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  2. Dwf2008

    Helix and other equipment

    Thanks rd2rk. That is exactly the kind of input I was looking for. Sorry it took so long to get there. The mixer/recorder is a Yamaha MT2X that I inherited when a good friend died. Another reason I’m not going to get rid of it. I will try your connection scheme right now.
  3. gunpointmetal

    tube amp guy buys STOMP has no idea what modeling is. HELP!

    I'm not super familiar with the AC15, but that amp doesn't have an FX loop, right? If that's the case, think of the "preamp" only amp models as glorified dirt boxes and try them out into the front end set pretty clean. Don't use cab modeling (at least until you're comfortable with how everything works) into a regular guitar amp/speaker set up. To get the most out of the cab/full amp model features something like a pair of studio monitors or a small powered PA speaker are the way to go for amplification. The most important thing to remember if you start messing around with amp/cab modeling is that a monitor/PA speaker is not meant to sound like your amp sitting in the room with you. It's supposed to sound like whatever amp model and cab model you've selected has been set-up and mic'ed in an isolation room at a studio and you're in the control room listening back. If you keep that in mind you might be pleasantly surprised with the quality of sounds you can get out of a "full modeling" rig. Edit: not sure what your budget actually is, but Alto/Headrush make a nice little monitor.
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  5. Hankon6

    Internet /amp connection for backing tracks

    ffbrgst.......Can you elaborate in more detail ....I am bit thick sometimes!!!! It sounds as if you have a much easier way.... that I would appreciate VERY much!!! Thanks
  6. datacommando

    HX Stomp USB to Mac Audio Output?

    Once more I have to agree with everything you say and those very thoughts had also crossed my mind. Why put the audio through iMac speakers? It’s beyond me. Although I can sort of comprehend the reason for not connecting the Stomp to the Lavry unit - it would add extra stages of AD/DA unnecessary conversion. I like your Coke in a wine glass observation, but I’m going to mix a bunch of metaphors and say that after looking through the wrong end of the telescope, we have now taken a sledgehammer to crack a nut! Yep, it’s Friday and I need a beer - enjoy your weekend.
  7. Hi- Forgive me if this comes off as stupid. I bought the Stomp as a modulation device to replace my Mobius. I have been a Vox AC15 twin user for years and love the sound. However, I am intrigued by all of the Amps and Cab that are inside that wonderful box called STOMP. To start using it as a modeler. What does a bedroom guitarist that is more concerned with tone and having fun, than touring needs. Cab, power amp.....I have no clue. Would love some suggestions for a person putting his toe into the digital realm ( mid range budget!) Thanks Everyone!
  8. DunedinDragon

    Helix and other equipment

    Probably you're simply going to have to put up with some of the cable switching for the time being given what you're describing. You might be able to save a little bit of complexity by just connecting the Helix direct to the PC so you can play tracks from any source whether it's Cakewalk or YouTube. It does get a little more hairy if you're wanting to record the jam session in which case you're probably going to have to do some cable switching and use the 2i2, or you might just be better of in that case using the 8 track recorder to capture the session rather than Cakewalk. That's just going to be the situation until you can get over to a better system. Be patient...we've all been there at one time or another. If you think this is bad, you should see some of the crap we used to kludge together back in the 60's.
  9. Sonic-Imagery

    Bank/Preset Footswitch Lock

    I specifically use only one universal preset utilizing snapshots that I designed for live use with my cover band "The RISK". I'm currently in the process of integrating my Roland VG-99 within the preset to accommodate for acoustic modeling, alternate tunings and synth sounds, but I digress... My main question: Is there a way to lockdown the Bank Up/Down (or Preset) footswitches? You see, I tend to be a bit of a bumble foot and have on numerous occasions hit one of these and moved on to a totally different preset that I would not normally use. This does not fair well come solo time and instead of engaging my solo snapshot I end up on a funk rhythm preset, ha, ha. My temporary remedy has been to copy my main preset to all other preset locations. This works OK except for the fact that my snapshot default is my Roland (Clean) one. So, if i accidentally engage either preset up or down footswitches instead of, say, my Marshall (Crunch) snapshot, I'll still end up with my main preset but the Roland (Clean) snapshot would be engaged instead. Maybe I'll have to design a physical footswitch guard... Hoping that someone understands my particular dilemma and can provide for me an answer! Thanks & Peace Out! - JP
  10. blekenbleu


