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  2. Kilrahi

    Helix or Powercab as my soundcard?

    That's the thing though. If you're after the one thing the Powercab can do that the Helix can't (amp in the room feel) that will never end up on your recording anyway. Everything else will sound the same no matter how you do it. It's possible I'm just not understanding what you're trying to do, but it seems like a straight signal chain is all that's needed. Maybe post a picture of your signal chain if you get a chance.
  3. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp USB to Mac Audio Output?

    I've been following this thread kind of loosely. Finally though, I just gotta ask since so much work was put into it. I'm not trying to slam you, I'm more just always curious about the ways people like to do things. Why do you want to go this way? It seems like it would be so much easier to just listen to it all through the Stomp. Numerous nights a week I plug my PC into my Stomp via USB, and select some youtube recording to jam along with. I plug my headphones into my Stomp, or my external speakers into my Stomp, and jam away. They sound far better than my PC speakers would anyway. Is it for convenience sake and a dislike or lack of headphones?
  4. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp as audio interface- setting?

    Just to be clear, you want to monitor how you sound playing in your DAW? In addition to what Silverhead said, you would also want to: Steps: 1. Input source - USB 5 & 6 2. Output source - USB 1 & 2 3. Select the final output block in the HX Stomp's signal chain and turn the volume level all the way to as far negative DB as it will go. This should allow you to do exactly that. It's what I always do.
  5. Kilrahi

    Can i play the firewhawk through a spider IV

    It's not a dumb question, but the Spider IV doesn't have an effects loops so it would be a lot harder to do a traditional 4 cable method. You could kind of run some sounds through the CD/MP3 input but that is an unusual approach that takes a fair amount of fine tuning and the sound doesn't match exactly traditional 4 cable. You can certainly plug the Firehawk into the front of it, but you'd be stuck not using its internal amp models and post amp effects wouldn't be possible. Really, the thing about the Spider IV is its kind of designed to be its own thing. It's not the best device to use with a multi effects unit (IMHO).
  6. cruisinon2

    Musings on Helix after 2 years of use (non gigging guitarist)

    Lol... you and me both. Truer words have never been spoken. ;)
  7. I found a ton of schematics here: http://bee.mif.pg.gda.pl/ciasteczkowypotwor/SM_scena/Line6/
  8. Anil_Desai

    Fremen's Helix presets

    I'll echo the same sentiments - Happy Birthday! I had previously bought all of Fremen's bigger packs and just got the Hi-Gain Amp Pack and the Synth/Tonematch pack. I really enjoyed the synths - they're great for soloing over and not worrying about getting the "looper" or a drum machine just right. It's also amazing how different the many tones for each Hi-Gain amp can sound, with "just" EQ, light effects, and amp paramter and settings changes. I also appreciate the organization of the snapshots and IR's. It took me about 10 minutes to get everything loaded and ready to go. Happy playing, all!
  9. Observation of the pro FOH guy - comparing two things in a way that aren't exactly the same is no real comparison at all. Mic for tube amp vs. direct Axe vs. DI use vs. inability to mix or EQ for a particular purpose - WTF? So, yes they will all be different, and some will be "better" - lack of bees for a particular model, etc. Next - to each his/her own. Some might think the swarm of bees is how that Marshall should sound and like it. Yep, hundreds of people asking how to EQ, route, model, etc. No forum specifically for the Mashall JCM800 - except for the different tubes used, when should they be replaced with what brand, cap replacement, addition/subtraction of MV, fx loops, etc....well, I guess it's the same as well...turns out there is a forum for that stuff. Been drifting slowly away from tubes for years, discovered it was more a psychological thing for me personally. I would love a multi-amp, Marshall/Mesa/Bogner/Fender stage setup controlled by a tech sitting in a cockpit that resembles the space shuttle, while I lean back and wank 164th notes, drawing crowds of people to my brilliance. Does it sound better than my current Helix setup? No definition for "better" available, so can't say because all of the possible contexts and output configurations are different - but I have tried something similar, been through dozens of different tube/digital/hybrid setups. I know either rig sounds better than me if Andy Timmons would be using either one . Unlike Andy (maybe even he can't do this), I've got no tech, no access to use and continually mix and match all that gear, and no professional muscle to cart and setup/tear down all that stuff. If I did? Maybe I'd want the semi full of gear, maybe not...I really don't think so. Funny little story - talking to a local player at a bar, really skillful guy, get's a variety of great sounds on stage with his 3-piece band - ZZ Top to Stevie Ray to Mettalica. Plays a floor Boss unit into the front of a gorgeous old Fender combo. Told me he dislikes the modelers because they never sound quite right to him - while he pushes a digital signal into a clean tube amp, nowhere near loud enough to push the tubes into showing their personality. We're all a little nutty is the final answer, to each our own little nutty selves. Helix rocks, but so does...well, some of the other stuff (this is the Line 6 forum, not the Marshall Amp Forum). I likes me some Helix, along with some other gear. It's (or I'm) a tool, so there you go.
  10. silverhead

