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    2.9 Model Updates: -Revv Purple (Ch3) -1x12 Fullerton and Grammatico Cabs -Red Llama Drive -Steve Vai Legendary Drive -Harmonic Antagonizer Fuzz -Rochester Comp (Billy Sheehan Compressor) -Small Stone Phaser -Split Dynamics (Path A/B Routing) Feature Updates: -Output Meters -Gain Reduction Meters -Clip Indicators -IR Attachment by Name -New Switch/Snap/Looper Layout Options -New Model Subcategory Shortcuts -Update from HX Edit -A/B Compare for HX Native Available “soon.”
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    Dear folks at Line 6, please update the Firehawk FX in 2019! suggestions: - improve switching, it’s lagging quite a bit sometimes... - add new effects and amps like you do with the Helix products; I’d like to see POG and HOG effects and some new boutique pedals and amps - improvements for the looper, increase of recording time would be nice to make it useful and also being able to eliminate a recording without starting playback for 2 seconds, this makes the looper useless in live situation. - overall bug fixes to add more stability to the system. I love this product and I know it can do so much more if Line 6 puts some effort in updates.... not everyone wants to buy a Helix..... i know im not alone here, just hope someone at Line 6 takes proper action! thank you for your time and I’ll be waiting for feedback!
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    Just noticed amongst all the grumbling about issues on here that not many folks are taking the time time to say thank you to Line 6 for all their efforts to continue developing their products under exceptional circumstances. It would have been easy for them to postpone 2.9 (or 2.9.1) with everything that's going on, but no, they choose to push it out to help us all during the strange times. Let's show some gratitude. Thank you Line6, from a grateful customer.
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    Hi Made an update of my Cheat Sheet, Line6 Helix Model Summary, if anyone are intereted. All up to date with 2.50 update and all amps, cabs, mics and effects are in order of appearance on the unite. Some corrections are also made, if someone down loaded the previus version. Unfortunately, there will be one more page as there are just too many amps and effects in the unit :-) Or, there is now room for more... I still want to keep the sheet readable, so have kept the font size the same. Download from my dropbox - https://www.dropbox.com/s/e2jsnnqwscr6iml/Line6 Helix-Model Summary%2C 2%2C50-P1.0-01.pdf?dl=0 Have fun //Per
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    SUCCESS!! So I was having the same frustrating SPINNING WHEEL issue while using Logic Pro as many others... but I made one change that seems to have fixed the problem! I just turned off my internet connection (WiFi) then tried opening the plugin in Logic, but this time instead of it causing the constant spinning wheel, it prompted me for my account login info (...because of no internet connection). But this time where I had previously been connecting over my home Wi-Fi... I instead connected to my iPhone via PERSONAL HOTSPOT... typed in my password and it loaded right up! And after that first successful attempt I now seem to be able to use my home Wi-Fi without any issues and everything seems to be working as it should! DANG....FINALLY!!!
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    I can't answer the detailed technical questions but can maybe provide some useful guidelines. Biased hot: Stronger overall output, more lows, not as much clean headroom, more saturation and less cutoff distortion, more even order harmonics, tubes wear out faster. Biased cold: Weaker, thin, harsh output, Lows aren't as strong, more clean headroom overall, more cutoff and less saturation distortion, more odd-order harmonics, and the tubes don't breakup as fast. I don't know what the range of the Bias control is, but I would expect 5 to be where the tubes are normally biassed, 0 is colder, 10 is hotter - but how hot/cold is unknown. The above applies to typical Fender, Vox and Marshall amps where the majority of the distortion is coming from the power tubes, and where negative feedback is lost (because the power tubes are clipping and have no more gain), and therefore damping factor be lower. For modern high gain amps where most to the distortion is coming from the preamp section, power tube bias can have a very different impact. A slightly colder bias might tighten up the amp, and improve the transient response. Hotter bias might result in less controlled tone and too much muddy bass. So biasing hotter for blues in small amps and biasing colder for metal in high-gain amps might be something to try. Bias excursion is caused by distorting power tubes causing increased grid current which charges the coupling capacitor between the phase inverter and power tube, which changes the bias of the power tubes. When the input stops, the coupling capacitor slowly discharges allowing the power tube bias to recover. This could make an amp that is biased hotter, become colder biased as it is pushed further into distortion, changing the color of the distortion. Maybe when the hotter biased power tubes are pushed to the edge of breakup there might be warmer even order harmonics, and better bass. As the tube is pushed harder the bias gets colder, there might be more odd order harmonics for more aggressive sounding distortion, and the bass might be reduced.
