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    While what people say about HiFi systems is correct, they are being audio snobs in my opinion. If you start by treating a HiFi as FRFR - with High and low cuts typical of FRFR - i.e. cut below 100Hz at 24dB - in other words a drastic cut, and the same above 5.5KHz - use the Global EQ - (yes, there are 100 arguments why you should do it per patch - and they just confuse the inexperienced) then it will start to sound better. If your HiFi has a typical hi and low boost, you might end up at 120Hz and 4.5KHz - but you will be in the ballpark. You probably need a mid boost too - just a few DB over a gentle curve - you will need to experiment - but maybe at 1K - and you should be able to get a reasonable serviceable sound out of your Helix. Anyone who says just plug it into your guitar amp is so far off course it's not funny - all the presets have amp sims - and are not designed to be plugged into a guitar amp. The HX Effects is designed to work with a guitar amp and that is why it does not have amp sims. Yes, you can use a Helix like HX Effects, but you'd be crazy now the HX effects exists. The Helix simulates guitar amps and speakers - which needs FRFR - full range flat response sound system. Yor HiFi is probably not true FRFR, but it's closer to FRFR than a guitar amp! What this person is complaining about I'd say is the same thing - call it Fizz or harsh - that people who don't set up correct EQ always complain about. I use FRFR for live, but I plug into my stereo at home and can get quiet a decent low volume sound - studio monitors will be better sure, but a good quality HiFi is pretty close to studio monitors - all things considered - you just got to realise the emphasis on extra thump and top.
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    RD2RK nailed this one. It's just too subjective in it's current state. The question what is the best FRFR speaker is akin to what is the best FRFR speaker your wallet will allow. There are good FRFR's and really good FRFR'S and then like the $18,000 audiophile FRFR deals that they sell over in Japan. The question in itself should be rewritten to what is the best FRFR I can get for X amount of dollars., then we might be able to be helpful.
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    Just wanted to state it. There seems to be much love for the Freedman, but the lonestar should have its own thread. Great addition to have a medium gain USA flavored amp. I feel like this one is going to replace my standard worship patches for driven sounds (used to be a pushed matchless channel 2 with Klon for drive). Tnx for adding it
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    Just as an update if anyone is curious (whilst I am still waiting to try it out with actual lights) I have been able to send midi note on messages to a midi keyboard so it will be easy to send them to the DMX controller. You have to use Command Centre but the only way to send note on messages is with the footswitches, not the instants. It's no problem though as you just save the footswitch in an "on" state and everytime you select that snapshot it will send the note on message. Just save the relevant note on message with each snapshot and you're good to go. Every snapshot can have it's own lighting scene. Awesome :) Thanks again.
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    Sorry but Glen Delaune is starting to include his custom IRs in is patches. Helix channel's guy uses only 3sigma IRs. Chris Beaver uses his custom IRs. I made my A/B tests with 3sigma IRs I bought. 3 sigma is better. Until now I bought 14 packs. With IRs Helix can kick a.ss of Axe fx and kpa. It's better to increase room to stock IRs. 128. Have you listened to the new Angus Young patch made by Glen Delaune? Great sound but with his custom IR
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    I recently bought a Helix to replace a tube amp and pedalboard I was using to play at my local church. I’m looking for some basic tips for setup. I haven’t tried it yet but I would be connecting to a Behringer S 16. What settings should I use? And how do you get volume consistency between presets. Also master volume level setting?
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