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    Yes - you are correct - I was a little confused when Iwrote my description. Thank you for clarifying the situation with the 4 possible stereo paths. malhavok was correct - I needed to split PATH B first, so that I had an input block for PATH 2A and one for PATH 2B, then all options were available for the PATH 1 output blocks. Please note that I first tried splitting the PATH 1 output so I had a PATH 1A and a PATH 1B output block, with just a single PATH 2 input block but that did not allow all 3 Path options, it allowed only the PATH 2A option. Creating two PATH 2 input blocks, so I had a PATH 2A and a PATH 2B line displayed did then allow all 3 PATH options to be chosen for the PATH 1 output block. Thank you for your input, clarification and advice. Much appreciated.
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    Buona idea grazie Thanks good idea !
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    I don't understand the post about PC+s not cutting it live - Ive done gigs with one or 2 in stereo and have never run them over half - and the tones are great direct from helix with stock cabs and FRFR mode. Horses for courses I suspect.
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    I think that you may be a little confused when you say, “to ensure I took the stereo signal from the top signal path and input it into the signal path at the bottom”. All paths in the Helix are stereo. Amp and Cab Blocks are mono, but If you were routing a serial signal from Path 1A to 2A it would be stereo from any stereo effect added after the cabinet. Even if you split Path 1A to 1B (parallel) and then return it to 1A it remains stereo unless you add a mono effect which will collapse the signal back to mono. I’m not in the studio at the moment, but I think that if you make a parallel split from 1A down to 1B and don’t rejoin them, then the option to send to 2A & 2B will be there because the signal is exiting from 1A and 1B, or as “malhavok” states in the post above, you actually need to create a Path 2B to send it to.
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    It won't allow you to send it to 2B until you actually have a 2B to send it to. Split the bottom path so the input shows two blocks and it won't be grayed out anymore.
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    Hey StompStomp, I've had success using the USB from the HX Stomp to the USB in the computer. That way while I'm jamming with the tunes from whatever source on my PC/Laptop I can adjust the computer output volume through the computer volume control on the lower right hand side in Windows. I use my headphone out in the HX Stomp and that seems to work well.I've also had success using the 1/8" out on my laptop to the return/aux in on the right side of my HX Stomp and inputing a Return block to control that volume as well. I hope that helps and I explained that clear enough for you. good luck.
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    Update: went with beyerdynamic DT-990, open back, 250 ohms. The sound is awesome and sound has plenty of volume from the HX Stomp. I’m very happy. Thanks all for guidance.
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    You can view the contents of the Helix .hlx files for patches using this online site and then copy the info down and try to emulate something similar in your podgo https://dbagchee.github.io/helix-preset-viewer/
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