    HX Stomp as audio interface- setting?

    Download and install the Line 6 driver. Connect Helix Stomp to your computer via USB. Make sure Reason is configured to use the HX Stomp device and its ASIO driver as its audio device for both recording and playback. Connect your speakers/monitors to the HX Stomp outputs. If stuttering occurs experiment with the buffer sizes in the driver properties.
  11. Today
  12. As of the OP of this post, yeah thanks everyone. This was a great discussion and I learned alot. Thanks for not descending into the bowels of the internet!
  13. Just a quick thank you to you all for remaining civil and all the info. I really liked your post amsdemj. That answered a question or two that I have had, as many of your posts have.
  14. xmacvicar

    Correct settings for using PowerCab

    I am not a powercab user, so take this for what it is! haha...I believe the recommended setting when using the Helix in conjunction with the Powercab is to run the Helix at full volume, with a LINE signal and do most of your master volume control on the Powercab itself. Also, there was quite a bit of talk about some of the volume of the powercab being 'too low' - so thats where recommendations of LINE come in, and ensuring that the levels of the speaker models are not too low as well.
  15. gunpointmetal

    Musings on Helix after 2 years of use (non gigging guitarist)

    The only way to make Helix sound like a guitar amp and a guitar cab is to use a guitar cab. (big period) Guitar cabs are terrible amplification devices, but they work for the voice of the guitar and they're what most people are used to hearing/feeling when they play. The PowerCab gets closer because of the cabinet design and the coaxial driver, but if you want the experience of playing through a 4x12, you gotta play through a 4x12. If you want the SOUND of a 4x12 mic'd properly in a high-end studio coming back to you through monitors, that's what the Helix is doing through an FRFR/PA system. Even with far-field IRs it's not gonna sound/feel the same. There have literally been thousands of threads about this on the internet since modelers have been a thing, and it all comes down to playback system. If you're a "live and loud" player a FRFR system probably won't satiate your desires when you're playing. I grew up practicing in headphones with lollipop little Zoom and Boss modelers, and like a controlled stage, and I LOOOOOOOVE my in-ears, so the whole "4x12 mic'ed up in another room" sound works perfectly for me, but I totally understand why it doesn't for some people and while they always feel like something is missing.
  16. fflbrgst

    Internet /amp connection for backing tracks

    You don't need to extract the audio from a video stream to send the audio to your amp, just set the amp as your audio device in the Win settings, play the video/stream.
  17. I am new to line6 and have not used an effects processor before. I am a working musician and have recently bought a spider IV and am now thinking of buy in a firehawk FX. I have mainly played acoustic all my career and do not know much about effects or digital amps. Do i need to use the 4 cable method for connecting it to my spider or is there an easier way ? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question,
  18. You absolute legend been trying to solve this for weeks and this fixed it straight away.
  19. datacommando

    Helix and other equipment

    I really do despair! The main thing that contributors on this thread have told you is - get some decent monitors or FRFR speakers to use with your Helix otherwise it will sound like a sack of $hit. Big problem - you didn’t like any that you checked out! Did you listen to them - properly, or did you just not like the colour. One more time, get some monitors and no, PA speakers are not the same. Loud yes, but not the same! Furthermore, if you don’t intend to dispose of any of your current gear, even the unnecessary items - well, this band thing is gonna be a long time coming! A year? Yeah, right! Also, how come nobody else in this band is contributing to the equipment pool? That could speed things up a bit!
  20. datacommando

    HX Stomp USB to Mac Audio Output?

