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  2. Hi Line6ers, as far as I came to know PodGo Edit is of the opinion that there is only 1 suitable standard directory on any PC worldwide where presets should be saved into. But I want to save my presets on disk D instead of disk C and into a special directory there. I could not find any option to permanently change the location target. Does anybody in this forum know the secret how to do this? Thanks in advance
  3. voxman55

    2 Paths

    No, Pod Go cannot run parallel routing or allow you more than one cab and amp model at a time. It is not a Helix, it's a 'Pod' that benefits from Helix modelling. If you need those sophistications, the Helix LT will likely be your best option from a cost perspective, particularly as used prices have reduced significantly, partly due to Pod Go arriving on the scene. There are other differences eg in Pod Go you can't currently name 'snapshots' but in Helix/Helix LT you can, and in Pod Go it has a single rather than the dual processor in Helix/Helix LT. Pod Go architecture mean you have certain 'fixed' blocks that you cannot change eg you can change an amp, cab, EQ, Volume, Wah for different types of each, but you can't make an EQ a chorus, distortion pedal etc. Helix and LT are much more powerful and you have greater flexibility/options but these units are a lot more expensive, and a lot bigger and heavier.
  4. Oh yeah: giant sounds need giant dongles.
  5. titchyblackcat

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    Hi, I'm niot sure whether to buy a Pod Go or a Helix Can Pod Go do 2 seperate paths like my Pod HD ? I've looked but can only see videos using 1 path
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  7. RJKole

