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    Here you go: When in doubt go to Jason Sadites videos. He's the man with all the answers.
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    What's interesting to me more than anything is that the folks that insist they want a traditional amp/cab setup are willing to sacrifice so much to keep it. Just the physical setup alone would discourage me not to mention the routing acrobatics both in cabling and in the antics that must be in included in each and every preset would seem to me to be discouraging. Especially when you consider the simplicity of a direct to FOH mixer setup using stage monitors or in ears. It literally adds steps and complexity to every aspect of their workload and workflow. The one thing you have to admit about them is they truly must be dedicated to their physical guitar cabinets to go though all that.
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    Yup...I plan on picking up another JBL 305 for that stereo experience! Thanks.
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    The problem is usually Operator Error caused by not reading the update instructions. This is further complicated by not reading the previous posts in this and the 50 other threads started by folks who don't know how to use the search function. Try it, you'll like it!
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    There was an update to that part number, and they are not longer by much, but are made a little longer to accommodate slightly wider adjustment range,... within limits. If the screws are not longer, then it's possible the original supply might not have all been gone through yet. I gave two of the longer ones to our shipping person. I'm in contact with my counter parts in Germany, and checking with them as well. Ja, the last two screws Ich haben sent were from my workbench. (I know, mein Deutsch is a bit rusty)
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    1. The amp pack is a set of actual Helix presets that use the Helix Cali Rectifier amp model. Hence the .hlx format. 2. Yes. You can usually replace the Helix preset Cab model with any purchased IR. 3. A1) IRs are usually used to replace a stock Cab but sometimes they are used to augment a stock cab, meaning both should be used toghether. Perhaps ML Sound Labs has used this approach in their MO Cab Pack. Or, the Rectifier Amp Pack presets are designed so that you can choose to use either the stock cab or the IR in the same preset, selecting between them with, for instance, a footswitch. You'd have to inspect the preset structure to answer this question. 3. A2) Don't know exactly how this purchase is structured, but if you can purchase the Amp Pack without the IR pack then the preset files have to be able to stand alone, using a stock cab without an IR.
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    This is not my experience... not even close. The Helix has been the most "set it and forget it" piece of gear I've owned. It sounds the same every time I turn it on, the most consistently great tones I've had in my 40+ years of tours/gigs. If a user doesn't know how to get certain sounds, I can see them getting frustrated with option overload but how is that the fault of a modeler? For those of us that know what we are after and how to get it... it's a piece of cake!
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