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  2. joestides

    Spider V 240 MkII Questions

    First, save your cash and buy a spider V 240, if you can find it. After the firmware is applied it is identical to the mk II Second. Everything else can be found in the manual. You have a total of 128 slots to place tones. Or 32 banks of 4 slots with the last four being blank. I personally delete all the factory tones so that I have all 128 to play with. Any of the factory tones I want I just import in from back up. The FBV makes the spider v so you can interface hands free. It really adds nothing but functionality, but that functionality is convenient as all get out. If you a quick of foot you can switch between your tones in any bank pretty easily. Pretty much anything you are looking for is in the manual section. There is a link to all the factory tones and effects on the forums, which I'll try and link here.
  3. ectoplasm88

    AES and Axe-Fx III - Not working

    Same issue here... something is not right on the powercab side I think. I have a Helix and that works fine but my axe fx just crackles.
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  5. phil_m

    Stuck in Snapshot Mode

    This is a bug that was fixed with the 2.82 firmware.
  6. IMMikeMurphy

    Stuck in Snapshot Mode

    Since updating to firmware 2.80, my Helix will randomly get stuck in snapshot mode. (in)conveniently enough it always happens right as we're taking the stage. Once stuck in snapshot mode like this, there's nothing I can do on the Helix to get it out of that mode and I'm stuck with one sound for the whole gig turning my $2000 Helix into a nearly useless box. Please tell me there's a fix. I'm happy to receive another Helix to see if it does the same thing but I know I cannot continue like this.
  7. I'm considering going with a Helix/FRFR setup for gigging. I'm currently using an HX Effects in 4cm with my 5150iii and I absolutely love it. That's making me consider going with the full Helix or LT. I'm just wondering what everyone else who has gone this route, or at least tried it thinks about it. Also, what FRFR's would you recommend to keep that "amp in the room" feel?
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  9. antonio1961

    Helix II

    The term "Analysis paralysis" springs to mind here, .. i think that the options are pretty wide and varied for two guitarists .
  10. HeavyTRAFFIK

    Looking to buy Helix Native license

    Looking to buy Helix Native license if anyone is looking to sell. Will pay $150.00 USD. Thanks!
  11. pianoguyy

    500X/500 Custom Tone Patches

    They work but pay attention, because this is where it gets interesting - The 4 units 500 /500X / Pro / Pro X They all work with no modifications necessary But there are 3 issues with this: 1. Thanks to supply issues from the manufactures, the X units have more DSP. Depending on how one designs their patches, non-X units may not work. It's an easy fix. Open EDIT in offline mode and remove an effect. But make sure you close EDIT before plugging in the unit. BAD THINGS happen to those who don't! 2. The rack units and the floor units have different inputs and outputs and pedals. So, while the patch may be the same, there may be some minor editing that needs done to make it completely function properly. and 3. this is the biggie -- Each EDIT program is designed to look for certain file extensions. Therefore, you will not find your 500 files on the 500x EDIT program if using the file-open menu. HOWEVER, if you use the drag-n-drop method instead of the file-open menu, they will install flawlessly
  12. lkingdon

    500X/500 Custom Tone Patches

    Will the HD 500X patches work on my HD 500?
  13. codamedia

    Using Helix lt as interface.

    Yes - you should get a nice set of monitors. I'm not a fan of 5" monitors but many others have great success with them. I prefer 6.5" or bigger for speaker size. Yamaha HS7's or HS8's are worth every penny... but there are other great options as well. If you plan on using a microphone for any recording the LT lacks an XLR input.... so you may want to invest in a small mic pre. If it's all new to you there is no need to spend too much at this time, just a little "ART Tube MP" or similar would give you enough options to work with. I would plug that into a RETURN and utilize it when needed.
  14. Dear All, All my clean channels (both red and green, Clean and Twang) sound distorted, even with the Drive knob set to "0". I have tried other guitars with the same result. I have tried with another cable cord, still sounded distorted. There is no change using headphones instead of the speaker, so I assume the speaker is fine. When I roll back the guitar's volume knob and I change to single coil pick up, the sound seems to improve a little bit, but it did not happen before. I have restored the factory settings, tried to update to the latest firmware (2.0)... and it is still the same problem going on. Can somebody help me? Any idea? Thanks a lot.
  15. I just recently purchased a Helix LT. Im running it into my MacBook pro recording with Logic Pro X 10.4.6 Im running the latest HELIX firmware and helix edit. The issue is when I’m trying to record into logic, there is a high pitch feedback coming from the guitar track that I recorded with the helix. The noise is not there when I’m not recording. I have looked everywhere online and no one has a solid answer. The issue isn’t there when I unplug the helix usb from my computer. Its only a problem when I am recording while I have the helix USB plugged in. Im using the XLR outputs to record. I keep the Helix USB connected to the macbook so I can edit the helix with the helix editor and pick different guitars out in workbench for the Varix. Having to unplug the helix USB from my computer is a huge inconvenience. Anyone having the same issue? I I can provide a video of the issue if you would like. Thank you. P.S. I am using a line 6 variax standard to record with.
  16. cwhiley

    Sonic Port + iOS 13 = NG?

