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  2. PierM

    Helix Bug Reports

    Joystick Encoder seems having some random hang when in "model" modality. Sometimes doesn't respond to push, sometimes doesn't respond to model change, sometimes both. Isn't hardware related. More info here; https://line6.com/support/topic/48671-bug-with-joystick-after-280-update/
  3. PierM

    Bug with Joystick After 2.80 Update

    Ok I've been able to repro, and seems some instability in the code. Basically both click and rotate, to select models and/or to access the model page, are like hanging and/or not responding, but yeah, isn't hardware related; it's code which seems looping somewhere and losing realtime catching on the Joystick status. This problem it's happening only when Joystick Encoder it's set to "model", so I'm pretty sure it's related to the update. (even because the same Joystick works flawless for any other browsing action, outside the patch).
  4. Hi Kenny, I’m not running “Catalina”, still on “High Sierra”, but what you have there looks to be an over zealous “Gatekeeper”, which is security built into the main OS. If you check in your System Prefs Panel there is an icon for Security, firewall etc. Click on it and you should find the option to allow installation from an unknown source. It’s there to try and block any malicious software that could damage your Mac. You could try “option click” on the file to bring up a dialogue asking if you want to install anyway. Agree and you will have to enter your Admin password to allow the install to proceed. Failing that there is a software app called Pacify, that will allow you to open disk images etc. then you install from inside the package. find it here: https://www.charlessoft.com/
  5. datacommando

    Bug with Joystick After 2.80 Update

    Be interested to know if this is simply something that happened with the Update when the Globals were reset, which it could well be, as noted by “NickM62” when reverted to 2.71 everything was fine. On the other hand, should it be the result of a sudden hardware failure, a repair is not too expensive. Approx £100 in the U.K.
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  7. goodmove

    My Helix is quieter after the 2.80 update

    I've got a response from L6 support. It is confirmed as a bug which will be fixed with the next update.
  8. datacommando

    Helix Native authorization program

    Hi, In this instance the license actually refers to the Authorisation of a computer or Line 6 Hardware in order to use it.You need to run the Line 6 License Manager to authorise a computer or product. To remove it you also need to run the Line 6 License Manager to deauthorise a computer or product. check the link below https://line6.com/account/licenses/instructions/ That should do it.
  9. PierM

    Stereo rig options for Helix

    the 212 also has the porting on the back. I'm expecting some boomy tone on smaller rooms with plenty of wall proximity, especially when tilted.
  10. I've got several dozen patches with a Volume Block which is controlled by EXP2. Before the update , if I left the EXP2 at 0% and rebooted the Volume would stay at 0% (in line with the actual pedal position) when the Helix restarted. Now, it seems to revert to 100% volume on reboot, even though the pedal position is still at 0%. This can be resolved by engaging the EXP2 and then it works as expected until the next reboot. NB I believe that this was a bug which also occurred in a previous Firmware update and was subsequently resolved....
  11. DunedinDragon

    Great Update for 2.8

    You do realize no one is going to see this wish list unless you post it in IdeaScare, right?
  12. DunedinDragon

    going back to old firmware

    You go through the same process. Download the install program for HXEdit and run the install. This installs the appropriate drivers and version of the Line 6 Updater. Make sure you're not running HX Edit and run the Line 6 Updater and chose the 2.71 firmware.
  13. " Figured it out in Reaper for the snapshot change. It's not perfect, but it'll do. Also figured out other automations as well. " For those of us who haven't figured out how to automate snapshot changes in Reaper, it would be greatly appreciated if you listed it here.
  14. GaryWalker1974

    going back to old firmware

    Hi All, qhen going back to previous firm ware ie from 2.80 back to 2,71 do you have to download and go back with everything ? #updater #helix edit or could the updater remain at the latest version and just redo firmware back to 2.71? many thanks for the help Gaz
  15. Verne-Bunsen

    Bug with Joystick After 2.80 Update

    It would be great if it was just a setting issue, I’d forgotten that the joystick behaviour was tinkered with in the update.
  16. HonestOpinion

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    Added general request for polyphonic processing to Ideascale. Would love to see this come to an upcoming firmware upgrade. Vote 'er up: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Polyphonic-Everything/960087-23508
  17. HonestOpinion

    Tuner always on in TAP scribble strip function

    Interesting idea, you should put it in IdeaScale where it will be seen by Line6. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/community/login
  18. I tried it out a few days ago, either – the PC+ did accept most of the IRs that I use with my Helix, but there comes no sound out of the Powercab. The feature of imported IRs is really useless.
  19. NickM62

    Bug with Joystick After 2.80 Update

    This happened on my LT too after installing 2.80. I don't think there is anything wrong with the joystick as you can turn it and press it to select the setlist you want after pressing the left hand encoder. It doesn't work when trying to select the model, although you can turn it and it will scroll through ALL the models. I went back to 2.71 and the joystick behaves as expected (as expected).
  20. HonestOpinion

    Helix Bug Reports

    A couple of more things occurred to me to try if you have not already. Creat a new directory on the F: drive and make sure you give permissions to "Everyone" to try to eliminate permissions problems. Also if you haven't already, try saving a preset other than the one named "TEMPLATE". You just want to make that your preset does not have a name that could have even a remote chance of being reserved.
  21. HonestOpinion

    Helix Bug Reports

    Has not been my experience. Mine has always saved to other drives in previous versions and still does in 2.8.
  22. markdaniels76

    Too much time to think.... 2.8 (hardware) vs 1.8 (native)

    Yep. I'm having the same issue in my head too... I rolled back anyway.. 2.8 doesn't work with my helix very well...
  23. adinelb

    Firmware 2.8 and DT Amps

    Not at all. Have you updated your Helix to 2.8?
  24. mstoffel

    That Revv Model Tho!

    Hi, I like the Rev model, but when I take the same Guitar with the od808 in front of the amp model and my favourite IR. After tweaking to my liking most high gain models pretty much sound very close with a slight difference on the very edge of the spectrum (Marshall -5150). But that the same in the real word. What do you think? regards Marco
  25. Looks like it was A Windows 7 issue. I hooked it up to a laptop with Windows 10 and the update continued. Rebuilding presets now. It still won't detect it on Windows 7 after reinstalling again.
  26. In the hope that I could bypass this software bug by purchasing something like the Voodoo Labs MIDI amp switcher and using MIDI from the Helix, I tested this by assigning a MIDI CC toggle to a footswitch. Nope. It's even worse: MIDI CC toggle is only sent by manually pressing the footswitch. Even though the state of the assigned footswitch changes per snapshot, the MIDI CC is not sent. Line 6. Please fix your software bug and make Ext Amp switching work properly.
  27. ezut

    Helix/DT amp integration on the way!

    Mine is like that, but not M Audio. Wouldn't it work?
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