, can I use the ac adapter from my POD HD Desktop to power up and use with my POD X3? Will it work and not hurt anything?
  16. revolver1010

    How to use Ext2 pedal to switch amp channels? - HX Effects

    OK, so this was totally user error - ME! I didn't set the Ext Amp2 to Tip. Derp. Yeah so it switches now. Still only switches to the channel, not back when disengaged but that appears to be cause of the design of my Bugera TriRec amp's external switching jacks. I'm almost 100% certain if I take a stereo to dual mono 1/4" cable and set the Ext Amp2 to T+R and connect the mono ends to channels 1 & 3 it should switch between the two. Cause the ring will still be wired to the tip of the second mono cable yes?
  17. ledvedder5150

    Guys who have gone from all tube amp to all digital. Opinions?

    When you switch between a preset using the 5150 and a preset using a Helix amp mod, do the levels match with the volume you have the 5150 set to, or do you have to adjust the Helix amp models independently?
  18. I don't know. My JTV89F just isn't working with the HELIX. Same cables work with the VDI and connect with Monkey. Everything seems fine. Just REFUSES to bond with the HELIX. ALL LATEST FW. Did EVERYTHING I know how to make volume happen . . . NOTHING! 1/4" works fine between Helix and JTV. VDI - NOTHING. Not to be crude, but . . . WTF???
  19. pianoguyy

    POD HD500X and HD500 - Sharing Patch Settings

    and don't forget the glowy footswitches that cause a 60hz pulse on certain lots of units. but, hey, at least it is in sync with the tempo flash. although they do seem to be holding up better than the original footswitches so, ok, you got me. if someone wants to run 2 amps and 8 reverbs/delays at the same time, they probably need the X because we got lucky enough that the processor was no longer made and L6 was forced to use a newer one. but at the same time - you've also seen that talking about this with new people really confuses most of them. which is why i am glad you brought up that they are limited to 2 amps and 8 effects no matter which unit it is.
  20. Good evening everyone! I am a solo looping artist, and guitar is my main instrument. I recently upgraded my setup. Right now , this is how it goes: Guitar goes into Helix, Helix jack out stereo into RC505 Inst In . I also have other instruments going into the RC505 AUX (this is one of the reasons why i dont have it inside Helix as a FX LOOP). At home I manage to get OK tones. In my rehearsal room, playing at stage level, it all goes donwill. Im really struggling to get usable tones...Everything just sounds so fake and digital, feels nothing like an amp! I get really ugly high end distortion, akin to when your DAW is overloading your CPU. My monitors are JBL m350 mk2 btw. At this point i have tried everything I could think of. I have made my own presets, downloaded others from the internet, tried low cut 250 and high cut as low as 5k-8k, playing around with input levels on mixing desk, RC505, helix... nothing seems to work. At this point its unplayable and i just cant get a good enough sound to even feel what im playing. Maybe this is in vein, but perhaps someone with a similar setup has some tips? Is there anyway to know if helix is clipping? From a block to another, perhaps?? Or maybe RC505 leveling tips with the helix? I dont even know... Thank you so much in advance!
  21. If you're low on processing power, you can do the same with a dirt pedal on one path and nothing on the other. Have the paths converge before the amp so you don't need two amps.
  22. ledvedder5150

    Guys who have gone from all tube amp to all digital. Opinions?

    I'm also looking at the Laney LFR112 Active Guitar Speaker Cabinet.
  23. Yesterday
  24. phil_m

    Hx effects-snapshot bug

    I have been using 2.82 on my HX Effects for awhile now, and I’m not having this issue. If you’re sure all the Global Settings are correct, I’d recommend doing a factory reset (hold down FS7 & FS8 while powering up) and restoring from backup afterwards (make sure you create a backup prior to doing the reset).
  25. hurghanico

    POD HD500X and HD500 - Sharing Patch Settings

    ..except that the X version has 20% more DSP resources available thus lifting the reachable DSP maximum limit, to allow if/when needed the creation of particularly complex patches that require more resources. . ..the total number of available blocks in the chain is the same in both POD versions, but each of the available models consumes its particular quantity of resources.. ..and by combining in a patch some very resource hungry models you could easily hit the DSP limit well before having used all the blocks theoretically available.. here and only here is where the 20% more resources available in the X version makes the difference.. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  26. glideman

    Guys who have gone from all tube amp to all digital. Opinions?

    I've found if you have an FRFR that can push some air that you can get amp in the room sound... I sure as heck haven't enjoyed my 2 custom tube amps I kept much in a few years now. I have Helix, Axe FX III, and Kemper Stage. I love all 3.
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