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    I keep reading about this midi issue and it's preventing me from wanting to update since I only use Helix for effects and beyond that it's basically a glorified midi controller for me. That loss would completely cripple my rig and use in a live situation.
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    I'm agree with you, why to buy some IRs, when we have a lot of choice with the Helix ? IRs are a very good way to obtain a great sound, sure, but I think it's interesting to work with the cabs of our gear before to spend more some money.
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    Yea, I am far from the first to request that feature. I do think I get slightly better results from IRs. ( I use the 3sigma Audio ACE variants) But I do think that having this off-axis parameter would help close that gap some. I have gotten some tones that I really like from the on board cabs, this only expands the capabilities.
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    I often use my helix lt for keys, so yes kind of! Its really fun.
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