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    Fwiw, I have a "default settings" patch dedicated to my favorite effects settings. The nice thing about the helix is that i can copy and paste a block from one patch to another with settings from the original block kept in tact. But yes, being able to save user setting defaults would be nice. Saving multiple user defaults would be even better.
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    I totally agree on all points and none of the patches I'm actually using has an Amp+Cab block in them. Yet, when quickly looking for sounds, that block is pretty handy as it provides a (more or less) matched cab instantly, whereas you'd need to look one up separately using just the amp block (you usually don't want to run a Marshall style amp through a Jazz Rivet cab, do you?). Which, btw, is also why it'd be cool if we could save the default settings ourselves (or even block presets in general, which would as well come in handy for other more complexed blocks such as the delays and reverbs).
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    Hi musikman4christ, CCK3 = Camera Connection Kit USB 3, is this right? Do you use an original Apple adapter ?
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    Nevermind, I fixed it. Opening the transmitter was a breeze knowing there was a screw in the back of the sticker. Upon inspection, nothing was clearly bent, but I decided to lift the metal tongue that touches the pole because it might be a bit misaligned. By lifting I mean centering it around the pole by carefully wedging it up. It seems like the tongue was a bit misaligned, by a nanometer or so. I had one go at it, clearly something aligned because the unit now works as intended. Like brand new :D
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