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  2. That's only relevant in case you go to your DAW per SPDIF Quite high numbers in my book. I can run HXN fine with 32 samples on a 10 year old computer (not a Windows machine, though).
  3. That worked for me. Thank you. I think it's an issue with the certificate.
  4. Hm, so you could possibly just raise the overall volume and call it a day, no?
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  6. Sure, I could do that. As I've mentioned, the issue basically appears for all presets copied from User 3 to User 4 (high gain leads, relatively high gain crunch tones and pristine cleans), what do you suggest? To me it is the most obvious on the high gain leads. BTW, I am running ML Sound Lab IRs in all of the presets, so how would it work? I assume you are not supposed to share these around or you get into copyright issues, right? (Mikko worked so hard on these and deserves all the money and credit, since they sound awesome)
  7. Yeah, I regularly do the complete backup for the Helix, but I've never thought of exporting single presets and importing them back to see if it works better than copying, so I'll definitely try this way.
  8. Sure, I'll give it a go, obviously it takes some time and there is always the worry that you get some of the settings wrong as you go through the blocks, but of you A/B it with the original and finally it sounds the same, it's worth all the trouble.
  9. Many thanks for the answers everyone. The unit itself is delinitely great and sounds are awesome, this was just a small thing I could not get my head around. And the weird thing is that the problem does not seem to be copying just by itself, as if I copy the preset to another slot within the same setlist (say, from 7A to 15A within setlist User 3) it sounds perfectly identical, so the problem really only appears when copying into another setlist. Another thing adding to the "mystery" is that I tried copying the worse sounding copy back from User 4 to User 3 setlist to an empty slot, amd when I do it is sounds perfect again in User 3... :D Anyway, I'll definitely try 2 things, as suggested: exporting the preset and importing it to the other setlist, and I will also try to build it up again manually from scratch, and see what the results are. Many thanks for all the suggestions!
  10. rd2rk

    ASIO/USB Outputs

    Global Settings>Ins/Outs USB 1/2 Destination = XLR. That gets your DAW Output into Helix and out to your mixer/speakers/headphones. In your Preset send your Outs to 1/4" to your amp. You probably want to set the BIG KNOB to control the XLRs, so your amp gets an independent level. Take USB 1/2 out of Helix for recording processed guitar, USB 7/8 for unprocessed (for re-amping).
  11. Some things to try, one at a time, or all together: Turn off the amp/cab in POD and just use the sound of your head Turn off the cab, but keep the amp on Swap the amp block out for a preamp block Make sure your out is set to instrument level and not line Go to a “blank” preset, turn off all the blocks, and tweak levels until it sounds identical to plugging straight into your amp without POD
  12. For some tones, some guitars, some riffs, and some players, it works fine to drop to Eb or even down to D (or more?). For others, not so much. Hard to predict which group you’ll fall in without trying it out. One thing to do is assume it may not work for you and be pleasantly surprised if it does.
  13. POD Go preset now live. I updated the post and playlist above with details.
  14. There’s 10 slots on the tuning knob that you can set up with whatever tuning you want. Beyond that, though, you can store a custom tuning with each model in Workbench HD if you want. And then, further beyond that, if you’re using it with the Helix or an HD series POD, you can have the Variax tuning controlled by the presets in those devices. So really, the answer is kind of as many as you need, depending on how you want to use it.
  15. phil_m

    ASIO/USB Outputs

    The output routing is all done on a preset per preset basis in the output block(s). Which outputs the headphone jack is monitoring is a global setting, though.
  16. This is by design. The issue is that once you assign a parameter to a controller, the value for that parameter that's saved in each snapshot will be recalled when you switch snapshots. So in that sense, snapshots will override controllers. The one exception to this are the EXP controllers. Under Global Settings>EXP Pedals, there's the EXP1 & 2 Position parameters. If you have them set to Per Preset or Global, the position of the expression pedal will override the value that saved in the snapshot. So one possible workaround might be to assign the Pitch parameter to either EXP1 or 2 and use the associated CC (CC1 or CC2) to emulate the pedal.
  17. luvelidi

