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  2. It's the number of samples an IR may have as its maximum. Longer IRs are able to contain more of whatever room reflections. 1024 samples at 48kHz (internal sample rate of the Helix) represent around 20ms in length, so 2048 represent 40ms. Personally, I vastly prefer shorter IRs for live playing as certain early reflections they may contain would be kinda implying you'd be in a weird room. I also think that many of those longer IRs feel less direct under my picking hand. Sometimes I even trim them in length (in fact, I always do as I do my own IRs, but that's another story). Whatever, non of them are stereo, the Helix only supports mono IRs. Oh, and the 2048 versions will consume more DSP power - another reason for not using them.
  3. phil_m

    Helix Bug Reports

    Have you opened up a support ticket about this?
  4. lrschmid

    Helix Bug Reports

    Just bumping this, as it's still an issue in 2.82.
  5. Yup, that was it. Thanks. Silly question, the 1024 & 2048 mean anything? If I had to guess I'd say ones a single cab the other a dual.
  6. JimGordon

    Helix into Valve Amp

    The Blues Junior is fairly low wattage, and my impression is that it starts distorting pretty early in the volume curve regardless of using any, right? If you have it set up so that your "real" overdrive pedals can easily push it, it's likely that all the gain stages from the preamps and effects in your presets might be pushing the amp itself into overdrive, on top of whatever drive the Helix is trying to emulate. Have you tried turning the big volume knob on the Helix itself down? I know "they" say you are supposed to run it at full, but with an amp that has lower headroom, you may need to ignore that. Also, when you say "main presets", are you just using the stock presets? As RD2RK said above, factory presets are usually....crap. This has been a rule of thumb since the earliest days of multieffects pedals with presets. You'll need to futz around and make your own to suit your amp, even if the Helix volume knob tweak works. It will be worth the time; you didn't drop $1500 just to limit yourself to what some stranger thinks you'll like the sound of! If after a few months of tweaking, it doesn't work out, you might want to try another amp with more headroom (as you aren't a fan of the DI/FRFR sound); perhaps something in the 30-40 watt range.
  7. Also getting this error any response?
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  9. Maybe you are looking for the name too quickly.... Insert an IR block into your preset. You will have a choice between a 1024 or a 2048. If those are the names you are seeing, that is JUST loading a block, NOT an IR. Keep going.... :) Next... navigate to that block and choose the IR from the IR SELECT parameter.
  10. Someone demonstrates that on You Tube. He replaced his with a Fender neck
  11. amsdenj

    2.82 Update

    When updating to 2.80, my Variax patch seem corrupt. I had to rebuild the patch. Never had another problem since then.
  12. mark_gamache

    Helix Native Standalone?

    Cantabile 3.0. Not a ton of experience, but it seems pretty complete
  13. The leftmost parameter of the IR block (on the Helix screen) should take you through your list of IRs. It's called "IR Select".
  14. brue58ski

    Talk box using Helix Mic

    Another thought. Separate the amp and it's cab and put the send between those. That's essentially how the original was used.
  15. cwhiley

    Sonic Port + iOS 13 = NG?

    13.1.3 update: STILL NOT WORKING. iPhone 7 Plus on Sonic Port lightning. F U Line6. For real. This is straight up bending everyone over. Unapologetically!
  16. brue58ski

