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  2. kraftybob

    LT Sounds Muffled When Recording

    Gotcha. I think I may pick up a pair of studio headphones as I tend to do this more at night so at least I won't disrupt the family. Sometimes I think the volume is low enough, yet I'll still get that text (because they don't want to get out of bed lol) "can you turn it down?" I know I'll have to do some EQ'ing, but I'd like to start out like I see a lot of guys on YouTube in that they set up a brand new patch and from the start - without any tweaking - it sounds better than what I'm getting. Then adjust from there. I appreciate all the help guys - thank you!
  3. cruisinon2

    LT Sounds Muffled When Recording

    I'd say most do have studio monitors, yes... but they're not a magic bullet either. Like your stereo speakers, any pair of near- field studio monitors you pick will also have a wildly different frequency response compared to your guitar amp... you'll end up with the same mud coming out of shiny new speakers. No matter what you do, you're gonna have to EQ your way out of this problem. There's no way around that.
  4. kraftybob

    LT Sounds Muffled When Recording

    It's funny that you posted this as last night I stayed up and was reading and watching YouTube about speakers (based on your first post) - home stereo vs powered monitors. And everyone said you should not use home speakers for this exact reason. I'm beginning to think this is the problem as I don't have studio monitors. I always thought getting monitors was for the more serious/advanced recording setups and that what limited recording I do would be fine without them. It seems like that's not the case. Do all you guys that do home recording have monitors?
  5. cruisinon2

    LT Sounds Muffled When Recording

    I wasn't talking about subtle nuances coloring the sound... this is about frequency response and fundamental design differences. There is a dramatic difference in frequency response between a guitar amp and a set of stereo speakers, with the former being MUCH narrower. A patch that you've dialed in to sound glorious through a traditional guitar speaker will sound like boiled crap through anything that even approaches FRFR. The muffled sound you describe suggests too much low end, which is exactly what I'd expect trying to use a patch that's tweaked for use with a guitar amp that is then pumped through a pair of stereo speakers instead. Guitar speakers are naturally mid-focused...low and high cuts happen by default. If you then take that tone and run it through speakers that will put out more low end by design, the result is usually a flubby mess. I suspect that most of your problem can be solved with EQ. It's unlikely that there's anything wrong with your hardware.
  6. Today
  7. What brand/ type locking tuners that require no drilling would work with the Variax Standard? Looking at these Hip-Shot Grip-Locks, suitable? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ABLI0IC/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A2BFSBLSC4DZ2&psc=1
  8. The toe switch is an opto-electric switch inside the pedal itself. You need to STAND on the pedal to activate the switch - trying to do it with hand pressure or while sitting will not exert enough pressure to do it.
  9. ChristianBoddum

    2.82 Update

    Heureka!! I bought a crimping tool and a handful of plugs to see if I could fix the cable myself. And yes, in the first fiddly attempt I had it working XD So now I can at least fix it if it happens again, and that's way cheaper than getting a tech to do it for me. I will however get a backup cable, and see if I can do a complete one, it might not be worth it moneywise though...
  10. silverhead

    HX Stomp - noise and tone issues

    One solution is to purchase a product called a hum eliminator. A google search will give you many options. A simpler solution might be, as you've already discovered, to experiment with different electrical outlets. For instance, if your current setup has both your computer and your Helix connected to the same power bar you might try plugging each directly into two different electrical outlets.
  11. phil_m

    Can't get into Stomp Box mode?

    You’re sure it’s 2.82? When did you order it? I’d be surprised if Sweetwater updated it to 2.82 already given that it’s been out for less than a month. The reason I bring it up is that this was a bug that was fixed in 2.82, so it shouldn’t be happening. If you are indeed on 2.82, create a backup, do a FS7 + FS8, and restore from backup.
  12. Rob-Thunder

