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  2. jonandtice

    Single vs Dual amp path channel volume matching

    ^ This is correct I was curious myself about the split/merge effect on signal level as well. I wanted to make sure my gain staging wasn't being affected. I recently did some tests by placing a 3 Note Generator at the beginning of the path to get a constant signal level which I then measured with Audacity's signal meters on the computer (connected via 1/4" stereo outs through an audio interface). I also used send blocks on each path (1A and 1B) to measure the signal level in the path. This is from memory and I will come back and edit later when I confirm: Split A/B doesn't affect signal level. For example, in path A, "Even Split" and "A100" produce the same signal level in Path A. Likewise "Even Split" and "B100" produce the same signal level in Path B. A setting of A50 means 100% signal to Path A and 50% signal to Path B. A setting of B75 means 100% signal to Path B and 25% signal to path A. Send Blocks (and 1/4" Mono Out) add +3dB to the signal level. I guess because that is what happens when you sum stereo to mono? I had to do -3dB on the send blocks so that my results made sense. The merge block adds from -3dB to 0dB to the signal level. That's -3dB for A100/B100 and 0dB for "Even Split". So in your case, you are correct. Do -3dB of gain in the merge block for each path.
  3. gauthieralex

    How to connect Amplifi 75 to PA system?

    on the other hand, can one use the amplifi as a PA system? can I plug a vocal mic to the amplifi directly?
  4. rzumwalt

    NMDRD! (Strymon BigSky content...)

    Thanks. Strymon had a very simple librarian program when I bought the BigSky several years ago now. This looks like it kicks the old program in the butte.
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  6. multivir

    Footswitch assignments lost

    ...found it! I didn't loose the foot switch assignments. I just had set the device to snapshots without noticing. Hence the led rings were just white and didn't change anything in my patch, as I don't use different snapshots. Since the screen showed the fx blocks section, I couldn't see the snapshots changing (in the background). Once I realised that, the solution was simple - press the page button until you get to the stomp mode again. Duh.
  7. bshaw92

    Helix Mode/Stomp return screen

    Looking to see if I have stuff setup correctly. I am using stomp mode (10) items. When I hit mode it brings up the presets to choose. I choose a preset and it stays in the preset mode until I hit mode again. Is there a setting that when you choose your preset it will automatically go back to stomp mode? I couldn't see one in the utilities settings.
  8. surfsup1955

    my Helix - my pedal board

    So after a couple of weeks going down this road, this has kinda morphed into a “mono thing” for me. In addition to building a few nice pedal board patches (mono of course) for my tube amp, I also started rebuilding some of my old stereo patches (Helix amps/cabs) into mono patches and I have to say, in most cases, I’m not real sure why I didn’t do this sooner. I mean, stereo is cool and all but the mono builds seem much more usable whether in the mix or out. And even though the Helix will sum stereo patches to mono when using L output, the patches sound so much better when built specifically for mono. No end to the fun...
  9. psarkissian

    Spider IV 75 schematics

    Schematics are not available. Chances are the output amp board is damaged, Line 6 authorized service the the only option. Log a Support ticket with Line 6 Customer Support.
  10. mc0397mc

    Reaper not loading helix native.vst

    Im positive the helix floor is connected to my computer. Im the computers sound preferences menu for input and output audio Helix shows up as an option so the computer is recognizing it.
  11. multivir

    Footswitch assignments lost

    I just contacted support. If you're using the MD-BT01... Do you have a great solution where to put the controlling device (iphone etc)? I'd love to keep it near the guitar or even attach it to it, but I haven't seen a great solution for that. Music or Mic stand is an option, but that's already too far away...
  12. lungho

    Not Helix... but still nice to see

    I'm thinking the guy has tube amps that have particular characteristics and nuances that can only be captured by a profiler. Tube amps can be pretty inconsistent, so maybe he's looking for some consistency with his live rig. And it is also quite possible that he wants to preserve his tube amps from the abuse of the road. Whatever the case, it's cool to see an old and iconic cat embrace new technology.
  13. DunedinDragon

    New amp model request

    You might have benefitted from reading some of the initial posts because nothing happens with suggestions posted here. You need to post them in IdeaScale so they can get voted on to determine if it's worth doing.
  14. Deepwave

