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  2. OK, I figured out it's RECORD START. I've been running this for about two hours now, randomly starting and stopping, recording, no glitches. Again, intermittent is the worst to troubleshoot.
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  4. It’s my go-to drive in the Helix. But then I love the real-life Dist + so that makes sense. The Secret OD (the one based on the DOD 250) is similar but with less ability to tweak the sound.
  5. No simple quick fix unfortunately! Rolling off 100hz and say 4K (and maybe as low as 3K) is a start - but you just got to play it at volume - I'm constantly tweaking sounds created in the studio to sound good live - you will also need to adjust mids. Even delay etc sounds a bit different. So prep in the studio gets you somewhere to where you want to be, but there's no substitute for live level so far!
  6. I wasn't able to use your cues track because the Program Changes are too few and far between to be useful for testing. Also, they're not working. Maybe something weird about how Cubase records them? There's also no Snapshot MIDI events, probably because Snapshot MIDI doesn't transmit automatically like Program Changes, you have to set an Instant Command to send the proper Snapshot Messages. I recorded a MIDI track in Reaper that simply cycles through your Presets every couple of bars, looped it, and let it run. Every so often I pressed the Spacebar Hotkey, and so far it's worked every time. What does the other Hotkey do? In Reaper, "*" is not a factory shortcut. If You tell me what it does in Cubase I can configure Reaper to duplicate the action. Meanwhile, I'll leave it running for a while and hit the Spacebar key once in a while to see if I can get it to fail.
  7. Hollie -- OK, at my computer. You don't really need Smart Controls. Just use an Automation lane .... its as easy as automating Volume in a track. 1) in Logic, make sure you've selected Show Automation (from the main menu, its at Mix>Show Automation). 2) in the audio channel where you've got your Helix plug-in, use the Automation pull-down menu to select Helix Native, then you should see a list of available automations (Knob 1 - 16, etc .... and Snapshot Index .... etc). Select Snapshot Index. 3) You should then have an automation lane for Snapshot Index, with a line at the bottom for #1. You can click on the line to select other Snapshot numbers, at the time you want them to be in effect. That's it, really. I'm assuming you're using the latest version of Helix Native. I'm using 1.82 in this example, but I think any 1.8X works just fine. Hopefully you'll be in Snapshot Automation Bliss soon. Below are some more screen shots I took when writing this up that might help....
  8. bigger helix units like the rack helix can have like 4 chains of 8 effects and i dont think there is any problem with dsp on those. If you are using 2 amps you can pretty much say goodbye to effects, i amp and most effects should be fine as long as they are not stereo tape delays and reverbs as they take up alot of dsp, and you shouldnt really have a problem with just effects unless they are like all stereo effects
  9. Sound dog, you are the person I was hoping would answer.. I am not in front of my computer either, but from what you wrote I was on the right track, but where it went wrong was finding the Snapshot index.. I think I found it mentioned in smart controls and did what was asked but always in the automation pull down window I only had Numbered knobs, and yes I do scroll to the bottom just in case you were about to ask. ; ) I look forward to hearing back and thank you so much for answering. Hollie
  10. MartinDorr

    Helix 2.9

    On 2/24/2020 at 7:51 AM, cruisinon2 said: WHERE'S MY FREE $HIT?!?! WHERE'S MY FREE $HIT?!?! Somebody in the know could have hinted that it will happen on a Tuesday, maybe even next ... ... and 6 weeks seems not too bad for soon ;-)
  11. Can the Pod HD500x be connected to the Powercab 112 Plus via Line 6 link? I know it cannot control it, but can the audio work? When I set it up that way, it sounds awful that way, very fizzy, like it is not using either the build in cab sim or IR at all. Oddly enough, it sounds pretty good from the direct out, just nasty from the cab itself. It seems like it is only applying the cab sim or ir to the direct out. And connecting via XLR output it does not sound quite right either, it's very quiet, and I have everything cranked up on the Pod HD500x and I still need to crank up the input gain on the Powercab. I feel like I am missing something here, any suggestions?
  12. I play hard rock/metal in drop C# tuning, half step down. I'll sit in my studio for hours seeking the perfect tone through my 8" Yamaha HS8 + Sub setup... And CONSTANTLY wonder how it's going to translate to local gigs that have 15" monitors, with or without a competent sound guy. Yeah, it sounds good to me dead center - how about stage left? stage right? I know the Fletcher-Munson effect, and I try to be a good boy and roll off my 4k to not PIERCE my listeners ears like every other band does... but still I wonder how they're hearing it. The question is: In general, how does an 8" setup + subwoofer translate to a club setting? Or... lollipop the 8" setup. How does one GENERALLY EQ their lollipop so that it feels balanced when playing through 15" speakers direct. Is it as easy as "drop the sub-100hz frequencies and let your bass player fill the gap"? Any thoughts?
  13. Wrong Side.hlxThe Hound.hlxRunning.hlxMr. Weather.hlxMain.hlxHeavy.hlx cues.mid Hi rd2rk Here are the presets I use. I have configured the command center to be exactly the same regardless of which preset is on at a given time. I also included a midi file containing my cues for preset/snapshot recall. You shoul be able to drop it straight into Reaper and asign the output to your Helix and have a similar setup as mine. Please let me know if you find anything of interest. cheers!
  14. im looking at buying one of these and just thought about it. I want to run the efects from the stomp, into my amp, loadbox the speaker out, then go from my DI out into the cab sim. I was thinking i could run the cable i want simulated through the right in and out and pan the cab to the right, and run everything else left, then go direct from the cab sim.
  15. spikey

