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  2. rd2rk

    HX Stomp as a very simple midi controller

    Unfortunately, HX Stomp only RESPONDS to CC, and only SENDS PC. Worse yet, since it lacks the Command Center functions, it will only send a default PC when loading a preset, they can't be assigned. For what you want to do you'll either need the full Helix Floor, the Helix LT, or HX Effects.
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  4. Hi Line6 I’m looking into the “HX Stomp” as a backup guitar amp system as well as midi foot controller sending some simple midi messages to control Ableton for a touring band. I’m having a hard time finding out the midi out capabitlities of the unit. Am I correct in thinking that it only sends midi program changes? No midi notes or CC through midi output? Would I be able to send midi notes via the 5pin out on HX Stomp placing different midi messages on each foot switch? I basicly only need to be able to map one button to next marker and one to previous marker. So I could for example have. 1. PC mapped to “previous marker” 2. no midi 3. PC mapped to “next marker” Thanks EDIT: After a bit more research it seems that Ableton doesn't even support midi mapping of PC messages. So it has to be midi note or cc. Is this impossible to achieve in this one little handy box then?
  5. codamedia

    upgrade advice needed!

    If budget allows.... go for a Helix Floor or LT and call it a day! Just my opinion here... but if your XT Live still works fine and all you can afford is an HD500x..... spend the little extra money on an HX Stomp and run it in the loop if the XT Live. Use the Stomp for all the amp models and a few extra effects.... and keep the XT for the stuff you like (delays, modulation, etc...). Connect a midi cable between the two and the patch changes on the XT will change the patch on the Stomp.... just that all fall naturally (don't try to change how it works) and line the patches up to work with each other. There is nothing wrong with the HD500x.... as PianoGuy says above, if you can't get a tone that works with that the problem is not the device. BUT - the HX devices have IR capability and nicer overdrives/distortions/fuzz, amps/cab than the HD500 so it adds the "state of the art" things you don't like about the XTL to the things you do like about the XTL.
  6. Hi Guys, Newbie here so please go easy! I have just taken delivery of my HX FX and played it through my amp etc and all is fine. I have also connected it successfully to my PC (Windows 10) and the Line6 edit software is working fine and I have the latest driver installed also. What I am wanting to know, is it possible for me to get the sound of the HX FX coming through my PC speakers and if so how do I do it. (My PC is nowhere near my amps and gear etc). What other cables will I need from the back of the HX to the PC and would the jack from my guitar just go into the L(mono) channel? Again sorry for the question but I'd like to get it set up on my PC so I can edit sounds and hear them! Thanks Mike
  7. codamedia

    Tip: Make a Mute Button for Multiple Paths

    HX Edit will save a patch in a json format (well, I'm pretty sure it's json)... which reads very similar to XML, If you need XML there are "json to XML" converters... but I'm sure you know that already :)
  8. hideout

    NMDRD! (Strymon BigSky content...)

    I used to own one - the 1st gen. I loved it but at that time I wasn't able to use it as much as I would have liked to so I sold it... BIG mistake! As for stereo in one cabinet being uninspiring, I think owners of the venerable Roland JC120 would disagree with you.
  9. Hi All, I was very upset as my ampli 150 became into sh** after updating via Bluetooth. I read a lot of posts, and after 20 or more attempts it went very good. so I have my ampli back :) so, Hereby I want to share with you . 1) look up for a spare iPhone (different that one where the update falied) 2) pair it, Install your app, and then flash it using a 2.50.2 version 3) I took a three hour nap and my ampli was alive again :) apologies in advance for my bad english, Just wanted to share with you, in case it helps. This was very frustrating.
  10. rd2rk

    Helix Cubase DAW control + midi snapshot change

    The behavior you're describing is what happens when a NOTE message is set to MOMENTARY. If you're using a NOTE message for the STOP command, check to see if it's set to MOMENTARY.
  11. soundog

    Helix Command Center. Did you know it can do this?

    Yeah, its cool alright .... but Line 6 needs to add the feature to the Stomp firmware. That's the reason I returned mine ... I need to control external MIDI devices.
  12. soundog

    A different recording latency issue?

  13. stormstudios

    Can't see recordings on a Mac

    something changed on your mac... Launch Terminal. Type "defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES" in Terminal and press "Return." Hold 'Alt' right click on the Finder icon in the Taskbar, click 'Relaunch'. Then do you see the files? If you want to undo this, replace YES with NO in the above sequence and you're back to normal. If you saw them before and don't see them now, it's something mac-based.
  14. rd2rk

    A different recording latency issue?