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    Can't say I do. Walking through the south Bronx after dark without an armed escort is a "messy and dangerous experience". Updating firmware, even if it results in a toy that's temporarily unusable, ranks somewhere between "the car I want isn't offered in 'burnt sienna' ", and "I'm sorry, but we're out of the cheesecake".
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    If Facebook is my only other option, I'll remain happily in the dark.
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    Pete Thorn can play, and I'm sure he's an all around swell guy. However, I think... strike that...I know that reality is VERY unlikely to live up to your expectations. Trying to use patches created by somebody else, no matter who (or how wonderful) they are, is mostly an exercise in futility. You will always always end up having to tweak them to the rest of your rig, guitar(s), needs, playing style, etc. etc. Even if they were free (which they wouldn't be if L6 is cutting the guy a check), you're still chasing your tail. And yes, to confirm my suspicions I've tried (repeatedly) a bunch of downloaded patches...some free, some not... including some of the most talked about ones around here. The free ones were a waste of time, and the paid ones were a waste of money.... so I don't bother anymore. Mine work because I made them with my guitars, monitors, headphones, PA, etc... and all at the volumes at which I intend to use them. When all of those other factors are a complete mystery, and Helix the only common denominator, you're pi$$ing in the wind.
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    Glitz=Big Sky Bloom Ganymede=RV6 Modulated Searchlights=Big Sky Cloud Double Tank=Big Sky Plate Mod Plateaux=Big Sky Shimmer
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    A disaster? I think that’s quite a bit hyperbolic... There are some bugs, and 2.82 will be out shortly to clean up some of the remaining things. I mean, personally, I’ve done a bunch of gigs using the 2.80 and 2.8 firmware and really haven’t run into any showstopper bigs. I suppose with a complex system with so many different possible use scenarios, everyone is going to be different.
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    Okay, cool. I've played as an armchair quarterback too. It's a wonderful thing to do because it makes you feel really proud of yourself and smart, but there's no system of accountability if you're completely full of lollipop so it's a relative safe zone. I did that with my wife's casserole dish the other day. I just forgot not to do it when she's there. I'm hoping the front door is finally unlocked tonight.
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    Most of the time, in my experience, it takes longer to develop and test anything that involves software than people predicted, and even working out 'how much longer' then further delays release of said software. I see a bunch of people posting comments here that are the same as clients I've had in the past, and who don't fully grasp the complexities of software development and release (and that's fine, as that's not their area of expertise). You gotta just relax, let the pro's do their job, and think about something else for a while. Offering a different point of view - I have a preamp made by another company, and this company has been promising that a much-needed firmware upgrade would be released 'soon', 'in a couple of weeks' etc, for getting towards 18 months. This firmware is not even adding many new features, but rather addresses some significant issues (eg needing to double-tap a footswitch to enter tuning mode rather than having a single long press; this has already meant that this footswitch has broken on my device, and the same company can't or won't provide information on how to repair it). Line 6, by comparison, are doing bloody well, and it's not like your Helix is useless meanwhile; we're waiting for features that weren't present when we made the decision to buy, after which anything extra is a huge bonus and reflects very well on Line 6. There are many people using their Helix pretty happy as it stands now, me being one of them.