    Helix 2.9

    What he said!!! ; )
  16. I searched through all the PDF downloads that I obtained, including those for spider 15. You are correct my friend...no country voices. Sorry about that, but I did try!!!
  17. I purchased a Yamaha DBR10, it supposed to have 700w but using it with my HX Stomp, with the master volume at full, I can only set the DBR10 at - 3 or so and the Limit protection starts. My HX Stomp out is set to line output and connected jack to input 1 jack in line mode,but the same occurs with the 2nd input. I can't have enough power to play with my power trio band.
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  19. lungho

    Hank Marvin sound

    More out of curiosity than anything else, I decided to see what you came up with. The patch sounds pretty darn good with both my Clapton Strat and '54 reissue. This patch should provide a very good starting place for the OP.
  20. silverhead

    How to reset?

    Have him update to v2.82. Then create a backup of your system and send him the file. He can then do a restore and get all your presets and IRs (and global settings if he wants, or he can choose not to restore those). Make sure he he does his own backup before restoring yours.
  21. It depends on your amp. If you are taking the effects out from your amp (you mention pre-amp out) into the HXE, that ofteny engages a switch or something that requires you to then take the output from your effects back into the return on the amp to get output from the power amp stage. If you have a signal in the Pre-Amp out, and signal still gets to the output stage on your amp, then what you show will work. Guitar ----Amp-------Cabinet A - Dry I Pre-Amp out-----HX Effects (Internal signal path-----Noise Gate--------Volume Pedal--------Pitch modulation-----delay--) Out to Power Amp input 1---------Cabinet B ---Out to Power Amp input 2----- ---Cabinet C If it's like all of my amps, you need to do the following: Guitar -> Amp guitar in->Effects send-> HXE Input ->(Noise Gate->Volume block-> Split block-> Pitch mod ->stereo delay)---Left-Out -> Power Amp input 1- ---Cab B | ---Right Out -> Power Amp input 2----Cab C -> Send block -> effect send)-> Amp Effects Return -> Cab A - Dry Well. Something like that. I had to do this from memory. The HX Effects will do it for you.
  22. That is certainly an option for some people, as long as you don't require any of the features the POD Go is missing. EG: Variax support, midi support, mic input, etc...
  23. At this point in time, wouldn't it be better to wait for the Pod Go? Seems like a far better solution if being used as more of an all-in-one solution, and cheaper than the Stomp, too.
  24. Hi Charlinne. Not totally different. I play rock most of the time and enjoy a good thrash...but I also enjoy playing Beatles, Stones, and everything in-between. Dispite that, I just wanted to create a totally flat clean natural sound with no echo, twang etc that I could model or use for external pedals, or just a good 'ole lazy strum.
  25. I have an original Variax 700 but I also have a JTV59 and a JTV69 which are my main workhorse guitars. Thanks for highlighting this issue though, as I wasn’t aware there were issues with Helix and older Variax models.
  26. Earlier you mention having a Variax, but didn't say which generation. If it's an older Generation (500, 300, 600, 700) you need to know that the LT will not act as an interface for Workbench with those models. Also - although it generally will work fine, there are some "quirks" between the older generation and the Helix you need to be aware of. BUT - that's a different topic altogether :)
  27. codamedia

    Hank Marvin sound

    Hmmmm... same request, two usernames? I'm getting confused :) IMO... that's a beautiful tone. This is what I would do.... Strat Bridge Pickup (w/fresh strings.... you can hear that clearly at the end of the clip) Fender Twin Model (double normal) Bring the drive back to about 3 Highs around 3 Lows around 5 or 6 set the mids around 6 or 7 Insert the TILT EQ and set the TILT to DARK 60 (this simulates moving the mic closer to the edge of the speaker) (Optional)... Simple delay with a 400ms delay time, 2-3 repeats, keep the mix low, around 15%. For Reverb, just insert the '63 Spring and leave it as is. LA Studio Comp at the end of the chain... just inserting it will bring out the desired flavor, but I would also roll the gain back to about 5. The majority of the tone is how he picks, and his subtle use of the tremolo bar on the guitar! He's a master! Attached is a quick preset based on the settings I mention above. Keep in mind this was made in Native, with MY STRAT which is a '62 re-issue. You may have to adjust for your gear a little! EDIT TO ADD: Although I used a Fender Twin model for the amp, I am pretty sure Hank plays VOX amps... I'm just more comfortable dialing in the Fenders. Hank Marvin.hlx
  28. I had similar issues on the 100% end with my LT pedal. I have it auto-of at 97% and it would reach 100% but when I lift my foot it went to 95,96,92 etc....ultimately had to have it replaced. If it was consistent I could work around it, but it wasn't. No matter what I set the threshold to, it would always end up below that. Even had auto-off set to 91% and it would still fall back that far. Also check to make sure that there isn't dirt/hair/dust covering the optical sensor. I've read that can cause issues.
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