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    Even though I've learned to customize useful tones on the Helix, I've also tried a few preset packs mentioned frequently in the hardware Helix forum, such as some by 3 Sigma Audio, Fremen, and Glenn Deleune. My current fave, though, is a lesser known pack by Michel Britt (who developed a lot of Kemper stuff, but later started working with a Helix). He offers a great pack of well-rounded and useful IRs (30 for $25): https://mbritt.com/product/mblended-ir-pack-1/ But even better, you can buy his Helix presets (32 of 'em for $30) and he throws in his whole pack of IRs: https://mbritt.com/product/m-britt-helix-preset-pack-1/ That's like buying teflon pans and getting a free set of steak knives! These are meat & potatoes tones without a lot of fancy effects (and I think they were even designed before Helix had Snapshots). But they're great for rock, country, and blues rhythm or lead parts (not metal tho) ... and they sit really well in the mix without a lot of futzing. I mention them here in case you're in an unending quest for tones....
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    It seems like we will have to use MIDI to sync Helix presets with Powercab presets. As soon as I can do that with L6 LINK, I will buy one right away. Will we be able to sync Helix presets with Powercab presets over L6 LINK with some future firmware updates?
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    Hey guys Today we have a play through of one of my tracks, Heavy as Heavy. I recorded the track with all new guitar tones using the Line 6 Helix Rack. I used the PV Panama amp model which is modeled after the Peavey 5150. I stayed inside of the Helix this time using the 4 X 12 Uber T75 Cabinet model using a “Dual” Cab block blending two different mics and placement on the same cab. CHAIN: PRS Tremonti SE loaded with Fishman Fluence Moderns Line 6 Helix Rack using the PV Panama amp model and 4 x 12 Uber T75 cabinet model Into the Universal Audio Apollo Twin which feeds Persons Studio One 3 Drums are courtesy of Toontrack Superior Drummer 3
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    There is a pick-ups wiring diagram for JTV's in the Knowledge Base here. But the problem you're having goes to other parts of the switch assembly, so be very careful. It's easy to mess up. Make certain you put the cover on in the correct orientation with the tape underneath. You believe how many times someone has put it on incorrectly and shorted everything out because of the under-side foil touching the switch assembly.
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    Hi again. I was just asking for a diagram of pickups connection, not all the circuitry inside the helix.I just took a quick look into the back of the toggle and I saw that black wire a little over bent. It says "bridge" on top of the weldings, in the plate. That could be related to the failure? (let you an image attached) Psarkissian, I know that leave the problem to a Line 6 authorized service center it's the best and safer way to repair it, but it means a lot of money, a huge travel an d being without my rig for a couple of weaks. I'll do it for sure as an ultimate choice. Please understand me, and i'll understand you too if you don't want to help me or just can't for Line 6 policies. Thanks again.!!
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    Yeah. Line6 GUI designers! There is plenty of space above the DSP block icons. Why not make "LED indicators" attached to the icon there?
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    the solution is simple: use no cab, use no IR but use a parametric EQ instead ;) There's a proposition here in the subforum, the idea came (as far as i know) from a guy named Chad Boston. I tried this concept and for me (and my selfmade FRFR amps) it works great. Feels like a real guitar amp and is flexible as hell. Since this experience, my interest for IRs is drastically lower. But i would appreciate if Line6 would add some "pure cab sims" without mic, without room. The origin of this idea sems to be here: https://thefriendlygearfreaks.com/threads/outside-the-box-presets-line-6-helix-platform-60-presets-all-amps.5717/ Did'nt try the presets but only the suggested EQ settings with my own presets and some of Glen Delaune and Fremen Hope it's OK to post it here.
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    Like the tuner, there is nothing wrong with the new forum...
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    A little Allure pack background for you; the Allure pack of IR's was made by Dan Boul from 65 amps, he made the 6 IR's from the same physical cabs that are modeled in Helix. The pack is a good sampler, it doesn't go as deep as some 3rd party packs which include multiple mic placements, etc.
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