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  2. rd2rk

    Helix and other equipment

    I'm late to the party, but here's what I think you should do. First, you're setting up a home studio, and have grand aspirations but no grand design. Dump the 2i2 and the mixer. Get an 18i20. This replaces the mixer and the 212. There are other brands, but that's what I'm familiar with, and what the following suggestions are based on. You don't need the MIDI interface either. If you need a boatload of MIDI ports, get a MIDI Solutions MIDI Hub. Don't try to mix everything thru the Katana. Why do you even need a Katana, you have a Helix! For straight guitar, any modern FRFR speaker will sound better with the Helix than the Katana. I had one. I sold it. Get some studio monitors, at least 6". Even if you run everything thru a home stereo system it's better than the Katana. With the above configuration, you can record EVERYBODY, from separate inputs, on separate tracks, including the members you haven't hired yet. EVERYBODY can have their own CUSTOM headphone mix (yes, that's EASY to set up with the 18i20). Now to the computer. You need AT LEAST a current gen i5 with 16gb memory and ssd drives. Plug the Helix and the 18i20 into the COMPUTER, NOT A HUB!!!!! If it's a desktop, use the REAR USB PORTS! The front ports are most likely a HUB! Dump Sonar, it sucks. It was my first DAW, and it pains me to say that, but Bandlab hasn't fixed it's core problems. Get Reaper. For 65 bucks it'll allow you to fully maximize ALL of the above equipment, it's very dependable and does pretty much everything any modern DAW does, and better than many much more expensive DAWs. "But it's not ProTools!" ProTools sucks. Expensively. Get Reaper. Lastly, save us all a lot of time. Don't just say "I have a car!" Tell us if it's a Prius or a Lotus. It makes a difference when we try to make suggestions. I'm cranky today. My coffee hasn't kicked in yet. I need to go chase some kids off my lawn......
  3. feffa86

    USB IN 1/2 Destination: Lacking AES/EBU option!!

    I have also posted a suggestion that's, imo, closely related to this one. It's already in review but I'm posting it here nonetheless: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Add-a-Digita-output-option-in-the-global-settings/948742-23508
  4. datacommando

    Helix and other equipment

    You are starting to come across as one of those people, you know the ones I mean - "all the gear and no idea". What "cruisinon2" stated is correct - you could simultaneously use both A and B signal paths in Helix and utilise the 8 USB channels to record into your DAW. The set up you are describing is complete chaos and impractical. Having multiple players without headphone and/or a proper monitor system is lunacy. You really haven't thought this through. You need to sit down a draw a diagram of all the equipment you want to use and figure out a flow chart for how it could all work. Initially when I read your first post, I actually though about creating a rough guide chart for you to use to include your drum machine and Emulator, but after seeing you responses to the comments here, I thought no! I don't particularly like to say this, best thing you could do is is go and RTFM. Oh, yeah! Helix into a 4 port USB hub! MEDIC!!!!!!!
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  6. cruisinon2

    Helix and other equipment

    This was the question you asked, so that's what I answered. Now you're posing a different question entirely... none of us are mind readers. Giving out bits and pieces of what you're trying to accomplish will make it very difficult for anyone to help you, nevermind the fact that what you're trying to do is beyond cumbersome. Recording an entire band live, with no headphones, and nothing to monitor through except a 1x12 combo guitar amp is simply not feasible...
  7. phil_m

    HX Stomp and MIDI - some insights

    So it can be used as part of a larger MIDI rig...
  8. Yep... that same engineer probably spends more time placing a '57 in front of a 412 cabinet. Actually... I did watch too much of that video... he uses Palmer load boxes to avoid cabinets/mic placement.... IMO that's borderline ironic. I wonder what would have happened if he had used the Palmer in place of a cab/mic sim in the Fractal? His test is lacking so may details it could have been the Palmer that made the difference - he didn't appear to take the time to eliminate that.
  9. Dwf2008