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    My experience in dealing with people in your line of work is that your profession is herding sheep. Sheep LIKE to be managed. Many of us do not see ourselves as sheep. Have you ever watched a sheep dog herd sheep? They do it by barking and nipping at their heels. I'm sure that's the last thing your clients want to hear. Hope you're not offended, I personally think that lamb is one of the tastiest red meats. Here's another perspective. Have you ever been part of a team whose team leader excels at criticism, cracking the whip, and kowtowing to the suits in the boardroom? Having read many of DI's posts, both here and on TGP, I know that he is both helpful (with technical issues), and as informative as someone in his position can be. I also know that if you kick him, he kicks back! Corporate types and "entitled" consumers often seem to have the attitude that they can say anything they want to "the help" (aka monkeys). They get really ticked when the monkey bites back! I give kudos to DI for standing up for his team!
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    I really don't know what your problem is. I'm just trying to participate in a discussion about music equipment. It's one thing if you don't think anything I'm saying is interesting or valuable, it's another to go at people like this. And you were doing it before I showed up, with other users. Is it too much to ask that if you disagree with something someone said that you can keep the criticisms on-topic instead of attacking people personally? I came here to learn and bounce ideas off of other people who have similar interests, not to argue or defend myself. Please don't talk to me anymore if you can't do so in a civil manner.
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    I'm just curious, with all of this screen real estate, I thought it would be nice to have an area to put some notes about the patch. Like what kind of guitar, what distortion did you use, stereo mono, etc. whatever. Just to remind me/us about what some of the specifics are in specific patches. Just curious your thoughts. Have no idea how easy or hard it would be to implement. And I know it would use the same method patch naming directly on the Helix does. But I would assume it would be available in HX Edit also if it were implemented. Just curious about peoples thoughts on this. Worth it? Or a waste of the developers time?
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    Hi, attached is a XLS spreadsheet listing the updated models. You can sort the models etc. any way you want. Let me know if there are any errors or omissions. Enjoy Bboy19 Helix 2.90 Amp Cabs Effects List xls.xls
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    Hi, I am Fabrizio D'Alisera a saxophone player from Italy, maybe it sounds weird in a guitar forum, but I'm a user of the Line 6 HX FX. I am running a mic through a small preamp and then to the hx fx. I have always been a bebop oriented player, but lately I am experimenting nu things. I will get an expression pedal to use the unit to its full potential. What do you think? I have used a delay in the first part and a bitcrusher and a pitch shifter in the second one. Here's the link
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    It appears that there is an issue with the LA Comp. You likely won’t notice it if you use it before the amp block as it doesn’t do much to the over all volume in that position. However if you put it after the amp block it will affect the volume of the patch and as a result depending on how it’s feeling when you load the preset you may get full volume and you might get less than full volume (as I said it’s random). I started using the compressor at the end of the chain after watching and following along building a patch from a Jason Sadites youtube video. And it 2.71 it worked great. In 2.8 LA comp seems to have an issue loading. If I take it out of the signal path the preset will consistently load at the same volume if I put it back in and keep re-loading the patch after less than 10 re-loads (most often less than 5) the patch will load at a lower or higher volume. I also tested with leaving it in the signal path and just disabling it which has the same effect (as expected). When Line 6 answers my support ticket, I’ll just point them to this thread as I know there are others who have put in a support ticket for this issue.
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    I saw your post while trying to fix a similar problem. This worked for me: After I installed all the latest upgrades to the drivers and the editor, I restarted the system then followed these steps. 1. Open System Preferences in OS X Catalina 2. Select "Security and Privacy" 3. Select the "General" tab 4. Look at the bottom for an alert about system software prevented from loading 5. Select to allow software from Line 6 6. Open POD HD500 Editor 7. Connect the POD to the USB Done! I hope this helps!
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    Opinions? Easy: I'm never going back to analog again. I've been trying to achieve the sounds of my guitar heroes (and the sounds i hear in my head) with analog gear for 26 years now, without success. And let's not talk about how to bring that on stage, because that's another vast can of giant worms. :) Digital gives me everything i've dreamt about: i can now sound exactly* like the recordings i'm used to. Vai, Holdsworth, Robben Ford, and even a bit of those Alex Argento and Jens Johansson dynamics - all within the reach of my toes, consistent day to day, unit to unit. We live in the future, and i love it. :) *probably not exactly, but it feels like it, and sometimes even better than the original...