    HX Stomp - noise and tone issues

    I suspect this is probably right. The computer I was using is a desktop, rather than a laptop - so can't run it off the battery, However, I have just tried the Stomp with my lap top - and in a different room - and I don't have the noise issue (and the laptop is actually plugged in too). If the solution is super simple, it would be good to know. Otherwise, I confess I probably wouldn't get round to solving it. I guess my priority was to check I didn't have a faulty Stomp. And if I do want to have the Stomp connected to the computer, while playing, I guess I can now use the laptop. Thanks Rob
  13. emagli

    acoustic guitar amplifier with Helix

    I have a Schertler small acoustic amp (Giulia Y). Sometimes I connect the Helix LT output jack to the return of the amp effects loop, and use its power amp as an almost "flat" amp which sounds a bit warmer than a monitor (I have and often use a JBL LSR305 as monitor). It does sound good at home and I like it perhaps better than a monitor for noodling around (but I have not tried it at gig volume). However, I would not buy the amp for this purpose if I did not have one yet - I would buy an FRFR speaker. If you do play acoustic guitar, using the Helix before the acoustic amp for effects would sound good.
  14. rudomat

    import hx fx presets into hx stomp?

    i don´t have the hx fx anymore...;-)
  15. hi, my amps fx loop has got line level...when i set the hx send/return level to instrument level, what i have to do to be able to run it into the amps front input, the send from my amp will send line level into the hx return...isn´t it...???? why can´t we have extra send level and return level here...? i can´t see any chance to set the levels right for 4CM here...any hints...?? thanks!
  16. loydall

    Helix into Valve Amp

    Yup - this is similar to my experience - I played around with 4CM for a while - it was pretty good but then thought I'd simplify (less cables) by going straight into effects return and yeah - it sounded great. I ended up ditching my combo and buying an Orange Pedal Baby and running the Helix into that.. The Pedal Baby runs into a marshall 4x12 at rehearsal - it sounds astonishingly good. I run it into an Orange 2x12 at home and that sounds amazing as well.
  17. hyq1122

    Version 2.0 of V Remote does not work for Windows

    you only need install msvc run time dll all in one
  18. doctorvague

    HX Stomp: extnal footswitch with LED ?

    Boss makes various footswitches that will do that in their FS series. The LED is just an on/off indicator though, not color coded. Read up carefully on the different models, some latch, some are momentary and at least one can be switched either way. Also note whether it runs on batteries, adapter etc to suit your needs. Anything that has LED's will need power.
  19. ezut

    acoustic guitar amplifier with Helix

    $ 150 would be the acoustic amplifier. But, okay, I won't try it. I'll collect for ALTO.
  20. This is happening to my Spider valve mk2 and it is currently getting the part replaced. How I found out was I called full compass and they put me on hold and talked to line 6 and came to the conclusion Its the amp selection knob on mine. The part was cheap like $10 bucks with shipping included but you have to be skilled to fix it! My amp guy has a 2-3 weeks wait time so as soon as it is fixed Ill let you know! The problem with my amp guy is he goes through the whole amp looking for additional stuff that is not to spec (I hate being up-sold!).
  21. Peter

    Can't get into Stomp Box mode?

    Have you tried to reset the global settings ( Holding footswitch 5+6 on boot )?
  22. EmmausLutheran

    Snapshots and Command Center Crashing

    My Helix crashes when I try to load a snapshot that has Midi Notes commands set up in the Command Center. I am running Firmware 2.82. Has anyone been able to find a solution? Here are some more specific details and examples:: If I am in snapshot one's Command Center and assign a foot switch to a Midi Note On command, I can load snapshot two just fine. I then can then make changes to the Midi Note On command(s) in snapshot two Then when I try to load snapshot one again, my Helix crashes, the screen is dark, and I have to reboot. The Helix would have a lot more value to me if I could use the same Midi Note Commands assigned to the same foot switches in all my snapshots for a preset. As it stands now, I have the Midi Note Commands set up only in snapshot one. I would appreciate your experience, insight, and suggestions!
  23. I have a mint StageSource L2t for sale ($525 + $50 shipping). Never been out of my music room which is smoke-free. If interested you can email me here: victorloher@gmail.com Thanks. Vic
  24. guitars69

    Can't get into Stomp Box mode?

    Yes. It was preloaded from Sweetwater with the latest.
  25. phil_m

    Can't get into Stomp Box mode?

    Are you running the 2.82 firmware?
  26. mevermurlen

    "Q" equalizer meaning

    Thanks for posting that video on Q! Helped me a lot. Mark
  27. Don't you mean Global Settings - Ins/Outs and set "Return Type" to "Aux In"? There is no option for Main L/R. Anyway, that's how mine is set and it works.
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