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  2. talkbox1964

    tube amp guy buys STOMP has no idea what modeling is. HELP!

    Thank you to all! Appreciate it very much.
  3. datacommando

    HX Stomp...Why Does it Shut Off Randomly?

    Hi Bill, I noticed this is the second post that you have made regarding the issue. As you said this is a brand new unit, I think your first recourse should be to contact the vendor “Sweetwater” and discuss the situation with them. You may be able to get the “faulty” unit replaced immediately. Failing that, you should raise a ticket with Line 6 support. Try Sweetwater first and see how it goes with them, although a “random shutdown” is going to be difficult to replicate, you should get a new unit - fit for purpose, etc. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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  5. worshipHimalways

    How do I move footswitches in "Edit" software--e.g. FS1 to FS3

    Silver, Thanks for your response ("you got the silver" by Keith Richards----is that where you got that :)) I have the POD HD 500x, and the program is "POD HD 500x edit". I use the software quite often and have great sounds, but want to 'order' my pedals. THanks for any help Steve
  6. mortalsphere

    Ear Pain after switching to Digital

    Some things that I'm surprised no one's really about talked are: 1. moving air and cabinet/speaker resonance. We guitar players, especially those who are used to playing real amps and cabs (both above and at bedroom volume) are used to hearing the speaker and cab vibrate and move, which is part of the sound. While Helix is supposed to emulate some of this, it's not the same. Even an FRFR will move air and vibrate, and its cabinet will affect the tone. Maybe part of the reason you're wanting to turn up (aside from the really good points about low pass filters) is that you don't hear or feel that speaker/cab relationship and movement going on. I would suggest you reconsider using something like a small guitar cab or monitors. Once you figure out their frequency response, they might actually sound better than really big, powerful, L3Ms. You can make them move and resonate much easier at sensible volumes. Love the colors of your studio, but just looking at those L3Ms angled in towards your ears made my ears hurt through my laptop screen! It's just overkill... It's like trying to use a 100w, 4x12 Engl or something - 6ft away and angled at your ears - and then saying you can't make it sound good unless you turn it up too much. That's what it's designed for... You aren't using it for its designed purpose. That's why "lunchbox" amps and small cabs are so popular. They get "that sound" before ear-bleeding SPL. Those L3Ms would be great for live use, but studio, home, and live use are all different. There's a reason tracking rooms are big and separated from recording rooms in good studios. Can't normally get great sounds with really quiet amps... So to protect everyone and really hear what's going on in the mix, you turn it up then move out of the room when tracking. So I'd say to go try studio monitors again. Go try them out at a good pro audio store before you buy. Look at the manufacturers' frequency charts and compare them to the L3Ms. Do you really want FRFR, or do you want the sound of an amp coming through a cab? You could also consider getting a (small) guitar cab and taking the cab emulation out of your presets. You might find that tickles your pickle more easily. More importantly, what is it you like and don't like about the sound from the L3Ms? What does "full bodied" mean to you? That's the real question to answer. Might be this next point... 2. It always sounds better when it's louder. You can google this (try the "equal loudness" measurements first), but the psychoacoustic properties of our brains, ears, and heads perceive louder sounds to be more pleasing or "better". This is often due to a perceived lack of bass and treble in quieter sounds. But this doesn't mean the sound is any different than at lower volumes, it is just heard differently. Keep that in mind... I've been around a lot of gunfire and explosions, and I was the only one who wore custom-fit hearing protection. Although I have some ringing, I kept my hearing. Don't f**k with your hearing. The point is to enjoy music for your whole life, not just part of it and sit in silence when you're old. I'd rather have my eyes plucked out by pigmy zombies than lose my hearing. Experiencing music is more important than the best tone at home, I don't care what anyone says (and I produce my own music and have played guitar for almost 20 years). Turning it up would not have been my first thought if it didn't sound good. Nor would buying a PC+... Delving into the Helix settings would be the first answer, I think, and really figuring out what I am not hearing that I want to hear. Remember... It always sounds better when it's louder. Catch 22. Sorry for the monologue. :D
  7. somebodyelse

    Volume drop connecting Helix to PC Plus via L6 Link

    No, it's not an anomaly. The difference between a digital signal and an analogue signal is like the difference between sending an email and making a phone call.
  8. DunedinDragon

    frfr speakers

    I always place mine in more of a traditional backline arrangement on a half-height pole behind me (roughly chest high) and a bit to my right or left and pointed in such a way as to get good coverage across the stage for the other members of the band. This is the same whether the instruments go through the PA or not. The only thing that changes if the instruments aren't going through the PA is my Helix volume gets turned up a bit to get the sound out into the audience.
  9. DunedinDragon