    New amp model request

    Hi there, I want to ask for programming a bass amp model: Most bass players dont know, that some of the very best full valve amps have been made by TRACE ELLIOT ! Probably due to the fact, that there have not been made a lot, so there are not a lot around, and they are pretty expensive. The TRACE ELLIOT V6 full tube amp, 6x KT88 power stage, one of the most impressive sounds I have ever heard for Bass, especially with the corresponding 2x15" and 4x12" cabs ;) No other (tube) bass amp has a full and clean and FAT (!!!) sound, that on the other hand is so transparent and dynamic, with an incredible deep bass. It sounds completely different from the SVT's, and also from the Mesa 400 and the Fenders, a valve amp with a very own voice, that is not overly variable, but very very pleasing, and sought after by the ones who know it. So, would be great if that could be brought to the Line6 bass players ..... my suggestion ! Keep on groovin' Fran
  15. littlesrv917

    Hx effects recall snapshot

    Hi, I'm using Hx effects now. I'll try to use an external midi controller and recall snapshots. Can i recall snapshots through midi controller when Hx effects is on Stomp Mode? If anyone doing this, which one is better between Disaster Area DMC-4 Gen3 and Morningstar MC6?
  16. Kilrahi

    Not Helix... but still nice to see

    Because he's smart enough to see that at this point any claimed sound difference is smoke and mirrors.
  17. hurghanico

    Trade JTV 89 for 59 or 69

    You posted in the wrong forum.. this forum is only for the first generation Variax guitars.. In case you didn't noticed it there is another forum dedicated instead to the JTV guitars
  18. For the record: I finally received both dust protector caps bought from ebay which I mentioned earlier.. The RJ45 Dust Cover fits perfectly into the RJ45 but its handle protrudes by about 3-4 mm and if it collides with something from a specific side it can be tilted by pivoting on the opposite side and coming out of the RJ45, perhaps touching the inner pins (not sure) when it comes out this way with its longer side that goes deeper inside. Instead the dummyPLUG NDF for Neutrik female XLR receptacles probably because it is still very new, enters the narrow circular space normally reserved for the XLR circular hard metal shell of the etherCON connector, but not entirely, and therefore protrudes even more than the RJ45 Dust Cover mentioned above here, ie about 5-6 mm, but at least it is of even softer rubber, doesn't detache too easily, and never touches the pins under any circumstances. Momentary conclusion: the dummyPLUG NDF for Neutrik female XLR receptacles won my preference. In the meantime apart from the initial automatic reply where Yamaha Music Europe told me that they would respond as soon as possible, I did not receive any other new communication from them, so I still don't have the original Line6 cap.
  19. schuha_at

    Footswitch assignments lost

    Yep, wait with deleting. Just an idea. Set touch select to off in the general setting of footswitches. I do not want to claim that this is the primary cause of the error. I faced also some strange effect with some settings of the foot switch. I suspect rather (with me) that they were unwanted operations while I tweaked around a lot. I work also with the MD-BT01 and I am happy with it. ! If you have multiple MIDI devices in your setup, plug them out except your HX stomp. Some devices and sometimes midi files send midi commands that are not understood by many other devices. If you really have a bug with your HX stomp, you should contact the support.
  20. steelstringer

    Not Helix... but still nice to see

    One other benefit that comes to mind is stage volume. It is so much easier to keep volumes at a comfortable level with modeling tech, especially if both guitarists and the bassist are using it. This benefit is even more noticeable to guitarists who sing, since they often get used to singing over loud amplifiers. I wonder if this figured into MK’s decision.
  21. Niks4925

    Custom tone api

    Api usage and an example have been published here: https://github.com/Niks4925/line6Api Feel free to contribute.
  22. schuha_at

    Not Helix... but still nice to see

    One of the best guitarists, who in the last few years has been very much involved with traditional blues and who actually paints every note with his excellent playing technique, now uses a modeller on stage. It won't be due to the lack of experience of his sound engineering crew. Pragmatists will easily understand this step. Purists might think about this.
  23. Out of the blue, the FBV stopped responding. All the tuner "rainbow" lights at the top start flashing. Then it will go back to normal, and then start acting crazy again. Each time, it makes a loud "pop" sound. Connected to Spider IV 30. Anyone else have this issue?
  24. fflbrgst

    Spider iv 75

    Nice woodwork! I see you've got 2 speakers there did you match the impedance to the original single speaker so you are not pushing the amp past its limits? A lack of power (overall) could be something simple like a fuse or component in the power supply circuit, or the power supply itself.
  25. I think the first question is ---- are you selling your only product, or are you selling one of your products? Because maybe you have your packs on multiple devices. We don't know. And the answer could give different options.
  26. BigJayBrian

    Not Helix... but still nice to see

    Even with techs you have to compromise at a certain point. Maybe he wanted to have a different amp for each song? Maybe amps that can't be brought on tour? Mind you he probably didn't use standard amps like most of us do, but profiled his favorite tone out of his personal collection of amps. That's a variety that can't be achieved with analog gear
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