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    ^^^ This, plus the fact that not all that many bridges are intonated well enough for fractions of a cent to be a rational concern during tuning :-) Just my .2 cents... :-)
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    I think the actual tuner is accurate to +/- .01 cent, but the display is closer to +/- 0.1 cent. That's the thing with tuners. There are physical limitations that limit the accuracy beyond what the actual electronics can do. I don't believe there's a guitar string out there that will really maintain a pitch for any period of time within a few tenths of a cent.
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    Agreed! Some of the guitar cabs are far better than many bass cabs... for bass use! One important trick for me is to avoid the use of certain mics (57 Dyn cuts lows!). In my experience, a close (1'') 414 Cond or 121 Ribbon give me the best results. If some cab is too dark, then the 47 Cond helps (this is what comes with the SVT by default). Then the 4038 Ribbon boosts lows too much, it is useful sometimes, but I am not sure if there is the need to boost lows when there are so many cabs that work well. Avoiding medium distance "57 Dyn" is what makes MANY guitar cabs usable for me. My favorites bass cabs (Forgive comments in "Spanglish"): Also "No cab" works really well for me. With some EQ to tame and "voice" high frequencies, but totally transparent with lows. It avoids phasing issues. We bass players have enough with our "FRFR" cabs, they are not that "transparent" in the lows, so there is no need to make the problem twice as bad. I have certain theory why some "good" or "professional" or "thoroughly recorded" cab models are not so great with the Helix or any other modeller. Their responses are anything but "tight". 1x18 Woody Blue may sound good with headphones, but I doubt it is good with the full band and using any practical real cab in stage with the full band at high volume. To me it sounds really BAD. I can understand why some bass multi effect users are enthusiastic with their presets tuned with headphones without a band and then in the first rehearsal the band tell them "This is for guitars, your old bass amp sounded way better". ================== About the blend: Some overdrives / distortion have. And this is great because this avoids certain subtle problems that appear when using parallel paths. The problem with parallels paths (besides being very limited in number) has to do with phasing issues, they are different for each amplifier or overdrive. These issues are far worse in bass than in guitar. I know that this topic can be very controversial. Some ODs don't have a blend control, but they work at low / moderate gains "as if" they had a clean parallel path. If you play bass I recommend to try Teemah! for this reason. Teemah! and Obsidian 7000 are my favorite dirts. I have a preset that is simply Teemah! plus an EQ (instead of cab) plus effects, this is one of my favorites with the band. Because it is "rich enough" but "TIGHT". And I need my bass to sound very tight in many songs / band situations. Next in my "OD" list are 3 bass amps (SV Beast and Tuck'n'Go) and then Clawthorn Drive. There are many usable blocks to create OD / Distortion, some are bass amps, some are guitar amps. IME many of them are totally unusable for bass. But there are some surprises, for example the LEGACY heavy distortion (this one requires a parallel path). Or the Tube Screamer emulation is too "treebly", but does not CUT bass, so it admits EQ to restore bass... and does not require a parallel path! (it works better in a band context this way). I really would like to add a blend control in overdrives and distortions. Now I know it is not trivial to add if done properly. Hope it helps.
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    Indeed, lol...Obsessing over tuner specs is a waste of time, as they're little more than advertising fodder. Anyone claiming to be able to hear the difference between a few tenths, or hundredths of a cent (which is even more ridiculous) is one of two things: 1) A terminator sent to destroy us all. 2) Delusional.
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    Thank you so much L6 for the new 2.0 software. Made all the difference in the world on my 240 head. It was good before, but now it rips hard! Unbelievable power and sound with a proper 4x12. You can hear this rig half a mile away! Bravo gentlemen!!!
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    I have just had a couple of hours playing with the Native demo. I must stress that If I was a guitarist I'd have a Helix in a heartbeat. But, I was completely underwhelmed with the general bass content. I've heard it said in many reviews that the Line 6 & the Helix family doesn't ignore bass players and their needs. But I sadly have to disagree. Having only 2 dedicated bass effects (EBS octaver and Darkglass distortion) just isn't enough. I couldn't find a useable filter, and hardly any of the other effects have a blend control which doesn't make them bass friendly. On to amps - the bass world has moved on in recent years and SVT, GK & Mesa heads are not the only choice for the modern player. I have the same issue with the cab choices - why so many 10" choices - 4x10, 6x10 or 8x10. Or some old 1x15 or 1x18 from the 70s. So many bassists today are using 1x12s and 2x12s. The equipment in the bass world has changed significantly compared to even 10 years ago. The sheer number of bass drive pedals out there is nuts. And lightweight yet powerful amps & cabs too. So many choices of modern different sounding rigs yet they're not here. Come on Line 6, it's time to catch up. I had put down a deposit on a HX Stomp but I am about to cancel that. I'll happily come back and try again if there's more bass content but until then I'll stick with my Zoom MS60B (still a cracking swiss army knife of effects) on my board. Line 6, you have done an outstanding job for the guitarist, that I can't argue with. Think of how many more units you could sell if the bass content was as varied as the guitar.