    This $17 power supply is advertised at Amazon for HD500 etc https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0154WFJDG
  11. soundog

    HX Stomp and MIDI - some insights

    .... for being controlled yes, but not for controlling (other than pc#). :-(
  12. rd2rk

    Helix and other equipment

    Since you've once again failed to provide useful details (what MODEL Yamaha recorder - IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!) I'm making assumptions, but, assuming that you've described your needs completely and don't move the goal posts again, here goes nothing - Run EVERYTHING - mics, Helix ANALOG Outs (1/4 or XLR), guitar amp line outs/headphone out/mics, drum mics - EVERYTHING - into the "mixer". Use the PAN controls on the "mixer" to determine what gets recorded to which of the 2 available tracks. Take the stereo outs from the "mixer" into the 2i2. Connect your Katana AUX input to the 2i2 outputs. Take the USB from the 2i2 into Sonar (2i2 is your soundcard - forget using the Helix for this. It's too complicated to explain without writing a book). Use the MONITOR button on the Sonar tracks to determine what you hear thru the speakers. Record and playback with Sonar. In Windows Sound Panel, select the 2i2 as the Windows soundcard. That'll get you streaming from YT, Amazon, Spotify, mars, whatever, through the 2i2 alongside the output from Sonar. No cables to move, quality playback through the Katana. Done! I'm sorry if my tone seems negative. The only one here who truly "gets it" has offered excellent and very expensive solutions that you won't be able to even consider for at least a year. This solution is workable with your existing equipment, experience and knowledge level. Good Luck and Have Fun!
  13. One question more. Do I need to set out put to line or instrument? I read some old forum where was mentioned that single rectifier's effects loop is line level. "I spoke with Boogie on the phone today and wanted to post the answer incase anyone hits this thread through a search in the future. The loop is line level." http://forum.grailtone.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=21239 Do I need to change the 1/4 out to line or the fx loop block (amp) to line or just leave to instrument? is there any difference? Confused..
  14. Dwf2008

    Helix and other equipment

    Dragon - You seem to be the only one who gets it. Thanks. The DBR 12s or maybe the 10s are my current target. I was shopping for speakers when I decided to buy the Helix instead. I am puzzled as to why everyone is so intent on telling me to get monitors, get monitors. My original question had nothing to do with sound quality. I can deal with that later. One of the problems with a forum post like this is its difficult to get the whole story out without writing a book, and that’s difficult when you are typing on a tablet one finger at a time late at night half asleep lying in bed. In actuality I have a lot of stuff plugged into the katana. Its a K50 btw, (I mentioned that in the original post for the guy who took me to task for not identifying it). BUT I currently never have more than two inputs going at the same time, maybe a backing track and my guitar through the helix. That is in fact what the katana was designed to do, ie play a clean signal thru the aux in from a phone or tablet while the guitarist plays thru both the preamp and power amp sections. And it sounds just fine. The other players are connected to their own separate amps and are not plugged into my system. Now, my original question was about connections, not sound quality. Here is the scenario. The pc is playing a backing track which has been loaded into cakewalk. I am playing the guitar thru the helix. The others are playing thru their own amps. Then someone asks to listen to the original recording on youtube or itunes. Then someone says ok lets try it with a different rhythm from the drum machine. So you see what I really need (at the moment) is a way to utilize all this stuff without rearranging cables all the time. Sorry if that wasn't clear in the original post, but I think it was. For the guys who want me to dump the 2i2, well, it was a Christmas from my wife just this last Christmas. So no, I’m not going to sell it anytime soon. The “mixer” is actually a Yamaha 8 track recorder that is more than 25 years old and probably worth $25 if that. So no, thats not gonna be sold either. The katana is 2 years old and worth maybe $100 as a trade in but I use it as a pa for parties at church. So no its not going either. I really don't mind suggestions that I cant use, but it is a bit hard to shoulder the negativity when they don't hit the mark. Just my rant. Thanks for listening.
  15. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp USB to Mac Audio Output?