    This isn't really a Helix issue. Someone here MIGHT have an answer, but wouldn't you be more likely to get a proper answer to this by posting in the ProTools Forum? Heck, post in several DAW forums. Can't hurt. And when you do get the answer, come back and tell us.....:-)
  15. I don’t imagine this will be news to seasoned users, however newer users might not realise how powerful command center can be. Either way it’s still very cool that Helix can do this.
  16. kazoue911

    Helix Cubase DAW control + midi snapshot change

    Almost nailed it but I still can't get it to work. -I programmed all my presets with the same command center values so that I can control Cubase transport from any of my presets -Cubase sends CC32, PC and CC69 messages to Helix for preset/snapshot switching on midi channel 2 -I've tried every possible combination of midi messages in the command center (MIDI CC, Bank/Prog, Note) on a different MIDI channel (3) and I still get weird feedback issues -CC64 isn't used anywhere At this point, I'm not sure whether Helix is the problem or if Cubase 10 is. If I assign no output to the midi track dedicated to helix in cubase, transport control will work like a charm but then, my presets won't change automatically following the track. If I assign the output of the track to helix, transport will respond but: -I get double the command I asked for (hit stop, helix changes preset, release footswitch, sends the stop command again when the footswitch is released) -when this happens, my command center gets all deprogrammed, all values are mixed up. I'm out of ideas here....
  17. craiganderton

    Tip: Make a Mute Button for Multiple Paths

    I'm sorry, I wasn't at all clear and sorta changed topics without prior notice, LOL. I meant something like an XML dump of all the parameters.
  18. zenguitardude

    A different recording latency issue?

    Unfortunately it is not a consistent delay amount. It varies between 16ms-35ms, which is significant, as 16ms is almost 1/60th of a second. Protools has delay comensation and low latency monitoring but not a way to measure and offset, that i know of.
  19. Etienne73

    A different recording latency issue?

    Can you adjust in ProTools a temporary negative delay offset for recording? That's how I solve it here in my DAW Logic.
  20. Both of your transmitters were using the same channel. It's a little tricky with the G10 since, unlike the G10S, there's no way to manual select the channel you want to use. You can still use multiple G10 systems on the same stage, but you have to make sure you go through the automatic channel selection process with each one. So one of you should plug his transmitter into its receiver and wait about 15 seconds for the receiver to find the best channel (the transmitter blinks when ready). Take that transmitter out - it's set. After that, so the same process with the second transmitter and receiver. The receiver will select a different channel than the first one because the second will receiver will see that as interference. Take that transmitter out, and you'll be all set. The key is to not plug the transmitters back into the receivers again. If you do, you'll have to do this process again.
  21. pianoguyy

    Effect Order (HD500)

    The same applies. 1. Treat virtual like you would physical. 2. There are things that sound better before, and things that sound better after. 3. Ignore 1 and 2, and do what needs done to make it sound the way you need it.
  22. pianoguyy

    upgrade advice needed!

    I own the 500 family of devices. I can't give any comparison, being that I don't have the H or XT. But, I can tell you this.... If you can't get the tone you need with the HD units, you aren't ever getting the tone. *this assumes you know that you are limited to 8 effects and 2 amps, as well as the list of amps and effects available. Obviously, more specialized needs may not be achieved.
  23. zenguitardude

    A different recording latency issue?

    So most of the threads I have found looking at latency when recording respond in a few basic ways: Always monitor through the Helix hardware for zero monitoring latency when playing/recording . The DAW requires setup and can cause latency. The topic I cannot find is: after addressing monitor based latency, in other words hearing latency as you play/record, no one discusses how to fix the actual recorded latent track. You can hear whatever degree of latency is occurring simply by having a track in input, not muted and listening to the heterodyne differential. I experience the disparity varying depending on the complexity of the session. (Am running Protools) So I monitor through the helix when I track a part by muting the output of the enabled track. The problem is that, after recording, the latency is an aspect of the track because it was delayed getting recorded. I know this because I have done exhaustive testing. I even went to the extent of mic'ing a metronome in sync to the internal metronome and can see there is a delay between the clicks. When recording melodies or rhythm parts that delay effects the rhythmic "feel" of my recorded parts and I find I consistently have to offset the part by moving it upstream to counter the delay caused in recording. I have gotten to the point where I will do a first pass where I am playing quarter notes or eighth notes just to see what I need to do in order to offset the track, post recording. Has anyone found a work around or solution for this? NOT monitor latency but actual track delay. If this particular/exact issue has been addressed/solved in another thread please link here. Thanks Thanks
  24. My friend on bass own a G10, I own a G10 for my guitar, and last week, on stage, my guitar was played in the bass amp !! It's the first time, we didn't had any problem before. Someone can telle us what is the problem, please ?
  25. andymguitar

    upgrade advice needed!

    Cool! There are so many POD vs Helix it's hard to know where to begin if you know what I mean. I think the XTL needs tp be replaced though for sure!
  26. feffa86

    Hosa CDL-313 S/PDIF-AES Interface

    RCA S/PDIF and XLR AES cables have different resistances. I was assured by people more knowledgable than me that that was sub-optimal. So I got this box finally. The power adaptor doesn't work in the EU, but I was able to get a universal wall wart at a regular all supply store and that worked just fine. Eventually I'll get a better one, like maybe the iFi iPower. I falsely assumed the 9V DC input would accept guitar pedalboard power supply cables, but it didn't. It's a smaller type of plug. So it works just as advertised. Kemper S/PDIF out goes into the box and an AES cable goes into the Helix AES/EBU input. The Helix picks up the signal fine and everything works as expected. One less AD/DA round in my rig now. Too bad the Helix can't run both S/PDIF and AES at once or I could eliminate one more. I just realized, since I'm already using my 1/4" main Left output to feed the Kemper, I now have two extra FX loops available in the Helix with this box. That's another reason to shell out the 100 I didn't even consider.
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