    Huh??? There’s no usb to whatever funky proprietary connector that is on the Sonic Port device. It’s that connector to lightning. There is no usb cable. If someone has a link to one in the United States I’d be glad to be wrong. I have a USB camera adapter for my iPhone but there’s no way to hook my Sonic Port to it best I can tell.
  17. lungho

    Helix II

    Two musicians falling all over each other to access one pedal board? No thank you.
  18. ajb1965

    HX Effects Advice

    Hi, The HX effects integrates with existing stomp boxes very easily. It is limited with only 2 loops but you can get really creative. I did that for quite a while and here's how I had everything set up. The time based effects that I owned and always kept in my amps FX loop were plugged into the physical cable chain heading to and from my amps FX loop. They were all MIDI capable so I used MIDI CC and PC messages sent by the HX in Snapshots to change parameters etc per patch. I kept my 3 drives, fuzz, and compressor in front of the HX just like they were going in front of an amp. The few odd pedals that I wasn't always sure where I wanted them were chained together and placed in the HX's other send/receive loop so I could put them anywhere, even route them into my amps FX loop if I wanted to. If you want to get REAL creative, you can always get a MIDI capable loop switcher like a Boss ES5 or ES8 and place them into the HX loop and use MIDI to control it all. Bottom line is there are always options. Just be aware when you are using either of the HX loops you need to be mindful of the levels and make sure all your ins/outs are set accordingly for Inst or Line. Best of luck!
  19. Hi, I have the G10S and I love it. I'll never go back to cables! I'm considering an Ibanez AZ guitar and they have an input jack that's recessed fairly deep. I don't know if the G10 transmitter will fit and was wondering what solutions you fine folks have used when encountering a situation like this. As always, thanks for the "input" - Pun intended :)
  20. Tried reburning firmware, didn't do a thing......Talked to local certified Line 6 repair facility; they have never heard of this problem. Tech said sounds like a board problem and not the piezo inserts (as I suspected) Could not give an estimate til I bring it in....they have had almost no James Tyler repairs.
  21. So, I was setting the wah pedal but I noticed that the expression pedal 1 was also assigned to volume. But I had no volume volume in the preset, I have tried creating new presets but whenever I paste any pedal from the presets the exp 1 (red one) works as volume even if there is no volume pedal. This is messing up with the wah games I am doing. And can't seem to find a solution, what am I missing?
  22. waylonmills

    Hx edit won't install

    I can double click on it to open it but it goes to an error screen by apple that says it can’t open the file because it can’t scan it for malicious content. And it says this soft ware need to be updated
  23. s_popov

    2.82 Update

    I asked because it sounded like Michalaase's issues were quite serious / gamebreaking. But i appreciate the help, Codamedia, and will follow your advice. :) [UPDATE]: Did the update, all is good. Not played yet, but everything seems in order.
  24. SaschaFranck

    FR: "Global Blocks"