    Interesting. Kind of like sipping Coke out of a wine glass (to be clear - in my analogy Coke is the premium product). I wonder if it would be better/possible to change the point of reference then. Use the Lavry as the central hub. I see many Lavry DAC's have USB inputs and XLR inputs. Could the OP connect the Stomp's main left/mono output via a 1/4 TRS to XLR cable into the DAC's XLR input, and then connect the Macbook via USB, and listen through the DAC's headphone jack? Either way though, he talks about shunting the sound through the Mac's speakers, which is like taking a premium drink like Coke but waiting to take a swig of it until someone else has turned it into high grade p1ss. I may have gone off the deep end with this reply. It's Friday and I'm done.
  16. datacommando

    HX Stomp USB to Mac Audio Output?

    Hi Kilrahi, You know, that was my initial thoughts exactly - why not just use the HX Stomp for this job? Simple enough! Then I saw the one thing that makes all this other stuff relevant. Lavry DAC – that's some serious and expensive piece of equipment. Have a look at some of the spec on this thing. http://www.lavryengineering.com/products/da11.html "rwhitney" doesn't say what relevance to the set up is, or why it's been used, but it must matter because as you say you can jam along to YouTube by plugging in a set of cans.
  17. I am using the same Y cable as you though it took me two times to decide the one I wanted activated when switching the channel and I place my hum eliminator at the final stage - the footswitch jack on the amp. I do not have any hum. I am using instrument. One caveat is all my equipment runs into a single well grounded circuit via a power conditioner as well; in addition I always have a three light receptacle tester with me.
  18. PaulWilliamson

    Volume drop connecting Helix to PC Plus via L6 Link

    Thanks, I appreciate your advice, but unless I'm missing something, that is sort of a work around rather than a fix. It means editing each preset individualy. I would have thought the digital output using L6 Link at any given setting should be gain matched to the other outputs. Line, XLR analog at say zero dB should be the same volume as L6 Link at zero. I know its not a major issue, but its just puzzling and I wonder if its by design or just some anomaly of the firmware.
  19. jpdennis

    4CM ISSUE: stomps after return signal are not working

    Well, basic question I need to ask; What is the amplifier? And show your cabling; I am not saying you got it wrong though I did the first few times. When I use the 4CM it is with one of my Mesas which have series send/return effects loop circuits and haven't had an issue with the 4CM once I understood the cabling. Dennis
  20. silverhead

    4CM ISSUE: stomps after return signal are not working

    Are you sure the Return block is activated in the preset?
  21. gunpointmetal

    Musings on Helix after 2 years of use (non gigging guitarist)

    These are probably the two most important factors for live performance, for me anyways. That first bold section is where a lot guys tend to fall off with the modelers because they really, really like the idea of showing up with just a Helix backpack and 30# PA speaker, but they fail to grasp that that type of setup is never going to FEEL like a 100W tube head into a 4x12, no matter how good your IR is, how you adjust settings, etc. I've seen that get really frustrating online and IRL for people. I've seen guys just about have a meltdown because they were asked to turn their tube amp/dual 4x12 rig down in a club that a 2x12 would get obnoxiously loud in. I write music for myself, I perform music for an audience. If the audience isn't having an enjoyable time because I need to be peeling paint with a full stack to play guitar "properly", I should just stay in the basement.
  22. After setting up the four cable method, the helix and amp sound great together, but I only get a response from stomps I have placed before the send channel. For example, the volume pedal/comps sound good. However, when I try to add delay or reverb after the return stomp, I get no delay or reverb. I also tried using the 4CM template patch, but I got the same results. Any thoughts on how to solve this?
  23. jpdennis