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    Yes. But not any help. Jason, Line 6, said there is no Pilot’s guide to the ‘remote app’ as of yet. Then he referred me to the video on YouTube, “Interacting with Spider V | Line 6,” which is more of a amp marketing video. The video is 6:42 min long and the remote amp isn’t discussed until 4:50 min. And ends at 5:12 min. The demo person says, “If you are happy with a sound you can save it.” But he doesn’t show you how to do it. Really? When I bought my first car, computer, wife and English setter I got user manuals. I threw the ones out for my wife and dog as they quickly got outdated.
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    Here's one back at ya Phil, and Happy Labor Day Ya'll!
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    I'd like this statement to be required reading for everybody who comes in here whining that Helix (or modeling in general) sucks after playing with it for all of 12 minutes. All in favor?
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    A couple of notes here, first off this is just like any other update. START BY MAKING BACKUPS AND THEN DOWNLOADING HX EDIT 2.81. CLOSELY FOLLOW THE UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS. As usual there is new firmware that needs to be updated as well as the new version of HX Edit so after installing HX Edit(it will install the Updater) you will want to update the firmware as well. Except for rare occasions where you need to do an offline installation because of internet connectivity issues you DO NOT need to download the flash file, drivers, or Updater separately. These will get installed when you download and unpack "HX Edit" 2.81. For the people who have encountered installation issues going to 2.80 I think most of you will now find the install process seamless as you are already on the new CORE architecture. It was moving from the old architecture to the new in 2.80 that caused some people to panic when the update stopped midway(which to be fair Line6 had documented quite well and provided instructions on how to proceed). The update from 2.80 to 2.81 does not have that hard stop and could not have been smoother. Similar to rd2rk it took minutes to do the new update. Huge shout out to Line6 for finally posting HX Edit at the top of the downloads page so it is the first thing that someone downloading the update will see! This is how it should be positioned on the download page every time there is an upgrade that includes HX Edit. Also thank you for the lighting fast response time on fixing critical bugs! Things are really rolling at Line6! When you are finished with the upgrade your firmware should be 2.81 and your version of HX Edit should be 2.81. Make sure they match. Note: There is also a new Helix Native 1.81 that corresponds to the 2.81 Helix firmware.
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    I do so love stuff like this. I've got a problem with my HX. I raised a ticket on Wednesday last week. It's going into the service centre this week via my lovely and helpful local dealer (Yay for Andertons!). It'll come back fixed in a week or two. All achieved without criticising anyone or getting agitated with how unfair life is. Why is this process so hard for so many people? Stuff goes wrong - always has (I've seen the cave painting from Vlad the Carpenter when his flint snapped one day after purchase back in 8660 BC. Boy was he triggered) and it always will. Line 6 always seems to me to be pretty good amongst their peers in dealing with any issues that may arise - normally with good grace and good humour. But you have to let them know about it - otherwise they really can't help you. I believe psychic bug reporting isn't due until v4.02. I've had far worse experiences with far more expensive items (try owning a Land Rover...)
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    I'm in the exact same situation... but for me it was an easy decision and solution. As soon as I realized that this was a complete re-write of the CORE I made the conscious decision (right then and there) to be patient and wait until 2.8.1 was released. I do the same thing when my DAW releases a major update. I wait for the dot release while everyone else finds the bugs. I do the same thing when Microsoft does a major update on Windows 10 (every March and November).... I wait until the first round of "fixes" are completed before I do the update. (eg: Windows update 1903 broke a lot of audio systems.... I waiting until the April fix was released before I updated) It's all software... and if I need to rely on it I am not going to be an early adopter of any major release! Coming from an IT background I do have one complaint... an update as major as this one should have been given the 3.0 designation making it obvious that a major change has taken place. Just my perspective :)
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    You seem like such a reasonable and level headed person. Are you SURE you're on the right forum? ;-)
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    Hi New version in Helix so a new version of my Cheat Sheet, Line6 Helix Model Summary, for the one who like it on a printed sheet or as a file on your PC/MAC. Have added the new models in 2.80 firmware. They are in the order of appearance on the unite. Same format as before. Download it from my Dropbox here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/d6jyu6p3148nz5y/Line6 Helix-Model Summary, 2,80-P1.0-02.pdf?dl=0 Have fun //Per Edit: Changed the link adress to the correct document
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    Great work on the updated spreadsheet! I, too, have looked for up-to-date lists from Line 6 and really appreciate this. I'm attempting to share a modified version of it that contains a page for each category (in addition to the 'Master' list provided)... Helix 2.80 Model List
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    Great work from line6 here! I like lots of the new features and pedal models. I hope they will implement a db meter for the compressors with the next version. Thank you Line6 for another great update free of charge.
