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  2. Pacemaker1000

    Cloud connection errors

    Get this warning whenever changing 'my tones'. numerous pending updates to cloud
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  4. atexx

    FRFR speaker !!!

    Any FRFR to headset options.
  5. rwhitney

    HX Stomp USB to Mac Audio Output?

    I use the HX Stomp primarily for practice in front of a guitar amp, but would like sometimes to take it straight into my iMac's USB without having to fire up the amp (among other things). My iMac goes out digitally to a DAC (a DAC without an ADC isn't seen by the computer, btw, so can't be configured in the Audio MIDI Setup -- but there's no need to do that anyway), then to my studio monitors (Dynaudio BM6As), not computer speakers. It's a lot more work to patch the HX Stomp's analog out into the system than to just go in USB and set the computer's input to the device, leaving the computer's output as Digital Output. It requires me to connect two cables to the Stomp's analog outs, set them to line level, route the signal into another interface, etc. I like the HX Stomp for a convenient single source for guitar effects, but it would have been even better if it were plug-n-play with the computer. That said, it's not so much the fact that it can't do that but rather that the user manual is unclear about how it works.
  6. gunnzshow

    New Helix LT user: Helix into combo amp questions

    Yes I am using a wah, but I am only getting awful ear piercing feedback. Any hints on how to get the good kind? Also one other thing. I do a pick scratch attack in some songs, but even without a noise gate there is no sustain.
  7. silverhead

    high end grainy distortion

    ... and also try using the Hi Cut parameter in the cab settings. Lower the setting and see if it helps.
  8. amsdenj

    HX Stomp Question

    You can send an effects chain into the front of a guitar amp, and into a separate path in HX stomp though an amp/cab model to FOH without using a send block. Put all the front of the amp effects on path 1. Put the amp/cab block as the last block and then move it down to path 2. Leave the output for path 1 to main L/R out. Set the output to path 2 to the send output. Connect the send output to FOH. This requires a splitter to get the stereo output out of the TRS send jack, but it sends a constant signal to FOH, just what you usually want. Then the main L/R goes to your stage amp, and the HX Stomp volume control provides a convenient volume control for your stage amp.
  9. DunedinDragon

    New Helix LT user: Helix into combo amp questions

    That really opens up more questions than anything. Going into the main front input on your Marshall you were getting quite a bit of help from the Marshall pre amp and amp tone stack, so it really begs the question of whether you used the Helix pre-amp block or the full amp block. It also would likely require you to change the way the Helix amp model was dialed in. I would think you'd need to dramatically change the setup (tone knobs, gain, master volume, channel volume, etc) of the Helix amp block once you go into the effects return given you're no longer getting the benefit of the Marshall pre amp and tone stack and most likely you'd be better off with the Helix amp block than the Helix pre amp block. Since you're now going through only the clean Marshall amplifier circuit, you'd also likely carry the Marshall volume louder and simply control that overall volume using the Helix master volume control.
  10. codamedia

    high end grainy distortion

    Is that "weird grainy high end distortion" kicking in for a second or so moments after the initial hit? I can hear that (faintly) but I'm not sure if I'm focusing on the right problem. If that is it.... here are a few things to try. Silverheads suggestion above of increasing the BIAS for the amp model a little... or a lot of needed. Usually 5 - 10 notches higher is enough. If it's a stock cab, try changing the MIC to a 121, and pull it back a few inches. I'm not saying you have to stay with the 121... I just find it's a great choice for tests like this. If it's an IR... make sure you try others. If all else fails.... turn on the INPUT PAD in global settings and see if it goes away. As for the hum after the chord rings out, that doesn't seem to be captured on the recording (is it?). Without hearing it I'd rather not speculate.
  11. DBCrocky

    Bank/Preset Footswitch Lock

    I completely understand your dilema, I really wish Line6 would put the bank up and bank down on the top row. Anyways, since you don't need those buttons at all, I suggest making a little cover for them out of some scrapwood, spray paint it black, and velcro it down over the bank up and bank down buttons. Low tech but it works!
  12. DBCrocky

    New Helix LT user: Helix into combo amp questions

    Wah pedals are great for getting controlled feedback. A wah is basically a volume boost in a narrow frequency band. The frequency is controlled by the pedal. So you can use the wah pedal to tune in on the frequency your guitar note(s) will feedback at, and get a nice controlled feedback.
  13. JacobusTracks

    HX Stomp Question

    Thanks guy's! Would i still be able to create 2 signal paths? I want to create 1 signal path distorting the high frequencies and another signal path compressing the low frequencies. Which then come together in the amp/cab sim. And then after that go to my amp without cab/amp sim and to FOH with cab/amp sim. So it should look like this: ------------------------------------------->RealAmp Signal ---- >High's freqs/distortion/-------------------->Ampsim/cabIR------------> FOH >Low freqs/compression/------^ Is this possible? Hope you understand what im trying to explain.... Thanks again!
  14. silverhead

    high end grainy distortion

    Are you using a stock Cab or an IR? If a Cab, try increasing the Bias level.
  15. Silenoz