    Helix on Windows XP

    Simply to satisfy/reach old/more customers. Attention to customers is never wasted in my eyes. Besides in large companies service is certainly not a matter of resoures, rather a matter of will. But please dont lets start a Win 3,1 discussion ;-)
  8. Thanks for the input guys, i'm deffo going to get something new. I now have new dilemma. I only use Amps, Cabs, EQ, Noise gate and maybe delayn and only ever play into a pc. So. would a Helix stomp have a better tone than a Pod Go ? I've only just heard of the Pod Go
  9. Wondering if someone here experienced such a bug : Yesterday I helped a customer to install presets & user cabs (he purchased my presets) via Team Viewer and HX Edit - we're in different countries. His Helix is under firmware 2.92, my presets 2.82. Impulses installation went well, however, there was some bug while installing the presets : Their names on the HX Edit editor panel were fine, but the left part, with the presets list, was still displaying the names of the presets that has been overwritten. There was also an error message, see the screenshot. In some cases, the original presets stayed, despite being overwritten with new presets. Is that a known bug ?
  10. Absolutely, get a Helix! and then get a pair of Line6 Powercab 112 +’s or a Powercab 212+. Then watch the you tube videos to get everything setup. Download HX Edit for the Helix and Powercab Edit. You will not be disappointed! At least it’s what I did and I love it.
  11. Do you lose your saved tones when you reinstall?
  12. Thank you ur2funky! I downloaded the acoustic IRs and used a couple in my preset and they are amazing. I haven’t tried your preset, but plan on it tomorrow. Thank sooo much!
  13. Hola que tal, necesito ayuda Actualicé HX UPDATE pero olvide desconectar el HX STOMP, ahora mi pc no lo detecta, necesito apoyo urgente :'(
  14. Hola que tal, quisiera saber que puedo hacer, actualicé HX UPDATE, pero no desconecté mi HX STOMP y ahora mi pc no lo reconoce :'( que puedo hacer????
  15. Since it has to be connected to an authorized computer I would think of the Pod Go as a very large dongle.
  16. Wow, that was fast? After I posted it I went ahead and submitted a ticket with the same question to get an "official" answer. Support just replied back that it should be any issue other than an extra exposed jack hanging out on the back of the unit. I tend to slide this forward on the carpet where I play and sometimes the jack starts to come out. That issue just went away. Also zip tied the power wart to the outlet so it won't fall out.
  17. I fired up the POD X3 yesterday and the white noise was just too much. I don't know how to deal with it because I've never done this before. If anyone has encountered or dealt with these symptoms, it would really help me if you could give me some advice. The white noise was very bad, even when I tried to connect the microphone and guitar separately. I was connected to my PC at the time, so I recorded with DAW software and the white noise was brilliantly mainstreamed. (Both the microphone and guitar.) I thought it might be due to the connection to the PC, so I started up the POD X3 with the connection between the POD X3 and the PC disconnected and away from the PC and monitor, and the white noise was terrible even in that state. Incidentally, I recorded with a POD X3 with a guitar and microphone and with DAW software between February and April of this year, and when I checked yesterday, there was no white noise at all in the recordings from that time. If anyone knows what causes these and how to remedy the white noise, it would be really helpful to have some advice. (The white noise is terrible, but the guitars and microphones sound normal. Also, I tried changing the headphones to different ones but no change.) Thank you!
  18. I started out on some great tube amps back in the day but switched to modelers in early 2000s. Used Boss, Vox, modelers as well as Line6 HD500. Never felt they were at the level of the real thing. The Helix has the subtlety of the real thing and if they never upgraded again it’d be content with my Helix Floor. But I am a gear hound so if they do upscale again, I’ll likely chase it.
  19. Yesterday
  20. My headphones have a small jack that fits into the 1/4 jack. I'll probably need to ask Line 6 but would it seem like an issue to leave the large jack plugged in all the time? That way I could zip tie the power cord to it so it stays nice and tight? I can just plug the headphones into the 1/4 jack as needed when I'm using them.
  21. "... Line6 would need to verify before I tried it on my guitar. "--- 1- For use for mag signal prep for VDI output. 2- Except for any minute difference between VDI cable and TRS cable. 3- Doesn't look like it. One is a digitally Modeled signal, the other one isn't. Modeled signal will be different than a mag going through unprocessed. " I compensate with a compressor and EQ block. " --- that works well.
  22. The version 5 whammy will do what you want in a standard whammy size. Its drop function isn't as easy to use and you can't drop AND whammy at once (can you do that on the Whammy DT?), but it drops, and raises, in half steps.
  23. Just realized I did in fact post something similar in the X3 spot yet never got a response.....it’s been a year and a half. Lol
  24. I've got a Pod xt live (which I absolutely love!) and eons ago I bought the 3-pack model pack bundle. Recently I had to flash the rom - which started all of this muck. Fast forward to just recently, I decided to connect up my xt to my new computer. Downloaded everything (etc. . . ) and while all my model packs are showing up on under my account online - when I de-auth and re-auth via the lic. manager the program tells me the packs are being loaded onto the xt but surprise they really aren't on the xt at all. I have done this 20+ times in every conceiveable manner possible. (tried previous versions of all software - monkey - lic. manager - firmwares - etc) I've been lurking on the forums here for some glimmer of hope but it seems I've found no answer to my problem. The device is being recognized in both windows and line 6 softwares. Near as I can tell is that the license manager is actually trying to load the files after a successful de-auth but it just ain't sending the info across. I've opened up a help ticket, but I was just hoping someone out there has had a similar problem and found a resolution. USB cable works fine in monkey - I think I can rule that out . . . (after all I was able to flash the memory) I took a look at the diagnostic files but most of it is just Greek to me. If anyone understands them - I'll gladly load up and copy a short section of it . . . . Thanks, all Joe
  25. I understand your concerns. The VDI does indeed sound somewhat different than the 1/4". There's probably a lot of reasons for that: 1. The A2D converters for the magnet pickups are in the guitar, not Helix 2. The cable capacitance and Helix input impedance are not impacted by the VDI cable 3. There could be some limiting of the magnetic pickups as they go through the A2D on the guitar due to bandwidth, headroom or bit depth issues that aren't present with the Helix 1/4" input. There have been long discussions about using the VDI and 1/4" at the same time. But this is not advised because a normal TS cable will ground the power coming from the VDI which could cause malfunction, overheating, and damage. I suspect if you are careful and use a special TRS cable that leaves the sleeve open this would not be a problem. But Line6 would need to verify before I tried it on my guitar. I have come to live with the VDI "tone suck" and apparent loss of sustain because of the many other advantages. I compensate with a compressor and EQ block.
  26. If you haven't gotten the answer you want try this... -Undo all the Snapshot commands on the preset. That should be the ticket :)
  27. The Drop goes in half step increments. I use that and a POG with my Helix
  28. Greetings, I’m thinking of purchasing a Boss Katana 100 mk2 and was wondering if anyone has used the Power Amp feature of the Katana to input a Pod 2.0. From reading the specifications on the Katana it is stated that multi-effect units and modelers can be used with the amp and this had me thinking of my Pod 2.0. I have some good tones and patches on the Pod 2.0 and was wondering how it would sound. Anyone hook one up? Thanks!
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