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    I've just updated my Macbook to Mac OS Catalina and Line 6 Monkey and License Managers aren't working. They need to be updated to 64 bit. ASAP. Does anyone know if Line 6 is working on this?
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    gunpointmetal, gunxsword, bbd_123, Thanks, I've been doing some more exploring. I think with the global guitar pad on and copying and noodling with some presets that sound okay I'll get there. I downloaded some quite high gain presets from the line6 web site and some actually sound pretty good on the strat. So, there is a formula in there somewhere that can have things sounds good - I just have to do the forensics and work backwards to learn what those presets do. Part of my education on modelling I guess. If I find the magic sauce I'll post back here. :-) Thanks again.
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    Once you assign a parameter to any controller, the value that it's set to when the snapshot is saved will be recalled with the snapshot. This is true for all controllers. The exceptions are the EXP1, 2 and 3 controllers. If you have the EXP# Position parameter set to Global or Per Preset, than the actual position of the pedal will dictate the value of the parameter. The challenge with this particular issue has to do with the very nature of MIDI itself. The MIDI controller isn't sending a steady stream of data. It only sends data when it changes position. So the Helix doesn't have a way to track a position of an external knob or pedal. It can only know the value of the CC when it receives it. The one workaround maybe to assign the Level parameter to EXP3 (if you're not actually using EXP3 for anything else) and assign the associated CC (CC#3) to the MIDI controller knob/fader you want to use. If you do that and set the EXP3 Position parameter to Global or Per Preset, the saved value may be overridden, but I'm not completely sure about that.
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    Oh, I'll play - it's Sunday afternoon and it's raining :-) The Deluxe is great, the Cali IV is great, but if like me you play a Strat quite a lot, you might fall for the wonderfulness of the Bassman. It's got that bit more mid body than most and it's expressive, if you know what I mean. Stick an Heir Apparent (half a Tone King) in front when you want drive, and light touch Ganymede reverb after the cab block. Maybe a bit of LA comp at the end of the chain. Clean up with your guitar volume pot as needed. Triffic :-)
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    Are the Fender Mustang 2 and 4 button foot switches or expression pedal compatible with the Stomp?
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    Yes it can/should be able to "monitor" your tracking live. the USB section in the manual pg 44 should give a breakdown of ins/out settings via USB But, if you have your HXS analog outs to Denon AND digital thru the PC... that might be your "noise source"
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    for a digital signal you could use the USB Out but theres gonna have to be a PC in-between your HXS > PC > Denon balanced/unbalanced cables are plentiful and you could make them yourself. https://www.rane.com/note110.html you could also try a balanced cable with a Switchcraft 303 inbetween your HXS and Denon. HXS > SW303 > Denon but if theres noise/hum, maybe consider your mains source/s, lighting; dimmers, florescent, AC. As stated you should be able to get a clean signal in a 16ft run.
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    Our Helix squirrels are PERFECTLY modeled! If they found a way to exterminate our squirrels, people would complain "I don't know what it is, but it just sounds fake". Just like they do now! I, too, am glad it's not frogs. They'd be PERFECTLY modeled. Then we'd have the Bullfrog Blues! :-) OK, it's late. Sleep now......
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    That's kind of my conclusion too. I''m a nitpicky perfectionist, which you wouldn't know by hearing me play the guitar. I've always loved music though, and when I was as young as 3 years old I'd lay in front of my parent's stereo speakers and listen to songs . . . and hear strange garbled noises occasionally, randomly, it was clearly related to its attempts to play music, and yet it wasn't music I was hearing. I didn't notice it if the stereo was loud and I didn't have my head up to the speaker, but obviously they were still there, just drowned out. These noises bugged me, but I learned to live with them. Years later my parents upgraded to some much nicer speakers, and I remember I was excited that those noises would likely be gone. They weren't. Still there. Still imperfect. Over the years I came to realize that that kind of imperfection seems to live within ANY attempt to produce sounds. Over time, I came to forget about them. Fast forward decades later, when I first got the HX Stomp, one late night I was playing on headphones . . . and heard it again. I wasn't expecting it at all and it irritated me in the same way it did when I was 3, but at the same time, I also couldn't help but conclude that IF they are in the original amps then surely they MUST be in the model. Now, if I could snap my fingers and and make it go away, I would. I've heard some claim Fractal finally eliminated them (I don't know, as I've never had a device to study that intently), but even if they have, it's not worth me ponying that much extra money for it. I've heard some people say that what irritates them about Line 6's version is it sounds fake - they agree they're in real amps, but those squirrels are "done better." Without knowing why they're there, I really can't speculate. Could they be removed? Do they sound fake (since the real ones sounded fake to me that's hard for me to fairly judge)? Is this the territory of the Helix 2? Bottom line - nothing is ever perfect. Helix comes pretty damn close, squirrels and all. Hell, I'm just glad they aren't *?!@#!ing frogs.
