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    Hey guys, I released another tutorial video today for you guys. This one is all about that HUGE metal crunch. I think Helix does this very well. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to cover in a future video! https://youtu.be/R1lxrcKBW00
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    unit: hx effects firmware: 2.40.0 Is it possible to stop recording a loop w/ a single action? I know that i can hit record to start a new loop - that's not what I want. I know that I can hit play twice real fast to play and then stop, but some of the loop will still play (whatever sneaks out in between the first and second press of the button). UNDO works fine for overdubs, so I was surprised that it wouldn't also abort the current recording. (IMO, UNDO should stop the current recording for the first loop.) This might not seem like a big deal, but I depend heavily on the looper so this could be a deal-breaker that causes me to return the unit in favor of something else, which I don't want to do! Thanks.
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    Would LOVE to have an editor on my IPAD pro. Love how easy it is to edit patches using my H9's. Leaning over is killing my back! Another cool option would to have a small hardware controller that you could plug in to the Helix allowing you to place it on a desk etc. Replicate just the buttons on the Helix.
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    This is not limited to "home use" .... I play many clubs full of neon and fluorescent lighting, air conditioners and coolers.... noise can be a nightmare. The Variax saves my a@$ on those gigs. Not to mention... I never have to worry about grounding issues with the FOH (PA). BTW: You want to look into "noise suppression" rather than "noise gates". There is a different, and suppression is much more natural for guitar. Although even then - it's not perfect :)
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    I had seen a case before where someone had inadvertently assigned the IR bypass to the toe switch, so when the wah came on the IR turned off. Not saying that's the issue here, but it's possible that more parameters are getting changed than you expect
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    It's not a defect... it's a "feature". ;)
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    It has an internal auto-sensing switching power supply that will work at any voltage between the range of 110 - 240V.
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