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    Participation Trophies are for wuzz'es, wannabees, and people who want a tuner in the editor! errrr...
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    A couple of good rules of thumb: 1) Something that sounds good quiet will likely sound as good or better louder (but watch out for too much mid scoop which doesn’t scale up as well). 2) Something that sounds good through speakers will likely sound good through headphones. What’s notable about these rules is that the opposite is generally not true. Something that sounds good loud might not sound good at all turned down. Something that sounds good through headphones might sound terrible through speakers. This means set your patches through the system you’re going to use live, focusing on the FOH FRFR tone. After all that’s who your playing for right? Your audience? And set them up at the lowest stage volume level you’re likely to play. Don’t worry too much about the difference between your FRFR and IEMs. In a live setting, with some bleed from the backline, you won’t notice tone subtleties in your IEMs. I use a Powercab+ as my backline for me to feel and to provide some acoustic feedback with the guitar. This also provides stage fill in small clubs where the dancers are up close to the band and don’t get that much of the mix in the PA. I have my own IEM mix which I control live through iPhone/iPad or computer. And I set the IEM level so that I can just barely hear it. The IEMs are really just backline fill for lost frequencies and ear plugs to tame the drums. I’m really focused on preserving my already damaged ears, and enjoying playing without doing further damage. Having the IEMs too loud can really tire you out and give you a false sense of what you’re delivering to your audience.
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    A At this point, where doesn't it come from? The participation trophy generation was raised with the steadfast belief that merely existing is in itself, praise-worthy. The universe owes them for breathing...and unless every need, want, and desire is delivered yesterday, exceeding their wildest expectations, and on somebody else's dime, it's an "injustice"... and someone must pay. They're all professional victims.
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    If we could only harness Internet forum fervor as an energy source ... we could power the entire planet - FOREVER!
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    I'm heading out of town for a couple of weeks and sent an e-mail to Line 6 asking that they hold off on the 2.8 release until I get back. I hope you guys don't mind.
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    They do... well, the cabinets do, because that is really where the cuts are happening in real life Remember, the Helix is not "amp in the room" tone, it is "miced up amp" tone... which is very different. You cannot compare a Helix through an FRFR to an Amp sitting in the room. You need to compare it to that same amp, with a mic on it, pumped back through that same FRFR. When you do that, you will find the Helix to be remarkably accurate.
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    Sorry ,but can't help but be other than hugely impressed by the fact that you did a 5 hour gig in the hot sunshine , i'd have given up way before the Helix.:-)
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    I hate to break it to you, but you can give up on this one. THEY HAVE NEVER GIVEN THE FIREHAWK NEW AMPS OR EFFECTS. As I understand it, it was created from day one as a budget friendly simple solution that had the best of the best of all of their old PRE Helix stuff. I haven't even seen any evidence that they can add new amps and effects, and I never recall in any release notes that that was in store for the future. It is what it is - a budget device carrying the best of the best of Line 6's older models and effects. I bought it knowing that, and it's been great at what it does. I do think bug fixes are something they still intend to correct for as long as they still sell it. If you have bugs that occur regularly I'd submit them and we'll see what happens. I personally have weird glitchy stuff with the app itself, but over all nothing too much more crazy than any other electronic device. You can give up on the looper. I agree it was bad design, but that was complained about from day one, and they repeated that mistake in the HX Stomp. So far they've shown no desire to change it. Just a tip - if you use the volume pedal you can keep that from happening. Think of it as a three button deletion. Turn volume down - delete - turn volume back up. I agree it's a great product. That's why at the end of the day, for $450, I think a person should be happy with it. The only product line they are currently promising to release new stuff for is the HX line. All the other lines seem to be done. With the HD500X they USED to release new amps and models, but then they stopped. With the Firehawk they never did (correct me if I'm wrong - but I don't recall them ever adding anything). It is what it is.
