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  2. dannepop

    Helix into Valve Amp

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  4. SaschaFranck

    How do you guys feel about the Dirt Pedals?

    I owned quite some decent drive pedals over the years, but I gotta say that the Heir Apparent is easily up to even the very best of them. I don't think I'll ever create a patch without it anymore. Does a fantastic job in front of pretty much any amp at almost any gain. Not a too huge fan of the fuzz boxes though, even different input impedance settings don't seem to deliver the right dynamic behaviour.
  5. CiaranNI

    Helix Bug Reports

    Firmware: 2.82 (HX Stomp) Global Settings: Everything as per default, except individual patch settings Bug: Occasionally when playing (either through headphones or line out into the FX return of my amp), the signal from the Stomp will develop a 'crackle', and a small time later, the overall volume level will drop. Sometimes this comes back up again, and sometimes not. Changing through a few presets will sometimes fix it, although sometimes it needs to be changed multiple times to clear it. I've noticed the issue with multiple amp models, and I believe it happened once on the previous firmware (2.6 something) but I only played one extended session with this when I bought the unit and then upgraded to 2.82. I hadn't noticed the issue with 2.82 and so thought it was fixed, but it recurred a few times in the last week or two. I have tried to record dry in and wet out with the Stomp to capture the issue, but it always seems to fix itself by the time I get the USB in (or it could be that the USB fixes the issue somehow!).
  6. loydall

    Guys who have gone from all tube amp to all digital. Opinions?

    I use my HX Stomp into an Orange Pedal Baby powering a 4x12 cab - it sounds phenomenal - certainly the best sound I've had out of my helix and it's full on amp-in-the-room feel.
  7. xvila

    Sonic Port + iOS 13 = NG?

    So, with my non-VX Sonic Port I've been bricked ! Very nice.
  8. Thanks! :-) I may have expressed it unclear (I'm danish). What I am after is sound1 to fade out and sound2 to fade in - using the expression pedal from top to bottom. Sort of seemless transition. Is that possible to do with the HX??
  9. that´s a nice idea, but it doesn´t work that way...the level adjustments are totally digital and after the analog input...that means, if it distorts, you´d only make the already distorted signal lower...;-(
  10. czhr10

    Basic tutorial for Spider Remote app

    @uhartm , Did you get a reply from Line 6 on your ticket ?
  11. zorqay

    How do you guys feel about the Dirt Pedals?

    Heir apparent vs. Minotaur?
  12. Trying to work with my UX2 for the first time, but nothing seems to work. I have everything setup (with the latest versions), per Line 6 monkey (see attached screenshot at the bottom) My UX2 is connected to the computer. When I choose Line 6 UX2 as my default speakers and play a YouTube video, I see the level meters moving, but nothing comes out of the analog outs (I connected analog out 1/L to a guitar amp and there's no sound). Trying the other way around - opened POD Farm, connected my guitar to the instrument input (normal), changed the level meter to show input and went into POD Farm's mixer. Set the input to instrument. Playing on my guitar and the meters don't move (of course, I don't hear any sound). Last attempt - same setup, but I connected a microphone to the XLR input (microphone input 1/L), changed the input in POD Farm's mixer to mic 1. Again, the level meter (now set to input) doesn't move as I speak the the microphone, and no output sound. I also tried connecting the guitar to the amp directly using the same cable to make sure it's not a cable issue (it's not), and even tried another cable (worth trying - both cables are fine). It's as if the USB part works (the level meters light up and I can send output from my computer), but none of the inputs / outputs work. Any clue on what could cause this? Thanks Screenshot:
  13. This sounds very interesting! I assume you mean one of the covers on the back? is it the bottom left, bottom middle, bottom right or top right? Or several of them? Thanks, photo below.
  14. 886343

    HX FX - Tap Tempo Flashing Light

    Hi, I'm not sure if im doing something wrong here, but when I tap the tempo in to a click or to a drummer i find that the flashing light always seems to flash just after the beat i'm trying to tap into! I know there is human error to a degree but i've never experienced this previously with the M9, the light would flash to my tap of the button. Am i tapping too many times (usually 3-4 taps)? Any ideas how I get get the lit up flash to match my tap of the button instead of just after? Thanks
  15. Worst case scenario get a short male to female cable and tie the end to your strap. This is necessary in some guitars with active pickups, even if the transmitter fits.
  16. Kilrahi