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    It depends on the amp model as they're all different. For some like the Fender Twin model they channel volume was up around 9 or even 9.3 and went down to around 5.5 or 6. For the Placater it went down from around 7 to 7.5 to between 4 or 5. All of them seemed to respond in a more linear fashion relative to the increase in the Helix volume.
  10. DunedinDragon

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    There's really no need to do that. By turning up the Helix volume and lowering the amp model channel volume I end up at the same output signal level as I had before, so there's no change necessary on the speaker volume.
  11. somebodyelse

    Helix or Powercab as my soundcard?

    I'd just stick with Reaper.
  12. spikey

    Ear Pain after switching to Digital

    One thing I love about the Power Cab + is that you can turn it all the way down, and it will still send (one of the 6 or 7) speaker simulated tones out to your studio monitors, FoH, another FRFR, etc. !
  13. rd2rk

    Helix or Powercab as my soundcard?

    I suspected as much. I'm relieved ! I thought I was losing it!
  14. xmacvicar

    Ear Pain after switching to Digital

    I'm torn on a power cab. Especially since I have a pair of L3M. I can't try one as there are none around me. Would really love to know if it's worth having.
  15. knoxdaz10

    Helix or Powercab as my soundcard?

    i think i know why i thought Reaper did 2 soundcards at once. when i used to use reaper i was on a mac. with the Aggregate Soundcards
  16. I have a brand new HX Stomp and while I love it, it has shut down on me randomly on 3 different occasions over two rehearsals in the last two days. I've only had this thing for a week now. Any idea why this is happening? It's more than a little disconcerting and causes me not to want to trust it for live performance (which is why I bought it). Help!
  17. I am having the same problem with windows 8. It is the first time I am updating the unit. It will not respond as per instructions. It is frustrating.
  18. mikefromwot

    Tranfer Firehawk presets to Helix

    Considering upgrading to Helix, currently have a Firehawk FX. Can you transfer your Furehawk presets to Helix to save time? Obviously would want to make changes and new settings, but this would make it easy to pick up and play while setting up in between gigs.
  19. glideman

    frfr speakers

    Either tilted behind/beside me or on a rack/stand beside me.
  20. knoxdaz10

    Helix or Powercab as my soundcard?

    i just went into reaper and ur right. why was i thinking different? i think because everything was set for the focusrite. sorry man i made a mistake there
  21. MartinDorr

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    I am curious what the Channel Volume values were before and after your adjustments. The Channel Volume knob is neither linear nor exponential, but seems to have a few regions were its effect is fairly fine grain to pretty corse when you make a 0.1 change. Maybe there is even more going on ...
  22. Yesterday
  23. xmacvicar

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    Now that you are running the Helix much higher do you find that you turn down your FRFR speakers or is the reduction in Channel volume enough to make up for the extra big knob volume? I think if I turn my Helix up like that in my jam space my l3m speakers would have to be way below unity.
  24. Dwf2008

    Helix and other equipment

    The Zoom was on sale last month at Sweetwater for $100 off. You should be able to get at least that deal.
  25. codamedia

    frfr speakers

    When there is a sound tech and FOH capable of doing the job then I leave it to them and point everything back at me. If the PA is vocal only, or if the PA needs to be supplemented with some stage guitar tone then I will carefully direct something toward the front from behind me.
  26. phantomofalfred

    My FX100 will not respond.

    I had upgraded it when i purchased it . It was a guitar center floor model. 2.0 it seemed to work fine. now i cannot get my android to link with it at all. also, when i try to use line6 updater to update it, it is blank. It says choose device to update. but its a black screen with nothing to choose. no menu visible. this is getting really frustrating.
  27. steelstringer

    frfr speakers

    In a full band situation, it’s nice to have 1 frfr pointing at you, most likely a wedge on the floor (your tone mixed with the other instruments/vocals ). Then, one on a pole behind you with your tone only. This works for me, but there will be other options that work as well.
  28. surfsup1955

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix looper bug!!!

    Yea no issue here either, in fact I usually set my loops playback and overdubs minus a half to a full db.. even then at times the playback is too loud for a lead part.
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