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  2. The ux is just the audio interface, you can use any amp sim you want, I only got the ux as it came with a podfarm license and im used to using their amplifiers. You can record anyway you want with it. I record the take along with my drum track just plugging in the electric guitar and recording the unamplified signal, then produce the sound i want with podfarm after. You can go about if any way you want to.
  3. Peter

    nono sends to stereo returns

    It is possible to insert two mono return blocks in the signal chain and one stereo send block. You can mix the mono returns to one stereo send or you can use a separate path and stereo send for each one. But I don't really understand, what you are trying to do. It only makes sence, if you use a some stereo effect block between the returns and sends.
  4. Hi, has anyone had any luck getting this to work. Id like to be able to control the Princeton Reverb reissue (blackface) reverb and vibrato from the helix. I’ve tried with a TRS cable and combination of ring / tip settings but with no success. Ive google searched but not come up with any answers. The foot switch cable is TRS but unsure if there’s anything else going on. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Paul
  5. jud1433

    Alternatives to standard 4CM

    Thanks kylotan...yeah i thought the same but its like its compressing the sound aswell like the notes aren't as sharp or defined...I'm using return 1 on helix for fx loop input and send 1 on helix going back to amp fx loop return...all levels are unity and in global settings line level for loop and instrument for guitar....i will tweak a bit more see if I can get it totally transparent.....thnx again and any more ideas appreciated.
  6. telengard

    XLR output *real* quiet

    I've tried both an XLR to TS and XLR to TRS cable into my mixer and same results, super low output.
  7. Today
  8. phil_m

    Which current line 6 amps have VARIAX input?

    The only amp that’s currently in production that has the VDI input is the Firehawk 1500. There really has only ever been one other Line 6 amp that had it, and that’s the Vetta II.
  9. phil_m

    Mono Vintage Delay Disappears in Firmware 2.80 and 2.81

    A disaster? I think that’s quite a bit hyperbolic... There are some bugs, and 2.82 will be out shortly to clean up some of the remaining things. I mean, personally, I’ve done a bunch of gigs using the 2.80 and 2.8 firmware and really haven’t run into any showstopper bigs. I suppose with a complex system with so many different possible use scenarios, everyone is going to be different.
  10. wastebasket

    DT25 firmware 1.0 reset instructions

    I was having the same problem and hooked up both an input cable and speaker cable and it worked. YMMV but worth a try...
  11. codamedia

    USB port issue

    It should be just as snug as any printer or other computer device that uses that end. If not, the USB port might be physically broken... I don't know them to wear out so much they won't connect properly. IMO... it's time for service.
  12. Xylodoken

    Helix with Fryer Treble booster into AC30S1

    PLaying with the mix worked. Thanks for the tip on that.
  13. dean701

    Mono Vintage Delay Disappears in Firmware 2.80 and 2.81

    Yes, I had similar issues with blocks not appearing and still being heard. They would be invisible on the Helix floor screen. After using a pc with HX Edit, the blocks were in fact still there. I downgraded this mess back to 2.71 as I need a system that is more reliable. I hope Line 6 figures their stuff out sooner than later. This uniform code multi-platform mission is a disaster so far.
  14. Cheers Gaz I'm missing something when you say you record a dry signal. Why? Are you saying that if you record a guitar track through the UX1 with a PodFarm amp and some effects, then that's what you're stuck with? Surely the recorded track is just a simple wav (a dry signal as you put it) with PodFarm then processing it as any other VST in your DAW. That's the way it works with every other amp sim software I've ever seen. In fact, does one have to use PodFarm with the UX1? Is it not just a simple A-D-D-A interface? I actually have a spare licence for S-Gear, so I'd like to put that on my lad's computer. TIA! EDIT: Wait a moment.. Are you saying you record a blank track in order to get the amp/effects sounds you want BEFORE you then go for a take?
  15. Levite777

    USB port issue

    same issue here man.. im following this thread:)
  16. FukinA15

    Helix Rack and 2.8.0 rebuilds patches every boot

    I'm having the same problems it rebuilds on every bootup.
  17. Does anyone know where I can get a vibrato bar for my Variax 700 electric? I've contacted Line6 support, Reverb, and several major retailers, to no avail.
  18. vcline6