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    You are completely right with the wet sound. Sorry if I confused someone. That video was just too good to hide. Great player, nice guitar and just one block on the big Helix! I saw the video and this thread right afterwards so I couldn't resist ...... .... sorry once more!
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    So, I've just ordered a HX Stomp. I can definitely see why someone might prefer the Effects, but I think the Stomp will be ideal for me. Thanks.
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    Please no not yet....I just bought my Helix LT. Dont need buyers remore for a while :)
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    I understand the design motivation for limiting HX Stomp to 6 blocks: Keeping the UI elegant, simple and easy to use Focus on adding a stomp box in an existing pedalboard to compliment an existing setup with HX capabilities Consistency between the number of blocks and DSP capacity Anticipating future blocks that may utilize significantly more DSP resources Limited number of foot switches to control blocks Essentially this means HX Stomp is intended to provide Helix capabilities, with minimum footprint, to existing pedalboard and amp setups, not to be all things Helix in a tiny box. I get that, and these are all good design decisions, although these design decisions also sound appropriate for HX Effects. But let's look at how HX Stomp might be used in a gigging situation by itself to see if 6 blocks is enough. This might be for rehearsal, as a backup to Helix, as a convenient fly rig, or just because something so small is so useful. Consider a typical guitar signal chain that uses front and back of the amp effects (| means or): Input > Wah > Compressor > Drive > Overdrive > UniVibe | Phasor | Flanger | etc. > Amp > Cab | IR > Chorus > Delay > Reverb > Output This it my typical gigging Helix patch. I use 10 Stomp mode and pretty much stick with the same patch all night, using snapshots for open tunings, acoustic, and Leslie. This is 10 blocks, and clearly requires more foot switches than HX Stomp can provide. If you need patches like this or more complicated, you need Helix or Helix LT. Trimming this down to 8 blocks, we get something like: Input > Wah > Compressor > Overdrive > UniVibe | Phasor | Flanger | etc. > Amp+Cab > Chorus > Delay > Reverb > Output If you leave the Drive, Amp+Cab, Delay and Reverb on all the time, and you have a Line6 Mission pedal (if you don't, get one, it makes HX Stomp is a lot more useful), then you need foot switches to control Wah, Overdrive, UniVib, and Chorus. If you configure FS3 in global settings for Stomp, then you have the four foot switches you need. This seems like an ideal setup for HX Stomp by itself and is something I would be happy to gig with. To trim this down to 6 blocks, we get something like: Input > Wah > Drive > Amp+Cab > Chorus > Delay > Reverb > Output This is still pretty good, but looses the front of the amp modulation effect, something I use quite a bit. The work around is to create a patch template that covers the common blocks, then create a different preset for each front of the amp effect you need. That can work since you generally only need one of these at a time. But it means creating and maintaining a lot of patches that differ in only one block, and the potential need to change presets in the middle of a song to get different front of the amp effects. This is probably not practical. So I vote for 8 blocks, full Helix Path 1 capability, and let us users deal with balancing blocks and DSP capacity, just like we do with Helix. Two more blocks is actually a lot of additional flexibility without much additional complexity. This said, I'm pretty happy with HX Stomp just as it is and would highly recommend one as an entry point into the Helix ecosystem, as a Helix backup, or as a stomp box to add Helix blocks to an existing rig.
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    Welcome to the world of mobile devices, everyone has a different result when it comes to Android. Don't get me wrong, I have a OP 7 Pro and previously a Samsung S9. I've always ended up using a PC to update my amp. First make sure the Spider Remote application is up to date, I'm amazed how many phone users don't regularly update their phone and applications. I currently have version 2.0.0 build 128. Just checking now, the 2.0.0 build 128 version of the app works for all functions for me except for the Device Flash. I'm running the Android 10 open beta at this time, so it's possible there was enough changes to the Android OS to allow Spider Remote to work for 95% of the features but fail for flash. If you have access to a computer, I'd recommend that for your flash updates for now. I use my phone along with a supposedly Kevlar braided cable for durability to do any adjustments pre-gig. The cool thing? I really don't have adjust as much with the 2.00 firmware and the classic speaker setup. Rest I do using my FBV 3 during the performance.
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    I definitely agree that there is a severe need for more modern bass amp models. However, you can try using the guitar cabs and you might be surprised at them. Since we're not at risk of blowing the speaker, they're perfectly safe to use. Most of the bass cabs are too dark and muddy for my taste, although I can make some of them work. I disagree that most of the effects don't have a blend control. Most do. And you can always set up a parallel path to mix in dry signal. You're totally right about usable filters though. I've never been happy with the filter models on any Line6 unit. The "Legacy" Autofilter is the best one still. I wish for a QTron or an MXR Bass Envelope Filter model.
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    Oh well... I fixed it by reinstalling 2.21 and resetting globals again.
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    Can't figure this out. Tried again last night, and it sounded absolutely awful. Guitar was in perfect tune (standard). Tried going 1/2 down and...... ugh, horrible.
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