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  2. Meiannatee

    Effect On Off Switches Reversing

    It is sort of fixed for your 1) and 2). If it happens: - unbind all controls from the footswitch, save. - bind your controls to that footswitch, make sure in all snapshots the footswitch is off, save. - then if you want the footswitch on (wetter) to be default on for a certain snapshot, set it, save. For 3), it may still be buggy if you have two footswitches control the same parameter(s). Better to add another reverb after that and bind to that other footswitch. OR you can use snapshots instead for different levels of reverb per snapshot. I'm using this method, let me know if you wanna try my preset, I can upload it.
  3. rd2rk

    Helix tuner in regards to delay and reverb trails

    It is what it is. Hope you didn't throw out your Snark..... You can always post a New Feature Request over on Ideascale. "Engage Tuner without Disrupting Trails".
  4. Chuckusa

    POD HD and my amp...

    Alright here is an experiment you could say lol.... Could I: run my guitar into the pod, the pod into the tube amp, run the output from the effects loop into another pedal that has usb like a Digitech RP150 or something... then link up the jam track to play out of the RP150 through usb with the guitar playing along and record from the RP150? and hear it out of my pc speakers...? Im glad you guys understand my goal and thats to record me playing along with the jam track... with a tube amp... with a usb.... why usb? I want to use my computer to record me playing my pod through a tube amp along with a jam track... God this is making me dizzy lmao..... But lets say for a minute.... the peavey valveking II 20 has usb output AND speaker defeat.... Could I essentially play my guitar to the pod, to the amp, defeat the amp speaker and run the resulting sound of the amp through the usb silently and use my computer sound system to monitor the resulting sound? And if so, would it sound worth a darN? Lol
  5. Owning a recently acquired Spider v ^0 , and having the oportunity to buy a FBV 4 ( so 4 switches in lie) footswitch, could anybody tell me if it would be worth it to buy this foorswitch?
  6. Kilrahi

    POD HD and my amp...

    All he's really saying is equivalent to "You should hear songs through a standard stereo speaker system." That's it. So the "audio interface" can be something as simple as your phone, or any music player. The "flat response speakers" really just have to be standard speakers used for music players. In the guitar world, a very popular brand of cheap full range speakers are the Headrush FRFR like the 108 (https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FRFR108--headrush-frfr-108-2000-watt-1x8-inch-powered-guitar-cabinet). You really don't have to go even that pricey, though, for just listening to music. It just depends on how picky you are. Whatever the case though, the point is hearing a song through a guitar amp will sound like melted butt because the guitar amp will cut off a lot of the frequencies of the song (particularly the higher range stuff). The hard part is sending it all through the Pod because you want the jam tracks to go to the stereo system, and the guitar to go to the tube amp. I don't actually think the Pod will let you do something that complex. You can send it all to a tube amp, or all of it to an FRFR. As far as I know, you can't do both. Still, I haven't had my Pod in quite some time, Maybe the advanced users will tell me I'm wrong on that one.
  7. Same here. Just found out it does indeed crash. Just the sort of thing I need before a gig. I do hope it’s indeed a bug from the Apple iOS and not within the app. Will raise a ticket as well, though I have my doubts about Line6 support.
  8. chasingMango

    Volume knob cover popped off...

    Those kinds of knobs are typically held on by friction. I'll bet it will reattach easily.
  9. chuckmottmusic

    Volume knob cover popped off...

    I'd have to get a copy of the receipt from guitar center. I'll check to see if I can pop it back on.
  10. hurghanico

    POD HD500X and HD500 - Sharing Patch Settings

    The four units (500, 500x, pro, pro x) share the same brain, but I consider the X version what the HD500 should have ideally been from the beginning. I use the HD500 no problem at all, but I would have preferred it was like the X version, which even if just for a 20% it is an improvement over its predecessor, even if it has been forced, thus it happened by chance, not previously planned. Sometimes chance or destiny reserves good surprises to those lucky enough to catch them at the right time. In regard to the OP owning a (possibly) broken 500, I would say to him that the X version should be considered more like a welcome completion of its predecessor than a big upgrade. A substantial upgrade would rather be to get one of the 3-4 high end modelers currently on the market. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  11. StevePotatoes

    Tap tempo and LED is not synchronised

    The tap tempo on my hx effects and the flashing red light don't seem to be synchronised. For example, if I set the tempo to 60 bpm, the delay is exactly in time with my watch but the red flashing light is is faster than 60 flashes per minute. Is this normal? Is there anyway I can fix this? I'd like to use the light as a guide but as it is, it's kind of useless.
  12. Kilrahi

    Volume knob cover popped off...

    If you register it, you have a two year warranty from the day of purchase so long as you have the original receipt. I've had volume covers pop off before and you could just pop them back on. Is the cover actually broken? If it can't be popped back on I'd open a support ticket and go through the process of getting it fixed.
  13. Today
  14. chuckmottmusic

    Volume knob cover popped off...

