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  2. rd2rk

    Helix LT doesn't show up in Reaper

    Are you plugged into a hub? Try different USB ports. Is HX Edit working? Is it on the same version as the Helix? Try unplugging the USB for a moment (with Reaper and HX Edit closed), then re-plugging. Try shutting it all down, then rebooting starting with Helix (wait till it's fully booted before starting the computer). If that doesn't work, try re-installing the ASIO drivers. All I can think of right now. I have Stomp and Helix Floor on separate laptops, both show both Stomp and Floor drivers.
  3. zolko60

    Guess it's long overdue to say: Thank you!

    Thank you! 2.80 firmware for me is the (non?) public beta quality. I appreciate it was released, but to make an aware decision to be a beta tester I would rather have "Known Issues" section of the release notes to be complete.
  4. I hope I'm understanding you properly, so forgive me if what I'm commenting isn't relevant. But on my HX Effects, I have EXT AMP, set to Footswitch 6, then in snapshot 1 I have it for the clean channel (lit). Then for dirty on snapshot 2 (dim). Both are set to 1(Tip). Snap 1, set it to lit, save. Snap 2, set it to dim, save. And then it works. 2.80 update has added a "none" setting to control EXT AMP, but this can only be used in Instant Commands. Which seems very strange to me.
  5. Tarekith

    Number of factory presets and templates in 2.8?

    Thanks for the presets. I too missed the option to reload the factory presets, which is weird as I was specifically looking for it during the process as well.
  6. JustinJuk

    connecting POD HD500x to Mac

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!! This worked great!
  7. spikey

    LF-RAW, L6 Link, Grammatico

    The nice term for it is "Oh My Goodness". The norm is "OH MY GOD". The short term for it is "Only Midgets Grin"...
  8. 1- Yes. 2- Yes, and load down the main board. Have seen JTV's come back with component blown on VDI and/or TRS jack on the jack plate, components blown near the jack plate-to-main board connector, the main board shorted, and on rare occasions the ultimate trifecta,... jack plate, main board and battery box PCBA's all go down. 3- Correct, "don't use two cables at the same time", and as Egon told Venckman, "Don't cross the streams." Most double correct, "It's probably better to be cautious and avoid the potential issue." 4- I know what you mean, I'm VDI kind of guy too.
  9. jkermit1

    2.8 update stuck in 'boot failure, entered update mode'

    I had the same issue, stuck in "boot failure, entered update mode". I turned the Helix Floor off/on, restarted Updater, changed the usb cable & used different USB ports multiple times. I then realized I hadn't updated Helix Edit to 2.80. Once I did that everything is good and its rebuilding presets. Thanks everyone for the posts.
  10. czarkhanpe

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    tablet control for the HX edit
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  12. cbrillow

    Pedal only going to level 90

    Good on you for following up on the resolution to your problem! It may help the next guy...
  13. cbrillow

    micro usb on G10 relay

    I'd suggest doing a search in this forum. It's very easy to find others who've bitterly complained about this issue, as well as some helpful suggestions to minimize the chance of this disabling your unit.
  14. I think I get it. If you use VDI to power the guitar, and TS plug in the output jack at the same time, the power terminal of that TRS jack will be grounded by the TS plug. That could easily cause at least a partial short on the VDI power supply. But if you used VDI to power the guitar and TRS with nothing connected to the ring, then this would seem to eliminate the short and potential additional load. Although that might actually be fine, it's a lot simpler to say don't use two cables at the same time. This would prevent situations where someone used TS cables, or used a TRS cable that happened to ground the ring on the other end. It's probably better to be cautious and avoid the potential issue. That said, I still think the 1/4" output sounds better than the VDI into Helix - better tone, more sustain. I wish that weren't the case since I use VDI exclusively.
  15. lcuturic23

    Helix LT doesn't show up in Reaper

    Hi everyone! I wanted to record a quick riff in Reaper using my Helix LT, but Helix doesn't show up under ASIO devices. It does show up when opening the Updater and I hear Windows sounds coming thorugh my Helix. What should I do? I have the latest drivers and software; it used to work a few days ago and now it randomly disappeared, only HX Stomp shows up for some reason (which I don't even have). Thanks!
  16. codamedia

    Live vs Recorded Tone

    Something isn't right.... I suspect something is not setup right in the configuration... OR you adjusted your tones with no cabinet (that would have resulted in removing too much high end) and tried to add the cabinet later in the process. Can you export and share your patch so we can check to see what might be amiss?
  17. amsdenj