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    I've been piping pink noise through the Helix Native mic+cab sims to learn more about them. I don't care at all about what the real units sound like, just about how they shape the sound. This is what I've seen so far: For pretty much any mic, increasing the Distance parameter causes some boosts and cuts in the mids, the frequencies of which which seem to depend on the cab. For instance, on the 4x12 WhoWatt 100, increasing distance significantly cuts 1.2KHz, whatever mic you use. In fact almost all cabs see cuts around the 1-1.5KHz range, with the 4-speaker cabs showing the biggest effects. On top of that, for pretty much any mic+cab, increasing the Distance parameter causes a low roll-off typically of between 6 and 12dB, and a small high-end cut, and a more gentle output decrease across the board. A couple of cabs also see small boosts in the mids, like the 1x12 Celest 12H. I don't think the proximity effect is being modelled because the low end reduction doesn't seem significantly different across the mics. Increasing the Early Reflections parameter causes a broad but small boost in the 300-500Hz range. I didn't measure to see if there was any actual reverberation/delay effect included. By averaging the response across all the mics for a given cab you can get a good feel for its 'signature'. For example, the 4x12 Greenback has a slight boost in the low mids, then a pretty smooth roll-off as the frequency goes up, except for a big boost between 2K and 6K. Good for taming the treble of high-gain, while letting it cut through at the same time. By comparison the 1x12 US Deluxe is almost flat right up to that 2K mark, falls off at 5K, but with a characteristic spike around 12.6K (probably now inaudible to anyone who played through the speaker when it first came out!) And the 2x12 Jazz Rivet is also pretty flat, with a smooth but steep rolloff after 5K, punctuated by a sharp notch at 6.6K. ...and so on. If, like me, you know nothing about the cabs and don't have a specific sound you're going for, it's definitely worth trying some different ones to make sure their particular brand of cuts and boosts fit your material. Arguably the flattest response, with otherwise 'default' settings, is the 2x12 Double C12N, with Distance at 1", and using the 67 Condenser mic. If you want a fairly neutral starting point, I recommend this. For the most low-end, the 4038 Ribbon mic is the one to consider, followed by the other ribbons. For the most high-end, the 421 Dynamic, closely followed by the 112 Dynamic, seem to be the best choices of mic, which seems to tally with the real-life frequency response charts. The 12 Dynamic mic has a significant boost around 700Hz, and which strangely isn't present in the frequency response diagram for the real life equivalent. Might be good for helping leads cut through the mix though.
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    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Helix was designed to act as the centerpiece of one's rig; it was not designed to replace every component in someone's rig. If a formant filter is mission crucial, we've provided multiple ways to incorporate it into Helix's signal flow.
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    Wow...BS overload, I nearly passed out. ;) Descriptions are lovely and all, but beyond providing reading material while I'm sitting on the can, what am I supposed to glean from any of that nonsense? At the end of the day, " resplendent, unearthly ambience" and "majestic splendor" that "obscures the distinction between reality and fantasy" conveys what, exactly? Flowery vocabulary contributes nothing to any genuine understanding of what a given reverb (or anything else, for that matter) will actually sound like, to say nothing of whether or not it will be pleasing to the ear, or useful for one's needs...only LISTENING to it will determine that. Using that many words to say nothing is worthy of a wine enthusiast blog...I can read about the "woody, complex, rounded, and velvety nose" of Chateaux Rain Gutter all day long...but if I want to know what it tastes like, I'll actually have to buy a bottle and take a swig.
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    The most glaring deficiency in the Helix... The lack of a Korg Miku model...
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    Vision graphic EQ that has a hump or a dip. The Q parameter narrows or widens that hump or dip for that particular frequency range. If that doesn't make sense, checkout this 3 minute video on the Q parameter:
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    The ones you create for yourself...
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