    I was wondering what the repair policy is on this ? My Helix LT is a year and 3 months old.
  15. So I just got my Helix and I'm thoroughly loving it aside from one detail: the tuner is positioned at the very end of the chain and, thus, kills all sound coming from the unit, including and reverb and/or delay trails. I am aware that I can change the output so that it keeps the volume going, but that doesn't help because then I can't tune silently. I basically need a way to change where the tuner is in my signal path. Is there any way to do this or am I to be relegated back to using a Snark?? Thanks!
  16. Kilrahi

    The length of the Looper in the Helix Unit

    I can't quote chapter and verse, but I did read a post on "The Gear Page" from Digital Igloo who indicated that increasing the length of the looper time was potentially a possible avenue that they could go down once Helix Core was implemented. Will they? I think a looper is one of those areas that if you need something more complex, you're best buying a more complex looper. Personally, I'd rather they save whatever space they got or can use to add more amps/effects (but hell, maybe it's not an either or decision, so that would change things). I'm not anti looper either. I pre-ordered the new Boss RC-10R a few days ago.
  17. Kilrahi

    Tone Sovereign - wow

    I was messing with this one last night, and I still love it. The whole host of drives in the Helix is perfect in my opinion. Is there a vital one missing? I can't think of it. Occasionally I read people say they're disappointed with the Helix's drives and I have a serious WTF moment. Then I go eat a sammy and down a Coke to forget about how crazy life is.
  18. CoupeChris

    POD HD500 Flash issues and lock ups

    Just in case this helps anyone! - and they don't have hours to waste.... Apple Macbook Pro - Mac HD - Library - Audio - MIDI Drivers... I was using a generic MIDI driver to use a keyboard with MainStage - this was then running through my HD500X. I temporarily removed that MIDI driver then tried rebooting both the Mac and the HD500X. This time my laptop recognised the HD500X so obviously the update to the MIDI driver was being blocked by the existing plugin. Previously I had installed the Line6 driver first and then the generic MIDI plugin second. So the HD500X now reports USB: FW 1.04 (instead of 0.00) Monkey also now reports all items are up to date - clearly it needs to successfully communicate with the pedal to be able to report the full status. So that's all fixed.
  19. CoupeChris

    Pod Hd500x Usb Connection Issue

    Interestingly enough I have discovered one fix for this now which doesn't involve Customer Support after all. I was using a generic MIDI driver to use a keyboard with MainStage - this was then running through my HD500X. I temporarily removed that MIDI driver then tried rebooting both the Mac and the HD500X. This time my laptop recognised the HD500X so obviously the update to the MIDI driver was being blocked by the existing plugin. Previously I had installed the Line6 driver first and then the generic MIDI plugin second. So the HD500X now reports USB: FW 1.04 (instead of 0.00) Monkey also now reports all items are up to date - clearly it needs to successfully communicate with the pedal to be able to report the full status. So that's all fixed. So in conclusion the advice I quoted was in correct after all - but a reset would obviously not have fixed the problem as it was a rogue MIDI plugin causing the problem - even though a later installation than the Line6 plugin means they both work fine. I suspect a corrupted pref file in that instance don't you agree?
  20. vvkv

    Native Demo constantly freezing Logic Pro.

    thank you very much, it works)
  21. Chuckusa

    POD HD and my amp...

    Could you recommend me some budget priced audio interfaces and flat response speakers I should try out, so I can get an idea of what I could be looking for and doing? I would like to try out this method you mentioned and still run my POD through my tube amp, then into a different audio interface with flat response speakers... Could you describe this setup in a little more detail please? Lol iv been messing with music gear for years but am still stupid with it lmao.... Just a slow learner I guess... I just want to understand how I am going to run my guitar into my pod, into my tube amp, then into another interface and flat response speakers.... and still record the sound of my guitar with the jam track playing into my PC... Some example of set ups needed would be great... Sorry I just need the extra help to understand...
  22. DaniPJ

    Hx effects-snapshot bug

    Thank you phil!!!
  23. CoupeChris

    Pod Hd500x Usb Connection Issue

    Yes I did strangely enough - but with nothing working now after an 'upgrade' instigated by Monkey - well lets call it desperation! And who said that post I quoted was entirely correct? I've been here before with gear where people post incorrect info s they don't have the full picture. I'm sure you've seen that before yourself! Thanks for your input!
  24. Did you get any answers on this? I'm in exactly the same situation and not getting any luck with MIDI or USB connection with any of my Line^ gear - this has to be a driver issue. All seemed to work great up until I did one upgrade via Monkey - now nothing works!
  25. Not quite... the "vintage modern" necks all have truss rod access at the headstock, and nowhere else. I have 4 of them, the youngest of which is less than a year old. It's the "modern" necks that have the primary adjustment screw at the heel for making bigger adjustments, along with the "fine tune" side screw that you can access without removing the neck. Never had one of these, so I can't comment on how robust the side-adjust mechanism is. But I loathe having to remove the neck to make adjustments, and that design just seemed like asking for trouble. Can't say enough good things about the "vintage modern" necks, though. I have 3 Strat and one Tele... never had any trouble with any of them. And if you haven't already, consider going with stainless frets. Bending is effortless, and you'll wear out before they do. As for the mounting screws, 3 will line up just fine if you're buying an "in stock" neck that has already been drilled for a Strat. The remaining hole is only slightly offset...too close to drill a new one. So it will require doweling of the existing hole first, and then drilling a new one. If they're building your neck from scratch, just tell them not to drill any mounting holes, and take it to someone who knows what they're doing.
  26. BRISTOL86

    Helix Native and OSX / Logic

    Yes I was surprised it didn’t. I assumed it’d be an application much like HX Edit - not sure why they’re not one and the same to be honest, and just have it as a requirement that it can only be used when not connected to Helix hardware or a valid Native licence is in place. But like you say - upsides to being in a DAW too!
  27. SaschaFranck

    Native Demo constantly freezing Logic Pro.

    The fix is: Disable your internet connection, open up the HX/N demo, reconnect to the net, enter Line 6 account details. Quite obviously, this shouldn't be required at all, though. Time to purchase tomorrow anyway, I really hope that this won't happen anymore then.
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