    Grammatico Brt

    The replies to this post raise an interesting point: the source of the distortion can have a big impact on tone and feel. I'll explain. There are three different configurations that have been describe in this post: Grammatico with master set high, Grammatico with master set lower, and some overdrive pedal into Grammatico. Let's look at what's different about these and why they might sound and feel different. Grammatico with master set high: In this case, its going to be the power amp that is distorting. Since Grammatico is using a tube rectifier and push-pull power amp, power amp distortion is going to generate a lot of odd order harmonics and exhibit quite a bit of sag. The only "tone control" on this distortion is the following Cab/IR model. This can sound brittle and harsh, and have sag that may negatively impact dynamics. But others might love the aggressive distortion that comes from odd order harmonics, and think the sag is providing the feel they've been missing. Grammatico with master set lower: this will cause the distortion to be created in the preamp section which will have more even order harmonics (preamp tubes distort asymmetrically) and no sag since the amp isn't actually being driven that hard. Some people like preamp distortion, others think it has no life. A lot depends on how loud the amp is. Louder is going to sound better. But preamp and power amp distortion will sound different even if the saturation and volume levels are the same. Preamp distortion will be a little less aggressive and harsh, and won't have much feel. Grammatico with overdrive pedal: in this case the amp is typically running close to clean and most of the distortion is coming from the pedal(s). This is the most flexible because you can use different pedals with different tone controls to control how much saturation there is, what harmonics make up the saturation, and have tone controls before and after the distortion to control the saturation voicing. This is why some people love pedals. They provide a lot more flexibility than preamp and power amp distortion. Which of these is better? There's no way to know, everyone's taste and needs are different, and different songs need different sounds. But what's key is that they are different and why. Knowing this might give you better control to determine what you like.
  18. where does the dt sit within the signal chain on helix now ?
  19. I realize many/most people may be aware of this but just in case you think you are looking at all the options available when you select a Global category, you many not be. Just wanted to point out that the indicator for multiple pages has changed since the last firmware. Depending on which category you select, some of the Global settings categories still have multiple pages. The dots that used to indicate that a Global category had multiple pages has just been replaced by a bar. So if you see a bar that is not solid white all the way across, this indicates that Global category has multiple pages. They are accessible by using the page right or left buttons as in the past.
  20. grady_h

    Thank you for dreamrig DT, Helix & JTV

    where does the dt sit in the signal chain on helix now? Before I was just using the TT with the helix in a for cable method and you can place the DTE anywhere you wanted to you with the effects loop. But now that you can use the AES/EBU cable where does the DT amplifier sit in the signal chain?
  21. Smj7

    Strange Synth Sound – HX Stomp

    I had the same issue... there is a fix if you don’t like that happening: Go to Global Settings>Preferences and set Tempo Pitch to "Transparent" instead of "Authentic". Sean Meredith-Jones www.seanmeredithjones.com
  22. guitarbloke1980

    Strange Synth Sound – HX Stomp

    Ah ha! Yes they do!! Thanks for that, that'll be the issue I'm sure of it! :)
  23. Thanks buddy I’ll give it a shot. I’d like to trade up, I’ve completely lost faith in proprietary batteries on the G10. I’ll report back.
  24. roscoe5

    Helix and computer speakers

    So I recently moved and just got around to setting up the home office. With everything still in boxes and stacked up, my old Klipsch THX 2.1 computer speakers were on top and accessible. So I grabbed the box off hooked them up. I haven't had these out of the box in a few years and forgot how good they sounded for just music playback and gaming. Helix 2.80 update came out and I couldn't wait to jam. So i just plugged Helix phones out to the stereo line in on the Klipsch's. I was blown away with how it sounded through these little guys! Smooth, even, no harsh highs, good bass from the sub. https://www.klipsch.com/products/klipsch-promedia-2-1-thx-certified-computer-speaker From the specs, they are 100W continuous and 200W peak combined. Pretty sure it's an analog power amp and no fancy DSP or anything. Just good analog design. I wouldn't necessarily crank them all the way up due to the transients and peaks of live guitar/bass/instruments, but I had it up pretty loud. I did have to use an isolating power strip to address ground hum/buzz since the speakers were connected to the computer and I was connecting Helix to the line in. I have two Powercab 112+'s, JBL Eon 515xt's, Tannoy Reveal 802 studio monitors, Fryette PS2 & Mesa cabs, etc. and love them all. I have to say, these Klipsch computer speakers were surprisingly pleasant to play Helix through. So for someone just wanting a simple desk setup without going full blown studio monitors, the $124 Klipsch 2.1 rig makes for a nice Helix/modeler-friendly bedroom setup. The IK iLoud Micro Monitors look intriguing as well and at $299 may be a step up, but no sub. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/iloudmm/?pkey=iloud-micro-monitor
  25. raww

    Number of factory presets and templates in 2.8?

    Are there any new templates beside the DAW Hotkeys? And thanks for the upload of the Factory Presets. I missed that point in installation, after 5 times mentioning to backup. Seems like Factory Preset 2.8 has less presets. 96 instead of 128
  26. Hi, this is my first post here so apologies if I missed this somewhere or get the etiquette wrong. I recently acquired the HX effects to use with a Kraken V4 preamp. This has a TRS amp control input which controls the channel switching and bypass (designed for a pair of latching switches). On the previous firmware I was able to assign one footswitch to control bypass (very useful on the V4 series due to the routing features) and another to switch channel, by assigning one to "Amp 2 Tip" and one to "Amp 2 Ring". With the new 2.8 firmware, these no longer seem to be independent. Turning on a ring signal to switch to channel 1 also enables the bypass (presumably by cancelling the signal to tip?) This is not a very useful arrangement. Do I need to roll back to the previous firmware, or am I missing a trick? Initially I thought the firmware update had broken switching entirely as it no longer functioned in my patch, but by rebuilding the patch I discovered the new arrangement; presumably the new (non)--latching menu option broke compatibility with the restored preset.
  27. phil_m

    going back to old firmware

    HX Edit is backwards compatible with older firmware.
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