    Helix and other equipment

    Well, now perhaps you see why the mixer is in the mix. I could do as you suggest but that only accounts for two instruments. What about the others? My setup is actually more about jamming than recording although I want to do both without rearranging the connections each time I switch from one to the other.
  10. SteveFrance

    Musings on Helix after 2 years of use (non gigging guitarist)

    It only proves that he's not open-minded and he lives with his old prejudices..... He can be a good guitarist but to become a "star", it's something else.... It's not because you are the best technical one.... I think he's good at reproducing stuffs and as you say he is playing in a lot of bands so, he hasn't got his own band with his own sound.... He surely has got the best RIG to sound like..... I was talking about those prejudices on a french topic two days ago and said that for the price it was really courageous for a neophyte to go out from a music store with a modeling rig. All the guitar stores over there don't sell Helix. They sell very good guitars/tube amps/analog pedals and they really know that kind of equipment but they really don't know how to use modelers.....And they explain that there's nothing better and blablabla..... The only time i've been able to try the Helix in good conditions was in a sound system store rather than in an instrument store.... To respond to the first point, I've bought a powercab + to go with the Helix and i really think that i reach that amp feeling.
  11. cruisinon2

    Helix and other equipment

    If you are determined to record more than one instrument simultaneously (though I'd advise against it) use the aux input. However, you can only have one preset loaded at any given time. What you can do is keep signal paths A and B isolated in whatever patch you're using, and their input/output blocks and signal chains assigned accordingly.... but the whole mess will be contained within one preset.
  12. My Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (w/ Android 8.0) and my rather old tablet Galaxy Note 12.0 (SM-P900) w/ Android 5.0.2 work just fine, as does the PC app on Win10.
  13. cruisinon2

    Musings on Helix after 2 years of use (non gigging guitarist)

    Try talking a scotch drinker out of liking his favorite bottle... you won't. The cork sniffer has two defining characteristics: 1) He's right. 2) His perception/palate/ standards/etc are keener and more "evolved" than yours. You'll never convince the cork sniffer of anything, because that would mean either: 1) He was actually wrong about something. or 2) There's something good out there in the world that somehow escaped his heightened awareness of all things wonderful. Either option would cause too much cognitive dissonance for the cork sniffer to handle, and his Waterford crystal-bedazzled psyche would crumble.
  14. Dwf2008

    Helix and other equipment

    Ok guys, I get it that this is way too complicated. The katana is just being used until I can afford some monitors or a PA. Now, assume I have multiple players (a band) and I want to play a backing track that all can hear (hence no headphones) and record each instrument separately (on a different track at the same time). Where on the helix do you plug in the second guitar and how do you assign a different preset to it? We’ll deal with these different inputs one at a time.
  15. Dwf2008

    Amp cross reference

    Thank you everyone. This is exactly what I wanted.
  16. gunpointmetal

    Musings on Helix after 2 years of use (non gigging guitarist)

    In Modeler land that's the equivalent of turning an amp on with whatever settings it is already on at a music store through a no-name cab and then wondering why it doesn't sound great, lol. I appreciate a lot of the knowledge available on the internet, but sometimes people need to admit when they're making assumptions of speaking outside of their knowledge base. The accurate thing would have been "We weren't really sure what we were doing and we only had a few minutes to do it. When we hooked it up and solo'd it we thought it sounded the same, but since it got buried in the mix with band we must have missed something."
  17. stormstudios


    It got answered in another thread and in about 40 other threads. You've got to go to Security Preferences and allow Line 6 as a developer.
  18. For those interested... this comes up at about 1h40m into the video (yes, I was bored this morning).... (basic summary of what actually is said) He does not say he created the tone... the 2nd guitarist in Keith Urban's band had created a fractal patch to match his live rig which was a clean boost into a Marshall Super Bass. He says the tone sounded the same in the PA when isolated, but was lost when in the mix. He goes on to say something was missing, but has no details of how the patch was created, accepted the tone as provided, and no attempt was made at the "fractal level" to make it work.... if there was, he doesn't mention it. Looks like that Fractal got 15 - 30 minutes of time and was disregarded... if people think that's a fair judgement of a piece of gear then there is nothing left to say.
  19. stormstudios