    Hum in headphones

    Anytime you describe a sound it can be problematic because the question becomes if I am thinking of the same sound you are. Especially the term "hum," as I don't usually use that term unless there's a problem (like from a ground loop). Nevertheless, high gain presets will have a lot of noise when you're not playing. That's part of what high gain is all about. There is always sound happening around your electric guitar so even when you aren't strumming, electrical noise is happening and is being sent to the Firehawk. High gain amps heavily ramp up everything they receive with . . . well . . . with gain. So even when you're not really playing anything, yes, there's gonna be a bunch of noise. One thing you can do to see if we're thinking of the same thing is use the Firehawk's noise gate, or place a noise gate at the start of the chain on purpose. If the noise you're hearing subsides a bit (not disappears, but drops in intensity), then yes, we're thinking of the same thing, and it's perfectly normal.
  17. Experiencing the same issue—here are my variables... SYMPTOMS: High Noise-Floor / Hissing through all outputs WHAT I'VE TRIED: I've tried multiple Line 6 Wireless Units (multiple: G10, G30, & G55) I've tried multiple instrument cables I've tried multiple inputs I've tried all outputs at both Mic & Line levels I've tried multiple XLRs and 1/4 cables for output USB connection makes no difference I've tried tons of amp models (same issue even when clean or in an empty patch) I've tried multiple HELIX units entirely (both rack and floor models never been used in the same place prior both running on current firmware) I've updated firmware to latest release on both HELIX models (2.82) I've tried HELIX native (latest version) I've tried multiple power cables I've tried multiple power conditioners I've tried multiple physical locations: my house, a professional recording studio, multiple music venues including a new music venue constructed for the sole purpose of professional live sound, a newer church building, also constructed with proper grounding and built for live audio. No change. I've multiple guitars (Ibanez RGA, RGD, and PRS Custom 24: Dimarzio Fusion-Edge and Bareknuckle Aftermath/Cold Sweat & PRS stock pickups). All guitars properly wired. No ground issues. Sound happens regardless of if I'm touching strings or connected metal hardware. Sound happens regardless of guitar volume position. I've tried running into QSC power amps, multiple DAWs via multiple UAD Apollo Twin interfaces, multiple computers, Electrovoice Live X powered speakers. No change to noise. There is no difference in the noise when I am physically rotated one way or another in any given room. The entirety of my Ibanez RGD electronics cavity and covers are painted with conductive paint. PRS custom 24s are air-freaking tight stock. This is not an EMI issue with the guitar. Noise persists regardless of if a guitar is even plugged in. I wanted to troubleshoot the motherfricking heck out of this issue before creating a ticket with Line 6, so I could have relative certainty that I've tried everything I can before complaining. But this persistent noise is beyond me. It is SO loud whenever I'm using a moderate high-gain tone that even with an input gate and noise gate engaged, the noise causes a very audible harshness in my tone and makes HELIX basically unusable for a recording or live setting. I had never experienced this issue in my memory and I can't determine exactly when this issue started, because I had originally attributed it to a simple explanation like 60-cycle hum via EMI or a ground loop. Please help if you have any further information on what could be happening with HELIX. Thank you! Jesse ARDENT www.ArdentBand.com
  18. It will but you’ll have to let the jack out a little on the guitar and place a rubber washer between it and the body to where it’ll make contact With the transmitter. I’ve got a post on here describing and pics of how I did it and others have done it also with how I showed.
  19. Karl_Houseknecht

    AES and Axe-Fx III - Not working

    What Axe-Fx version? III? There are some reporting that their II works with it, which was my experience. But the III doesn't seem to.
  20. kevron75

    Help! I messed up my Helix!

    So, weird thing. It magically started working again today. I didn't change anything. As long as it doesn't happen again, I think this is going to be a fun board!
  21. It's possible . . . I'm not sure it's the best way to do it. To do what you want, you would need to connect the expression pedal to control some option that adds dirt. For example, pushing it past a point could activate an overdrive pedal OR it could increase the drive of an overdrive pedal. It can be tempting to try to mimic an old way of doing things with a new device. However, I think the HX Effects has a lot better options. Snapshots are probably the best example, where with a push of a button you can change up to 64 settings in your signal chain. It doesn't take anywhere close to 64 changes to add dirt.
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  23. SOLUTION: I had the same issue which sounded like a shielding ground issue. The problem sounds like a static "spark"( which shouldn't happen if the electronics are properly shielded). I removed the electronic cover plate (back of the guitar) and then used a sanding block to "lightly" clean the cover mounting surface (on the guitar). I used a little alcohol to clean the surface after sanding. I also removed any raised bumps from the cover mounting surface so the cover would fit flush. I reinstalled the cover and made sure all the screws were tight. No more "static tick" sounds! Bill
  24. Bobby2626

    212 plus

    Ok Thanks I've started removing all my speaker cabs in my patches. And using the speaker models in PC212 they sound much better then the Helix cab speakers. The bypass thing is you always have to remember to hit it when you change to a new patch. I going to edit all my patches it will take some time but when I'm done I will rock! Thanks Man....
  25. revolver1010

    How to use Ext2 pedal to switch amp channels? - HX Effects

    So the reason why I was testing amp switching with the second jack was because my current amp will switch from clean to the distorted channel but not back to clean with a second press. I've tried every single combination of setting (momentary/latch, tip, ring, etc). It only ever changes the channel then won't change back. When I had a Mesa Triple Rec my Boss GT-10 would change the channel from clean to distorted channel 3 and back and forth each hit. Granted, this Bugera amp has three external switching inputs and includes a clean channel input when my Mesa did not. So I was wondering if I would have to either hookup to both output jacks or use a stereo to dual mono cable to be able to switch back and forth. Of course, if I have to use both jacks then I can't deal because I need one for volume/wah, but I was testing and got curious. Rev.
  26. pianoguyy

    POD HD and my amp...

    says who
  27. pianoguyy

    POD HD and my amp...

    it really depends on what you are trying to do - as far as tone is concerned. take me as an example; prior to going all digital, i ran everything in one long chain. no loops. i designed my tone based on that system - what does x sound like when it is plugged into y other people look at me and are like "where's your loops, you need to use a dozen cables and tap dance over wires to avoid tripping" (but that was before going digital. now there is no amp.) So, then, the question is - why this amp. you are using a modeler, why plug fake amps into a real amp, why not get some kind of monitor that doesn't add to the tone. sure, sounds like garbage on its own, but lets your modeled tone shine. Or are you trying to use the amp as part of the tone.
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