    ASIO/USB Outputs

    I'm looking for more info on USB routing options via the ASIO/USB driver. After checking the manual and searching the forums, I wasn't able to find out how to assign the inputs/outputs globally. I'd like to accomplish this: DAW playback to headphone (to mixer - using XLR for something else though I can refigure this), Helix tone output to 1/4" (monitor through amp). Where can I assign what goes to the various outputs? In HX Edit I've found where I can assign outs to each *tone* individually, of course, but I can't find a way to route DAW playback; obviously I'd prefer this didn't come through my amp, and global options would make this process so much more seamless!
  18. Hi, found the vid - it's at 3:30 - and at 4:45 'random tip' use pitch block at the beginning of the chain (he didn't for the vid btw)
  19. Interested in the Standard Variax, but I'm sure this covers all models. How many custom tunings can you store in the guitar? Thank you!
  20. Fair enough. Especially since I didn't think to check it out when it was powered down. I just checked it out with a torch while not powered up and sure enough, it's still there. That makes feel better about it not being an electrical problem. Now I suspect it might very well be delamination of the film that is above the actual LED (digital watched use such a film). Still disappointing and I'll contact Line 6 about it shortly. Thanks for the insight
  21. Thank you so much for the informative reply. I feel a little (just) better about it not suddenly failing me.
  22. In Global Settings>Preferences set Snapshot Edits to RECALL.
  23. I'm using sed at the command-line which makes it very easy and fast to swap from stereo to mono when playing with the *.hlx files. I'm using: for i in *.hlx do sed <$i >mono_$i 's/"@stereo" : true,/"@stereo" : false,/' done Some blocks won't convert because there's not a mono equivalent block, but Helix seems happy to accept the block definition, it just still shows the block as a stereo device.
  24. Exact same problem here! A full year since first post and Line 6 did nothing! I'll not upgrade my demo if they don't solve it.
  25. Yesterday
  26. When you go to devices on your computer and you see the Lpc shown, look for the properties tab for it. On pc it says drivers etc...if it shows none that means you will have to down load the drivers for the Lpc basically the drivers for the go itself. On the line 6 pod go download software page try downloading the Mac version of the line 6 updater and the line6 drivers v.1, something. Do worry about having the pod go edit program running for the time being while doing this. See if running the downloads work by checking the drivers on the Lpc again. If it works you should see line 6 on the description for the Lpc. Just toy with it and hopefully you’ll get it and you can get the go back to factory and it will be current on the firmware ware.
  27. I have stomp Effects and I had the LT. The pod looks good,a get up and go play type of unit which makes it good if you dont want to spend alot.IMO I really miss my LT I had to sell it and I really regret it.It was so good,the bad part is playing with it so much you wind up not playing lol,I finally got what i wanted but I had to sell it,I could not replicate what I had on to the stomp well its obvious why and rightfully so.If the stomp did everything whats the point of the big brothers,but the stomp challenged me to tweak more and I had leftover pedals so it made it easier.If you have a bunch of pedals that you like and the stomp you should be fine with it.I missed the LT but in comes the HX effects it solved my Lt gone sadness,the 2 of them together is great and I now have different options.So if you have the money Id go with the helix,need something economical and you have a good amp but you want to record go with the stomp.great amp go with hx effects,if youi have alot of money and you are a man child like me well buy them all!!!! What you say thas overkill,well the podgo will go with me on jams the helix will be used in studio big gigs the stomp and hx effects will go on smaller gigs with good amp 4 cable method or can be used as a backup with amp in case something goes wrong.
  28. yesterday i got a used dt25 for use with my helix lt at home. updated the dt firmware to 2.0 (took a little time for line 6 monkey to finally be convinced to do the update) and voila...dt topology etc. is controllable via L6-Link. i use the preamp models in the lt and they sound really good and give a good amp-in-the-room-feel when used with the dt power amp via L6-Link. now the channel a amp potis itself loose function when the helix lt's preamps are used (and i understand it's supposed to be that way) except for the master volume and the presence-poti (which behaves a little weird but at least does something). since most of helix lt's preamps don't seem to have a presence dial modelled (makes perfect sence since it's normally a poweramp stage) is there a way to store the presence-value from the dt amplifier in the helix patch per preset and if so...where? i can't find a parameter in the helix output-section where topology and the other stuff is located. i understand that i could simply use an eq after the preamp to simulate a presence control but i'm curious if it's possible to use the dt amps internal presence and store it.
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