    Well, yes, it always is disappointing when something doesn’t work exactly as you expected. Since my last post, I have realised that my Helix functions the same way (becomes the sound card) even though my previous “screen shots” would indicate otherwise. I will delete those images because they may lead to even more confusion. As previously mentioned my Helix is hooked up to my studio iMac and is in everyday use which leads to familiarity breeding contempt. Yes, I can use my iMac internal speakers with Helix connected via USB, but not powered up. Doh! There is also a general purpose MacBookPro around the place and when using that it is possible to switch between internal and external speakers, it will even use wireless to play through a couple of satellite set top boxes to the TV speakers, so I know that it’s possible to swap between speaker systems straight out of the Mac. We spend so much time using this technology that sometimes the edges become blurred. What I really should have pointed you towards was using the Aggregate Device” option on your Mac which allows the use of more than one device. Have a look at this video and see if it helps you to achieve what you need.
  21. DunedinDragon

    Helix and other equipment

    Yeah, that's much more appropriate for what you're wanting to accomplish. I've owned a couple of Zoom products over the years and they're pretty decent. Another consideration you might want to look at in that same (or even less) price range that's one of the most popular solutions for what you want to do are the Behringer X Air series mixers if you don't mind using a tablet or pc as your physical mixing board rather than a hardware mixing board. In live performance this allows you to leave the main wireless unit on stage and then manage your mix wirelessly from a tablet either on stage or out in the audience. These are probably the most popular and widely selling units in this space. The XR18 which is an 18 channel unit which is the one reviewed in the attached link, prices in at 499.99. A little less for the units with fewer channels. Of course you'd need a tablet (android or ios) or Mac or PC if you don't have one. Behringer XR18 Product Walkthrough Video Personally, if I were in your situation I'd probably opt for standard PA type speakers maybe like the QSC CP12 or Yamaha DBR12's simply because they'd work better with a jam session than would studio monitors, plus be a viable solution if you wanted to play live.
  22. Tp02885000009

    how to save a customized tone

    For all those struggling with saving your sounds on the amp whilst using the foot controller, please take heed. The below comments are your solution. For example if you have a spider iv 15 and using the fbv mkii footswitch, you need to hold down the button on the amp above the corresponding channel to save the settings, NOT on the footpedal. This will include your chorus/flanged sounds and reverb/delay sounds. Took me a while to figure it out but got there. Such joy, very happy now
  23. Love my new HX Stomp, well done L6 ! However... manual uses very confusing terminology in USB audio section....not clear/ intuitive at all...(to my simple brain...) I want to input HX stomp processed guitar to (Reason 9.5) and hear it + simultaneous playback of Reason song. Can any one tell me (in simple terms)step by step, what settings I need to make to achieve this? I've tried all permutations I can think of----> guitar sounds great as usual, but very poor/corrupted playback of RSN tracks. Control panel choices in Reason are : 8 channel in . ...8 channels out (check/uncheck boxes) Audio track input selection mono/stereo HS stomp 1-8 Thanks. D
  24. stgasser1

    'Operation Timed Out' Issues

    I have the same issue. 1/4 cable plugged in.
  25. fremen

    Fremen's Helix presets

    That IR is from valhallir.at, and as such, my deal with them is that I can only distribute it with my presets pack
  26. I really wish they hadn't given up on 10.8.5 all us protools hd studios and locked out of helix. Spending 10000 to upgrade studio is not an option.
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