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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DWIM Sorry, I couldn't read all of your message on my phone.
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    I haven’t been on in a while so I missed out on the Big Black Bar. Enjoyed the memes thoroughly though. I have to say that, having clicked on the new Little Black Orb With A Question Mark, there is nothing in there that I feel needs to be available from every single screen in one click. I’m on the forums on mobile more than desktop and screen real estate is at a premium. In the opinion of this forum dweller, it could go away entirely and it would be best if it did. I just don’t see that it serves much purpose. In the interest of keeping the discussion level, has anybody out there found this to be a feature that added value or utility to their use of the forum?
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    The best way to run stereo live is to NOT run stereo live. In headphones, or through studio monitors, stereo can be magnificent. Live, it's a $h*tstorm. With the set-up you describe, half the room will hear one amp tone, and the other half, the second amp. Weird phase things can happen, depending on the room. Same for effects...with stereo delays getting especially strange depending on where you're standing. The only pair of ears that's gonna hear everything the way you'd want it, belong to the one guy who happens to be standing dead center between the mains. Dont try and run stereo live...it is SO not worth the hassle. Just my 2 cents...
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    Click Here for Common FAQs and Basic Information (removed graphic due to file size limits)
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    Not really look for, or expecting, any objective truth. As I said pretty clearly that "wrong" use is sarcastic. I know my preference is just that - a preference. Just wondering how others look at it. Obviously, what I think is "right"...right? Some people actually refuse to...do things exactly as I say! Disgraceful.
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    You might as well stop looking for objective truth here, because there isn't any. Before volume/expression pedals existed, if you wanted to incorporate volume swells into your playing, you were stuck doing it with the volume knob on the guitar... the equivalent of placing the volume block before the amp model. It's a perfectly acceptable way to do things... as is placing it after the amp and before any effects. It merely depends on one's personal preference, and what you're actually trying to accomplish. Some guys just want to use it as a boost, or as a quick-access master volume control on stage. In those cases, you'd want the volume block dead last in the signal chain. It's all fine if produces the end result that you want/need. The notion that there's a "right" and "wrong" way to do it, is ridiculous. As for their choice of default volume block placement in the factory patches.... they have to stick it somewhere, and like most things, no matter where they put it, somebody's gonna get a wild hair.
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    I'm happy for Line 6 in that I think this fills a hole in their line of products. It's not something I would be terribly interested in though as I'm not terribly convinced it would give me an accurate feel for what's coming through the FOH given the difference in design between this and most FOH speakers. Nor do I really care much about an amp in the room feel. I could see how it would be very attractive for some users though.
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    I just hate the new forum. I though that i would get used to it, but i hate it. I don't come often here anymore.
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    They said it was fixed in 2.54. IT"S NOT FIXED!!!!!
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    I like the Firehawk, I got mine a good price. The sound is great, and comparable/on par with the HD500X. The only thing is, even with the newest firmware, there is a slight gap in sound output when changing patches. I use mine in church as well, and carefully timed switching is a must. I usually just use the stomp feature to change tones instead of changing entire patches.
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    Cool. We need tips for each DAW because they do Midi assignments/mapping differently. Good coverage of Ableton from @Tomasz. I can provide Logic Pro X instructions, if anyone asks for them.
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    Hi everyone, So there is a known bug with the new Helix 2.5 (Helix Native 1.5) mono reverbs. This has since been patched in the Helix 2.54 update (but not yet in Helix Native). So for those of you that didn't know - the bug makes the new mono reverbs (glitz, ganymede etc...) appear to have a really low mix/depth/wetness to them - making them almost hard to hear. So to fix this for now, make sure that you use your new reverbs in stereo mode (even if you run a mono set up). You'll instantly hear a much wetter sound. I've reported this bug for now.
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    It totally confuses me, I can't tell easily if I have read a thread, if it is new, if I have been involved with it. I can tell no one has placed a vote though! Many years a go I worked in an R&D department for GUI development, it is good to know that all the things we thought were important are now being totally ignored by the newer generations.
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    I do this sometimes with a Palmer DI cab sim/ ADA cab sim or Atomic Ampli- Firebox. 1/4 out from HD500 to Cab Simulator.1/4 in no cab to my amp from cab sim unit di for monitoring guitar.XLR from cab sim unit to FOH mixer.Then I can turn my amp up or down all I want without blowing the front of house mix.
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    If your FX are fairly simple you can do with a dual tone patch...Set the HD in Studio direct...On your PA Chain, select a cab model and mic...On your AMP chain, set cab to none....Gate and Drive are up front and shared...You will need to duplicate the FX blocks on each chain and pan the mixer hard L and R to keep them separated... HD takes time to tweak for direct, but can work just fine....Turn RES LVL to 0% and Master down to where the fizz comes out...Those are the two main culprits that have bad defaults...
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