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    If you want to just use your stomp for effects in your amp loop, the amp's FX send goes to stomp in, the stomp out goes to the amp's FX return. You can add some more flexibility with additional cables, but nothing wrong with KISS.
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    To put the Stomp in the amp's loop, you connect the amp's FX Loop SEND to the Stomp's FX Return (using a mono cable to LEFT/MONO) , then send the Stomp's signal to the amp's FX Loop Return via the 1/4" LEFT/MONO Out (you can also use a SEND Block, but that wastes a block). You set the Stomp's INPUT Block to RETURN L/R and connect the Stomp's LeftMono Out to the amp's Fx Loop Return. Be sure to set the "Output Level" and "Send/Return L" in Global Settings INS/OUTS to match the amp's FX Loop Level - INSTRUMENT or LINE (-10dBV for stompboxes or +4dBV for Rack/studio grade units). You won't blow anything up by trying both, just keep your Volume knob turned down while doing it - especially if you're using headphones!
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    Roland Orzabal of Tears For Fears also has a pair of DT50-212's and has them both on stage with hims when he plays. Roland and Steve's DT50 amps,.... had the honor and pleasure of servicing all four amps.
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    Here is mine. All Helix direct to the PA.
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