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    It's already explained well by @SaschaFranck directly above... I'm just here to add that I always use the 1024 block... it sounds perfectly fine to these ears :)
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    It's the number of samples an IR may have as its maximum. Longer IRs are able to contain more of whatever room reflections. 1024 samples at 48kHz (internal sample rate of the Helix) represent around 20ms in length, so 2048 represent 40ms. Personally, I vastly prefer shorter IRs for live playing as certain early reflections they may contain would be kinda implying you'd be in a weird room. I also think that many of those longer IRs feel less direct under my picking hand. Sometimes I even trim them in length (in fact, I always do as I do my own IRs, but that's another story). Whatever, non of them are stereo, the Helix only supports mono IRs. Oh, and the 2048 versions will consume more DSP power - another reason for not using them.
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    Yup, that was it. Thanks. Silly question, the 1024 & 2048 mean anything? If I had to guess I'd say ones a single cab the other a dual.
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    I haven't used the Danelectro Free Speech but I run a Rocktron Banshee talkbox with my Helix setup. But it's external to the whole thing. I plug into that from my wireless, and then input the input of the Helix. The sound when using the talkbox goes from the tube into the microphone. The bypassed sound (normal guitar sound) goes into the helix. I suppose you could plug the mic into the microphone input of the Helix and send to the PA that way. But you would have to have a separate input path / output path. I find it easier to just keep the talkbox out front in its own channel on the board, Helix on another channel.
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    Another, perhaps more flexible approach would be to allow patches to “link” to other patches and inherit their configuration with the ability to override settings. Any changes to the linked to (or target) patch that are not overridden in the linking (or source) patch could be automatically inherited by all the linking patches. This makes whole patches reusable, not just blocks. And it would be very easy to implement as it is a common software pattern.
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    no, there is not.. unless the 2 footswitches rows (top and bottom) are badly plugged to the main board, they could need to be replaced.. quite easy job, no soldering required, just plug and play, not expensive solution: Line 6 50-02-0234 Top And Bottom Switch PCB Assembly For HD500X _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
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    My guess is that you're experiencing a ground loop - electrical interference between your laptop computer and your HX Stomp. Try unplugging your laptop and running it on battery. If the noise disappears then this is the problem. There are solutions available but we don't need to go there until/unless you confirm the issue with the above test.
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    I have just had a couple of hours playing with the Native demo. I must stress that If I was a guitarist I'd have a Helix in a heartbeat. But, I was completely underwhelmed with the general bass content. I've heard it said in many reviews that the Line 6 & the Helix family doesn't ignore bass players and their needs. But I sadly have to disagree. Having only 2 dedicated bass effects (EBS octaver and Darkglass distortion) just isn't enough. I couldn't find a useable filter, and hardly any of the other effects have a blend control which doesn't make them bass friendly. On to amps - the bass world has moved on in recent years and SVT, GK & Mesa heads are not the only choice for the modern player. I have the same issue with the cab choices - why so many 10" choices - 4x10, 6x10 or 8x10. Or some old 1x15 or 1x18 from the 70s. So many bassists today are using 1x12s and 2x12s. The equipment in the bass world has changed significantly compared to even 10 years ago. The sheer number of bass drive pedals out there is nuts. And lightweight yet powerful amps & cabs too. So many choices of modern different sounding rigs yet they're not here. Come on Line 6, it's time to catch up. I had put down a deposit on a HX Stomp but I am about to cancel that. I'll happily come back and try again if there's more bass content but until then I'll stick with my Zoom MS60B (still a cracking swiss army knife of effects) on my board. Line 6, you have done an outstanding job for the guitarist, that I can't argue with. Think of how many more units you could sell if the bass content was as varied as the guitar.
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    Thanks for your reply. RESOLVED!! Apple logo>sytem preferences>security&privacy>Allow apps downloaded from: [check "App Store and identified developers"] cheers!!
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    A whole lot of great ideas here but no links for a lot of them in IdeaScale. The best way to use this topic is to post a description of your idea with a link to it in IdeaScale so people can vote it up. Line6 may or may not see them over here and they are less likely to get any traction without any votes. Also so as not to dilute the votes it is a good practice to search for your idea before you create a new one in https://line6.ideascale.com.
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    Are the Fender Mustang 2 and 4 button foot switches or expression pedal compatible with the Stomp?
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    Welcome to the world of mobile devices, everyone has a different result when it comes to Android. Don't get me wrong, I have a OP 7 Pro and previously a Samsung S9. I've always ended up using a PC to update my amp. First make sure the Spider Remote application is up to date, I'm amazed how many phone users don't regularly update their phone and applications. I currently have version 2.0.0 build 128. Just checking now, the 2.0.0 build 128 version of the app works for all functions for me except for the Device Flash. I'm running the Android 10 open beta at this time, so it's possible there was enough changes to the Android OS to allow Spider Remote to work for 95% of the features but fail for flash. If you have access to a computer, I'd recommend that for your flash updates for now. I use my phone along with a supposedly Kevlar braided cable for durability to do any adjustments pre-gig. The cool thing? I really don't have adjust as much with the 2.00 firmware and the classic speaker setup. Rest I do using my FBV 3 during the performance.