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    Same here. At the end of the show/night/day it is really my ability to set the mood with my playing and receive a few accolades during the performance makes it worth it. The Helix is just a tool to get the sound to the audience; it is my worth as a musician that really tells the story. Dennis
  24. BillDutton

    HX Stomp Shutting Off

    Just received my new HX Stomp last week from Sweetwater and it's pretty amazing. I'm wondering about a possible power issue...last night at rehearsal for this weekend's Easter services at our church my HX Stomp shut down twice on it's own. I'm using the power supply that came with the unit - I'm using the HX Stomp this weekend as a stand alone unit with no other pedals. The other two guitar players with regular pedal boards did not experience any power issues. Thoughts? I'm gonna take my Furman power strip for the weekend in hopes it's a minor power quality issue and the filters will help.
  25. Gunpointmetal, In the beginning [where have I heard that] … I started with a 1967 100 watt Solid State Silvertone amp that was loud then went to the dual double stack Marshall 100 stage setup (late 1960's - early 1970's). At that time I was being influenced by Blue Cheer, Blodwyn Pig, Nazareth, Led Zeppelin, and other "cover the stage and kill your neighbor's grass with 'loudness'" groups. If we could vibrate the audiences' bodies it was good; good thing we didn't know about microwave principles. And I had hair which helped cover my ears. Then I went though my disco & lounge lizard phase along with the Clapton Beano hair style and even Elvis impersonator backup guitarist phase - don't judge me ;-) - moving to some Mesa Boogie equipment with a few pedals I had screwed to a 1" x 6" pine board using galvanized hanging strap. Next came the big hair and lets produce the sound phase still with the Mesas. At that point I was learning (OK being dragged while kicking and screaming) to trust the sound engineers for the FOH sound; and the sound engineers wanted a better produced and balanced stage volume. At some point it changed my whole attitude as I came to realize music is the silence in between the notes. Fast forward to the NOW and I really do trust the sound engineers; and my hearing for some reason is still good though it shouldn't be. The point is I have become comfortably numb (forgive me PF) with a small stage volume for me and using the Helix couldn't have become part of my musical arsenal at a better time than two almost here years ago; and I am using my iPhone based monitor control app for stage wedges or the in-ear system we are using based upon inside or outside venues and stage foot print. It is the combination of everything that gets the sound perfectly in the mix; room design or lack thereof, stage setup, each & every Helix FX block and global setting, board engineering settings, inside or outside FOH speaker layout, power state, and the list goes on. The keyboardist still uses an amp, the bass player is still using a dual stack, and the drummer is not digital. With all that the only thing I have found that drops me from the mix is when I fail to work with the sound engineer to make sure my Helix EQ and the LA compressor I use on most patches now isn't in conflict with the board EQ (normally flat for my Helix channel) & board compression if and when used. Don't get me wrong there are still times I will use a Mesa and Marshall slant bottom with SM57 with my trusty old M13 or the Helix as an effects only unit but that is only when there are grips available to setup and take down my back breaking rigs; and the real amp setup is usually only for show for the most part as the stage volume is still under control; side note even that rig can get lost in the FOH mix if not produced correctly. There are many dynamics to get the sound to cut through the mix and in the end it is personal taste I suppose that determine one's satisfaction with the use of real physical amplifiers on stage or modelers; it seems to me it may very well boil down to what the musician needs to hear to be in the mood while playing. And there are no right or wrong answer when it comes to personal choices as long as we play well and the audience is engaged. For me - I really really dig the Helix when the universe is well aligned Dennis
  26. cbrillow

    New support for Amplifi in 2019

    @gervais19 If you can get one that's already been updated to the latest firmware at a great price, it may be worth it, depending upon your needs. But read through this forum, and recognize that there are a couple of issues that come up repeatedly -- unreliable bluetooth connections and failed firmware updates. There's also huge disappointment that Line 6 never made a PC-compatible version of the Amplifi Remote software -- it's iOS or Android device-compatible, only... Expect spotty support and the prospect that there will be no future revisions or improvements. They're not saying, but there has been no improvements or updates for a long time...
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