    Looper to try different cab settings

    Thanks for your reply silverhead I did not change any of the default looper settings (screenshot attached). My config is full speed mono.
  19. vcline6

    Looper to try different cab settings

    Thanks for your reply Sami I think your formula is not correct, instead of 2^24 it should probably be 24 since 24 bits (3 bytes) are sampled 48000 times per second -> ~8MB for 1 minute which makes sense since an audio CD is ~650MB for 44100Hz/16Bit/Stereo. I don't think memory is the issue in this case...
  20. kylotan

    Alternatives to standard 4CM

    It's probably due to the level you're feeding from the Helix to the Engl. Do some careful experimentation to test this with effects disabled and the amp set to low gain so that it's not masking low signal levels and so you can tell if it's overdriving it. Raise the send level from the Helix if it sounds like it's not putting out enough juice, or vice versa. Make sure the loop is set to full 'EFFECT' so the two signals aren't phasing or anything. If all else fails, post your patch details here so people can see if there's anything awry.
  21. firehawkkwah

    Firehawk FX with Powercab 112 (Plus)

    Do you find better sounds using the Firehawk FX cabinet and speaker emulations running into the powercab set flat? (Or even Firehawk with cab and speakers, and the PC ALSO running a speaker model?!) Or do you remove the cabinet and speaker models from the Firehawk preset? Also, for either recording or live, do you run the output of Firehawk (with cabinet and speaker models) to DAW/FOH? Or do you run Firehawk into power cab (see question 1) and then the output from the PC to the DAW/FOH?
  22. Hi, I’m in the market for a new VARIAX amp for my old 69 VARIAX. my question is: Which current line 6 amps have VARIAX input? ( not Helix floor units, but amps.) i could not easily work this out from the Line 6 website. thanks if anyone could inform me of the models of current amps with VARIAX input. mike
  23. frankiebell

    nono sends to stereo returns

    I would like to send two mono returns to one stereo send, is that possible. I need to have two effects sends from my console return to one stereo return on the console. Is this possible. I am able to send one mono return to one stereo send but I would prefer having each mono return rout to one stereo send on the helix.
  24. jud1433

    Alternatives to standard 4CM

    I've been using the same setup as the op (top path to front of amp and second path in the loop) with great results but my amp is a engl fireball....however I'm finding the tone is affected. When i plug guitar straight into amp (but leave helix in loop) i get my full guitar tone and stunning effects in the loop...awesome...but when i plug back into helix the tone loses a bit of everything if that makes sense?....although i prefer the sound when guitar is plugged into the amp direct it means i lose mah and any other front end effects....anybody else experienced this and found a fix?.....
  25. johnonguitar

    So, how reliable has the native been for you?

    I've been using Helix Native live several times a week since November 2018 and ive never had. single problem. As I said above, sometimes it crashes MainStage and it seems to be when I try to open the Helix GUI when I have changed audio interface settings but if Im just loading up my MainStage concert and changing patches it has been rock solid.
  26. Ive had about 12 tracks active with podfarm plug in with no issues. Once you figure out how it all works, its pretty versatile, it will surely be plenty good enough for a beginners needs. I generally record a dry signal and then play with podfarm to get the sound i want, so it is fully tweakable. You can record with just a mic or send your amplifier through the unit ot you would like and just use basic compessor/noise gate functions on that sound or nothing at all. You can indeed use it for existing tracks, I've updatdd old recorded tracks from previous projects with podfarm. I have never experienced latency issuse, and that I've come across on this forum are usually down to issues with their set up/settings. It can be tricky to set up, bit once you have it all sorted, it should be pretty good.
  27. I am also getting the "The Helix device failed to recall snapshot data properly" message occasionally. It does not always happen, and seems pretty random, but only when I am connected to Tone Studio. The message appears as an error over the Tone Studio screen. Nothing happens on the Helix itself - that just freezes. I have to reboot it to correct the problem. I It will reboot into the same preset, and I can change snapshots without any problem. Other freezes when not connected to Tone Studio may be due to the same problem, but I obviously don't see the message. It is not a frequent issue, but enough to demonstrate that there is an issue.
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