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    SUCCESS!! So I was having the same frustrating SPINNING WHEEL issue while using Logic Pro as many others... but I made one change that seems to have fixed the problem! I just turned off my internet connection (WiFi) then tried opening the plugin in Logic, but this time instead of it causing the constant spinning wheel, it prompted me for my account login info (...because of no internet connection). But this time where I had previously been connecting over my home Wi-Fi... I instead connected to my iPhone via PERSONAL HOTSPOT... typed in my password and it loaded right up! And after that first successful attempt I now seem to be able to use my home Wi-Fi without any issues and everything seems to be working as it should! DANG....FINALLY!!!
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    I finally found a solution -- I CAN'T BELIEVE!!!!!!!! I had to disable the Gatekeeper. http://osxdaily.com/2016/09/27/allow-apps-from-anywhere-macos-gatekeeper/ Here are the instructions on how to do it. After some research and many failed tries, I succeeded after I did these steps: - Open Terminal from Applications > Utilities > Terminal - Run the following command: sudo spctl --master-disable It may ask for your user password. - Open Security & Privacy panel and you will be able to see this new option Anywhere. Enable it! (unlock the padlock will be needed to make this change). - Now, If you had previously installed the Line6 driver, it must be uninstalled. - Install the driver again -- I've installed directly from the driver file, without using Line 6 Monkey, don't know if it will work. - When prompt, restart your computer. Open up the Security & Privacy panel again and *crossed fingers* you'll be able to see this message: - Click Allow and that's it :) After those steps I could open POD HD500x Edit and BOOM, it's connected I hope this works for those who are having the same problem!
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    Agreed! Some of the guitar cabs are far better than many bass cabs... for bass use! One important trick for me is to avoid the use of certain mics (57 Dyn cuts lows!). In my experience, a close (1'') 414 Cond or 121 Ribbon give me the best results. If some cab is too dark, then the 47 Cond helps (this is what comes with the SVT by default). Then the 4038 Ribbon boosts lows too much, it is useful sometimes, but I am not sure if there is the need to boost lows when there are so many cabs that work well. Avoiding medium distance "57 Dyn" is what makes MANY guitar cabs usable for me. My favorites bass cabs (Forgive comments in "Spanglish"): Also "No cab" works really well for me. With some EQ to tame and "voice" high frequencies, but totally transparent with lows. It avoids phasing issues. We bass players have enough with our "FRFR" cabs, they are not that "transparent" in the lows, so there is no need to make the problem twice as bad. I have certain theory why some "good" or "professional" or "thoroughly recorded" cab models are not so great with the Helix or any other modeller. Their responses are anything but "tight". 1x18 Woody Blue may sound good with headphones, but I doubt it is good with the full band and using any practical real cab in stage with the full band at high volume. To me it sounds really BAD. I can understand why some bass multi effect users are enthusiastic with their presets tuned with headphones without a band and then in the first rehearsal the band tell them "This is for guitars, your old bass amp sounded way better". ================== About the blend: Some overdrives / distortion have. And this is great because this avoids certain subtle problems that appear when using parallel paths. The problem with parallels paths (besides being very limited in number) has to do with phasing issues, they are different for each amplifier or overdrive. These issues are far worse in bass than in guitar. I know that this topic can be very controversial. Some ODs don't have a blend control, but they work at low / moderate gains "as if" they had a clean parallel path. If you play bass I recommend to try Teemah! for this reason. Teemah! and Obsidian 7000 are my favorite dirts. I have a preset that is simply Teemah! plus an EQ (instead of cab) plus effects, this is one of my favorites with the band. Because it is "rich enough" but "TIGHT". And I need my bass to sound very tight in many songs / band situations. Next in my "OD" list are 3 bass amps (SV Beast and Tuck'n'Go) and then Clawthorn Drive. There are many usable blocks to create OD / Distortion, some are bass amps, some are guitar amps. IME many of them are totally unusable for bass. But there are some surprises, for example the LEGACY heavy distortion (this one requires a parallel path). Or the Tube Screamer emulation is too "treebly", but does not CUT bass, so it admits EQ to restore bass... and does not require a parallel path! (it works better in a band context this way). I really would like to add a blend control in overdrives and distortions. Now I know it is not trivial to add if done properly. Hope it helps.
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    I definitely agree that there is a severe need for more modern bass amp models. However, you can try using the guitar cabs and you might be surprised at them. Since we're not at risk of blowing the speaker, they're perfectly safe to use. Most of the bass cabs are too dark and muddy for my taste, although I can make some of them work. I disagree that most of the effects don't have a blend control. Most do. And you can always set up a parallel path to mix in dry signal. You're totally right about usable filters though. I've never been happy with the filter models on any Line6 unit. The "Legacy" Autofilter is the best one still. I wish for a QTron or an MXR Bass Envelope Filter model.
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