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    I've finally finished my Full Metal Preset Pack for all your Helix Metalheads. 13 Presets with stock dual cabs, snapshots, and EQs to cut fizz and flub. You get Crunchy, Tight, Scooped, and Lead sounds for your tapping and chugging pleasure. 100% Free!! http://bit.ly/FullMetalPack Enjoy!
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    I have Helix Floor as my main interface and a Scarlett Solo if I am traveling light (work) with a Traveller Guitar, Reaper, Native and some headphones. It isn’t perfect, but it is a lot better than being in a hotel for 3 weeks with nothing.
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    I would not recommend using the mic input on your laptop. I think you should use/purchase a small audio interface device. Many manufacturers produce these. Line 6's offerings are in the Mobile and Computer sections under the Products tab at the top of this page.
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    Fizz can be reduced simply by using impulse responses of specific microphones and specific location on the speaker. Try impulses of R121 and avoid SM57 unless it's mixed in with another mic or the impulse is based on the cone and not the cap. It's honestly that easy.
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    I use an Arctic Zone cooler that I got from Wal*mart as a gig bag/carrying case. I put the power supply and my Relay G10 in the bottom, then invert the 30 and put it with the control panel facing down. There's a bit of a taper on the sides of the cooler, so the 30 fits snugly and doesn't go down far enough to touch the stuff stored below. And there's an upper tray that I invert, which keeps the 30 firmly centered. It's not a 'perfect' fit, but I'm very happy with how it works out. There's also a front pocket that can accommodate a guitar cable or tuner, if you need a little more space. For a carrying handle, I happened to have one from a Micro Spider. I attached 2" heavy duty Velcro pads to the sides of the amp and the strap. Works great! Maybe I'll attach a pic or two, if anyone's interested.
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