    Talk box using Helix Mic

    Here's one way I would try using the Free Speech based on what it sounds like you want to do. Put an FX send right after your input (guitar). Make sure it is at instrument level. That goes to your FX input. Put the tube on a mic stand with whatever mic you plan on using (Frampton used duck tape essentially taping it to the mic). Here's a quote from the Free Speech manual Don’t be shy! Insert the tube at least 2 inches into your mouth. The closer you get your mouth to the microphones—the sweeter the sound! So you need to make sure there is enough of the tube length past the mic that allows you to put that much of the tube in your mouth but allows you to get your mouth as close to the mic as you can. Remember, ultimately the sound of the talk box is coming out of your mouth and that, of course, goes into the mic. Look at about 5:45 into the video I attached. Now plug the mic into your mic input of the Helix. Here comes the tricky part. You can do this two ways. The easy way is to just make the input to path 2 your mic. Then route it to whatever output you want. The tricky way is you could actually create a parallel path on path 1. Here's one way how. You need to create an FX block with an effect that uses the lowest amount of DSP (I think that wold be a send or return). It doesn't matter what it is. You will have it off anyway but it's the only way to create a parallel path. Click and hold on that FX block and pull it down below path 1. Another parallel path will be created. Let go. There will be one point where the bottom path splits off of the top path and another point where it returns to the top path. Click and hold the first point where it splits off and pull it down below the top path like you did with the effect. Presto, you now have another inputs on path 1. 1A (top path) and 1B (bottom path). Just turn the FX send off. It's only needed to create the parallel path. Assign the bottom paths input to your mic. Now you have two choices as far as the point where path 1B returns to path A. You can click and drag it anywhere on path 1A and it would probably be best to put it right before the output. Or you could again, click and drag it down and presto, you have another output. You would want to do this if you want to top path to go to your amp through the 1/4" outputs and the bottom path to go to the sound board through your XLR outputs, for example. I have inluded a picture of how each path would look. The rest is up to you regarding levels and all that. There's a strong possibility of feedback so just be aware of that. Ever since I've gotten into Line 6 I really haven't used any of my stomps and I have NO 9volt batteries. Unfortuantely I am at home, alone, with a broken kneecap so I can't just run to the store and get some. I say this to let you know I haven't actually tested this. That's why the rest is up to you and why I have so much time on my hands to answer your question. Good Luck!!! And as soon as I can get some 9 volts I'm going to try this out myself. Your post inspired me to do that. It's the one effect the Helix just can't do. Can't recreate tube in a mouth. The Line 6 HD500 had an effect called the Vocoder that used the mic. You actually had to sing/speak into the mic and it would do something to the signal using your voice to manipulate the filter. Never actually tried it. Helix doesn't have it. I think it would be cool to put it in even though I never used it before but there are Youtubes. Search HD500 Vocoder if ya wanna check it out. Hope this helps.
  17. flannmann

    HX Stomp Midi commands

    Morningstar MC6 has PC Scroll Up and PC Scroll Down. You can set a range which allows you to scroll through a subset of presets. One way you might use the commands is to use ‘Press’ to scroll up and ‘Long Press’ to scroll down, both on the same button/switch. Using CCs 52 & 53 to emulate FS4 & FS5 does preclude using external footswitches, you can still use the port for external expression pedals.
  18. for clarity: The Helix cabs ARE IRs. Therefore it is not true to say that the helix does not come with any.
  19. Kevin-M

    HX Stomp Midi commands

    The Tech 21 MIDI Mouse does allow you to switch up/down presets, but that’s its only function
  20. It would be nice for the Helix to be able to model the speaker and send that to the powercab, then model the cabinet (speaker + microphone) and send that to FOH. This would allow for additional effects (i.e. post-cabinet EQ) to go to FOH... maybe in next version of Helix.
  21. SaschaFranck

    Helix Bug Reports

    Elephant Mans note sync is wrong, you get twice as fast delays as what it says. So, instead of quarter notes, you're getting eight notes, etc.
  22. So I downloaded the Allure pack and loaded them into my Helix LT via the HX Edit software. All 6 of them are visible in the IR tab but when I drop an IR block into my signal chain, I can only select from two models, neither of which match the names from the Allure pack. The weird part, when I am in the HX Edit software with the IR block selected I can drag the scroll bar and select any of the IR's from the Allure pack, but not from the Helix. Did I miss a step?
  23. Make sure that MIDI THRU is OFF. Might not solve the problem, but worth a try.
  24. Fugit

    Helix Bug Reports

    Right on! Glad to hear it!
  25. phil_m

    HX Stomp Midi commands

    Having a MIDI controller scroll through presets sequentially seems to not necessarily be the most natural way to use a MIDI controller. The whole idea is that you have presets saved on the controller itself and the controller sends out whatever PC it needs to when you bring up that preset. Now I guess it's a little bit different with the Stomp because people are using MIDI controllers to do a bunch of different things.
  26. mjc009

    Digital distortion

    Yep. Then use the amp blocks master volume to bring the level back up.
  27. I know it's a stupid sounding title, however, on one of the earlier firmware levels I was able to direct connect Midi in and out, and use button 12 to toggle snap shot 1/2. A lot of my presets have only 2 snapshots, and I don't use tap tempo at all, so it saved me from having to press buttons 1/7 and go into snapshot view, I'm usually in 8 presets view. With the current level of firmware, shorting the midi in & out causes a kind of feedback loop that freezes and locks up the Helix. Has anyone else messed around with this? I wish the helix had more footswitch programming options.
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