    Broken preset joystick

    Hi, So after receiving my third (!) Helix LT unit after the previous two had broken expansion pedals, the preset joystick is now broken. As I understand you should be able to push it down like the action joystick.. I was able to use the preset joystick about two times to change setlists, before it just was stuck to the unit itself and I am no longer able to press it down. I am able to turn it to change presets on the same setlist. My question is, is there another way of changing setlists on the unit without using the preset button (or on a computer)? I do not live in a city with any dealers which sells Line 6 products and neither are there any Line 6 service shops nearby, so I have to send it. The first time I sent a broken unit it took two months before I got a new one and the second time it took one month. So I really dont want to send it in again.
  16. anthdidj

    high end grainy distortion

    I am getting a weird grainy high end distortion on some of the brighter amp models like Vox and Matchless. I have attached a sample for reference. I am using a strat. Also, there is a weird hum after chord rings out. Any ideas? distortion clip
  17. MartinDorr

    DT25 Head Voicing Switch does what it wants

    Check how old your tubes are and and consider replacing. They may no longer work reliably in all modes and it appears as if the mode switch is broken.
  18. had this here too - on a new MBP 2018. in Ableton 10.1 beta
  19. wstoner76

    Marshall JVM Channel Switching with Helix MIDI

    Is it possible to use the JVM MIDI Implementation map below to just activate Master 1/2 via one of the helix foot switches without having to go through the MIDI programming steps? I would like to be able to control the Master 1/2 as well without having to tie it to a particular channel designated by a snapshot but rather assign an unused switch and call it Solo Boost. It seems that Function 14 with a value of 0/1 would do this per the sheet. I'm just not sure how to program that in the helix. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  20. Kilrahi

    Line 6 150 2X12 question

    I know I've deleted posts before. Even threads I started. Did you check the "options" section right by the "edit" section? If I recall right it gives you the option to "hide" or "delete" the post.
  21. brue58ski

    Line 6 150 2X12 question

    I don't think you can delete it but you can change the title/heading to ignore or delete or something like that.
  22. HonestOpinion

    Helix Native Problem

    From what I am seeing in other posts this is all about getting Native properly authorized with Line6. Make sure you have a proper internet connection and a registered copy of Native tied to your account first and then deauthorize/reauthorize Native. You can do that by clicking on the gear icon or your username in the bottom left hand corner of the Native screen. Bring up the Authorize/Deauthorize dialog box and re-authorize Native.
  23. Hillman1312

    Powercab considerations and thoughts

    Thank you dnostrand, yes this is very helpful. I'm aware that creating presets using headphones has its challenges; in fact, thinking of it it may actually be part of the issue I had with the wedge monitors. Still keeps me puzzled as to why the FOH sound was good (to the extent I really know, just hearsay; I probably need to talk again to the soundguy). I guess a very important factor here are the speakers used for FOH. My understanding is that these are essentially also supposed to be "FRFR", but given that no FRFR speaker sounds like the other this term is actually pretty meaningless to me. Anyway ...... With regards to your setup, I like the idea of having enough stage volume for gigs that don't need FOH signal and that you "simply" go from the PC+ to the mixer via XLR if so needed. For whatever reason I overlooked that option. And this brings me to my next misunderstanding which is about the mic modelling. If I understand correctly then the PC+ models are models of the actual cabinets without mic...... So theoretically you could still mic a PC+ using (for example) a real SM57 should you not want to use the modeled SM57. I was under the false assumption that a mic model was part of the sound coming from the PC+. This only seems true when it is in FRFR mode (and the cab + mic model come from the Helix). Now, the downside of your setup for me would be that I need two devices connected when practising/ developing patches at home and I would need to use this setup with " normal volume", which I'm sure my wife and kids won't appreciate all the time :-) Altogether enough food for thought on how to achieve what I want (sufficient on-stage volume of decent quality). Based on my learnings so far I'm probably better of with a FRFR speaker (again, whatever that means) and leave the PC for what it is for the time being. Thanks again for your reply, this forum is really a great source of information and positive input/support from experienced people is highly appreciated !!!
  24. gunpointmetal

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Depends on what region of France you picked it up from, aykchuwally.
  25. brue58ski

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    I always though it was Herdapurr, not Herpadurr.
  26. rd2rk

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Herpadurr - "fanboi, not fanboy!" I love it! I'm gonna use it every day! Herpadurr Herpadurr Herpadurr Herpadurr Herpadurr Herpadurr
  27. gunpointmetal

    Blind test of clean tones Helix Vs Kemper

    I think its moreso that L6 already has money from almost everyone here and we direct line to L6 via customer service. TGP is basically a big advertising platform full of people who aren't already L6 users so if they can show up and look pro with excellent CS in front of the people who didn't already buy their stuff, it probably helps sell some stuff. I do think a more involved company presence on this forums would be nice, though.
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