    Issue with PODHD PROX software seeing device using USB C

    Good tip. Glad you got it working for the newer Mac owners. The problem is this exact solution has been proposed in many other threads and it seems many aren't reading the solution. I hope your thread (or one with the solution in it) sticks to the top and people start reading threads a little more. Glad you got it working. Rock on!
  20. soundmodeler

    Volume drop connecting Helix to PC Plus via L6 Link

    PaulWilliamson - totally agree with your assessment. My issues exactly!
  21. @xmacvicar I didn't want to quote your full opening post, but that is what I am referencing here... You keep saying it sounds great when recorded, but doesn't sound like a real amp when compared to a real amp. There is a vital distinction you are missing and/or have completely overlooked. When the HELIX is used with an FRFR (like your setup is) it isn't suppose to sound like a real amp... it is suppose to sound like a real amp through a microphone. The microphone chosen and the position it is placed has a huge impact on the tone. For a proper comparison, you need to mic up the amp and listen to it through the FRFR like you are listening to the Helix. That is the difference between "Amp in the room tone" and "recorded & FOH tones". Admittedly you say you are a "non gigging guitar player" and thank you for doing so - it puts things in better perspective as we try to help you. Any guitar player that gigs has a "what the hell is that" moment when they hear their tone through a PA for the first time. It is "that sound" the Helix is delivering... and that is the sound you are shaping.
  22. DunedinDragon

    Helix and other equipment

    As cruisinon2 says, sell the interface, the mixer, the USB hub, and the katana and buy a good pair of studio monitors. Hook the Helix up to the PC direct into one USB port and connect everything through the Helix through the different inputs or use the returns for things like the drums. Create different patches for each instrument. When you want to record an instrument, select the patch for it, enable the track in Cakewalk, and press record. That's pretty much exactly how I have my Helix set up in my studio.
  23. I learned a long time ago that musicians "can be" really closed minded... that L&M employee seems to be one of them. Our L&M stores here in Winnipeg has them as well :) (BTW: L&M head office would not be happy with that employee for his reaction and closed mind) Give three players a JCM800 One will make it sound like a wall of mud The next makes it sound like a mosquito The next makes it sound glorious The thoughts from the peers (musicians in the wings)... 1&2: The guys got great gear but his tone isn't very good (user is blamed) 3: Wow that Marshall sounds great (amp is praised) Give three players a Helix (or any modeler for that matter) One will make it sound like a wall of mud The next makes it sound like a mosquito The next makes it sound glorious The thoughts from the peers (musicians in the wings)... 1: Modelers always get lost in the mix (blame the gear) 2: Modelers always sound thin and brittle (blame the gear) 3: He seems to get a good sound out of that thing (spiteful praise of the user) Amps and modelers are just tools... Ultimately (based on knowledge and ability) it is the USER that makes it sound good or bad.
  24. arislaf

    Amp cross reference

    Bit outdated but still the best https://line6.com/support/topic/31789-helix-models-definitive-cheat-sheet-all-model-names-with-descriptions/
  25. cruisinon2

    Helix and other equipment

    Are you trying to monitor everything (drums, synths, etc) through the Katana? That's gonna sound like boiled crap... it's a guitar amp. You can't mix multitrack recordings with it. Even trying to play along with songs or backing tracks will sound awful. You need a pair of studio monitors and/or decent studio reference headphones. And you can ditch the mixer and interface... they aren't necessary at all. Helix is a fully functional interface all by itself. You've got way too many moving parts that you don't need, and you're missing the one thing that's genuinely necessary...a clean, flat response way to monitor everything.
  26. zolko60

    Helix Native on PC Sticks, Barebones, mini-PCs.

    The latency hardly depends on computer speed.
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