    So, to perhaps make matters a little easier for the fine coders at Line6 (I actually don't know whether it'd make things easier...) and to probably achieve better transparency for the users, how about this idea: Instead of being able to "tag" each and everything as "global", there could be some kind of limitations to the concept. I could imagine that there could be something like "patch groups". It could work like this: You would start with one patch and assign it to such a group. Now, each and every other patch you'd add to this group would share: 1) The entire patch routing. 2) All blocks (and their settings of course) you would tag as "global" (or rather "group-wide"). Quite obviously, I don't have the slightest idea wether anything like that would work anyway, but it could adress a few issues that might arise with different solutions. 1) Within such a group there'd be no trouble with DSP allocation as the routing couldn't be changed. So there'd be no way that an amp from path 1 which you might've tagged as a global block would all of a sudden be used in path 2. I could even imagine that patch switching within such a group could be a little faster. And well, in case you've tagged a delay as a global block, even trail spillover might be possible (as the required DSP power would be constantly reserved for that very delay at the very same position in the signal chain and as no dramatic routing changes could blow things up). 2) No patches outside of these groups would be affected. There wouldn't be any blocks all of a suddden appearing as "global" in whatever additional lists or what not. So, as long as you wouldn't explicitely enter "group patch mode", you wouldn't even notice something has changed. 3) As the routing would be identical within any such a group, you would likely not try to achieve fundamentally different things between the group patches (aka "super serial vs. super parallel") but keep it down to some patches sharing the same basic architecture, just with the added bonus that you could add, say, more different FX than within a single patch while also being able to control everything as you would as well have a sufficient amount of switches (which is pretty much what SlavaBass was mentioning in his Ideascale submission). As an example, to illustrate things: My basic patch for such a group may look like: 2 amp and 2 cab blocks (in parallel paths I may switch between or whatever), 2 drives, a general purpose delay, a general purpose reverb and maybe a general purpose EQ. I would tag these as global, the routing would likely be some parallel thing for the amps. With these, I would be able to very quickly adjust the entire patch group to work in a whole amount of genres. For example, I can turn my current main patch (that I just used with great success on yesterdays first full stop Helix gig, fwiw) which is almost laid out like that from bar jazz to almost heavy rock in around a minute, just by changing some relevant parameters of the things mentioned. Which is mighty fine already, but I could *not* do any such a transformation *and* use multiple FX scenarios. With the approach described above, I would just use, say, 3-4 of these group patches and have one for the ultimate delay mayhem, another one for filter madness and yet another one for all the dirty fuzz I may ever need - while always being able to easily keep a snapshot (or two or three...) using the core sounds I just modified. Within one patch that isn't possible due to DSP and switching limitations, across multiple patches that isn't possible because adjusting 2 amps and 2 drives on 3-5 (or even more) patches just isn't doable during a soundcheck, let alone during a gig. Last but not least, let me illustrate it a bit more by comparing things to any of the half-analog, half-digital rigs I used during the last 2 (or even 3 - yuck, I'm old...). All of them were managed by some sort of loop switchers along with some MIDI-controlled FX units. But for example, the preamps and pedals have always been analog. So in case I needed a different flavour of my clean and clean-ish tones, I would just turn the appropriate knobs on one single preamp channel and call it a day - no need to adjust multiple patches at all. I'm sure you all have seen these kinda rigs in several rig rundowns - and there's good reasons why many of these folks still stick with them. One of them IMO being the very fact that you can control things globally with ease. I am very sorry for this longwinding post, but this very issue has been plaguing me ever since I started using programmable gear. It has as well been the reason why I ditched my (IMO very nice sounding) Triaxis preamp back in the days, in favour of a much larger and much more expensive rack containing a loop/channel switcher, a Soldano and a Boogie Studio preamp. Simply because I needed that kind of global access. And in a way, it's still the same with programmable stuff. Sure, with all it's DSP power, the Helix suits almost all my current live needs within one patch. But it's still just "almost" and IMO there's no reasons for that.
  25. Rocles

    Split input for 2 guitars into Helix

    My normal LT Setup is to run my Electric guitar into Return 2, and Acoustic into the main Multi input. This Patch is exactly that Setup, grab it if it helps https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4334585/
  26. codamedia

    2.82 Update

    This forum is littered with any/all potential issues.... the majority (but not all) were when people failed to follow the instructions. If you follow these instructions starting at "Updating to 2.82 from 2.71 or Earlier (READ ME!)" (that is about half way down the page) you will be fine. https://line6.com/support/page/kb/effects-controllers/helix/helixhx-282-release-notes-r928/ Here are two things that are often over-looked... When you update HX Edit to the latest version it will include all the drivers, and current updater that is required. When installing HX Edit there is an option to select / de-select some items... LEAVE THEM ALL SELECTED Do NOT open HX Edit when you attempt to update your Helix.
  27. WildVines

    Spider V 240 MkII Questions

    Hello friends at the Line 6 forum, I'm considering buying a Spider V 240 MkII head and have a few questions. How many factory/user presets does it have? How many banks does the FBV 3 have and how many of the switches can be assigned to presets per bank? In other words, could I assign presets to 9 switches without changing banks? Can all the functions be accessed from the front panel, if not, will I be able to modify presets with my iPhone 6 Plus? Thank you
  28. yo! Brue, I just got my PC212 and I want to use let say the cream speaker. Now in my Helix do I have to bypass the speaker cab in the patch so the cream speaker in the PC212 will work and sound right.

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